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as a kid ehm antrainersf1054: trainers f1145: children don
any more they just wanttrainersf1144: trainers it s no
kid ehm an trainers f1054: trainersf1145: children don t want
they just want trainers f1144: trainersit s no cool to
at school anywey i supposetrainersan athing now but jimmies
er i had jimmies plimsolestrainersand pumps but sandshoes is
of jeans t shirt andtrainerscarefully she replaced the greek
farr s your socks andtrainersat mm farr mm farr
m1146: they ve aa gottrainersnow f1144: the wee ones
monk in saffron robes andtrainerscycles past his air waves
as coaches or physical activitytrainersand promote new deal programmes
postcards offering to shine ourtrainersor simply asking for money
s got blue in hertrainersand blue in her dress
in top of the rangetrainersa castleful of o a
t know what the currenttrainersare and it used to
f1122: [inaudible] that s hertrainersf1121: mmhm that s really
f1121: i dinna think thattrainersgo wi her outfit f1122:
told me to bring mytrainersin and play footie at
patent leather sheen nae bumshayvilttrainersfur her she wis ay
haun in his pooch furtrainersor skweel ootins or bills
eh somethin to do witrainersi don t know what
e and get those newtrainersthat you liked remember i
a spleet new pair otrainersye d bi shair his
encourage volunteers to act astrainersto young cyclists in areas
but my kids would saytrainersof course now f1027: mmhm
as she had seen circustrainersdo before she clumped through
d ye d put ontrainersan ye d just go
there was also plimsolls ertrainersis the contemporary one mm
his left was two nedstrainerspolyester tracky bottoms tucked into
shocking f814: all the teachertrainerstraining teachers that came into
shoes she wouldn t weartrainerswith a skirt would she
will you stop scuffing yourtrainersm1096: el- elgin f1095: aye
lunchtime i turned up minustrainershad a game but wasn
with the stench of grimytrainersand grubby anoraks the unmistakable

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