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she could make the cherrytreesbloom above dean s ford
ma luiv whan the sprushtreesbloom at the beginning of
back aiblins whan the sprushtreesbloom simmers thrie he stravaigs
back aiblins whan the sprushtreesbloom whan the palm trees
trees bloom whan the palmtreesbreird on jordan s strand
bloom a thoosan weety birktreesgreet forget me nots lie
finest sicht i hiv seentreesin bloom bonny an green
wi some sin as weeltreesin bloom tae me they
rain fine tae see thetreesin full bloom again friday
the shadows of the almondtreesalice told them about the
i walk past the almondtreesassociated with my late afternoon
almond orchards display darkly slendertreesbare now against pistachio and
on one of his almondtreesbrandishing the saw that does
like another country here almondtreesproliferate in well tended orchards
thousands of carob and almondtreesthen tortuously the road snakes
him in ablow the pinetreesan laich laich doun he
the edges of the pinetreesblend and blur the silent
the verge peering into thetreesinto the shadowy pine veil
throo the great muckle pinetreesit wis so peaceful jist
climb the terrain supported pinetreesrock roses and rosemary whose
anderson wright far pine widtreesstaun tam linn green three
frae in ahint the pinetreeswi a gurl like thunner
pirates an treasure an palmtreesan skinklin linns i m
in palma surrounded by palmtreesand cedars and cactuses by
there are smiles between palmtreesand mud huts people wave
white surf golden sand palmtreescool breeze dimps cammy yeh
arab reservoir shaded by palmtreesnow before a delicately carved
by orange trees and lemontreesaloes fig trees and pomegranates
by olive trees by orangetreesand lemon trees aloes fig
regular intervals groves of lemontreesand palms combine to form
and lemon trees aloes figtreesand pomegranates a turquoise sky
vats orange lemon and olivetreesand vines ready for planting
cedars and cactuses by olivetreesby orange trees and lemon
groves of orange and lemontreesdisplay fruit and flowers against
vale of orange and lemontreesextending from its marble colonnades
and carnations orange and lemontreesrosemary lemon balm marjoram and
he merged with the olivetreesbecame one of them for
in the landscapes by olivetreesflowers stone relics not only
on the hill there olivetreesmingle with corsican and other
only occasional olive or citrustreesso prevalent in the north
the war a whein aipiltreesan thrie blawawa plants cuivert
the war a whein aipiltreesan thrie blawawa plants cuivert
plants grow abundantly with cedartreesand cocoa palms the romans
garden of these plants andtreesand replant it with eh
these plants oot and thetreesthat had been planted in
cove is fringed with orangetreesladen with fruits the setting
the pitch bleck amang thetreesa white sark picked oot
linties yammert amang the lindentreesan balder the god o
road ah tak amang thetreesanelie the blissit chantin o
wallop somewhaur in amang thetreesat ma back a hoolet
guidwife coorit doon amang thetreesin the yaird awa frae
fishin a hole amang aldertreesno faur frae puggie s
the north while amang thetreesroun aboot were scattert the
gaes ferr in amang thetreeswhaur wes an auld quarrie
plentiful with roses and fruittreesand gates wrought in exuberant
tae root an oan thetreesdelicious fruit hung doon aye
the dark umbrella of thetreesfruit bats hang like flags
auld nature s laws thetreesgied fruit withoot a pause
roads up an doon matreeshere bear delicious fruit o
re stood like twa brawtreesin a widd oor fruit
certainly pay sunbathers wedge intreeslike dripping fruit bats a
clouds crawl slowly over racingtreesa black bag flutters like
clouds crawl slowly over racingtreesback yards blur shrieking over
panorama of heather clouds andtreescould be enjoyed in a
underneath the standing stones thicktreeslike mushroom clouds loomed over
wattery clouds auld crocs birktreesraxx up their trunks like
just as good as climbingtreesto watch clouds muster in
e fairmer hid felled etreesan cleart it e trees
and shadow played among thetreesas sketches of particular trees
storybook trees which were miniaturetreesdecorated according to a theme
trees as sketches of particulartreesemerged sharply focussed in their
windae m1110: mm i seetreesf1109: trees ye ve a
trees an cleart it etreeshid been plantit ower rig
alison would have loved storybooktreeswhich were miniature trees decorated
mm i see trees f1109: treesye ve a lot o
nae leaves on them thetreesare bare just now eh
chilled stripped bare black drippingtreesare candy twisted a sparrow
grass stripped bare black drippingtreesare candy twisted a whining
let cauld winds blaw lettreesgae bare let winter niver
blizzard that swept through thetreesnow surely bare ruined choirs
ah wes seein thae firtreesan maples an birks for
a long avenue of firtreesand on the far bank
of new snow lakes firtreesand wooden houses painted red
the shore an fellin firtreesby the score the storm
hidin oot in the firtreesthat sway back and furth
from the larch or firtreeswin casen wind cast speaks
wis ay ere but etreeswis spruce an nae fir
heich he straid abuin thetreesan thay war lyke gress
on the ferr syde thetreesan the houss haed heich
waa lang shaddas o heichtreesdoonfaa onno the wrunkled watter
the war a glen witreesin it heich birks an
a heich bank o beechtreeson the oot bend an
the young leaves fullin thetreesa faimly war meevin frae
a good distance through autumnaltreesand bright yellow swirling leaves
dripping shrubs through webs oftreesleaves fluttered down like snow
the leaves frae aff thetreesmy neb ll twitch an
leaves simply tummel aff thetreesnae lang afore ere s
noo the leaves o thetreeswar turnin yalla an broon
bonny an green were thetreeswi their new leaves on
vegetation the luxuriance of thetreesbushes and flowers was one
wild flowers and shrubs carobtreesdrop leather brown pods into
be used in large adjectivetreesflowers or rockets for display
yet yalla is the breemtreesbonny an green country fer
bit turns fine an drytreesbonny an green simmer is
well i ll do thetreesgreen then will i m1090:
green coolest thing about thosetreeshe told them fast become
the lang rain the deserttreesskail thair lest green leafs
the cello is fixed ontreeswhere green ships lie at
the knowe atween twa figtreeswi the green voice comes
hooses wi these great muckletreesaside them and it is
at gloamin time the muckletreesin april weir their branches
fit o the muckle horsechestnuttreessheeny conkers lay in their
the silence o the muckletreesthe lazy bizzin o the
a byuss wee glen thetreesthare war brichter an greener
stream the war muinlicht thetreeswar breirdin blossom an a
eyn o october horse chestnuttreeswar hingin yalla an roosty
the graundest mornin the hazeltreeswar new cuivert wi leafs
bi pouer lines far bambootreeswar swingin as i cam
ourie it wes an thetreeswar that thick that never
thick wi aw sorts aytreesan thair are fruits an
moulders intil foust foraye thetreesmaun founder in thair ain
leeves thair nae fish naetreesnae busses gif we speir
thair wey on throu thetreeso the forest or thay
can muster forests or ordertreespou up thair monie ruits
its wye roon ahin etreesan draps doon ahin e
win at roart in etreesan moant in e lum
got an openin in etreesan syne ye cd see
e hoose an e bigtreesat tried hard bit wi
hoosie e yard an etreese berry busses an e
e middle bit hid mairtreese ither twa less bit
e park faar a fyowtreeseen o em a rodden
o a slope covert witreeses wis e plantin rale
it a firm cut etreesfit ye see noo grew
mair handy wis e bigtreesin e main bit o
big beeches likely e biggesttreesleft in e wid e
e open spaces amon etreeson banks an slopes ere
till e wark o fellintreeson e mountain slopes abeen
up e howe e aippletreeson e waa ootside framin
seyven i geed intill etreeswi anither lad an a
a camera framed amon etreeswi glinties o e sky
till e fit o etreeswi grazin stretches jist abeen
at e back o etreeswis e foon o an
oot o sicht amon etreeswis e mountain pastures faar
ye mair an wi etreesye ken ye can ay
an murmer here nae twatreesare the same tae craikin
fresh dirt atween twa hawtreeshaud on he s gaed
kail yaird hid twa geantreesin the neuk o the
noo she hud twa cherrytreestwa pare tree s an
by the owerhang o elmtreeswhan i heard a splash
cocks craw in the mulberrytreeswhan ye cum throu the
canada an that an bigtreesan athin so he wis
a narra path through thetreesanen atween big rid fallen
as a set o bigtreesfaar i d eence carved
door and there s bigtreesround beside it f1112: won
top o they big yewtreessilence lori sings oh oh
big wooden building surrounded bytreessnow and skidoos snowmobiles i
even some fancy kins otreeswi big cones yowies fine
tae cut doon the stannintreesbit tidy up onything that
and six tae cut thetreesdoon haul them out wi
you ve been cuttin doontreesf1074: we hiv mmhm mmhm
are haein to cut doontreesf969: mmhm f1074: mmhm f1073:
daunced or dauchled ben thetreesuntil i hytered doon i
some claes fit a relieftreesare affa bonny jist noo
ye lookit up aa thetreeshe can clim noo caain
an it dis bide fairtreesnoo lose their simmer sheen
man in a creakin cheertreesgrowe far they faa their
far ben amangst the widdedtreesi bent ma erse wi
tree they are all youngtreesso far i m just
the peach petals frae thetreesai but she haes never
restless birdies flichtered frae thetreesin black bourachies like swairms
the milkin o rubber fraetreesin hyne awa ceylon or
gothic moths gigantically fluttered throughtreesand one drowned boy eyelids
to me through the monochrometreesmy steps are no longer
down meandering tracks through thetreespassing occasional walkers or being
those incandescent moons in lamplittreesspill creamy cargo through the
not hide and seek throughtreessun spattered to a pollock
the pad whit wi thetreesabune us on yae side
wi fish intil them andtreesand busses round them and
aisle throw the scentit springtreesher skin crawled wi hens
wi ma tears the peachtreesir in flouer again abuin
late ti reist the gloamintreesir thrang wi craws from
s finest a landscape otreesshrubs an girss wi a
wi nae sizzens nur naetreesthere wis nae day nur
o wae blin drift boostreeswi grue the harbinger o
gairden s minimal girse ivytreesdeliberately a soss sae nae
an nae on the gruntreessud be clippit back sair
i d seen nae rantletreesthat min s me on
wis passin a raa otreesaifter landin fin somebody spottit
ah plantit a hunder mulberrytreesan fullie thertie acre o
a fower sidit block otreesan i ay geed throwe
an felled a lot otreesan well obviously a ken
ye ve a lot otreesat the back haven t
juist lik a forest otreesawbodie wis gey thrang ettlin
the skeleton airms o thetreesback he gaed tae chae
on the delicate raxx otreesbreirin bonnily ower the simmer
f606: so what kind otreesdo you have christian f1074:
hae discovert the bonnieness otreesfoo they meeve like watter
it on ane o thetreesfor ti see whatlyke it
oxters peninsulas o dowp listenerstreeshear whirring wings dove croos
wey mang fankle o thetreesi fund the brek o
of air the bonnieness otreesi hae discovert the bonnieness
scrapes the sky cripples thetreeso 53 the wounding language
ti save a bunch otreespause fuckin kids dyin every
brainches o ane o thetreesplankit hirsell doun on the
bats gae flichterin fae thetreesraggety cloots o hungered wames
glint o watter throu thetreesthere wis anither rustle this
been kent ti move antreesti speak the sleikitest o
an sometimes stretches o biggertreesye cd easy tell at
whiles oot yer breeks ontreesan busses wha d shew
in the countryside burned broontreeslook dull aye richt oot
ll get you oot thetreesm1098: [inaudible] f1097: right there
gaed but this day thetreesthinned oot intil a birkenshaw
hip and haw the rootedtreesshrink back into their bark
beild the back gairden peachtreesstaun bi the houss door
back to the days whentreeswere chopped to prop the
thought there might some christmastreesan aa [inaudible] f1102: uh
that blatters doun kirks flettenstreesan haisilt corn blaws doun
his streamin broo an joukittreesan lowpit saughs an ran
culcreoch ferm rivin earth antreesan rocks strivin tae win
stair bedroom windae tae differenttreesan throwe at i managet
brocht up amon parks antreesan ye niver jist tak
gae screichin up ower thetreesbut staun an tak tent
screeching bird degas absinthe drinkertreesdripping music tinkling an hour
haun had dived intae thetreesfive yairds awa an lain
in the burn an climintreesfur birds eggs pickin an
a kill an whaur thetreesin serried order stood a
heicht an booin the beechtreeslike strae weel yer grannie
wis cauld an blaik thetreeson the quarry waas luikit
leims the nicht an thetreeson yeir lair ir sweyed
an peace hippies savin fuckintreessilence stew so what di
the couples were jist smaatreessplit in half an held
park there s not anytreesthere f940: an aye aye
ti sit an watch thetreesthrou the windae in the
true it wis bit talltreesshrooded brick wark camps row
up like a thousand xmastreesa trap door opened down
like grass m818: mm m819: treesand shoppin m818: aye it
sprout begging arms like wintertreesin the blue vault of
the gress hingin ablow thetreeslike a curtin fae thur
quick munch you shoot uptreeslike a monkey whose tail
in aiberdeen they skyte uptreeslike wildfire grampian police hq
of nature gods hundreds oftreestumbled like fallen soldiers boulders
breeze wauchtin saftsome ben thetreeswatterfaas that s like wir
a tree hou- f1121: intreeswhere do piggies like to
ll never visit their xmastreesbeneath the rig s tall
spring the buds in thetreesbound tight in their own
across the western world thetreesof christmas spread their tinsel
its songs decanted underneath thetreesthat haven t stopped their
them on the lorry hailtreesf643: hand load m608: aye
invite them they appeared towntreeshold posies each a buxom
seein the wids fur thetreesor seein them daurna explore
book them for offences againsttreessave us fae the planners
father frost and new yeartreesand the kremlin in the
watch it unner the dreepintreesthe new fowk s shieled
new culture where even thetreeswere tall strangers kay has
the verra birdies aff thetreesas i booed ma heid
365 427 puir burds thetreesin ma aistlin gairden birze
from one of the wizenedtreesfurther up the rock away
ve lookit up aa thetreeshe isnae there father here
up places on stage astreeshuts walls and places for
regimental line up of planetreesi took the curvaceous sloping
it reached two or threetreesplanted up to ten feet
puir birds up on thetreessittin on the frozen brainches
was up in amongst thetreesthey m608: mmhm m194: had
over the tower blocks andtreesif that s the west
ca na maria where citrustreesare as few as the
on the trunks of thetreeswhere it oozes out it
lashed bough low lines oftreeswhere two farms meet drizzle
the chipmunks vanished into thetreesbehind thin legged mahouts in
cladda river to sting thetreesin carron wood into hissing
f1097: oh crashed into thetreesnever mind the signs m1098:
the garden ye see thetreesacross the road they ve
ditch you re in thetreesi think i canna see
that in there behind thattreeslook see there what do
my lilies and blackened mytreesfrom two different earts no
take two parts or playtreesor other objects the musicians
i now have two familytreesto unravel uncle bill has
the christmas displays were marvelloustreesdecorated according to themes and
the 1840s trunks of oaktreeswere found in peat bogs
walk in the park thetreeswere frosted white and skiiers
it was great fun thetreeswere generously daubed with snow
and the tops of thetreeswere on a level with
go you re out thetreesnow there you go m1098:
somewhere that has lots oftreesand maybe swings on it
eens that grew on thetreesat maybe the blackbirds likit
s vanity a toupee oftreesbalances on the hill s
flouers in bud on thetreesir pure lik this deid
sky moon snags on spindlytreeslace ruffs ring stones tracks
fairy lights on all thetreesm959: yeah beats here it
fiscals do not grow ontreesofficial report justice and home
who forbade the felling oftreeson his land and he
[censored: streetname] cresent being that gottreeson it and things so
brambles and even young foresttreeson one stretch tidal erosion
you pit the board thetreeson this board that stuck
very existence depends on thosetreesso before we expire in
stones on the terraces thetreesthemselves the fruits they bear
the cloaking undergrowth of talltreeswhich grew on either side
you re crashing in thetreesagain [cough] are you managing
f826: mm doesn t havetreesall the way along that
oe meanings of limbs oftreesand arms of the sea
long lengths of the greattreesand shutting out the brooding
a shifting tableaux tents andtreesand sun the shy smile
flitting bats under the carobtreesand the wind came soughing
sap s collected from thetreesand then boiled it takes
last year for scotland streesand to pay for the
rise flats giving way totreesand wooden dachas the coach
water is good but thetreesare evil you have come
foot long bamboo pole thetreesat the top of the
couple crash launds amangst thetreesawmaist direckly conjugal relations is
still s a stook thetreesayont the buss aside ye
net a field surrounded bytreescalled the birnie the lads
a white hind in thetreescoming towards her his thing
queen wasp the loveliness oftreesfresh fish cakes in making
of the bulldozers taking thetreesfrom bellahouston park our image
nichts stodge in the simmertreeshaes cled thairsells in shaidaes
net vividly spread below thetreeshis pigs have grazed the
banyans the roots of thetreeshung down loose brown ropes
a pedigree as the familytreesin the book indicate one
hsiu 1007 1072 39 ploumtreesin the spring do 40
yang hsiu 1007 1072 ploumtreesin the spring in the
once covered with the finesttreesin the world he mentions
stane eagles glower atween thetreesin washington in the morning
s f1154: uh huh f1155: treesjust beside it and the
bats drip from the figtreeslooking furtive deep in the
the sea stay f1093: thetreesm1094: no the rain f1093:
the army carrying branches oftreesmalcolm nou we re near
supersonic under the betel nuttreesmangoes mango ing tamarinds tango
maks laddies sclim the heichesttreesor in the cauld antarctic
sauch s brainches swey flouerintreesparfume the air the sun
was set out under thetreessalads bread and cheese served
glancing round the garden fareweilltreesshouts hoy thare a pause
snow filtering softly thro thetreesthe lodge at mactaquac is
den s mouth high intreesthe raven rides the wind
ll get you out thetreesthen okay will that be
standard for the planting oftreesto act as carbon sinks
and figs to prune thetreesto clear the earth of
shapes textures and colours thetreestwisted and textured with a
progress we are telt mairtreesare felled fur hames as
is shadow roddens are rowantreesfother is fodder grass is
are gradually being covered bytreesfrom it bonnybraes camp is
1765 there are six milliontreesin production today it takes
this is a foreign countrytreeswear bells traffic police are
mm m078: language that ashtreesspeak in a breeze so
glamourie ither bairns cud sclimmtreesor fecht or sing wee
aboot eh eh ten thousandtreesor somethin f643: used tae
that m608: aye m642: hailtreesaboot fae that windae tae
hae tae scrat my brootreesdiv turn tae a richt
i aye likit tae speeltreesfor ae thing for anither
load m608: aye m642: hailtreesf643: hand load m642: john
mass today fell ash trimtreesin front also remove old
model for a study oftreesin winter his bones poked
there s nests in thattreeslook do you think there
so f826: it s gottreeshas it m827: well one
a lovely avenue of planetreesnear la granja if one
frightening speed himalayas denuded oftreesone victim of folly and
somewhere that has lots oftreesdon t do that please
be decorated and displayed prefixtreesfor older pupils prefix and
booths and avenues of planetreesi headed for calle st
apple david and goliath mallorcantreesparticularly olives and almonds can
he mentions olives and oaktreeswith a girth of forty
hobby of avoiding tax withtreeshad our leaders shown rare
am familiar with stars astreesi shall not visit when
canoes more roughly hollowed fromtreesthan those quaint outriggers which
a natural plantation of youngtreesbecomes too much to bear
gardens had a lot oftreesf889: uh huh f890: blown
tyme lest year ai thaetreesis that bonnie she wad
let fronds stand unner coconuttreessaid morag which cracked bethia
pig wife actors to playtreessheds outbuildings small bridges parts
lyfe soud be lyke thirtreesshouts of yoo hoo hey
waitin for sumthing whit brawtreeswhit bewtie lyfe soud be

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