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spelling reform is while preservingtraditionalaspects of scots orthography to
to try to alter thetraditionalorthography of scots to such
marshaw are not part oftraditionalscots orthography they are spellings
these are not part oftraditionalscots orthography they re spellings
number 16 francis collinson thetraditionaland national music of scotland
exams in traditional music aytraditionalmusic a lot o s
or something m959: aye f958: traditionalmusic an she s playing
benefit from visiting tutors intraditionalmusic and children who can
oh school of excellence fortraditionalmusic and it s in
scottish arts council and visitscotlandtraditionalmusic and tourism initiative 2002
an the rsamd courses ontraditionalmusic are bit ae source
m1055: yeah f1009: working intraditionalmusic as i as i
dee wi grade exams intraditionalmusic ay traditional music a
of developing visitor access totraditionalmusic calls for the extension
tradition- no national centre fortraditionalmusic [car horn] or something oh
which showcased gaelic singing andtraditionalmusic f606: mm mm f1067:
organisers of the celtic connectionstraditionalmusic festival on achieving ten
became part of scotland straditionalmusic heritage one of the
in particular ian green totraditionalmusic in scotland and hopes
mr john mcallion s1m 259traditionalmusic in scotland lodged on
robison s1m 259 roseanna cunninghamtraditionalmusic in scotland that the
carnegie on behalf of scottishtraditionalmusic lobbying group calling on
written by burns himself thetraditionalmusic scholar francis collinson has
like tradi- er awards fortraditionalmusic the duke of edinburgh
has done for scots andtraditionalmusic there are more than
band playing this time peruviantraditionalmusic we rejoined the group
radio producer an aathority ontraditionalsang an music the late
folk folk music you knowtraditionalscots music fiddle music f1038:
new songs which drew ontraditionalfeatures one result of the
of discrimination among the varioustraditionalforms while ballads and songs
future generations many of thetraditionalscottish songs and much of
that we remember that thosetraditionalsongs are significant they were
tradition folk songs and composedtraditionalsongs increasingly being considered as
probably the oldest group oftraditionalsongs their precise origins unclear
clearly ran counter to thetraditionalapproaches to grammar outlined above
to reject the teaching oftraditionalgrammar and to look for
using a longitudinal study involvingtraditionalgrammar modern transformational grammar associated
significant move away from thetraditionallinear grammar based methodology which
that english grammar teaching whethertraditionalor transformational has virtually no
pupils with an education intraditionalschool grammar which embraced all
and ideology the thinking behindtraditionalviews of grammar in schools
which will continue to employtraditionalspelling precedents for most of
1947 style sheet based ontraditionalspelling precedents in order to
often precipitates the disintegration oftraditionalsocial networks and values where
with a denunciation of thetraditionalsocial values the hydra headed
a society still steeped intraditionalvictorian values led the book
schools more quickly than moretraditionalmethods and g the report
effective at reducing reoffending thantraditionalmethods in the way that
not be met following thetraditionalmethods so they devised a
very fast it combines perfectlytraditionalskills and business methods such
inputs which has been thetraditionaland accepted method of assessing
omc therefore differs from thetraditionalcommunity method of adopting european
can be costlier than thetraditionalmethod depending on how it
russian tea served in thetraditionalmanner after 4 hours we
harvested his almonds in thetraditionalmanner hitting the branches click
the manner of elliot straditionalsong has soon to modify
funding and support to promotetraditionalarts and culture in scotland
support and funding to promotetraditionalarts and culture in scotland
is to report on scottishtraditionalarts and culture the inquiry
intuitively her book subverts thetraditionalbiographical genre developed by male
as more truly following thetraditionalmale bildungsroman pattern than as
validate her intrusion into thetraditionalmale dominated world of scholarly
was a rich loam oftraditionalbairn song and myth whenever
renown the bold o donahuetraditionalirish folk song man bit
oral folk song of thetraditionallove dialogue or courtship type
were the principal composers oftraditionalsong in the eighteenth century
general heading of folk ortraditionalsong the ballads are probably
be made available in eithertraditionalor reformed style people would
expected her house to followtraditionalstyle with some late twentieth
into the fiddler playing atraditionaldance tune and while there
83 along with making availabletraditionalteaching materials in welsh the
higher still or in thetraditionalhigher george macbride i would
higher is huge in thetraditionalhigher youngsters had the opportunity
story is based on atraditionalscottish version of the european
to bureau and insert thetraditionalchristian culture and faith of
laek sometimes it s verytraditionaland er idder times it
of a dance workshop intraditionalcostumes and masks they sometimes
a random rubble building oftraditionaldesign sometimes it is a
clothing jewelery musical instruments foodtraditionalfare they spelt joolry wrang
on food supplements and ontraditionalherbal medicinal products 4 sift
has concentrated and in othertraditionalindustries such as food processing
no clear cut difference betweentraditionaland pfi schools on unit
and funding favour the moretraditionalsubjects such as law at
the funding levels of moretraditionalsubjects such as law will
probably the case with thetraditionalchanting of anna gordon but
erm we ve got ehtraditionaldialect words in abundance got
around much longer and weretraditionalwords hellery had no such
but you get other wordstraditionalwords in unusual uses curcuddoch
seen some extension of thetraditionalcomic use of scots in
irregular and there is atraditionalprecedent for a better scots
has got huge amounts oftraditionalscots features in it which
that they cannot affect moretraditionalcrops whether by cross pollination
er rather than religious moretraditionalin its erm m608: mmhm
m i imagine is moretraditionalit s not developed m741:
something of lowland scotland straditionallanguage and humour more than
criticism from the straitjacket oftraditionalliteralism still more importantly he
school buildings built via moretraditionalmeans was on average better
situations of rapid transition wheretraditionalinter group barriers are breaking
virr 83 alang wi makkintraditionalmaterials in welsh available the
favoured areas and recognises thetraditionaland distinctive role played by
favoured areas and recognises thetraditionaland distinctive role played by
might have considerable implications fortraditionaloperators in these remote areas
former deepwater vessels returning totraditionaldemersal fishing following the adoption
do not wish to usetraditionalbank accounts s1w 10885 mr
transition he does not usetraditionalimages associated with spring in
should be free to usetraditionalpublic procurement and that where
should be free to usetraditionalpublic procurement and that where
years creating particular challenges fortraditionalindustries such as textiles and
the parties that is thetraditionalway in which such matters
pockets where it remains atraditionallanguage that survives in the
everyday life where gaelic hastraditionalroots and where there is
where it s needed thetraditionalwell at ca na maria
most importantly they exemplify thetraditionalmode of oral composition by
the most exorbitant demands oftraditionalritual they were content to
of enforcement first there istraditionalhunting which has been discussed
in air mary has hungtraditionalmallorcan lace curtains over the
set in a line oftraditionalothers fornalutx today has a
been used as appropriate thetraditionalscansion in blank verse has
dramatic social change has alteredtraditionalstructures and linguistic change has
the borders has the oldertraditionalworkers who are skilled in
the european union with itstraditionaloutward focus and reputation for
which take no account oftraditionalallowances and at least in
led curriculum development in whichtraditionalteacher concern for examination results
a new dimension to thetraditionaltrinity which of course is
the way in which thetraditionaltrope of summer delight and
authorities considering capital investment includingtraditionalpublic procurement establish a national
at each singing in thetraditionalway as opposed to singing
languages older pupils can taketraditionaltales and write these in
verse literature and language ourtraditionalheritage needs not only protection
with primary pupils using ourtraditionalbasketmaking techniques and structures as
authorities as well as thetraditionalfunction of regulating housing associations
as the weaknesses of ourtraditionalhandling of burns in the
textiles is seen as atraditionalindustry in the past it
i mean owners in thetraditionalsense as well as people
an unforgivable offence against theirtraditionalstandards as set out in
proposal that as is nowtraditionalwe consider the draft report
the further development of thistraditionalactivity supported by donald gorrie
inspection reveals a row oftraditionalancient wash houses the maids
curriculum and the establishment oftraditionalart centres throughout scotland mr
the accent not only suggeststraditionalattributes of honesty and reliability
is the comparison of thetraditionalballad jock of hasilgreen with
of preserving and promoting thetraditionalballads of the north east
sensitive to any questioning oftraditionalbeliefs from within its own
in order to maintain thetraditionalcharacter of the building during
been campaigns to improve thetraditionalcommunications networks of road and
upbringing were steeped in thetraditionalcrofting list of the northeast
and now unveils a magnificenttraditionalpaella of saffron coloured rice
c with the bulk oftraditionalparts of speech and with
remoter communities have followed verytraditionalpatterns of industry and activity
units and this masks thetraditionalpractice of taking various levels
achieved through a combination oftraditionalscottish cooking a welcoming atmosphere
not be considered in thetraditionalsense of ring fencing cathie
for business recapture scotland straditionalspirit of enterprise and innovation
upon the broad and inclusivetraditionalstrengths of scottish education is
side of popular fiction andtraditionaltale telling offer the beauty
jean elliot to an oldtraditionaltune of the same title
an an example of oftraditionaluses the main prior advisement
one was old and highlytraditionalwith lots of gold and
meal and used with thetraditionalmince and tatties bob is
writers in accordance with thetraditionalscottish tendency for ilkane ti
but her books are nottraditionalstories with beginnings middles and
entrenched stereotypes and strongly heldtraditionalattitudes and the historical background
to stage a full lengthtraditionalclassical ballet and calls upon
friend paddled alongside in brighttraditionalcostume and in a reed
and they break down thetraditionaldivide between academic and vocational
independent provision and talks abouttraditionalnhs services and local government
noo that s a genuinetraditionalscottish recipe neil and a
a jaunty angle and widetraditionalskirts the fashion for bowlers
popular and appeared so trulytraditionalthat many people believed it
new imperial standards and thetraditionalunits and on earlier antiquarian
why teach them or anytraditionalform at all the answer
goose goose they want atraditionalgoose or or beef or
green or blue if atraditionalwedding dress was not worn
buchan suggests that singers intraditionalnon literate communities did not
university press macafee c 1994traditionaldialect in the modern world
persuaded a young woman intraditionaldress to sing us two
in comes lizzie in fulltraditionalfisher girl costume she gets
david mundell s1m 3268 scottishtraditionaldance lodged on 27 june
f965: that was a scottishtraditionalthing there wasn t a
before the six peruvian indiantraditionalmusicians arrived they were less
you eat f639: oh welltraditionalwe had f641: turkey f639:
communities have also maintained atraditionalstress on the english skills
a few notes from thetraditionaltune the hen s march
aye that was the thetraditionalbeef- the steak pie dinner
fast we need the pillowstraditionalpolish saying i am sleeping
fae the sma bourachies otraditionalsingers an musicians at festivals
customs excise officer it wastraditionalthat the cooper took a
year but we always hadtraditionalturkey brussels sprouts roasted potatoes
alike elphinstane institute rin bothytraditionalballad screivin wirkshops at cullerlie
run out enjoyed a goodtraditionalchristmas day yesterday presents under
morag d ye reckon yontraditionalfare wid be fish an

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