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for the shopping this istunafor [censored: forename] [?]he must have turn it to[/?] fish tuna
tuna for [censored: forename] [?]he must have turn it to[/?] fishtunanow woah woah oh it
s wafer thin catamarans hunttunaround the bay banjo the
night in two catamarans hunttunaround the bay waves topple
the other garnish with parmesantunaand cannellini beans on toast
ingredients half a tin oftunahalf a tin of cannellini
turned out to be tinnedtunaonion and potatoes meanwhile the
bought some biscuits and tinnedtunato eat while the porters
f1089: tuna fish m1090: yeahtunafish it s yuck f1089:
s fish m1090: yeugh f1089: tunafish m1090: yeah tuna fish
olive oil spoon on thetunamix add seasoning to taste
you don t like hottunaseasoning chillis if feeling doubly
heat gently stir in thetunaand the beans both drained
cream cheese 7 oz tintunasalmon drained 4 tbsp double
tins of tomatoes tins oftunapacket of lentils green puy
if using drain beans andtunaand add everything to pan
of mixed beans tin oftunacan be done with bacon
yuck f1089: you nae liketunafish m1090: it s for
slices of camembert or brietunabacon red onion etc fry
usually followed by variations ontunaor chicken occasionally some kind
now i ve discovered thattunas actually better than chicken
i m puttin like freshtunaintae like chinese meals that
anyway f631: yeah f689: thetunaso i ll see how
would so agnes for catchingtunadolphin friendly sadie thumps the

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