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boat comin in with woundedtroopsand that and eh then
eh troops intae eh woundedtroopsin by plane m608: mmhm
to he- bring in ehtroopsintae eh wounded troops in
comin in wae troops woundedtroopsor a boat comin in
m608: uh huh m194: thetroopswounded m608: oh right m194:
m194: planes comin in waetroopswounded troops or a boat
vaccines given to gulf wartroopsand the enigmatic and devastating
vaccines given to gulf wartroopsand the enigmatic and devastating
loaded wae troops loaded waetroopsand with the supplies m608:
m608: mmhm m194: troops [inaudible]troopseh most of the troops
and their m608: mmhm m194: troops[inaudible] troops eh most of
come in too loaded waetroopsloaded wae troops and with
troops eh most of thetroopsmaybe come through are comin
m194: well the troo- thetroopsthe some of the troops
troops the some of thetroopsused to get fly and
vaccines given to gulf wartroopsoil fire related pollution depleted
the disproportionate number of scottishtroopsand units who fought in
the disproportionate number of scottishtroopsand units who fought in
they were there tr- ferryintroopson on the lorries and
were sittin in there thetroopswere in the lorries sittin
apparently fought with the internationaltroopsof peter the great and
in durin the night waetroopsm608: really m194: and put
m194: it s for takintroopsaway and then ye d
know where they took thetroopsm608: uh huh m194: and
huh m194: and then thetroopsthat was coming in to
there m608: mmhm m194: sotroopswere comin in there and
the m608: [cough] m194: thetroopswere sittin in there the
m194: the boats and thetroopswould all s- shout at
in there and and taketroopsout durin the war and
then of course the thetroopswas comin into stranraer at
charles ii supported by scottishtroopswas restored to the crown
another lot of eh armytroopsthey d the royal engineers
and found a number oftroopsstill in attendance you are
mikhail had waved to thetroopsthat morning and found a
course there s eh thetroopswould come from cairnryan ri-
had a large sum oftroopswi- while they re buildin
in front of us withtroopsbeing committed to adventures that
happy day dunkirk st mariestroopsat mass together 22 monday
usual but not much betweentroops30 friday to pathead sands
machine which devastated the englishtroopsduring the seige of berwick
and the the oh thetroopsused to come in there
they were among the firsttroopsthere and a pioneer company
see it is that thetroopsare marchin past oh would
and that they inspired scottishtroopsinto battle on behalf of
the ussr to confuse invadingtroopswell here we are 16
record my support for ourtroopsabroad and wish them safety
the menyie o ceilidh rescuetroopshadna shoodered in the prison
screen hae ye heard thetroopsir be in moved awa
road providing temporary accommodation fortroopsgoing to or returning from
luckily discovered by the russiantroopsrestoration was almost from scratch

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