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signposting policy has for individualtouristbusinesses and what assessment it
criteria for the installation oftouristsignposting on trunk roads euan
criteria for the installation oftouristsignposting on trunk roads s1o
current trunk road and motorwaytouristsignposting policy has for individual
from the island of cumbraetouristassociation as a member of
of the island of cumbraetouristassociation in the wake of
22 by island of cumbraetouristassociation on the fare structure
from the island of cumbraetouristassociation we have with us
one of mallorca s biggesttouristattractions a further year of
of the island s maintouristattractions however both train and
to assist other major scottishtouristattractions including the paddle steamer
are being made to providetouristattractions of the highest quality
which owns dundee s leadingtouristattractions rrs discovery and the
for glasgow zoo and othertouristattractions that the parliament urges
it s quite a goodtouristattraction but they don t
would ve been a greattouristattraction goin richt up deeside
it wid lead to atouristattraction in bold letters the
yeah [laugh] m055: for thetouristattraction [laugh] f785: ehm [tut]
local road and traffic authoritiestouristattraction operators and scottish natural
regenerating the city as atouristattraction resolves therefore to reappraise
tourist board stb defines atouristas someone who spends one
local enterprise companies the scottishtouristboard stb 12 the stb
than in others the scottishtouristboard stb defines a tourist
the scottish executive the scottishtouristboard and area tourist boards
that review involved the scottishtouristboard the area tourist boards
funding provided to the areatouristboards 14 for the 1999
2 5million from the areatouristboards and 1million from the
zeal of local authorities localtouristboards and cartographers in anglicising
boundaries for local enterprise companiestouristboards and local authorities s1w
the part funding of areatouristboards and specific tourism projects
there are currently 14 areatouristboards atbs in scotland with
and sponsorship of the areatouristboards atbs responsibility for business
should core fund the areatouristboards directly the government should
tourist board and the areatouristboards examine the provision of
the funding of the areatouristboards has been expressed a
the issue of funding areatouristboards is raised and is
scottish tourist board the areatouristboards local enterprise companies planning
that the funding of areatouristboards operates on a sustainable
that the funding of areatouristboards operates on a sustainable
to be made available totouristboards operating in the north
for the future funding oftouristboards s1o 224 26 mr
scottish tourist board and areatouristboards s1w 8769 trish godman
executive whether membership of areatouristboards should not be made
the method of funding areatouristboards the consultation process will
the support of the areatouristboards the remaining funding covers
in 38 countries overseas areatouristboards there are currently 14
have been moves by parochialtouristboards to anglicise the native
borders and dumfries and gallowaytouristboards visitscotland is in discussion
consult again with the nationaltouristboards with the aim of
been adopted by the areatouristboard 18 03 dr winnie
management review of the scottishtouristboard 1998 2 scottish executive
financial review of the scottishtouristboard 1998 scottish office education
financial review of the scottishtouristboard 1998 scottish office education
financial review of the scottishtouristboard 1998 scottish office education
financial review of the scottishtouristboard 1998 scottish office education
without the remit of thetouristboard 21 local authorities local
existent boundaries with the areatouristboard 29 it has also
tourism memorandum from the scottishtouristboard 4th november 1998 7
been mentioned if the scottishtouristboard advertised the possibility of
scottish enterprise and the scottishtouristboard along with the executive
spoke to a local areatouristboard and arranged for it
have on the scottish borderstouristboard and dumfries and galloway
been incurred by the scottishtouristboard and each local tourist
edinburgh council edinburgh and lothiantouristboard and scottish enterprise edinburgh
historic scotland edinburgh and lothianstouristboard and scottish enterprise edinburgh
committee recommended that the scottishtouristboard and the area tourist
tourist board and each localtouristboard annually since 1997 s1w
2002 broken down by atouristboard area and b category
2003 broken down by atouristboard area and b category
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard area contributed to the
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard area will contribute to
board and dumfries and gallowaytouristboard areas mike watson the
be channelled through the scottishtouristboard as opposed the current
commerce project for the scottishtouristboard as there is a
that point to the scottishtouristboard at a meeting earlier
29 june 1993 the areatouristboard atb network was reduced
prepared by dumfries and gallowaytouristboard believes that funds allocated
prepared by dumfries and gallowaytouristboard believes that funds allocated
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard by local authorities within
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard by local authorities within
21st july 1999 15 scottishtouristboard corporate plan 1999 2000
consult the bta 13 scottishtouristboard corporate plan 1999 2000
schools project and the scottishtouristboard e commerce project what
3 annual employment survey scottishtouristboard estimates 4 scottish affairs
1990 and 1997 the scottishtouristboard estimates that spending by
for example lord gordon scottishtouristboard evidence to scottish affairs
funding of dumfries and gallowaytouristboard foot and mouth recovery
funding of dumfries and gallowaytouristboard foot and mouth recovery
funding of dumfries and gallowaytouristboard foot and mouth recovery
executive what plans the scottishtouristboard has to promote the
scottish executive and the scottishtouristboard health and community care
director level at the scottishtouristboard if so at what
heritage and f the scottishtouristboard in each year since
office in aberdeen and localtouristboard in light of recent
scottish industry and the scottishtouristboard in their efforts to
financial assistance from the scottishtouristboard kincardine and deeside district
4th november 1998 9 scottishtouristboard minutes of evidence appendix
2000 june 1999 19 scottishtouristboard minutes of evidence scottish
group november 1994 11 scottishtouristboard minutes of evidence scottish
3 8 taken from scottishtouristboard minutes of evidence to
resource allocation to the scottishtouristboard on appointments to it
by the kincardine and deesidetouristboard on their official leaflet
enterprise and iii the scottishtouristboard over the last three
group march 1999 35 scottishtouristboard personal conversation 6th august
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard received from local authorities
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard receives from central government
chief executive of the scottishtouristboard reported that he met
for example highlands of scotlandtouristboard reporting figures down 20
highlight tonight although the scottishtouristboard s website offers the
1999 17 lord gordon scottishtouristboard scottish affairs select committee
support for tourism the scottishtouristboard should core fund the
shetlan arts trust an datouristboard sood be sendin wis
as visitscotland and an areatouristboard structure appropriately funded and
a commitment that the areatouristboard structure will be amended
as sponsorship of the scottishtouristboard that essentially means we
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard to close the tourist
the executive and the scottishtouristboard to push ahead in
atb income 16 the scottishtouristboard typically 15 20 of
1st april 1994 the scottishtouristboard was given responsibility for
strathblane chairman of the scottishtouristboard was invited to suggest
the chairman of the scottishtouristboard water fluoridation 9 robin
projects and by the scottishtouristboard we are keen to
memory according to the scottishtouristboard website an immortal memory
fife nhs fife and fifetouristboard which together with its
an assurance that the scottishtouristboard will highlight the availability
greater glasgow and clyde valleytouristboard will receive in the
year i would like thetouristboard with the help of
scottish arts council and scottishtouristboard with the intention of
board has to promote thetouristindustry in west lothian and
tourist board to close thetouristinformation office in greenock s1w
outbreak will have on thetouristindustry of dumfries and galloway
takes to obtain or oftouristbusinesses being unable to obtain
improve quality and standards intouristbusinesses encourage scottish businesses large
blood for many of thetouristbusinesses in the villages where
not be made compulsory fortouristbusinesses s1o 6427 21 paul
the position of agricultural andtouristrelated businesses in the region
there are often conflicts betweentouristsigning policy on trunk roads
needs of the industry encouragetouristfriendly culture scottish executive the
positive benefit to the scottishtouristindustry 38 scottish affairs committee
and others involved in thetouristindustry about the conduct of
to support successfully scotland stouristindustry and therefore calls upon
interests of tourists and thetouristindustry as a whole s1w
sector s support for thetouristindustry at both a local
work luisa works in thetouristindustry for her that s
people who work in thetouristindustry in edinburgh supported by
transport costs faced by thetouristindustry in island areas s1o
the potential impact on thetouristindustry in the borders if
no single definition of thetouristindustry it is generally taken
huge marketing potential which thetouristindustry must be in a
scottish executive to help thetouristindustry recover from the foot
scottish executive to help thetouristindustry recover from the foot
1 trends in the scottishtouristindustry scottish affairs committee november
they contribute to the scottishtouristindustry supported by mr kenneth
sector we will support thetouristindustry we want to see
asset to scotland and ourtouristindustry will certainly ignore scotland
travellers to the angus coastaltouristroute and to dundee will
link could provide a newtouristroute into the borders a
trail or b an alternativetouristroute s1w 1025 dr elaine
the b7076 as an alternativetouristroute to the m74 s1w
affected by the drop intouristnumbers resulting from the foot
recognised promote scotland as atouristdestination for a diversity of
scenery and wildlife ensure thattouristoffices and agencies promote the
to any parliamentary procedure britishtouristauthority accounts 1999 2000 se
prisons scotland act 1989 britishtouristauthority accounts 2001 02 se
population ratio paragraph 852 britishtouristauthority bta also established by
the services of the britishtouristauthority overseas the committee recommended
full use of the britishtouristauthority to help market scotland
the british who began thetouristboom to mallorca the nec
made available to help thetouristinformation office in aberdeen and
crossed the borne to thetouristoffice where i had an
projects such as the ossiantouristinformation management system and external
excludes selfemployed 8 sources oftouristincome over 60 of scottish
of support for the scottishtouristsector a wide range of
authorities are direct providers oftouristfacilities eg leisure facilities and
edinburgh s position as atouristgateway to scotland and one
mine here i m thetouristhe s the acceptit local
the local rather than thetouristtrain with passengers hanging on
i d really call atouristcentre if i get more
monastery as well as atouristcentre still one of the
saying people resettlement centre ourtouristdocumentation was acceptable passing through
it is ridiculous that moretouristinformation about burns is available
from their visit we providetouristinformation in a range of
permission for and approval oftouristsigns on a motorways b
it will take to encouragetouristvisits to scotland s1w 11807
no made millions oot thetouristbusiness and gavin hutchison has
talk given by a bangkoktouristguide we got dunkin donuts
living by performing in thetouristhoneypots later she observed that
nevertheless bordered by a largetouristmarket where i bought an
satguru publications published in 1987touristwas written by peter scharen
told them fast become thetouristguide from hell is that
culture so different from thetouristinvaded mountain towns that it
tranquil time before the dailytouristinvasion off loads hundreds from
photos and then caught thetouristbus back down to aguas
executive how the role oftouristcentres will develop in the
regarding any economic effect ontouristand business flights to scotland
sigirya here is an extracttouristbaboon red and puffing in
to soller encouraged a minitouristboom of aristocrats artists and
the most accessible and welcomingtouristdestinations in europe for disabled
include coastline developments and potentiallytouristdevelopments we have to consider
of sc- the scotland thetouristdoesn t see and i
with courtesy lies for liarstouristenthuse over fallen pillars and
place filled with outdoor caf├ęstouristshops and the monastery which
affected and to ensure thattouristtraffic can reach these islands
certainly no trace of atouristtrail how absurd to think
night we went to atouristrestaurant with balalaika music quite
thocht he wid be atouristan as he approached the
the first interval an americantouristcomplained to the italian behind
ava the simmer heat fartouristguides warssle tae sate the
do an instant trade thetouristscorpion always on parade park
when we move into thetouristseason john scott s suggestion
gave the town a perfecttouristtrap a chopinland chopin spent
you ve trod on sintouristwalk on the wild side
much to offer the casualtouristwe went round the main
problem when you re atouristas well is that you
train to macchu picchu atouristexpress whose wagons were painted
shops 40 54 to atouristin a letter in a
a flung stone strikes atourists shoulder blade english go

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