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cold is hot an thetraysare all mingin an the
up tae the oxters mangtraysan compost the hoose is
their best tae teem thetrayso the pies fin jonsar
was all poshed up withtraysof fancy sandwiches and bowls
lenin painted metal boxes andtrayskeyrings and badges quality goods
could dee t in metaltraysower e fire though the
glasses floated on clouds oftraysfollowing van gogh s star
sills noo clear o seedtraysan the sweet peas are
wing urchins paddle with tintraysbaling water out of a
cap sand dancers shufflin intraysflutes melodeons and plays tin
swyte archeologists dunt centuries innotraysbarin brittle banes frae their
left she returned she depositedtrayson the invalid table no
was one of those unstabletraysof eggs and lay him
hand for the carrying oftraysto the table where needed
waiters bow and circulate withtraysin the british governor s
the lilt o the jobtraysbein straiked aff the slubbery
hospital two years ago foodtraysthat are put in front
and will bring own platestraysetc they will take them
three safeway hors d oeuvrestrays19 95 each and will
people cannot open and thetraysare taken away before the
all the fudge perfumes teatraysand engraved crystal i think

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