See this word as a collocate cloud

through the bill i amtryingto achieve action from the
i know what you aretryingto achieve and i probably
project what the executive istryingto achieve and the manpower
what the scottish executive istryingto achieve and what it
explicit about what we aretryingto achieve because we also
scrutinising what we do andtryingto achieve best value therefore
the effect that knox istryingto achieve [click] [inhale] so
posture is what we aretryingto achieve hands held loosely
parties are in various waystryingto achieve if we can
that is what we aretryingto achieve in scotland with
approach or what they retryingto achieve is a modernisation
what the local authority istryingto achieve is clear and
it undermines what we aretryingto achieve nationally and locally
with what ben wallace istryingto achieve we feel that
what the executive is sensiblytryingto achieve with amendment 104
aims that christine grahame istryingto achieve with her amendment
the first minister we aretryinghard and have been trying
trying hard and have beentryinghard for weeks to secure
trying to te- you knowtryingto counsel them in business
you spend all your timetryingto f963: yeah f965: trying
trying to f963: yeah f965: tryingto get people to shut
er it was trying totryingto get the children to
aye and two sugars neiltryingto lighten things two trying
trying to lighten things twotryingto put on weight eh
to look at it astryingto simplify and exemplify trying
trying to simplify and exemplifytryingto simplify what it is
a very strong accent andtryingto te- you know trying
was always er it wastryingto trying to get the
you werena m1108: i wastryingget up there f1107: [cough]
po- postman f1107: jess istryingto deid the postman m1108:
re welcome m1108: i mtryingto get this reds but
m1108: yes f1107: am itryingto get yer botticelli m1108:
in the road am itryingto get yer botty m1108:
minutie m1108: hey i mtryingto peuch the white and
m1108: aye f1107: jess istryingto run ower postman pat
ah f1107: unless you retryingto tell me something m1108:
know whether he was justtryingit on he would get
assured that i ll betryingmy hardest to get something
been ploughing on with dunbartryingnot to get too miserable
s iv cooorse sic antryingtae get awa bit e
i i i m probablytryingto get a a range
m rushed off my feettryingto get a batch of
different levels so we retryingto get a coherent progressive
operates the convener we aretryingto get a date for
28 years old and istryingto get a divorce from
we saw her she wastryingto get a single flat
loitering around f958: i keeptryingto get anna to come
far side and they retryingto get as close to
question but what i wastryingto get at is that
nicola sturgeon what i amtryingto get at it is
the point that i amtryingto get at which crops
it dr jackson i amtryingto get at your ideas
keep quiet because we retryingto get because i m
only a perception we aretryingto get behind that perception
boys hanging around the touriststryingto get chewing gum and
april and i ve startedtryingto get down to some
m1174: so really we weretryingto get erm sort of
daughter about that i mtryingto get her married off
got in touch with himtryingto get hold of it
but she s she stryingto get in in a
admirality street because i wastryingto get in my head
f1107: sometimes smudge is ayetryingto get in wir house
to get because i mtryingto get [inaudible] [music from toy] we
actually m944: he s justtryingto get into your pants
name was kind of liketryingto get jimmy to say
out of which we weretryingto get management information we
a boy a wee boytryingto get my tongue round
it tight because i amtryingto get other members in
every cacti is a gladiolitryingto get out crying forget
in phonetics since i wastryingto get pronunciations exactly as
miss you too i mtryingto get something sorted out
some time she had beentryingto get the attention of
half drunk and he wastryingto get the butter and
s arm old tom wastryingto get the camera set
most responses are aimed attryingto get the committee to
commerce and enterprise agencies aretryingto get the message across
was that we should betryingto get the right balance
[laugh] m642: and everybody stryingto get their wee space
last week and i mtryingto get things started on
m762: but but you retryingto get to a deeper
she was psychologically ill andtryingto get to grips with
not quite sure i wastryingto get to the bottom
sense that what i wastryingto get was a way
i explained that i wastryingto get you and he
that and i am nottryingto get you to comment
huh m1048: and they weretryingto get you to smuggle
mm m762: you re reallytryingto get yourself into the
bag wi the stuff bessietryingto rise i ll get
am clear that we aretryingnot to take away people
the first minister i amtryingto be as helpful as
this summer i am nottryingto discourage you from coming
getting at anyone i amtryingto discover exactly what the
that is what i amtryingto do i am not
together mr monteith i amtryingto establish how the reduction
subset of targets i amtryingto find out how much
matters were relevant i amtryingto find the part of
and costs i am franticallytryingto gage to the nearest
from coming honest i amtryingto give you an honest
language skills but i amtryingto improve so i chose
theatre funding interruption i amtryingto make a serious point
crafted analysis that i amtryingto make the executive is
the word sole i amtryingto proceed on a consensual
in the bureaucracies i amtryingto protect everybody on the
job pretty unpleasant i amtryingto protect the public from
contains an advert i amtryingto put it as politely
very erm what am itryingto say very erm f963:
the house martins i amtryingto second guess the mainspring
20 per cent i amtryingto see what kind of
two projects i am nottryingto undermine those projects but
that i am not deliberatelytryingto withhold figures my understanding
would guess so i amtryingto work it out the
are remote i ll keeptryingbut it looks like i
me i mean i keeptryingit s him he he
scots language when they weretryingto keep a secret from
know remembering 1936 11 wednesdaytryingto keep everybody happy cath
to each other s shoulderstryingto keep grampa s back
holidays it s nae usetryingto keep him inby beaumont
sic things i was jisttryingto keep it in the
the hamsters do f1071: [banging]tryingto keep it on uh
executive said that it wastryingto keep the order simple
but one has to keeptryingto make things work there
even the young find ittryingageism again well she d
was not for want oftryingto find a construct if
that energy carolanne i wastryingto find a job sadie
shameful should not he betryingto find evidence to take
re haein an awful bothertryingto find him then aren
inspection programme people go roundtryingto find hmos and leaving
to send readers cross eyedtryingto find meaning in the
was not suggesting that buttryingto find out whether that
against it it is liketryingto find someone who used
of assets and we aretryingto find the right way
became strained you re nottryingmy dear she badgered him
to fifteen first we retryingto declutter the curriculum and
looking for so we retryingto develop erm er talent
starting to when you retryingto discuss something with them
thrust of what we retryingto do obviously as we
f826: and now they retryingto do the opposite and
mmhm f1067: ehm we retryingto encourage those again f606:
year they re very muchtryingto erm hold the line
in action so we retryingto erm to demonstrate er
f947: i mean they retryingto establish an arts centre
to do so we retryingto expand what we offer
that s where we retryingto go to in modern
they re teenagers who retryingto imitate the style of
as well so we retryingto kill two birds with
f807: [exhale] you re alwaystryingto make me read books
different voice so we retryingto outreach to those er
know you re you retryingto persuade someone of something
but above all we retryingto prepare pupils for life
a mode and you retryingto push in f643: mmhm
mmhm m642: when you retryingto put it up on
are in the workplace ortryingto re enter it we
definition system operated and intryingto re interpret the old
finish but what they retryingto resist is the notion
two now we re nottryingto rewrite those we re
rewrite those we re basicallytryingto say can these be
s not like you retryingto say do this and
of feel if you retryingto sell your subject f1037:
doin this year we retryingto s-s- what s what
they re a bit hardtryingto stick onto the actual
therefore i think we retryingto take some of that
english because obviously we retryingto target m608: oh okay
do it all we retryingto too busy doing our
so we re looking attryingto track attainment beginning in
f958: [laugh] you re nottryingvery hard then what about
and sometimes people will betryingthings that are you know
people are running round youtryingto cook things and things
a small number of peopletryingto do bad things that
not because we should betryingto do things differently from
progress now he is alsotryingto improve things through the
is more difficult i mtryingto record realities things that
of an unwritten history oftryingto recover or rediscover things
doing other things as welltryingto renew my tiree roots
aye [?]sort of[/?] f1121: are youtryingf1122: i m going to
use those but i mtryingnot to because [laugh] i
enjoy myself though i mtryingnot to take this year
watch some tv i mtryingto acquire some russian by
green f1123: no i mtryingto clean it the water
[laugh] i m upside downtryingto dae that f1095: eh
coming to moncton i mtryingto decide whether to afford
erm again i m alwaystryingto do something different a
round f1126: [exhale] i mtryingto f1125: it will go
stay awake i m stilltryingto figure out how to
m having a go attryingto germinate them on the
ve got er i mtryingto i ve gone i
no and so i mtryingto lift the bike up
it goes f1126: i mtryingto [panting] f1125: you had
s movies and i mtryingto persuade them to go
m sitting all the timetryingto remember f963: mm f965:
dear mum dad i mtryingto remember what happened last
say so now i mtryingto return to my roots
that s what i mtryingto say erm so i
f1122: the mum i mtryingto say the golf course
i i m nae itryingto see if i can
huh f1155: and i mtryingto see when you come
i m talkin about somebodytryingto teach me how to
would probably say i mtryingto think and she d
yes well uh i mtryingto think of examples i
shape f1121: erm i mtryingto think of other shapes
for today f1103: i mtryingto tidy the hoose f1104:
t feel that i mtryingto work at a career
not in london i mtryingto work out if i
costumes provincial premier richard hatfieldtryingand failing to speak canadian
wearing his football boots andtryingat least to save the
honest group of trade unioniststryingdesperately to save their industry
the debate we are stilltryinggenuinely to debate the issue
her to show he wastryinghe didn t want the
a lunatic some kgb mantryingher out to see if
m078: tremendous sense of actuallytryinghonestly to tell not just
hour and mark here stryingin vain to sleep while
as if you were desperatelytryingnot to intrude while longing
her eye but she wastryingnot to look at me
the desk and she wastryingnot to look at me
eyes on the altar tootryingnot to see the coffin
hairdo his cheeks wind charredtryingnot to snuff the stench
to that sonorous echo andtryingthe effect of changing the
way towards helping because intryingto access capital whether from
which elderly people face whentryingto access community care services
and in their enthusiasm fortryingto adapt the stop 2000
there that we ve beentryingto address i ll say
hector currie the problem withtryingto address management among landlords
about that but we aretryingto address the uncertainty and
we support the sector intryingto adjust to the change
at present the executive istryingto aggregate resources for industrial
south of the border istryingto align the law with
so it s very muchtryingto and it s a
based in that we aretryingto anticipate collectively what staffing
on going review we aretryingto arrange a meeting this
diary because we have beentryingto arrange the ibm meeting
to examine robustly we aretryingto arrive at a much
act the question i wastryingto ask was whether you
in mind that we aretryingto assist the committee it
and it s no pointtryingto assume an accent because
local enterprise agencies that aretryingto attract call centres market
were ducking and diving andtryingto avoid registration and licensing
if yo- if she wastryingto avoid something she would
at lunchtime no one istryingto avoid such votes i
what perspective is the executivetryingto bat for scotland is
problem with that we aretryingto be as minimalist straightforward
after interviewing other people andtryingto be d- really detached
wee bit individual f958: justtryingto be different m959: [laugh]
answer even when people aretryingto be flexible 10 45
to anyone we were simplytryingto be helpful and fair
right honourable i was justtryingto be polite the next
to see that we aretryingto be the open accountable
suggest that fiona hyslop istryingto bounce a proposal through
stare at each other chrissietryingto break her daughter s
but most were good familiestryingto bring up kids under
help she provokes us bytryingto bring us together just
are starting and that aretryingto build up and develop
him good norman bobby aretryingto buy a little house
people hanging round the hotelstryingto buy clothes and foreign
elaine thomson suggests we aretryingto capitalise on the experience
ourselves on the way hometryingto catch a 111 bus
s what i heard himtryingto catch her break her
out of bounds she laytryingto catch time and return
know its best it stryingto cater m608: mm m1174:
s a certain element oftryingto challenge you m741: yeah
spent much time and efforttryingto change the atmosphere of
flat etc the council aretryingto claim that he has
doing at the time wastryingto comfort myself with thoughts
not adverts and are nottryingto communicate messages about brands
forcing jimmy into the showerstryingto compensate the rest of
of that cake we aretryingto compete with the far
is a big tract ehmtryingto completely dissociate the lowland
thorfinn goes to the doortryingto conceal his emotions valgerd
read from officials we aretryingto concentrate those pieces of
local teachers seem to betryingto conserve the vernacular culture
done a reasonable job intryingto consolidate these regulations but
dinna you fash yeirsell irenatryingto control herself ai mercie
erm yeah i ve s-tryingto convince him to come
there is a problem intryingto cope with the amount
she s gone home agnestryingto correct sadie an hur
a spiritual language i wastryingto count up the languages
danger of overwhelming ourselves bytryingto cover everything as a
my geography teacher was justtryingto crack a joke maybe
of a demented medieval shepherdtryingto cram sheep into a
the scotland that we aretryingto create it is also
group of people who aretryingto deal much more generally
in my constituency we aretryingto deal with it many
it des mcnulty we aretryingto deal with members approaches
of the scheme are intryingto deal with the problems
structures which guide markers whentryingto decide between two categories
bench for half an hourtryingto decode the weird cipher
and he th- jess istryingto deid po- postman f1107:
turn this round instead oftryingto detect those offences which
researching this issue and aretryingto determine whether we should
wrestle with the issue intryingto develop an amendment that
its sub group is stilltryingto develop commonly agreed indicators
offender the prison had beentryingto develop community links but
at the start erm buttryingto develop erm er a
basis of our approach intryingto develop the sector i
throughout the world of peopletryingto differentiate between professional lobbyists
resort to an old stratagemtryingto distract herself from her
was what the executive istryingto do and what the
what the right medicine istryingto do bill scott we
it looked like you weretryingto do george had it
westminster about what you aretryingto do how have you
support what the bill istryingto do i fully appreciate
i was to some extenttryingto do in psychoraag er
us in what we aretryingto do in relation to
achieving what the minister istryingto do in the executive
cent clear all we aretryingto do in what is
attached to what we aretryingto do it is important
he says what are youtryingto do kill me do
years and that they aretryingto do more with less
the craitur and i weretryingto do share our views
westminster colleagues the organisation istryingto do something that is
people realise what we aretryingto do stuart duffin for
in scotland we have beentryingto do that for a
support of what she istryingto do the motion states
of complexity are we stilltryingto do too much does
is what we have beentryingto do we have also
the convener we are justtryingto do what we have
s point what we aretryingto do with the complaints
clearly what this committee istryingto do with the evidence
but i suppose they weretryingto droon oot the noise
and people who are justtryingto drop the kids off
now oh andy i whisperedtryingto dry my eyes on
in aberdeen a hungry gulltryingto eat that rubber toy
scots but anyway i wastryingto echo some erm some
commitments as linda fabiani wastryingto encourage us to do
the convention s work ontryingto engage more people in
we agree the principle oftryingto engage with organisations in
spending on every occasion andtryingto ensure that a culture
the action committee that istryingto ensure that binny house
health and safety officers aretryingto ensure that it is
aware of that and aretryingto ensure that that is
system has been blamed fortryingto eradicate scots but in
coaching structure that you aretryingto establish on the target
issue the committee might betryingto establish whether the executive
there might be difficulties intryingto establish who has loaned
in assumptions that we aretryingto examine robustly we are
what the civil servants weretryingto explain earlier the bill
social workers had given uptryingto explain it to her
there was no point intryingto explain that to jakey
there m815: it s liketryingto explain to people you
of celebrants when we aretryingto extend choice that is
i think she s justtryingto f806: but she s
is another strong driver intryingto facilitate the development of
in her hand and istryingto feed the queen with
robin harper people who aretryingto finish their lambs in
f1154: cause he was totallytryingto fire into me [laugh]
everything else that we aretryingto fit in the problem
wo- really bad i wastryingto focus and stuff and
journey along the chocolate rivertryingto follow as closely as
giving it a desperate cuddletryingto force a hole through
which an impatient age istryingto force on us mrs
and he says he stryingto forget it he still
at the bus queue obviouslytryingto freak people out m608:
a christmas present and wastryingto give him a happy
and members will refrain fromtryingto give me instructions ms
and to concentrate today ontryingto give the committee a
provision however if they weretryingto glean information by undertaking
figures was rejected i wastryingto go through today without
draw a distinction we aretryingto govern the relationship between
and so on we aretryingto govern the relationship between
oh i don t knowtryingto grow onything in shetland
pay the food that daytryingto handover their crumpled tenners
difficulties that they encountered whentryingto have an hmo owner
back gardens we are currentlytryingto have two entries on
lot of trouble last nighttryingto help my brother i
vital preventive measures are intryingto help people who are
enthusiastic they are no doubttryingto help the student receive
with curriculum for excellence istryingto highlight that i think
touched on the issue oftryingto identify rogue landlords some
look at thinning out andtryingto identify what s really
the industry the company istryingto identify what they are
that hole with him andtryingto ignore what my nose
know maybe she was justtryingto impress me m816: aye
grace elder the htbs wastryingto impress us and justify
disclosure and one way oftryingto improve the balance was
twentieth century davidson was undoubtedlytryingto incorporate much that was
there is no harm intryingto increase the professionalism of
perhaps though i remember someonetryingto insist that the woollen
think the professor was simplytryingto insult our intelligence i
narrow slit of the windowtryingto judge the hour from
s low and he stryingto jump up high he
etc to blackrod but stilltryingto kid the neighbours in
seemed more like he wastryingto kill the song off
the corner when people aretryingto kill them [inhale] at
and i hope to starttryingto learn a little arabic
effectively than others we aretryingto learn from best practice
when i i originally startedtryingto learn massage a few
birds with one door whiletryingto leave a shop in
which is why we aretryingto legislate to secure a
time in palma networking fundraisingtryingto lift the venture off
therefore we will certainly betryingto link our subject to
constructed it appears to betryingto list every possible sexual
of this we have beentryingto locate and catalogue as
the smell here s metryingto look after ye and
on [censored: forename] s main doortryingto look as if i
tooth missing sturdy western bootstryingto look like crocodile dundee
f643: [laugh] m642: and justtryingto m608: but you carry
a party gordon we weretryingto maggie cuts in realising
other treading on toes whiletryingto maintain a fake fellow
was a sort of s-tryingto maintain a handstand longer
minister is ted heath reallytryingto make a comeback will
interested me and i kepttryingto make a drama of
chat f1155: uh huh f1154: tryingto make a joke out
five or six ways oftryingto make a play out
that we might spend yearstryingto make a system work
excessive powers we are simplytryingto make adequate saving and
both attacked mr gaitskell fortryingto make capital of it
was from a standing stoptryingto make f643: so what
living in lodgings in londontryingto make himself a success
point that the members aretryingto make i was saying
written by somebody else andtryingto make it communicate better
oh you ve already beentryingto make one fitt ain
to support the minister intryingto make progress now he
to do so we justtryingto make sure i ve
languages we ll also betryingto make the case that
private funding who are desperatelytryingto make their money stretch
same approach to syntax withouttryingto modify the system to
fact that the executive istryingto move forward however it
unstable pensioners on a boattryingto navigate the narrow route
the hall beth has stoppedtryingto open the door and
t move but he wastryingto open the door below
anywhere any time he stryingto order you about and
formed then maconochie was vainlytryingto part his clothing from
i tried to imagine anyonetryingto patronise my colleagues kay
phone and one of themtryingto peel satsumas at the
it might stop mrs [censored: surname]tryingto persuade me to marry
he kept appearing in glasgowtryingto persuade us to take
like he- they d beentryingto phone her and she
other day like i wastryingto phone up ehm ticket
seems as if he istryingto point out that such
i ve been working madlytryingto polish off this term
wondered if maybe you weretryingto prepare his old age
to community volunteers who aretryingto preserve the cave drawings
well and i was nottryingto pretend otherwise that the
continues but what people aretryingto produce a computer system
such a situation we weretryingto produce qualifications that were
have its hands full intryingto produce something that will
that the executive which istryingto promote an anti poverty
arabic sounded like a chinesetryingto pronounce english so life
the people whom we aretryingto protect with the ban
of scotland aps was nottryingto provide a revision of
grabbing the plastic potty andtryingto pull it out of
adults further the abuse bytryingto push it and the
old andy then he saystryingto push me past father
hm customs and excise istryingto put a figure on
or their what they weretryingto put across was that
on buying slug pellets andtryingto put them where all
that young nurses face whentryingto qualify ten per cent
of commerce which has beentryingto raise awareness with employers
general policing committee we aretryingto raise the level of
the figures that they aretryingto reach in scotland without
ones that we face intryingto recruit and retain rural
the scottish prison service istryingto recruit fishermen in the
long term we were nottryingto rectify the current situation
next few years that involvestryingto reduce the incidence of
state it again we aretryingto reduce unnecessary burdens and
helpful recommendations which we aretryingto reflect along with the
has taken on the issuetryingto reflect susan deacon s
in months i ve beentryingto relax again after 4
the convener we are nottryingto resolve anything locally we
plenty about the problems oftryingto resolve that dilemma 10
there is no point intryingto restate it the deputy
face in rural areas intryingto retain and recruit nurses
which is the problem oftryingto run a major teaching
nationalist party which has beentryingto run down scotland into
a cold and was justtryingto save his voice classes
what the original author istryingto say f718: yeah m017:
that well what he stryingto say i can finish
he s writing this stufftryingto say [laugh] hey er
ehm explained what she wastryingto say she was awfae
[laugh] i mean he stryingto say to cromwell i
p6 through to s3 andtryingto say what are the
being p6 to s3 andtryingto say what would be
my son please he stryingto scare me pause i
in mind what we aretryingto scrutinise today brian adam
and other eminent scientists intryingto secure funding for the
and ten fornicating girls alltryingto seduce the boys his
he at one point wastryingto sell a part of
wye i suppose he wastryingto sell you some angelica
the fact that he wastryingto shift the entire responsibility
a gun and you weretryingto shoot him the bullets
not reached the stage oftryingto shovel any years back
the rule apply to someonetryingto sketch in the public
uncle murray was still uptryingto snag the microphone after
i was going to risktryingto sort it out myself
kind of exercise from simplytryingto sort of reproduce the
pacing and muttering she istryingto sort out and correct
very good that we aretryingto sort out that confusion
suppose not sir i saidtryingto sound neutral while my
a great but tiring daytryingto speak french was fun
thereafter i roamed the neighbourhoodtryingto spot similarly affected houses
of course i was liketryingto stay away from all
to draw the line attryingto steal your grandson s
slipping between time s bankstryingto steer a course for
carolanne furst gordon we weretryingto stop it happening to
bill has always been abouttryingto strike a balance which
we could be perceived astryingto suck up powers from
turn for an object materialtryingto suggest the four most
lodging these amendments i wastryingto sum up what the
to the projects that aretryingto tackle deprivation and deal
of the initiatives that aretryingto tackle deprivation in scotland
macdiarmid talk [censored: forename] has beentryingto tackle her drains problem
international terrorism that we aretryingto tackle his concerns are
i would maybe look attryingto take a premises somewhere
but each winter sneaks overtryingto take over the town
didn t i wasn ttryingto talk her out of
epic m608: mm m078: poettryingto tell a story of
purse of disapproval she wastryingto tell him something he
and this wee loonie stryingto tell me he kens
loretta still gently are youtryingto tell me something peggy
meaning what is the writertryingto tell us here what
bench m1007: i ve beentryingto tell you that for
aye well actually i wastryingto think about it and
a f963: [inaudible] mmhm f965: tryingto think i can t
f1027: but when i wastryingto think of a s-
so f1026: when i wastryingto think of a word
i was thinki- i wastryingto think of the erm
they do f963: i wastryingto think of what they
about this i was justtryingto think what this would
wee bit longer ehm justtryingto think what you would
looking up she is busytryingto tie beastie s bright
run around well the slumstryingto touch everybody else and
while we are talking abouttryingto track how long it
in the past few daystryingto translate er some of
a bad person she wastryingto trick him there wasn
the right direction maclaurin saidtryingto turn them to the
problem there i think istryingto understand sometimes what your
outrageous event of the accidenttryingto understand why it had
have eh erm reservations abouttryingto undo four hundred years
mmhm f643: because they weretryingto up their appearance in
means for tenants we aretryingto warn tenants in advance
fitted the jack and wastryingto wind it up it
can t i ve beentryingto work out a card
so well she was stilltryingto work out how paddy
give evidence we have beentryingto work out where the
of us black academics aretryingto work rather self consciously
of us black academics aretryingto work rather self consciously
have to spend our timetryingto work the figures out
screams from andy he istryingto wrench himself out of
these feelings i ve beentryingto wrestle into some kind
families swelter in their hutchtryingto wriggle out of their
now and er she wastryingto write and i said
i could see that wastryingto you know translate what
me towards the end whentryingunsuccessfully to imitate the smooth
tried to the point oftryingwhere we could try no
a clown in full regaliatryingwithout success to entice reticent
star well done are youtryinganother one now f1112: no
when individual national courts aretryingcases i have examined the
that you may not betryinghowever the results are so
s more geared towards ermtryingsort of recreate or er
beer goggles do you remembertryingthem on they were amazing
nick instead we spent timetryingon hats in the mockba
who framed roger rabbit beforetryingout a finnish pizzeria but
an important test bed fortryingout new ideas and opportunities
for its caring action intryingout the opening a weekly
seat f1114: yes i wastrying[inaudible] doon the house f1113:
but eh again i wastryingtae be polite and use
sittin ther tryin tae thinktryingtae stoap masel frum gaun
is jist if they weretryingtae think or speaking about
put the oh ehm [exhale]tryingtae think whodyacomepoofle is jist
[laugh] f1027: [laugh] f1054: [inaudible]tryingmaybe cover some other stuff
about her at times verytrying23 despite her active membership
f-f-f- fancy your chances attryinga second but the body
s improving loretta he stryingtae mak up peggy fit
they got a chance alwaystryingfor a fondle or a
walter booth the art oftryingquick on the draw bud
o oor ain lumpen lassiestryingtae flush doon a sanitary

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