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in her best pan loaftryintae explain tae a visiter
ye know if you retryintae explain thi- that s
soliony weill as ah westryinti explain ti ye ye
there s no point intryinto explain it to me
all workin and he wastryinto explain it to me
you re that you retryintae obviously tryin to get
be secret so they retryinthey re tryin to say
you re tryin tae obviouslytryinto get yourself understood f826:
they re tryin they retryinto say m942: [inaudible] never
lothian sittin apö mi shairtryinta mind foo da pattern
auld bauldy broon sittin theretryintae tak oot a fankle
durty a m sittin thertryintae think trying tae stoap
so he s sittin theretryinto do it himself he
a mile hit felt liktryinno ta spill dis is
in dat days dey weretryinta get as much building
magnus an freya s mamtryinta mak her feel better
it wisna that i wastryinaafa hard tae learn mair
them tae be so bitryinand examinin them furthermair i
awa laich pushin itsel antryinay tae look roon though
seven weel the nurse wistryindesperately tae mak the auld
three skins an a beardtryinnae tae cowk keepin ma
in a couple o meenitstryinno tae hurry i got
aften used tae come heretryintae bag aff wi somyin
kent o a lass ontryintae be posh an translate
an he whizzled an whizzledtryintae catch his braith an
that wid be the diviltryintae chaw him the nesty
fowk wi shovels an barrastryintae clean up the rubbish
yin o the craiturs stertittryintae communicate it wis aw
that s what we retryintae dae in the community
richt that wee boat wistryintae dee a a at
at e fox hid beentryintae dig a hole tae
e mirror an e stirrietryintae dive throwe t it
eez han inside e cootryintae ease e backlins calfie
inglis because if you retryintae f785: mmhm m055: teach
nae unkindly yer brither stryintae feenish his lessons his
birslin thir last few weekstryintae finish a history o
it aw for was shetryintae full the silence yer
grace spent the hale efterneentryintae get a licht tae
it ll be a cunttryintae get a taxi hame
them an stuff an thentryintae get access codes an
called [censored: forename] and i wastryintae get him on side
m815: [cough] m816: dance aroundtryintae get it loosened [laugh]
yer time fin ye retryintae get on wi things
hid won in an wistryintae get oot ir aan
they were on aboot op-tryintae get something done aboot
to you and you weretryintae get teenagers interested in
ye know and we weretryintae get the kitchen sorted
little group an they weretryintae get this f823: it
peggy aye loretta quietly justtryintae get used to the
a sair time o ttryintae haud on tae his
grind ye doon i mtryintae help aye right i
enthusiastic dae ir nae doottryintae help dee git better
deef agnes ah was onlytryintae help sadie when i
aboot e een at wistryintae howk a den in
an ehm i m consciouslytryintae keep it alive but
heidbang eyndless at the gruntryintae leave afore the funeral
wis e principle i wistryintae let e wee lad
met a man wha wastryintae load a wheen o
s not classy it stryintae look classy so therefore
the back o the chyretryintae lowp oot the wey
isn t it it stryintae mak a wee bit
alangside shoutin up at imtryintae mak im unnerstan an
m1014: mm m1016: it stryintae make theirsel look somebody
that s cheap trendy stufftryintae make theirsel look somethin
maybe describing somebody maybe oldertryintae make themselves look trendy
till e grun nae eesetryintae meeve em i niver
best room f1001: i mtryintae mind if they caed
eggs werena frae battery henstryintae myn the english free
sei c a m juisttryintae mynd on the names
whit have i been daeintryintae persuade the baby bra
he gaed his wey hametryintae pit a nem tae
as hazel watched alexander holmestryintae pit on his claes
in e gloamin hid beentryintae quarry oot a hole
o fashion it s liktryintae read a sunday telegraph
wis aff the phone antryintae read her papers tae
ye d a deen damagetryintae reemish e door tee
mair than busy jist nootryintae saa some crap nae
in e stair wall antryintae sattle e question i
to understand fit we retryintae say an okay the
eck wis doon at roseheartytryintae sell some firewid he
fancied gaun roond the doorstryintae sell thaim weel that
this setterday mornin he wistryintae set up a roon
it tae the test bytryintae settle any scores do
some groanin ae wifie wistryintae sing the bonnie lass
dues the hindmaist reason furtryintae sook siller frae his
noo as bairns they stertittryintae speak english at a
daesna feel aw that cantietryintae speak scots in formal
yer fit in t fintryintae spikk pan loaf cathie
an the peats he wistryintae spread were a a
stop and she d betryintae steek hersel ye could
cleukit her intimmers an wistryintae teir them oot it
didnae either he ayeweys kepttryintae tell himsel that he
wey hey geordie are youtryintae tell us that thae
chavin awa m1002: ye retryintae think o an answer
i mean erm i mtryintae think of any situation
awa like daft he wistryintae think up a sleekit
examples o the frustration otryintae translate the buchan tongue
happy tae have ither peopletryinto understand fit we re
sunday oh i wis jisttryinyou oot jist tae see
mair so than maybe themtryinto speak that wey ken
he says so i wastryinto mak room he ll
ringan ringan ah wes juisttryinfor ti help ye yeir
greitin at hir pinglin warktryinfor ti spin frae a
wi e news wis ittryinin vain ti fill up
best weys o fawin asleeptryinti byde wauken broun ogre
hur puppet pat your stilltryinti cause trouble wi us
ye micht hae thocht otryinti fleitch him for ma
pushin thursell up an uptryinti git ooti this trap
bj aye kirsty ih youtryinti hear hur whisperin in
wee bit jilly bj stryinti help yi pat pat
ay she forgies ye fortryinti kill hir that is
ivan romanych it s illtryinti lairn an auld dug
mi dimps yasin the systemtryinti make us feel sorry
this guy he s mibitryinti phone us stew telt
s a trick he stryinti pit some kindae spell
meanin jilly lee s stilltryinti push mi a corner
me hir latest ploy istryinti puzzin hirsell houanever awthing
man wi ken yur ayetryinti see the best in
milk an seemed tio betryinti see wha coud luiik
wes lyke jek she keepittryinti sing sum sang in
did ye never think otryinti souk up til him
ma thrappil whan ah westryinti swallae it it fair
stew man this guy stryinti take over yi saw
on end raxin ma hairnstryinti think whit ah haed
complicated aw this ah mtryinti watch him bit ah
tried it wi me anawtryinti wipe oot his failure
it s ehm a nightmaretryinto get eh but then
sordid love triangle they retryinto get me into f943:
said look she s basicallytryinto get me jealous and
[cough] yeah so he stryinto get me to do
huh aye yeah m842: downtryinto get my point across
aye m822: he s beentryinto get this thing underway
not sayin you were ontryinto get toys and all
m842: spoken about ye retryinto get your point across
you might get some boystryinto slip you their phone
own and we re outsidetryinno to laugh we d
steppin back cause they retryinto act the folk from
s not why they retryinto do ehm m741: yeah
there they re sort oftryinto i don t know
the fact that they retryinto influence you because they
m194: i mean they retryinto make out that they
[inaudible] f-f- when we retryinto tidy up f1102: it
ye re f831: aye m842: tryintoo hard it sounds ridic-
one leg ah m juisttryinma wecht oot on this
mm m605: i m nottryinto achieve the effects that
of the things i mtryinto do is to say
m like yeah we aretryinto figure out if this
are alone i m stilltryinto find somebody who cares
know i m i mtryinto hear it in me
m thinking well i mtryinto keep an eye open
aye m818: i m nottryinto like m819: oh no
m not i m nottryinto m819: aye m818: i
s- [laugh] i m nottryinto say that [laugh] [laugh]
mmhm m605: and i mtryinto say that the kind
na chrissie i m naetryinto tak your place you
but that said i mtryinto think of a single
area right m818: i mtryinto think of somewhere in
was a couple i mtryinto think of when you
means georgie furious he stryinit on it s jist
jist makin things waur chrissietryinto look efter her it
little mystery ye ve beentryinto keep hidden enter dod
it just started out ehmtryinto keep it as simple
mind foo da pattern gudtryinfur da life o me
next luik son i shoutittryina wee bit o psychological
wee neds running about justtryinm816: aye m815: chuck ye
a wee quiet country roadtryinto make a right turn
the périgord ehm erm partlytryinto do the place up
cheek sayin things to flattertryintheir patter them week end
lady stick man was shetryinto be funny f940: aye
this guy i was liketryinto think why nobody had
yon real miserable ministers naetryinto cheer you up wi
wi him ah stood swayintryint focus oh ah wiz
but it was quite horrendoustryinto find like a place
quite hard f631: yeah f689: tryinto do everything f631: i
much time did you wastetryinto m741: yeah yeah definitely
yeah folk are just liketryinto put scotland down i
is yeah f889: i wastryinto remember what that but
up for halloween he wstryinit on m939: oh right
s up an it stryinto wag its tail f829:
my son tess this youtryina trick oan me an
the effects that he stryinto achieve in the bonnie
haw haw haw he stryinto f943: [laugh] m944: and
oh he s gonna betryinto hit on you or
very talkative i ve beentryinwhen i see them outside
an snapped a few photiestryindifferent lens settins anen we
positive discrimination an that antryinnot to discriminate against folk
that was what i wastryinto be be polite an
ve never even thought abouttryinit because i don t
t doin too well eithertryinto cycle along this ulster
like i would imagine someonetryinto run f1026: it is
grimacing at the thought oftryinto take a spoonful of
[laugh] f1049: cause it we-tryinto to- touch [laugh] m1048:
it livable erm and partlytryinto write novels set in
care silence bj she stryina different move watch hur

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