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the bovines and bovine productstradeamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
the bovines and bovine productstradeamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
the bovines and bovine productstradeamendment scotland regulations 2000 ssi
the bovines and bovine productstradeamendment scotland regulations 2002 ssi
the bovines and bovine productstradeamendment scotland regulations 2002 ssi
scottish pensioners movement civil servicetradeunionists and anti poverty groups
scottish based mining safety expertstradeunionists and engineering firms to
on those companies f supportingtradeunionists forced to take strike
snoop and spy such astradeunionists like dennis canavan i
common purpose which could includetradeunionists the granting of authorisation
about an honest group oftradeunionists trying desperately to save
the local government consortia andtradeunions about the award of
the local government consortia andtradeunions about the award of
eh get the votes andtradeunions and a- all of
of different organisations representing communitiestradeunions and councils have engaged
clerks to approach various organisationstradeunions and employer bodies to
held various elected positions intradeunions and have represented tobacco
tender without full consultation withtradeunions and service users regarding
sought and granted through thetradeunions and the national liaison
the voluntary sector local governmenttradeunions and the private sector
demands of the rail industrytradeunions and the public as
demands of the rail industrytradeunions and the public as
demands of the rail industrytradeunions and the public as
acknowledging that local authorities andtradeunions are concerned and that
on 6 february and thetradeunions are invited it is
and representatives of management andtradeunions at bp scottish enterprise
council for scotland the broadcastingtradeunions broadcasting staff and the
what they heard from teachertradeunions but they were also
the paper industry and appropriatetradeunions can put their case
4027 tommy sheridan rights oftradeunions during war that the
ordinance factory bishopton and theirtradeunions for their wholly admirable
concerns of employees and thetradeunions in its briefing to
harper s1m 337 support fortradeunions in south america lodged
337 linda fabiani support fortradeunions in south america that
strongly supports sitrap and associatedtradeunions in the banana producing
consultation there has been withtradeunions in the consideration of
and that held by thetradeunions is the best way
mr keith raffan s1m 3262tradeunions lodged on 27 june
anne younger councillor thomas dumbletradeunions ms sue roberts educational
the campaign of the relevanttradeunions on behalf of the
social partners the employers andtradeunions on board as major
members of all the teachertradeunions perceived a determination to
consultations there will be withtradeunions prior to final decisions
attempt to engage people fromtradeunions small businesses and so
moment and will meet thetradeunions soon the normal successful
relationship with management and thetradeunions supported by mr kenneth
works closely together with thetradeunions the business community and
governmental organisations local authorities andtradeunions the report stated there
education sector generally and educationtradeunions to conduct a full
defends the right of freetradeunions to engage democratically in
are members of the teachingtradeunions we are grateful for
of scotland all the teachertradeunions were deeply concerned about
the past twelve months withtradeunions which have members working
of msps scottish mps andtradeunions working together in campaigning
keith raffan s1m 2621 fairtradefortnight lodged on 17 january
michael russell s1m 2621 fairtradefortnight lodged on 17 january
elaine smith s1m 3936 fairtradefortnight lodged on 21 february
sandra white s1m 2803 fairtradefortnight lodged on 27 february
might be something like fairtradefortnight there s a night
according to the department oftradeand industry 15 the government
grant from the department oftradeand industry and the new
legislation by the department oftradeand industry and the radiocommunications
written to the department fortradeand industry and to wendy
made to the department oftradeand industry and what steps
representations to the department oftradeand industry and what was
council ray symons department oftradeand industry blair mcnaughton scottish
what assistance the department oftradeand industry can provide in
going on the department oftradeand industry chambers of commerce
september whether the department oftradeand industry dti in providing
mobile communications policy department oftradeand industry enterprise and lifelong
whether the projected department oftradeand industry estimate of 10
rather like the department oftradeand industry funding for citizens
office and the department oftradeand industry in formulating the
know that the department oftradeand industry is investigating the
obtain from the department oftradeand industry north east of
government about transferring department oftradeand industry oil and gas
ecommerce at the department oftradeand industry on 6 june
held with the department oftradeand industry on changes to
made to the department oftradeand industry on its involvement
million from the department fortradeand industry on the basis
for example the department oftradeand industry provides funds to
requesting that the department oftradeand industry reopen its investigation
reduction in the department oftradeand industry s budget would
copy of the department oftradeand industry s report of
input into the department oftradeand industry s women s
departments and the department oftradeand industry those ministers are
over whether the department oftradeand industry would support the
linda fabiani scotland s fairtradetowns for text of motion
linda fabiani scotland s fairtradetowns for text of motion
s1m 3691 scotland s fairtradetowns lodged on 9 december
becoming scotland s first fairtradetowns recognises the vision of
linda fabiani scotland s fairtradetowns that the parliament congratulates
mr chris ogden director oftradeand industry affairs tobacco manufacturers
hewitt secretary of state fortradeand industry at the meeting
the secretary of state fortradeand industry on 6 june
the secretary of state fortradeand industry to propose binding
the industry by the ongoingtradedispute between europe and the
the breakdown of barriers totradeindustry and economic development there
co ordinates views of thetradeinterests in the tourism industry
national executive member of mytradeunion amicus msf workers in
by disabled people within thetradeunion and that will help
we are teachers first andtradeunion associates second and that
diversification programme involving the scottishtradeunion congress in preparation for
an invitation from the scottishtradeunion congress to nominate a
any company that is antitradeunion e taking over without
is also a difficulty mytradeunion is unhappy with that
indeed the phones of othertradeunion leaders in scotland we
and any unfair treatment oftradeunion members and activists at
cent of workers have beentradeunion members as a result
is a challenge in thetradeunion movement a lot of
best sense they are thetradeunion movement for older people
of national organisations particularly thetradeunion movement is of a
public sector trainees are paidtradeunion negotiated rates of pay
be entitled to join atradeunion of their choice as
and lifelong learning to meettradeunion officials local councillors msps
have a proud history oftradeunion organisation for more than
number of individuals when atradeunion raises an issue with
has received from community andtradeunion representatives from brora following
an independent membership organisation andtradeunion representing 97 of people
that mrs warrington yes mytradeunion represents members working in
frankly s1m 2903 tommy sheridantradeunion rights for police officers
is a division of anothertradeunion we amalgamated only recently
know the true volumes oftradethe movement of prices or
there will always be atradeoff between an organisation having
were discussed through the worldtradeorganisation and those may begin
parliament notes that the worldtradeorganisation meets in seattle this
parliament notes that the worldtradeorganisation negotiations on liberalising government
view of the current worldtradeorganisation negotiations on the general
by eu enlargement and worldtradeorganisation negotiations the timing and
dermot scott the next worldtradeorganisation round will decrease barriers
on the general agreement ontradein services does the executive
to the general agreement ontradein services lodged on 14
s1m 3611 general agreement ontradein services lodged on 20
s1m 3611 general agreement ontradein services lodged on 20
to the general agreement ontradein services lodged on 30
to the general agreement ontradein services lodged on 30
s1m 3688 general agreement ontradein services lodged on 6
s1m 3688 general agreement ontradein services lodged on 6
of the general agreement ontradein services the announcement has
a worldwide agreement on fairtraderather than by one on
am particularly keen on fairtradeagreements with the third world
status and notes that fairtradecan be beneficial to both
get a like a fairtradecard and i was in
s like a the freetradefair and stuff s on
f810: mmhm f809: qm fairtradefunk or something f810: [laugh]
commitment of the respective fairtradegroups in achieving this status
action 5 office of fairtradereport on retail pharmacies the
argue that this whole fairtradething would change the world
a fair deal serious businesstradeto be done you wouldnae
organisations representing the a ontradeand b off trade licensed
gross domestic product comes fromtradebetween member states external trade
some trade is caught sometradeescapes milk is always white
parasols along the beach sometradeis caught some trade escapes
on trade and b offtradelicensed sectors s1w 19419 bill
trade between member states externaltrademakes up only a relatively
the sovincenter the plush internationaltradecentre out by metro 1905
of member states however internationaltradein the 1990s is very
steel kfat emma harcus scottishtradeinternational jim mcfarlane scottish enterprise
united nations commission on internationaltradelaw model law on cross
the creation of jobs andtradeto fighting international crime and
for birthdays do we accepttradeins not as a general
the world and lead totradebarriers that can spin off
by terrorists on the worldtradecentre in manhattan new york
livingstone robert brown s1m 3657tradefor life action pledge lodged
2002 karen gillon s1m 3657tradefor life action pledge lodged
2002 brian adam s1m 3657tradefor life action pledge lodged
ms margo macdonald s1m 1876traderelations lodged on 26 april
privilege the establishment of freetradeand home ownership the regulation
their postgraduate pursuit of freetradein england and the empire
than by one on freetradestewart stevenson i do not
private sector leadership and integratedtradedevelopment develop indigenous strengths in
the views of the offtradelicensed sector during their review
aid humanitarian action financial assistancetradepolicy etc what can be
premises currently hold an offtradeliquor licence s1w 19418 bill
it is recommended that thistradeoff be removed in terms
fife region spoke of thetradeoff between the independence of
ms macdonald what about thetradeoff on qualified majority voting
everybody will write and alltradewill become possible between nations
older 6 pint gallon intradethis is more difficult to
2001 the gelatine intra communitytradescotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
instrument the gelatine intra communitytradescotland regulations 2001 ssi 2001
consumers offer the possibility fortradeand business development over the
huge opportunities for scotland intradeand development enlargement has the
the café lost all theirtradebeggars and hawkers chased their
the many palmists plying theirtradeby the seaside would you
then they were learning theirtradeeven when they were young
an the last o theirtradein troy in slaw processioun
link computer words to scannertradeinfo in their fey computer
their shelters are protected andtradeis prohibited these animals include
just sitting words ply theirtradelike dockside whores just sitting
could start up the sametradenow that they have their
the guards allowing them totradetheir boots for extra supplies
is being displaced if companiestradebusiness to business as directly
for broader communications ease oftradebusiness travel and other matters
for the purposes of atradeor business agriculture has the
i was a weaver totradean then was went through
assume that through the licencetradehotels may have had the
he got it through atradethat has nae regard for
nicknames come through the fishintradeye would aye get johnny
and lighters plying a steadytradeacross the developing south deep
m a foster mother totradeam i not you and
vessels for drink and othertradeand domestic uses did not
spirit of internationalism and ethicaltradeand further urges that such
was called a cobbler totradeand he mended the boots
not affect the operation oftradeand is in some way
burden of the whole slavetradeand the institution of slavery
measures for external and internaltradeand the legal and administrative
clearly a crucial measure intradeand the payment of rentals
i am an historian totradeand there will be no
what are known in thetradeas transitional and savings provisions
association and the scottish motortradeassociation to discuss how to
and japanese markets however 300tradebarriers that were covered by
has brought us security bettertradebetter culture and integration let
the scottish executive what directtradeboth import and export scotland
and was doing a roaringtradebut the work of a
for bushmeat and the pettradecatching human diseases and fragmentation
commission to resolve the recurringtradedispute and urges the scottish
encompassed amateur efforts in everytradeexcept plumbing and electricity both
also sent me down totradefairs and so forth so
and was doing a brisktradein packets of mince i
and chilly no did youtradein the golf f1155: the
inhabitants engaged in piracy andtradelinked with various tribal agricultural
was the turning point fortradenorth and south road links
units were used in thetradeof foodstuffs raw materials and
parliaments the religion liberty andtradeof the nation from english
and ordering lubricants for exampletraderanger is a vertical portal
more and more countries fortradereasons or reasons of tourism
s a design engineer bytraderetired and one of the
but not by way oftraderough shooting falconry and dog
weeks cause she had totradethe golf in and then
and picture do an instanttradethe tourist scorpion always on
of combating fraud and illicittradewill cause many practical and
would constitute a barrier totradewould be inefficient and ineffective
winna dwell on the slavetradeas the written arguments already
imposed great restrictions on scotstradeif scotland did not agree
joe the penter kens histradelays the pent on wi
tied up with the buildingtradeon our drive from the
seem from his book ontradethat he never read any
scottish jobs that depend ontradewith europe it would protect
a toonser who learned histradefrom an older brother this
caravans arriving from timbuctu totradegold from the distant kingdom
with money from the hansatradethere is one feature of
from the impact of varioustradewars with the us for
securing a single market fortradea key function of the
the republic of pisa whosetradebeing damaged by pirates organised
the days of the slavetradefraudulent traders had yanked tell
all sections of the buildingtradei question some of the
was even a kind oftradein it for in the
the centre of a greattradein knitted goods many of
those involved peripherally in thetradeof women but we are
you got experience of thetradeor working wi tools m1022:
is the nature of thattrades1w 1746 tommy sheridan to
the units of internal markettradethere may for example be
have a lot of unnecessarytradewhy do we export as
of the european economy istradewith the rest of the
was a quary man totradebut owing to being too
year despite being expected totradeinternally for only nine months
ba- goin back to mytradeat cairnryan with the royal
in co operation with thetradegroups to create a strategy
executive with regard to thetradein illegal passports what steps
the outer islands we couldtradewith ireland f606: yeah [inaudible]
for tam tae seek atradethere wis nae chance o
if they were selling atradeincidentally you were you know
couple o frae the textiletradeyou were askin aboot that
a measure in the tweedtradean aw by like a
by 1321 the genovese piratetradehad become a serious danger
whipped back by the sametradewinds swirling the ocean creamy
she in atween plyin hertradehas been scrievin her ain
fae [inaudible] aye the fishintradei think it has come
would hae hermed our steamshiptradealang the coast lilian have
an officiar o weir titradean i the saicont they
a gweed advert fur histradeas thin as the links
jade fur naething i dtradebens quo the mist i
bi schooner the slavers sleekittradebit oh the hames that
bi schooner the sleekit slaverstradebit oh the hames that
which would be disruptive totradebut when we examine the
lamy who is the europeantradecommissioner announced at the beginning
nae tae disturb me thetradedelegation s bidin in the
[laugh] that s breachin thetradedescription act is it no
awa at the souter stradefae sax in the mornin
wid blad thailan s towristtradefur guid the river kwai
one boy [inaudible] in thetradegot to buy his tools
he wis deein a steadytradehe hid the pies bein
george jack a mason totradehe resided in the byres
till he learned the ploomantradeher buits cobbled ower an
graundfaither wes a fishmongir titradehogg the fishmongir an poutrie
an jude an cammy stradein the market tuik a
each prune stone represented atradeor profession the infant john
faither wes a weaver titradesae she says the morn
its next newsletter to thetradesaying that the proposed legislation
in the color o thairtradethair dirks aw gruesumlie slairged
tyme ti lat in ilkatradethat airts til the fyres
tae learn the souter stradethat is tae be a
the 1740s aberdeen s slavetradewas at its height peter
bothies in the evening wheretradewas brisk the van drivers
doon aa o the buildintradewent doon tae london that
in the the electrician stradeyou ve got something called
job yur back ti yurtradegreae an oil aw ower
m a huntsman ti matradehou ll a ever mak
you interests in this steamshiptradebeaumont aye but naebody wid
in which currency do peopletradeelaine thomson almost certainly dollars
there is a regular fishingtradein my own lifetime but
lairs catalina homar knew thattradein smuggled tobacco was an
they could engage in atradeor have a shop this
made re dam dundant thertrades in th pawn see
sovincenter is a large complextradecentre hotel administrative block shopping
ll have to leave yourtradean tak anither job john
s no eydent at histradebirslin fowk wi reid het
wasn t a joiner totradebut was a retired grieve
nae herm ta da tourietradei fairly enjoyed hearin dy
ah dinna envie ye yeirtrademaister rintoul but gin that
businesses to assist them totradeonline s1o 4874 21 michael
so they re actual passingtradeso they m818: [sniff] aye
trauchilt v oppressed troke vtradetruibil n trouble tuim a
market resists change that disruptstradewe must ask therefore whether

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