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study amerindian languages especially atribecalled the hopi in the
in its veins the anacostantribehas left no mark the
by leather moccasins the potomactribethe dague the anacostan people
calumnies being spread around iftribex had no word for
full of joy like atribeof gypsies shining gold and
so full of joy atribeof gypsies shining gold and
with the elders of histribeby whom he was in
upon the elders of thetribethe free church of scotland
was eh speaking for thetribeer like the epic m608:
son of oak of thetribeof oak i am ok
sacred to the clan ortribeand thus an object of
properly according to the thetribes traditions m815: yeah m816:
m816: apparently there s onetribenow m815: procreation goin again
times the religion of thetribeor state has nothing in
definition f963: mm right whichtribeare you f965: you re
to catch one as atribethey are slippery as a
its coils blood of mytribespent rubies in its eyes
story of this this thistribeof what could come over
nomadism when we the losttribewandered from room to room
in the family that thespiosistribes going to want a
douse the torch of mytribethat still smoulders and glows
s scars are hidden histribedispersed through segregated suburbs hornygollach
aways to feed his screechingtribefruit bats drip from the
befitted an elder o thetribethe hills are aa fite
wis as conspeecuous as atribeof apaches on the tap
a picter frae the siouxtribeo a chiel smoored in

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