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be makit oot tae scotstungaefauldlie scots tung r fairnie
fairnie who runs the scotstungnewsletter erm is going on
tung r fairnie secretar scotstungquaich competition 2001 winners secondary
information wi couthie thochts scotstungr fairnie secretar scots tung
21 wrutten whyle fou sutungp o 1036 1101 22
do 30 shilpit wyne sutungp o 1036 1101 31
40 myndin ma frein sutungp o 1036 1101 41
41 til a traivlar sutungp o 1036 1101 42
10th century 47 hogmanay sutungp o 1036 1101 48
birth o his son sutungp o 1036 1101 49
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 epigram
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 hogmanay
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 myndin
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 on
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 shilpit
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 the
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 the
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 til
from the chinese of sutungp o 1036 1101 wrutten
2 00 plenishin 10 scotstungcairds bairns o scotland 20p
3 00 plenishin 10 scotstungcairds thochts o yule 20p
5 00 plenishin 10 scotstungcairds tree wi glesses 30p
invoice tae plenishin 30 scotstungyule cairds leukin tae the
invoice tae plenishin 40 scotstungyule cairds leukin tae the
24 00 plenishin 40 scotstungyule cairds snaw ower the
18 00 plenishin 10 scotstungyule cairds snaw ower the
20 00 plenishin 10 scotstungyule cairds the mound 50p
5 00 plenishin 10 scotstungyule cairds thochts o yule
writin competeetion for the scotstungquaich a v inclosit inower
writin competeetion for the scotstungquaich a v inclosit inower
2001 guid mistress [censored: surname] scotstungquaich competeetion 2002 scots tung
reportit on the 2001 scotstungquaich competeetion alang wi a
the results o the scotstungquaich competeetion the secondary gree
wittins an the yearlie scotstungquaich scots writin competeetion hauden
writin competeetion for the scotstungquaich the wis a wheen
tung quaich competeetion 2002 scotstungwad like tae invite aw
2001 dear head teacher scotstungquaich competition 2002 i write
entries for the 2002 scotstungquaich entries tae be in
will be gien a scotstungquaich tae haud for the
a copy o the scotstungwittins an the scottish national
subsidise oor monthly newsletter scotstungwittins an the yearlie scots
com the monthlie blat scotstungwittins can nou be gotten
a copy o the scotstungwittins eikit in wi this
language christmas cairds the scotstungwittins is wir monthly news
inclosit copies o the scotstungwittins that reportit on the
o wir news letter scotstungwittins that shaws a walin
be published in the scotstungwittins which is posted in
in mainner dress an couthietungthir kintrie fowk haud til
tyme state langage ma muthertungi raiglar kirk worship athourt
raelie necessitat at oor muthertungmaun bei sacrifeesed on the
kam tae speakin thair muthertungnae maitter whae thay wur
scots leid bi ane alientunga canna mynd the nem
ye haed better haud yeirtungorm listen thorfinn hae ye
backs anaw thorfinn haud yeirtungorm orm ye can buller
tak care o yeir aintungorm valgerd brings drinking horns
his ain hamlet border lallanstungaither howpasley ferm geographically this
wyfe soudna hae a clekkintungaither juist you dae as
wurd o t aither thattungaye soonds ti me lyke
be makit oot tae scotstungan sent tae the abuin
the peremptory hubristic anti scotstungdeceesions o the scottis establishment
winner an this time scotstunghaes decidit the mooth watterin
oct 2001 guid sir scotstungis a cultural group that
o the ongauns o scotstungis tae expose scots speakers
document in oor nain scotstungkis efter in aa isna
the scots an the celtictungo the picts wis melled
school to participate in scotstungs second scots language writing
i pdf format frae scotstungs wabsteid at http uk
spell i ma ain hamelttungscots housomever jalousie ma relief
runners up selected by scotstungwill be published in the
skour mirren cuidna haud hirtunga suppone he s seik
ye ah can haud matungah can dae better ah
ah ken juist haud yeirtungan git on wi it
hear ye haud yeir bletherintungfor onie sake queen doun
airn spyke jags inti yeirtungfor ti haud it doun
oot nou or haud histungforaye morag but the r
smeddum for ti haud histungunner tormentin wi yeir airns
in a steir john stungbegoud ti wag the r
at aw agin beenie stungbut the r times an
least ye hae a ceiviltungin yeir heid the r
me ti daith teir thetungoot ma mou ye r
ah d better watch matungricht aneuch whan you r
the onkil hed let hiztunghe fleggit hiz dwam an
he hed a guid scotchtungin hiz heid bot lik
expek says the loun hiztunglowsent bi the exercitioun we
an in a gliff hiztungstak ti the ern maistlie
ower whummilt him an hiztungwes lowsed whan thai wun
hae onie deiffekwaltie wi hiztungwhan he wes luikin at
ti hae sic a bittertungthorfinn you tak care o
no wantit you keep yeirtungatwein yeir teeth or ah
silent hae ye lost yeirtunggunlöd bursts into tears ye
ye ir aye pittin yeirtungin whaur it s no
ye hae a richt illtungin yeir heid nanse to
you you keep a ceiviltungin yeir heid ye l
ain houss you watch yeirtungknicht ah d better watch
sae sair as haein yeirtungverra near cut oot c
hir mou an hael hirtungsae that she coud speak
bearix s mittilt bodie hirtungshe coud dae naething wi
tryit ti cut oot hirtungshe coud haurlie speir for
sae thai aw stuid rountungtakkit an pleyed wi thair
an kentna at slaw otungwesna slaw o wut thai
verra near cut oot hirtungawthegither she s been spittin
lyke richt aneuch wi hirtungeilidh she s a richt
lickit wi hir wee pinktungfirst the auldest lassie an
the wifie hed ae readietungi hir heid an aince
hou ye ken aboot hirtungknicht ah im that an
me an hir wi naetungmalcolm for the luiv o
licks o hir wee pinktungsyne she gaed awa til
moula s mittilt bodie hirtungtaen langir ti sort but
aince he cut oot hirtungturnt awa an left hir
an ey hed ae readietungi his heid yae tyme
grun an cut out histungat the ruit wi his
wad juist watch that illtungo yours je vous prie
speak ti thaim i thartungdae at n an thay
wi yow i yer aintunggin thay ken eet doon
hailie scripter albeid in aetungfremit til oor ain haimelt
promoval o oor auld hamlettunggin it s yer ettle
oor auncient tradeetional border lallanstungtae buit ense the hail
fock swutchin frae the taetungtil the tither is circumstances
weil ay chynge ae fockstungan ee chynge thair thinkin
queer whan baith birl rountungan mooth ootside the waas
temper eilidh she haes atungthat wad clip clouts moula
bi the fouth o scottstungwab steids at keep bein
sum sang in the sassenachtungmalcolm ay she wes born
as uiswal throu the mediattungo z onkil at wes
cawed a tryst ti settungti the quaistioun this wes
fortuin sae he held histungan said naething ti this
sypit frae a hinnied jupartoustungan adam the stodgin crafter
tirrin the skin frae ztungthe puir lad cuidna eith
at the same time histunghid lairnt hou tae gie
funetik repreezentaishn u d shitlntungd wy dt hits spoakn
georgia brocht back gien thistungsplint fer the spine bein

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