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hinnerance tho the aurs otulyiewes aw about houss bene
wes feinist nae wastrie naetulyiean nae fulyie mirren didna
with tuim empty tuithless toothlesstulyiebrawl twa two twal twelve
see but uiseless i thetulyieo weir a ll tak
albion bi the tyme thetulyieraxed glesca the scotch perlament
wesna blate durand aw thetulyiewi the inglish ower the
his fowk for a bittulyiehe s skailt them ance
hou things richt stauns thetulyiewul settil awthing for us
ti ti be bauld intulyiean ti dae gret deeds
ah canna richt tell thetulyieis drawin awa frae the

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