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tangie fur a treat treattreati ll clean ma teeth
a tangie fur a treattreattreat i ll clean ma
or a tangie fur atreattreat treat i ll clean
boys trained to trick ortreatare they aren t they
unripe sex to trick ortreatdoubts mushroomed critics sniped in
unripe sex to trick ortreatstormy spring how are you
and paid for trick ortreatwhen asian elvis sings fantasy
sadie oh aye a raretreatcarolanne if you wouldn t
smell of coffee a raretreatin the middle of the
orange which is a raretreatmainly because most of the
news and the occasional raretreatof an english morning star
keep sadie company a weetreatsadie oh aye a rare
would you like a sweettreatm1110: yes i like a
norway rømegrut midsummer porridge typetreatmade with sour cream sweet
sweet sweets f1109: a sweettreatwould you like a drink
care sector to diagnose andtreatpatients in local communities we
of professional staff available totreatpatients we will put the
my operation i said theytreattheir patients like human beings
an fit wis a specialtreathoney ale honey ale was
being taken as a specialtreatlast walk home through red
a wedding cake a specialtreatlights dimmed to the in
on special occasions as atreatmrs johnstone the teacher would
sair headie for a specialtreatwhen the school broke up
it illegal to cruelly illtreatan animal in specified ways
some of the ways wetreatold people we just would
of certain procedures refusal totreatcertain conditions or removal of
a wee scoof fur atreatfit dae auld bodachs dae
on monday s plate atreatfit fur a potentate a
frae braegarr or roonaboots naetreatfur us tho wi oor
yi keep it growein pausetreatit wi reverence fur deep
sea rapidly sea lice larvaetreatlong fiordic systems such as
range of medicinal compounds totreatsea lice much of the
sector in scotland we musttreatthe sector seriously as donald
wales the public sector musttreatwelsh and english on an
it widda been a greattreatfor aabody if anybody brought
thocht it wis a greattreatmind you the little wifie
carved snow rather cold greattreatour free theatre visit the
two languages that we musttreatwith great care and love
mornin affa sinny fit atreaten poors o rain it
big picture of how wetreatand look after our older
that was a massive bigtreati never had anythin like
a year your big bigtreatto sail the clyde fae
mak you a tasty bittreatan fancy wee pieces an
penknyfe anaw irena ye stilltreatme lyke a wee lassie
waitin for some unsuspectin weetreattae linger ower lang forenent
functions the public bodies shouldtreatthe gaelic and english languages
public bodies in wales musttreatwelsh and english on an
the way in which wetreatburns in line with the
way in which they shouldtreatinformation from lobbying companies that
convincing the european commission totreatpeninsulas in the same way
no way in which totreatthe elderly population those people
er the only way totreatthis was with with strong
which the public body willtreatthe holder s ability to
like this gang doon atreat__________________ tribute to diana spencer
sit wi ma behave atreatand then like paw get
o state like kings wetreatbaith loon an lord oor
and poorer quality was notreatberemeal and pizzers like sowens
a dour pair the britherstreater like dirt ye ken
it was like such atreat[laugh] m811: [laugh] f812: aw
m movin ower aside yistreatme like an insignificant drags
right f812: mmhm f814: totreatme like that f813: my
multinationals like pirates of oldtreatour birthright as loot to
animal surgery over there theytreattheir staff like human beings
a brent new leaf antreatyer wife wi gentle care
aye that ll be atreatfor another night oh lord
gastronom round the corner anothertreatis chocolate sent over by
hae dune that he shouldtreatme sae an tho a
as iron bands we shouldtreatthem as something that might
not think that we shouldtreatthose members differently the convener
law that it would sotreata man but as i
teeth to accept the profferedtreatas his lantern jaws crunched
summary it is important totreatevery language as equal and
you give them as atreatf1071: i don t know
dumpling was made as atreatfor a birthday or at
celebrate that diversity and nottreatit as a nuisance as
terminate the lease or totreatit as at an end
childhood allowed 28 whether wetreatit as hypothesis or myth
circumstances requesting that the spcbtreatthat member s residence as
were a surgeon you dtreatthat woman as a patient
and sometimes chicken as atreatvenison duck and pheasant were
when a child as atreatyou may have been given
youngsters would get an unusualtreata whole boiled egg to
and on sundays for atreatthey would get toast butter
no f828: so a majortreatto get a bit o
tell you it was atreatto get one of their
local agencies to support andtreatthose suffering from alcohol and
we enjoy ourselves kids atreat20 friday feel groggy all
winner maist is foo theytreata liz lochhead play or
because an individual constituent mighttreata member to a slap
walcum whitnalyke wey for titreata prince consort he holds
biscuit whiles there was atreatafter the cow calved in
an this shair worked atreatan pouvez vous peut etre
pizza mah once a weektreatbj pizza s keepin kirsty
can gie your stomachs atreatbut i ve got a
an extra sometimes admittedly atreatbut never fully part of
everything neat and behaving atreatbut none of them ever
is hungry for a breakfasttreatbut what sort of food
there is a requirement totreatentire loch systems to reduce
and it was a hugetreatf963: mmhm f965: erm m964:
so that ll be atreatfor everybody f606: yeah [laugh]
but i ve got atreatfor my erse she waves
the oil a constant balmtreatfor the brain lady to
yin her bakin wis atreather pancakes an her girdle
was really good a birthdaytreati now have to fend
tae gie her man atreatit s no so much
it s a richt finetreattae see ye she keckled
asks that the scottish executivetreatthe matter of reaching a
yeah it was still atreatthen mm mmhm f965: and
says of the gallant weavertreatthis poem with a pleasant
distance but it was atreatto go to a dance
mile race it was atreatto see them run i
simplicity a house you wouldtreatwith respect a house where
that they know when totreatthem that work goes on
older people so that wetreatthem with the respect that
gude will that made fortunetreatthe dreamer so favourably when
be clear that we willtreatall complaints fairly and confidentially
own decisions about how wetreatthe elderly the organisation for
hersel for this maist unexpectittreatwe wish ye well for
see noo mither nature distreatus wi contempt tae pit
clamjamfrie they think ah cantreatoniething that ails thaim juist
ye ken an they dinnatreattheir mither ony better reaching
catalunya s marzipan based festivetreatpael s stall was opposite
aug sunday 2 quiet daytreatgrass with velvetone monday 3
the home secretary to firstlytreatall convicted rapists who are
effective treatments are available totreatcocaine amphetamine and cannabis addictions
of nhs trusts strategies totreathospital acquired infections s1w 12180
to raise awareness of andtreatsexually transmitted diseases amongst teenagers
the executive s move totreatthe last week of the
extensive it is impossible taetreato this cause within narrow
health alongside existing services thattreatillness increase the health promotion
in montrose mr moore streat1960 mr sam smith offered

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