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foo the air wis lefttrimmlinfoo aathin trimmlet like a
sivintie nur fortie an ayetrimmlinfur wint o a fix
as yon auld skellum fagantrimmlinin the coortroom fyle wytin
he wesna aye swattin antrimmlinwi fivver he wes fell
shaif wytin tae be shearedtrimmlinin the licht september win
da twaa o dem sattrimmlininside da widden hoose afore
seals while ithers cry witrimmlinvyce an mouse like squeaks
the twa pearls o wattertrimmlinat the lip o her
low swam forrit then witrimmlinvyce apologised guid sir i
o sae weel the wildtrimmlincry o the whaup o
bruise tae be seen witrimmlinhauns she liftit the dry
juist oor vyces that wistrimmlinwi excitement my hauns an

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