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figs hazelnuts and pistachios fromturkeyemergency control scotland no 2
figs hazelnuts and pistachios fromturkeyemergency control scotland no 2
figs hazelnuts and pistachios fromturkeyemergency control scotland no 2
figs hazelnuts and pistachios fromturkeyemergency control scotland regulations 2002
but we always had traditionalturkeybrussels sprouts roasted potatoes f640:
the main course the theturkeywas pan roasted turkey with
the turkey was pan roastedturkeywith erm puréed something sautéed
lasagne 2 lb cooked choppedturkey1 red pepper in fine
ll hae on christmas dayturkeyand brussels sprouts and little
in strips stir in serveturkeylasagne 2 lb cooked chopped
that s a turkey m1096: turkeyf1095: that s what we
that f1095: that s aturkeym1096: turkey f1095: that s
thinly sliced lb cookedturkeyin strips 4 stalks celery
10 12 mins game orturkeypie 1lb cooked game 1
bells jingle bells festive smellsturkeys on the way auntie
yeah has erm [censored: forename] hadturkeyfor her breakfast f1103: no
we dinna we dinna eatturkeyfor our breakfast f1104: no
that was lovely to haveturkeyfor your breakfast f1104: yeah
football and eating a gorgeousturkeydinner and today mr mrs
foods put on a bigturkeydinner at the residences tonight
everybody went home for aturkeydinner there were about 10
brknhd we go dinner goodturkeyetc cath has a quiet
mass at 10 lovely dinnerturkeyplenty to eat drink i
f1154: [laugh] we usually haveturkeyand beef on christmas f1155:
that though f1155: pick theturkey[laugh] i picked beef f1154:
well traditional we had f641: turkeyf639: ehm oh we just
eastern europe plus cyprus andturkeythat means considerable diversity the
f1103: did you eat someturkeyyesterday f1104: yes i did
mmhm f965: we always hadturkeyat christmas but i know
worked we didn t haveturkeyf641: mmhm f640: we well
t know we always hadturkeyer and we only had
know we always had aturkeyf963: mmhm f965: we always
f1104: and i like tu-turkeyi need always f1103: did
wasn t even like normalturkeyit was like chestnuts and
ago i went total coldturkeyhaven t even bought a
a snack maybe a coldturkeysandwich later at night no
tablespoons brandy parsley butter insideturkeypotage d eté 1 stock
mmhm mmhm f965: and thenturkeybecame almost universal i suppose
f963: yeah f965: and nowturkeys kind of you know
union all nato members exceptturkeyand four of the five
i didn t know whatturkeywas at that time [laugh]
in eggs cream chives seasonturkeyhash 4 tbsp oil 2
olga we r haein roastturkeyfor the supper the nicht
i like erm i liketurkeyand chips and gravy and
text we us our theturkeyit its the hens they
from azerbaijan through georgia andturkeywhich is due to be
was a bunch of stiffturkeyor hen s feathers used
table he tripped on theturkeyrug and stumbled into the
melon the adoration of theturkeythe feast of the featherless
[?]cuideigin[/?] f980: mharbh iad anturkeytruagh mu dheireadh an fheadhainn

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