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aye aye f1053: to playtruantf1001: mmhm m1000: well skive
skive off school ye playtruanthas it aye m1016: i
pretty unanimous on that playtruantm1012: skive skive aye uh
o any others except playtruantskip school skive m1014: but
play truant m1008: to playtruant[inhale] erm dogging school i
this next one to playtruantm1008: to play truant [inhale]
mmhm f1054: right to playtruantf1023: [laugh] f1027: bunkin skippin
f1054: what aboot to playtruantf1041: skulk the school f1043:
was too good to playtruant[laugh] f1054: dog f1005: dog
tired pleased annoyed throw playtruantsleep play a game hit
excellent what about to playtruantthat s something that naebody
mm mmhm f1054: to playtruantthat s the last one
one wi- for to playtruantwas doggin but that s
i f1054: er to playtruantwe ve kind of touched
at all ehm to playtruantwell ann never did that
so it s nae justtruantf1053: what about to sleep
run away would be playingtruantm1008: mmhm m1007: and i
really heard of people playingtruantmuch in f1026: [cough] f1023:
stayed there all day playingtruantonce a number of children
number of school children playingtruantor excluded from school and
to dae well we- playingtruantskivin or dodgin f1054: good
i i definitely never playedtruantno i i would say
no one ever played thetruantwith more deliberate care and
ve skipped school or playedtruantyesterday but i wouldnae expect
huh m1000: nae only playintruantm999: aye aye that s
ye hardly ever heard oftruantf1026: people would say yeah
good i mean i f1026: truants a modern i know
[inaudible] f1054: folk used taetruantcause they had tae i

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