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issued to nhs boards andtrustsare adhered to what monitoring
adhered to in all nhstrustss1w 27509 mary scanlon to
such as not for profittrustsand community trusts the minister
such as not for profittrustsand community trusts the presiding
trusts c nhs primary caretrustsand d the scottish ambulance
health boards b nhs hospitaltrustsc nhs primary care trusts
for profit trusts and communitytruststhe minister for finance and
for profit trusts and communitytruststhe presiding officer has selected
community controlled non profit distributingtrustsproviding one stop services and
scottish executive which a nhstrustsand b health boards fall
statutory agencies health boards healthtrustsand councils are starting to
bodies and health boards andtrustsand if not what rules
of health boards and healthtrustsare open to the press
will the health boards andtrustsbe allowed to spend the
of local health boards andtrustsin taking matters forward is
boards and national health servicetrustsincluding those in argyll and
boards primary care and acutetrustsmake its implementation a priority
priorities for health boards andtrustsof reducing waiting lists and
by health boards and nhstrustss1w 18274 brian fitzpatrick to
scotland consults with health boardstruststhe medical profession and patient
by health boards and nhstruststo address bed blocking in
for local health boards andtruststo take decisions that will
acute hospital and primary caretruststo meet the aspiration for
operatives acute and primary caretrustswhich was published in november
south glasgow university hospitals nhstrustsannual accounts 1999 2000 se
the scottish executive whether nhstrustsare not permitted to sell
action is taken where nhstrustsrefuse to prescribe certain drugs
or discussions held with nhstrustsregarding car parking television or
use as part of nhstrustsstrategies to treat hospital acquired
patient s home urges nhstruststo compensate them fully for
i found that only fourtrustsclaimed to have implemented the
only four national health servicetrustshave fully implemented the findings
to introduce scottish public servicetruststhe presiding officer has selected
appropriate dsfb and local fisherytrustsor angling associations should be
in reorganisation plans abolish hospitaltrustsas separate legal entities removing
of plans designed in mosttruststo address the full implications
or plan to establish developmenttrustss1w 23043 colin campbell to
to establish local community sportstrustss1w 33041δ janis hughes to
2000 the commission instructed healthtrustsacross scotland to examine the
development the national health servicetrustsmembership and procedure scotland regulations
and 12a national health servicetrustsof and paragraph 6 of
guidelines to national health servicetrustsregarding the inclusion in public
the minister confident that thetruststhat represent the area are
to introduce scottish public servicetrustsfollowed by business motion s1m
9 per cent grant makingtrustsprovide 6 per cent trading
77 per cent of thetruststhat responded said that they
either directly or through crofterstrustsand what percentage the land
seek to return to practicetrustsfind it difficult to offer
are being undertaken and sometrustsare taking the matter on
continue those services stand alonetrustsor other organisations have been
in some workplaces although manytrustsare now working towards implementing
action by working with localtruststo ensure that that happens
the revenue raised by fisheriestrustsin crofting areas for salmon
maturity or being in unittrustscan be redeemed at any
being done to assist nhsistruststo balance their costs with
the answer is that shetruststhe sector to administer the
to say that we wanttruststo make more progress we
no wonder that no onetruststhe snp with government in

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