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traivil travel tramort corpse truibiltroubletruith truth trummil tremble tryst
trauchilt v oppressed truibil ntroubletrummil v tremble tuim a
troke v trade truibil ntroubletuim a empty tungs n
traivlar n traveler truibil ntroubletuim a empty twa e
ye re in big eneuchtroubleas it is withoot rinnin
easy eneuch tae get intaetroubleat nicht withoot giein folk
pass fur thirty withoot onytroubleava that could still gar
funds it we ve enoughtroublewithoot agnes gettin flung oot
kent he wis in serioustroublean thocht the morn i
modified there will be serioustroubleand i will do my
slate found themselves in serioustroublefor good work and homework
kent he wis in serioustroublewi the wither bein sae
and then i got intaetroublefor writin below the lines
wide heid furst richt intaetroublewhan his kype gat huikit
were always gonna get intaetroublewi the old prefabs no
the rubbish frequently getting intotroubleand regularly prone to making
against them without getting intotroublef963: mm yeah f965: so
s the it s thetroublegetting geoffrey into the dundee
procedures and we had littletroublegetting our stuff through i
clown on arbat street hadtroublegetting people to act foolishly
wonder she got herself intotroubleas i said before i
comes along you get intotroublecause he knows you ve
f1049: and ian got intotroublefor opening his juice in
f1041: now we got intotroublefor sayin that [laugh] f1043:
hussein he got into awfultroublefor using you and he
he hisna got you intotroublehas he angelica a bit
t want to get intotroublein a totalitarian state i
got into a lot oftroublelast night trying to help
how they first got intotroublemy banal question was tortuously
certainly we never got intotroubleso i don t think
i kn- i got intotroublethat night apparently erm from
who may be slipping intotroublewe must be clear that
when [inaudible] i got intotroublewhen i quoted some lines
repentances [audience laughter] i got intotroublewhen [inaudible] i got into
farms that cause the mosttroubleare the ones that are
funny now [censored: forename] got introublefor cause [censored: forename] went mental
lads are sweirt tae causetroublehe replied they re feart
an cause aa sorts otrouble[laugh] f606: [laugh] m691: [laugh]
armour and then cause moretroublethan i sort out she
rented sector that cause suchtroubleto tenants but no matter
your still tryin ti causetroublewi us lee sorry bj
she got in like totaltroublefor telling like all these
got in i got introublethe next day he was
22 homework will give muchtroubleand it would be more
didn t see too muchtroublebut you re better safe
because this would mean lesstroublefor business make it much
[laugh] f813: to so muchtroublefor it like it was
operation naething was too muchtroublefor them you d lovely
job too wtih so muchtroublein house 20 friday cath
was he taking so muchtroubleover me all in all
maybe fan she s introubleher voice trails away georgie
me the business was introublei was away there was
are far behind me wheretroublemelts like lemon drops away
are far behind me wheretroublemelts like lemon drops away
are far behind me wheretroublemelts enter stew and ed
true ye re far mairtroublethan ye re worth a
i think that s thetroubleactually it s too easy
i could understand yon naetroubleat all mmhm m865: right
could only remember the realtroublekids f963: [laugh] f965: and
garish trinkets tarnish could spelltroublewe hurry back to the
could easy understand yon naetroublewi that yeah yeah yeah
angelica you could get introublewi the bobbies dod you
m haein a bit otroublewi this suspender could you
bessie fan they were introublebessie riding effortlessly over the
took a great deal oftroubleover everything he did there
as lived tonight with thetroubleover joseph ann had felt
knows that there has beentroubleover that capital a miss
any time you re introubleand i ll see you
it you re in enoughtroubledod i dinna understand counting
[slap] f1133: you re introublef1134: no i m no
as if they re expectintroublelike that s what you
book stew thurs gonnae betroublecammy aw wi want is
girnin sae sair wi theirtroublehere s an unco thing
an said i m haeintroublewi ae e e bit
that denty lady she developedtroublewi her chest and deed
s f960: mm f961: detroublewi me as a gairdener
stae pit zeb yi brouchttroublewi yi noo yull stae
the railway ticket the onlytroubleis it takes about 3
out and about the onlytroubleis that the x ray
m815: [inaudible] m816: the onlytroubleis they don t tell
or a dunt for yourtroubleat the other end of
long silence pat your causintroublein mah famely bj famely
1928 i m sure yourtroubleis and it sticks out
we beseek ye he saystroubleme no more wt your
and said wherefor do yetroubleme wt your cruelty they
they said wee do nottroubleye thomas it is your
it wis hardly worth histroublehis teeth jist barely broke
i sune saw whit thetroublewis rab had him heukit
middle hoosies bade twa jeaniestroublewis that eenie on the
for the daicent fishers thetroublewis that here the river
wis wrang maist o thetroublewis that the fowk that
stabilisers on it [inaudible] anytrouble[laugh] m816: [cough] w- we
f1091: oh right toffee introublem1092: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1091: [inaudible]
years perhaps a lifetime oftroublefor she knew that her
catching something nasty the badtroubleher mother called it boys
an that was her introuble[laugh] m1022: [laugh] f1054: what
you see fan there wastroublelike oor mither afore her
dad worships her the littletroublemaker smack smack repeats fiona
hersel an affa lot otroublenae need to cairry her
rumbles elaine smith is havingtroublestarting her car and alasdair
list if i m notroubleto her i don t
wicked disease bobbies mother hastroublewith it in her knees
d-d- don t remember anytroubleor anybody bein [inhale] attacked
bit disheartened after all thetrouble5 thursday [note: line scored out] holiday fishing
strange foreign lippent entrusted fashtroublebother ava at all saugh
all the same fash bothertroublegeng go ee wye or
idea to go to thetroubleof changing all existing scottish
sign at all of thattroublewe had when i was
and hard for all thetroubleyou were making how on
done he d be introubledoctor s aren t allowed
hope this disnae lead taetroublegin he finds oot he
to a huge amount oftroublehe comes to edinburgh i
do potatoes are worth thetroublehe ought to be feeling
class knew there would betroublehe would start with bible
he d soon be introubleif he didna get eh
now they are having striketroubleon the underground he can
is a secret he hastroublespelling fiona s secret name
fine neil a little moretroublethan he had bargained for
[censored: forename] thinks she ll betroublebut i m not so
process the university had hadtroubledoing that but now is
portuguese subtitles [inhale] now thetroubleis that these portuguese subtitles
him happy an oot otroublejonsar eck thocht tae himsel
the cleaners hadna teen enoughtroublereddin them oot and the
me about was the sametroublei wondered if you were
ah d seen him introubleah didna really ken him
and they d be introubleand she lets them know
is she fit georgie introublechrissie na na she s
single mum has lots otroubleshe ll be aw richt
belt an hid nae mairtroublefin broon an roost widnae
o them that s thetroublebut i dinna ken you
oh the nibs fit atroublethey were some o them
his back that was thetroublei feel very sorry for
not going to take thetroublei lie on my back
up it was back introublewhile residents were clearing out
turn our backs to suchtroubleand strife martha oh i
i can read it notroubleat aa oh drawin haud
m824: oh right f823: thetroubleye see if they ve
lane in dundee nearly introublego via montrose arr 7
committee took the time andtroubleto go around scotland taking
grade school for the greattroubleand time they devote from
that the continuous stream oftroublesince they moved in should
if this gets us introublethen we can write to
language if anyone takes thetroubleto examine the tory submission
loon quines are nithing buttroublean i ken fit i
mother and been ready fortroubleand do you remember i
does his best to createtroublei add my weight which
for it to be introublei am paraphrasing but that
as a treatment for chesttroublei am pleased that medical
i think that s thetroublei i drive up every
so consistent while i havetroublekeeping the same style for
eh literacy hour with notroublem865: yeah uh huh f951:
after which we took thetroubleto check there is no
wark an no wantin onytroubleunlike some o the ither
on the borders looking fortroubleand fanning the flames before
peg peggy a lot oftroublefor one day a year
for sexual transgression half thetroublein the parish starts off
issue and for taking thetroubleto produce a helpful paper
gang ye ben a lltroubleye for the road in
his report goes to sometroubleto talk to tenants to
inappropriate and would lead totroubleandrew wilson at this late
of a boat being introublesilc would play a part
would continue to take thetroubleto plan media campaigns beyond
princess victoria was in gravetroubleon the other hand another
people from other units thetroublewas that it was a
be here it s lesstroubletae think jean weir mad
the classes because of moneytroubleit may be on in
members will be in electoraltroublethat sector of the population
abstractions f718: right m017: thetroubleis that that contemporary chinese
mm m642: and eh thetroubleis there are tens of
is andy aye steirin uptroublebut can you credit it
that the vessel is introublebut not in immediate danger
at the root of thetroublein tayside which is the
families have been put throughtroublein thinking that elderly people
better a een noo thetroubleis there s hardly ony
have taken the time andtroubleto help share cultures and
the scottish socialist party thetroublestarted at an organised smoke
due to the non stoptroubleand non compliance with health
wednesday dad ill with stomachtroublerehearsal poor 13 thursday doc

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