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where minty could trip troptriptrop go over it f1103:
go there where minty couldtriptrop trip trop go over
hidin it in case itripf1141: well dinna tr- don
it in case i triptriptri- i d hidin it
hidin it in case itriptrip tri- i d hidin
d been given the guilttripno expense spared the top
bit of a parental guilttripthe other day oh cause
made to measure bespoke guilttripwell if you were able
thing on a primary schooltripf1148: uh huh f1149: we
wasn t on the schooltripf1149: mm have you been
be a nice wee wintertrip[laugh] f1148: uh huh f1149:
our necks on that schooltrip[laugh] f1149: to ski [laugh]
we actually did like atripto like frankfurt once f1149:
f1149: that s was atripwith the art department f1148:
train to sagorsk our firsttripout of moscow the train
like a dream the traintripwas surprisingly pleasant we struggled
ourselves an hour for thetripbut true to form we
lost an hour on thetripthis past week has been
an hour on the firsttripto the small post office
it was only a shorttripfrom north berwick a couple
forest in such a shorttripit was impossible to make
practices and has cut histripshort by 4 days in
our luggage for the shorttripto lake titicaca our hotel
a long gone ashtray thetripbegins the bus is casting
had been erected the bustripthere was slow and tortuous
the bus home a quicktriptonight no waiting 30 minutes
man i m goin totripower f1141: come here turn
bangkok tuk tuk three speedtripturn right turn left turn
but recovers to enjoy thetrip4 monday again a bad
5 monday to kinghorn nicetripbut fresh wind a little
3 monday prepare for newcastletripmcall says it will only
just now in case youtripover it is that your
the mystical side of thetripled four or five of
side of the road thetrips sponsored by the daad
side of the river thetriptook about two hours and
an for me tee thetripcam ower late tae renew
hame he cam an thetripcomin hame wis fully as
cam back onshore efter atriptae the fishin gruns bedd
tae picture ah mind oortripfae inversnoddy tae glesga three
chorus o danny boy oortripower the north channel wis
i dee an for oortriptae ireland as wis the
as it sounds the roundtripa super saver is costing
1200 miles about 2400 roundtripmain because i d to
tyre the result of mytripround that field probably we
well dinna tr- don ttripand you dinna need to
tae watch it mak itstripdoon ower his tache on
classes went on a schooltripbut half of them went
that inclusion in a schooltripe g orchestral tour to
eez fish on the sametripi went and had a
well i went on thistripto spain and that was
the first days of thetripil profuma di caffé and
brochures to plan the perfecttripwe counted the days until
summer it s a lovelytripovernight f746: mm uh huh
in the rope it wouldtripup m608: uh huh f643:
save enough for the philadelphiatripat christmas if i go
want to go on atripit s gonna have to
we go on a fishingtripto everybody else i think
every year there s atripyou can go on i
was never mentioned during thetripthen saw three gorgeous churches
of stirling council over educationtripthat the parliament notes the
is a difficult call ourtripwas extremely interesting the ferry
many reasons why the cairotripmight not happen i don
don t you take atripto america in one of
emma had to lead atripat the last minute and
could be had before thetripdesayuno 8 10 that suited
you ve had one helluvatripdo you want to tell
scuffed green vinyl floor thetriphad been an unqualified nightmare
of was that from thattripi m sure you had
had just returned from atripto aberdeen to buy a
they had an annual summertripto places such as st
you have had a goodtripto toronto and a happy
age of 30 their firsttriporganised by mrs gray the
first note from mrs [censored: surname]tripto kdy with stewart then
we packed again for thetripback to la paz putting
doon again tae repeat thetripthis time wi a glaiss
day while on a fishintripan wearin on fur dark
macchu picchu for their daytripat 9 sharp the mini
of the purpose of thetripthis obviously excludes day trips
young the day and thetripwas perfect until we got
some to help pay mytripback but how much i
at the toilets on thetripback i found some americans
to make the 90 minutetripback to moscow [censored: forename] and
minet me on a seatripi eence made wi e
but this maun be atripmade no for gowd but
but this maun be atripmade no for gowd but
to make the lengthy metrotripdown to belyaevo this disappointment
of the surprises of thetripi d expected the mountains
the deal is for atripyou ll want to stay
which called for a goodtripand protection in the mountains
see you have a goodtripthey tell me the shuttle
f814: here comes my roadtripthrough the us [laugh] m811:
taking us on a shoppingtripto a local mall i
the mystical part of thetripwere behind us when they
in such a flurry lasttripno kidding one pulled out
it s less than thetripfrom prestwick to halifax at
dawn more dawns on thistripthan in the rest of
some help with the planetripthere it s less than
wis fit fur its maidentripthe wee boorachie teemed their
whaur yon note fer thairtripwis ran aff reflections o
of rather tight vests thetripstills seems dreamlike but we
a brief but crowded metrotripto izmailovo park to see
her flight out here yourtripto yugoslavia sounds great but
be on a roll ferrytripda sun s nae s
brightening on the horizon thetripresumes past sheep domestic thistle
in berlin now on atripsponsored by the daad institute
june 1999 la paz thetripstarted on the evening of
the salvador set on atripto mainland spain in 1897
also going on a skiingtripto switzerland with the local
showed marvellous skills on atripup the niger he captured
really horrible boa- sea boattripf746: oh mm f978: and
write a story about yourtripan [laugh] my experience at
at the end o atripi m shuir that i
chance o a right fishingtripin a braa while dey
stage is a proposed familiarisationtripin january i believe that
anniversary with a two weektripin southern england for several
church and then took atripinto the country to see
wi me for ken histripis just a scam to
the dubs jist tak atripoot there ye ll find
draped in granny takes atripretro shirts and looked seriously
added twist was that thetripshould be to a country
details of mum s italiantripthere is also a formal
jeez ah wiz sore atriptill eh bathroom an ah
the price would be atripto san francisco and i
these were surrounded with atripwire which alerted mr mutch
way cause it was atripyou didn t mind it
m looking forward to thetriptake care give my best
quarry quine an navachitta thetriptae tir nan og that
s i estimate that mytripto philadelphia was about 1200
an iris during their longtripto america in 1876 vyborni
to liverpool phil v gtripup stairs at central 5
to thinking that maybe thetripwas going to be worth
abundance there i remember anothertripwe got up to blair
lightweight garments for the airtripstill anxious they accompanied me
cianail bha mi ann aontripriamh s m979: oh aidh
o the faimily s proposedtripup fae the sooth o
the most wonderful and excitingtripfull of weird and magical
resource allocation all words thattripso easily off the lips
fully as coorse as thetripthat tuik him awa his

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