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can be considered an englishtranslatorusing a generalised scots speech
modern translator the twentieth centurytranslatorhas read urquhart and he
classics because obviously the moderntranslatorthe twentieth century translator has
at the mercy of yourtranslatorehm japanese i ve no
no idea if the japanesetranslatoreven bothers to try and
or scots spanish as atranslatorthen urquhart had to depend
[inhale] erm so as atranslatorurquhart again had to depend
up resonances specific to thetranslatorthe mock latin and aberdonian
dictionary for urquhart as atranslator[inhale] erm and rabelais like
from its drama or importancetranslators note by david purves
obligations of fidelity on thetranslatorthis concept of translation was
much to handle without atranslatori turned on my heel
s people sayin oh thistranslators good that translation wasn
m017: original author and thetranslatorf718: mmhm m017: nevertheless it
free rendering saying no moderntranslatorcan hope to equal this
explain to him so thetranslatorhad kept the reference in
the second section to anothertranslatorat the universitet metro station
said the caxton type oftranslatordid not disappear in his
it too difficult for thetranslatorf606: mmhm m954: so my
know that my erm danishtranslatorerm very nice guy who
was talking to er thetranslatorand he says that one
a few years ago atranslatorand he says that the
having a capable and sympathetictranslatorwhose name unfortunately is not
an immediate question for thetranslatoreven the earliest commentators on
right m865: he s thetranslatoryeah i think it came
of consciousness kind of intranslatorese language m608: mm m078:
we had with us atranslatorfrom the embassy skilled in
it s easy bein atranslatori know they they work
eighty four lorimer is thetranslatoryeah m952: i know but
you re collaborating with atranslatorwho s then bringing the
unable to communicate if notranslatorcan be supplied agencies have
that he was a competenttranslatorhimself and he actively patronised
encounter was with roberto sanesitranslatorof eliot blake thomas all

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