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existing important celtic iron agetownand innermessan continued to be
traces of the former mickletownand tall modern innermessan consists
booklet like that ill starredtowninnermessan had its king s
like the rest of innermessantownit has disappeared virtually without
entirely my responsibility the losttownof innermessan in his poem
in the rhins within thetownof innermessan m kerlie lands
find traces of the formertownof innermessan on the ground
that innermessan was an agnewtownwhile stranraer was an adair
a native of the oldtowna canny going man i
a native of the oldtownand now i refer to
a native of the oldtownand resided in lamonts row
and arround my old nativetownbeing born in lamonts row
native of the old historicktownfamed through all the world
boyd a native of thetownhe resided in the green
relative to my old nativetowni am now above the
coustoms of their old nativetowni notice from the pages
was buried in his nativetownmontrose a clever wee man
a native of the oldtownwe knew him as whistling
instruments be approved the drafttownand country planning fees and
for approval by resolution thetownand country planning fees for
justice and home affairs thetownand country planning fees for
committee affirmative instruments the drafttownand country planning fees for
2001 ssi 2001 244 thetownand country planning general development
transport and the environment thetownand country planning general development
until 3 october 2001 thetownand country planning general development
until 3 october 2001 thetownand country planning general development
july 2001 rural development thetownand country planning general permitted
until 3 october 2001 thetownand country planning general permitted
are subject to annulment thetownand country planning general permitted
july 2001 rural development thetownand country planning general permitted
until 4 june 2001 thetownand country planning limit of
under section 50 of thetownand country planning scotland act
section 275 5 of thetownand country planning scotland act
section 252 4 of thetownand country planning scotland act
other legislation such as thetownand country planning scotland act
in planning applications under thetownand country planning scotland act
in planning applications under thetownand country planning scotland act
ssi 1999 43 and thetownand country planning ssi 1999
design advance planning and bettertownplanning are all part of
dumfries and galloway council royaltownplanning institute in scotland dr
graham u ren director royaltownplanning institute in scotland eric
abolishing the difference between thetownand the country m741: mmhm
of the justification for anytowncity or country to bid
16 wednesday scottish country dancingtownliberal club claughton rd left
were of country stock andtownlife needed the added spice
but this may be anothertownor another country where is
sort of quality about suchtownspeech whereas in a country
takes place in a countrytownthrie sisters act 1 a
or in a small countrytownvery little is known about
people living in the mountaintownand all along this northern
first settlers discovered the mountaintowneventually brought me half way
the cove of the mountaintownfishermen prepare nets of faded
first settlers of the mountaintownland through the mouth of
day in the mountain enclosedtownwhere i recovered from the
a hotel in a mountaintownwhere i would be looked
in the centre of thetowna fine energetic old man
to monitor the effectiveness oftownand city centre closed circuit
centre of another poor lookingtowncalled pisac pisac is nestled
in kilmarnock external to thetowncentre and having such a
constituency are missing from cumbernauldtowncentre and what action it
taken in respect of thetowncentre and what the reasons
south fittach woods and thetowncentre beyond east the sea
suburban centres by re invigoratingtowncentre businesses preserving attractive areas
for the redevelopment of cumbernauldtowncentre have not been carried
mood we wandered into thetowncentre in the grey and
the current condition of cumbernauldtowncentre is acceptable what action
available from supermarkets and largetowncentre multiple pharmacies could deliver
about the redevelopment of cumbernauldtowncentre on what date and
for the redevelopment of cumbernauldtowncentre since its partial demolition
levels and other aspects oftowncentre trading and shopping s1w
on the redevelopment of cumbernauldtowncentre what the dates were
preference for i imagine thetownconstructed in the centre of
livingston which is a newtownhas the almondvale shopping centre
church in the centre oftownit was a strange mixture
in the centre of thetownm1021: and i m john
in the centre of thetownnear the docks ehm and
in the centre of thetownskipped the afternoon tour which
towards the city centre thetownwas older in that district
the industry of the oldtownabove 100 years ago was
irish families in the oldtownall together i may say
of palma s old arabtownan adventure might begin on
the natives of the oldtownand surrounding parish i attended
few notes on old kilwinningtownand the biography of r
urban spread of the oldtownand those which were until
the fore in the oldtownarchibald mcneish by name who
of edinburgh council edinburgh newtownconservation committee the edinburgh old
1 fire in the oldtownedinburgh lodged on 10 december
that s in the oldtownf1026: there s a fleshers
irish weaver in the oldtowni have heard my father
to me of the oldtowni have only been once
other interesting features of thetownis the old workers district
lull knew the old arabtownmedina mayorque as the cuitadella
distance all arround the oldtownmen flocked to the claremont
were natives of the oldtownnamely dr craig and dr
the old biddies of thetownof both sexes and then
up the slope to thetownpast groups of old women
terminus go through the oldtownpast the baños arabes turn
in 1999 amalgamating the oldtownrenewal trust and the new
conservation committee the edinburgh oldtownrenewal trust historic scotland and
in and arround the oldtownso the sound of the
a wanderer about the oldtownthen johny hawkins where he
were natives of the oldtownthen there was old sanny
f1027: ehm in the oldtownthere s lots of these
s right in the oldtown[tut] and lived there until
i am so the oldtownwas famed for its archers
our rememberance how the oldtownwas watered before the introduction
as a whole the oldtownwas well watered from byres
north east of the oldtownwhere he was born the
cobbled cavern of the oldtownwhere i lived a ghost
these men supplyed the oldtownwith coals carting them from
interesting example of a losttownfor the lost town s
of how much of thetownlay on land now lost
so what was the losttownlike as befitted its status
property to complement the losttownno estate or farm of
lost town for the losttowns name two meanings have
was soon lost to thistownwhich on the dusty surface
happ- it was a smalltownand everybody knew everybody f963:
saying village it was atownbut it was a small
a factory in a scottishtowncalled greenock small and uncanny
midday at a small coldtowncalled riihimäki sitting on the
but it was a smalltownf963: mm mmhm f965: everybody
care about f1155: mmhm smalltowngossip f1154: yeah f1155: oh
and children in a smalltownin it there are uses
alight in a particular smalltownin the almond orchards near
than a goodnight snog smalltownpeople can be small minded
took us to the smalltownsquare where he persuaded a
since its launch as booktownin may 1998 and offers
wigtown scotland s national booktownin revitalising the machars of
wigtown scotland s national booktownlodged on 2 july adam
and development of the booktowns1m 85 tommy sheridan housing
wigtown scotland s national booktownthat the parliament notes the
wigtown scotland s national booktownthursday 16 september 1999 9
transport in and out oftownand city centres provide a
marble victorian city chambers englishtownhall hosted by the lord
er a name of atownor a city or someone
said many people in ourtownfind our house strange though
in the council chamber aberdeentownhouse aberdeen 1 lines of
is more romantic than atownhouse and in edinburgh chopin
it was housed within thetownhouse grand in its towers
9 00 am in thetownhouse inverness 1 local economic
the mercat cross outside thetownhouse it means the stone
blossomed on entering the renovatedtownhouse it was a happy
gloomy interior this was hertownhouse which ca na gaia
bought a house in thetownso yeah [laugh] f829: yeah
house on the edge oftownthat might be available for
m816: they d the wholetownhad disappeared m815: yeah m816:
said so and the wholetownknows about it there deana
her mmm lilian the wholetowns to be illuminated they
there afore the whole dangedtownsaut water tae the brim
his head low the wholetownwas claiking about the weirs
is brian meek the edinburghtowncouncillor and journalist brian is
who lived in the newtownin edinburgh and they had
morn adv tomorrow toun ntowntove v soar traivlar n
touer n tower toun ntowntovin v soaring traivels n
tither a other toun ntowntraivel v journey traivlar n
boiler came down through thetownbeing conveyed to where it
to keep joseph when thetownconstable sandy pullar came with
he first came about thetowndelving gardens and cutting corn
i came down to sidmouthtownit was a marathon i
hill i came to thetowns main street which had
attract tourists to a scottishtownshe came up with the
he came down to thetownto do messages being a
of them came from thattownwith a substantial minority from
attain this position until thetownwas well into its decline
thailand s1m 403 out oftowndevelopment at girvan lodged on
a certain part of thetownan where their torches are
59 occurs in the aberdeentowncouncil register of 1539 where
where i lived a ghosttownin winter haunted by the
in f606: mmhm m954: atownnear where i was living
be at the little highlandtownof aberfoyle where delegates visit
the cemetery where all thetowns rubbish is emptied out
there is an almanderia intownwhere de husking and shell
and not reached his hometownwhere if he d been
were f963: all round thetownwhere the the railings used
baile na faire the watchtownwhere watchers would keep an
into the main road totownadjusting to this fact i
down the waterfront and intotownagain appreciating more and more
you could go into thetownand just get it for
most people trekked into thetownand then gradually gradually shops
friday last i went intotownbefore class and found my
mmhm f689: back into thetownf631: mmhm f689: and that
say anyway about going intotownf813: we got an hour
did mean a hike intotownfor shopping then they started
people had to walk intotownnow it wasn t that
an early tramcar clunks intotownsecure within the encircling folds
we wrote letters popped intotownto buy some cards and
the thought of going intotowntonight and giving hand relief
around 1600 this large thrivingtownwent into rapid and irreversible
barefoot the bus journeys intotownwere a nightmare a party
here and several highways intotownwere blocked from here on
at her father going intotownwill keep you busy aye
decorative work like the newtownall that cornicing all that
renewal trust and the newtownconservation committee this was on
children born in the newtowncould be considered to be
population of livingston a newtownfounded in 1962 half way
fieldwork in a scottish newtownin focus on scotland ed
new weddin shop up thetown[laugh] ehm f631: mmhm f689:
1985 livingston a scottish newtownpopulation origin as a variable
1985 livingston a scottish newtownpopulation origin as a variable
sort of aw romantic newtownthat s sprung up an
f963: mmhm mmhm mm m762: townand the countryside wherever i
didn t happen in thistownf963: mm f965: when i
going on [laugh] in thetownf963: right yeah sort of
everybody in the in thetownf963: yeah uh huh f965:
f963: it was a smallertownin those days too uh
historic links as part oftownand suburb regeneration including working
in that part of thetownfrequainted the lower part more
waiting for me in thistownin this part of the
bump or bruise and bedtownfor going to bed etc
core the heart of thetownis a monastery fortress going
to go through pharmacies intowncentres would be under threat
through the streets of thattownfor raising such a calumny
procession of 16 elephants throughtownkids highly delighted clean up
was almost five kilometres totownafter he had shouted the
since we were back intownamongst the traffic i was
loch esk just outside donegaltownand eh i was just
was unusual for a seasidetownand it lay in heaps
which was also a mickletownand tall but of which
stranraer was an adair kennedytownand that as the agnews
travelling theatre company in thetownand there was an actor
residence maclaurin was staying intownat brown square he disengaged
tampere was a pleasant enoughtownbuilt on rapids along which
middle school production of ourtownby thornton wilder was most
university was established by thetowncouncil all four institutions were
documentary research on the vanishedtowni was fortunate enough to
who was provost of thetownin 1426 boyd of achrochir
well the oldest in thetownit was cut away when
saw this film called deviltownit was really bad [laugh]
stop was the quiet lakesidetownof copacabana its main claim
1603 by which time thetowns glory was rapidly departing
at linlithgow was using thetowns pint to gauge firlots
a key figure in thetowns story as he was
it involved was setting thetowns tongues wagging for a
in the middle of thetownsquare our first stop was
the rhins and the gratesttownthereabout till stranraer was built
pole about 30km out oftownunfortunately it was raining a
aerial photographs suggesting that thetownwas a compact one occupying
tea in the afternoon thetownwas all bustle towards dusk
extra for her christmas thetownwas mobbed with last minute
charter to the templelands thetownwas not unique locally in
nil ochre and blue thetownwas once two communities each
and prestigious address in thetownwas the principal place and
and provincial it was atownwhich had not yet absorbed
was ready to discover thetownwhich itself seemed suspended in
knew that i was leavingtownword had got round i
which promised views over thetownand lake the hill is
the towns which have atowncrier and whether kilwinning and
the slope on which thetownis built display flowers and
the rock on which thetownis built lush citrus plantations
it comes frae the thetownmotto which is teribus y
nor did she visit thetownof deià which tops a
of finland they call thetownwhich is unkind to tampere
hill on the edge oftownwhich promised views over the
in several languages nets thetowna hefty revenue its success
moscow the monastery dominates thetownbehind its walls its domes
and her best down thetownclothes though not at first
down the hilly road totownthe hedgerows burgeon with wild
an to go up thetownan things [laugh] she al-
goin straight out to thetown[laugh] go in to bloc
when we go tae thetownlike if ye speak some
tobacco company could go totownon getting around the legislation
would more fluently go totownon the language you see
on both sides of thetownpeople come and go carrying
she wants to stay intownto go to paisley f1154:
with spectacular views over thetownand lake out to the
it always heading out oftownand shaking off the grime
is really necessary for thattownanyway we travelled out to
to make sure out oftowndevelopments include sufficient public transport
farm just out o thetownf1054: great m1014: my name
customer parking at out oftownretail developments specifically in order
take them to out oftownsupermarkets who would be the
farmhouse a little out oftownthere are deer in the
along the route out oftowntowards soller proclaiming the prosperity
the broadest point of thetownbeing only about a kilometre
like a real girl abouttownf1027: [laugh] she certainly is
running about from town totowni e from farm to
delights in running about fromtownto town i e from
roof is jauntering about thetownwith a person lilian what
catherine on bus tour oftown6 thursday to port sunlight
the heart of the wintrytowna child waits to be
the only vestige of thetownand castle then remaining page
after the interest of thetownand his own business as
for the improvement of thetownand his own finances two
m608: mmhm f643: of thistownand i like that you
regeneration of scotland s ruraltownand villages and calls upon
at the top of thetownand wanted to try them
to an area of thetownbetween the common road on
of late is he intownboswell asked aye he s
backed beetle i leave thetownbreak from the tides of
of idea of this beautifultownbut when i went back
to improve the ability oftowncentres to compete with such
forward for the establishment oftownchampions animateurs enablers or facilitators
last letter of the previoustowne g nairn and so
in the rougher parts oftownerm for much of my
or the structure of atownerm i mean you you
the graceful aspect of thetownexcept in early morning or
the upper end of thetownfishings on the ness once
icy streets of the darkeningtownfor a while before popping
his detailed description of thetownhe described picturesque valldemossa 437
of despair a terrible matchstickedtownhoused a necropolis normal service
a matter of status hadtownhouses or at least property
the good view of thetowni have now a palette
the square of alice stowni studied the drawing and
been called the most beautifultownin mallorca and one of
up the valley from thetownof aberdeen itself gradually supplanting
by my visits to thetownof arpino the birthplace of
retired and died in thetownof ayr at the age
2nd round [censored: forename] [censored: surname] alberttownof [censored: forename] [censored: surname] scottish place
favourite vantage points overlooking thetownof krieglach and the place
continues throughout shetland in thetownof lerwick however another situation
and also villagers in thetownof lockerbie below with the
a granite quarry in thetownof meikleburgh west balbutt estate
over a visa to thetownof sagorsk and i don
as if by magic thetownof valldemossa reveals itself has
had stopped in the nearbytownof valldemossa to deliver a
first russian meal at thetownof vyborg finally got to
midst of the jerry builttownregistered dumped our bags and
other lairds what of thetowns permanent residents fortunately we
towns other elements of thetowns topography are known to
but often in winter thetownshrouds itself under cloaks of
for some company frae anithertownthat got word of your
were all natives of thetownthat is how i like
to the industries of thetownthe furnaces began nearly 100
inspect the livery of thetownthe leopard castle motto on
to be someone in thistownto keep the flag of
the gentlemen went off totownto talk of taste and
from one end of thetownto the other the most
for the layout of thetownwe even know the names
to the other side oftownwe found the blue bird
only the children of thetownwearing track suits in purple
wis the speak of thetownwhen you and jack left
witnesses four bailies of thetownwho were sent to bring
of supplying them in thetownwho were thirsty were by
round the doors in thetownwith big flagons of sowens
commerce and converse of thetownwith the expectation of some
e g aberdeen the nexttownwith the last letter of
of french scouts are intownwould like if we could
we reached the outskirts oftownyour scruffiness became unbearable have
no other saturday night intownthe last swinging riverside saturday
the girls who work intownblue heaven if only they
there would be only onetownwhen elena s daughter luisa
the stuckies depairt in glasgowtowna piper starts up the
as dodie wullie in thetownan f746: [laugh] well yeah
vining s arrival in thetownare pure conjecture on the
live with her in thistownbeaumont listen jack and you
second biggest employer in thetownbody positive tayside does a
when i first arrived intownbut now i am determinedly
so many reiki masters intownbut there s also i
trying to take over thetowncreeping in like the sixty
that stayed in the sametownf641: uh huh so and
s eve in alice stownfollowing me on the snaking
10 30 am in thetownhall kirkcudbright 1 item in
mls from the harbour totownin a train and goes
and musicians from the largesttownin ayrshire and the same
feels and looks like atownin france i agree but
affiliated to youth scotland everytownin scotland has a youth
and 1500s as the largesttownin the rhinns on a
stays she stays in kentishtownlike near camden and i
somewhere f641: mm f643: intownm608: mmhm f643: maybe one
ever saw displayed in thetownmy visitor had a hard
in the north in thetownnear ca na maria there
supposedly buried in a germantownnow in poland or vice
friends or shopping in thetownor whatever you know f1038:
the road in to thetownso there s f1144: [laugh]
crowd had gathered in thetownsquare dimly lit by low
in juvenile crime in thetownthat is precisely the kind
s a foxy tabby intownthat should be vetted chaunce
best alternative club night intownwhy you ask let s
s something everybody in thetownwould say mmhm it s
the heavyest man in thetownwrought with him a mighty
closed up everything is intownyet it is past siesta
allow me to drive totownto meet anyone f1149: mmhm
towns and cities the firsttownmust begin with a e
bends from aguas calientes thetown6 kilometres downhill disgorge the
stopped en route from thetownback to ca na maria
today all the way fromtowngaian street names suggest pagan
the the kids from thetownwould pick up on some
to the monastery gave thetowna perfect tourist trap a
considered a palladium for thetownand even today it sits
pest cam frae the burrowstownand slew them baith thegither
delegates can explore the historictownand visit the ancient castle
gardens you donated to thetownbeaumont oh aye up there
smallholdings along the road totownbelong to local folk and
the malting still indicates thetownboasted a brewery or distillery
him on the road totownbut he exchanged no greeting
used to shoe the varioustowncancellations postal stationery both official
snowy lane a shivering vagranttownchimneys smoking the bien kipple
wobbled the compass cracked thetownclock s hands stood still
the inverurie musical society toptowncompetitions back aboot 1960 ian
not very flattering to thetownconcerned i m gaan aff
buses arrive and leave thetowneventually i summoned enough courage
and brought back to thetownfor interment i remember it
a body comin frae thetowngin a body greet a
comin tae the tae thetownit s the different accents
train to vyborni s hometownküttemberg the archduke obviously affected
an exciting time for thetownm194: oh t- aye aye
the school day revives thetownmothers with babies and toddlers
flies richt intil the nyowtowno embro whaur shae thocht
a monday you went totownon the tuesday an did
the circus that comes totownonce a year and is
drizzle high above the busytownone gull meandering dreich the
the carthuja closes and thetownreturns to itself no one
every autumn to process thetowns almond harvest to get
sea s gunmetal grey thetowns catarrhal a skinhead crop
rowland what a bombshell thetowns leading citizen quietly to
are miles away and thetowns so busy and the
secondary ye know the bigtownsecondary an then ye re
all the way to tinseltownsteve drags his cushion nearer
west kilbride scotland s crafttownthe parliament debated s1m 756
bunch tool towel toon farmtowntoondie townkeeper the one whose
irvine and all round thetownwere engaged wages for their
ve seen a more boringtownwhen the students leave this
cunning bat it hits thetownwith a leech and a
it s a nice enoughtownestablished by loyalists americans who
fitt wey f1130: [?]santa claus[/?] totownf1129: who s coming to
f1129: who s coming totownf1130: santa claus is coming
it s quite a rainytownand it is quite rainy
island lay halfway between capetownand south america it had
dodging u boats between capetownand sydney on being demobbed
words there s toon fortownand tae for to dae
by messan water a mickletownand tall king s tower
stood by semmerwater a mickletownand tall king s tower
we seek to renew decliningtowncentres and give support to
kilbride as scotland s crafttowncongratulates councillor elizabeth maclardy and
kilwinning and linlithgow both havetowncriers s1w 27374 alasdair morgan
a mile tae walk intaetownm608: right m194: and everything
deserted it s like ghosttownright and there s these
ayr wham ne er atownsurpasses for honest men and
a it s a biggertownit s more vibrant i
scots dictionary 1 you saytownwe say toon you say
note refuge falkirk my hometownhas a motto touch ane
not invite them they appearedtowntrees hold posies each a
lovely little m815: yeah m816: townjust outside sydney beautiful m815:
is certain is that pivotaltownbecame backwater clachan with astonishing
by rights come to thistownvoices aye hear hear rowland

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