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i notice m1098: i hateturninghate turning th- my brakes
m1098: i hate turning hateturningth- my brakes f1097: oh
squeaking of brakes and headturningwhit she walked forward hands
does it fit no keepturningit keep turning keep turning
turning it keep turning keepturningit roond keep turning roond
no keep turning it keepturningkeep turning it roond keep
keep turning it roond keepturningroond m1096: no f1095: like
re turning them round m1096: turningthem round f1095: aye but
ll see when we returningthem round m1096: turning them
a minute need to startturningthem roond m1096: turn them
[child noise] [?]it was just[/?] [child noise] [inaudible] [child noise]turninginto a transformer [child noise] you
weight of its ancient watersturninground in its fishy bed
do have great difficulty inturninground or even closing the
think i see him yetturninground to me and telling
with disabilities if we areturningscotland s economy round from
together f1125: are you naeturningthem round this way f1126:
this way f1126: no naeturningthem round this way [tut]
west had taken the wrongturningand over developed the rational
where we took the wrongturningbut without throwing out the
at the clinic that wrongturningled eventually to industrialisation and
away and sure enough afterturningan interesting shade of yellow
kind o peaky lookin teenieturningaway ah m a richt
english bastard he muttered beforeturningaway and raising his voice
gesture naff off i saidturningaway from him okay okay
betrayal of scottish values byturningaway from scots towards english
nou he examines his forearmturningaway oniewey ye canna byde
she pushed his arm awayturningto gaze out of the
to reduce youth offending byturningyoung people away from repeat
and the ball point isturningout to be a good
the life force at thisturningpoint as he goes on
the spencely report was theturningpoint for the management and
cuitadella de mallorca was theturningpoint for trade north and
untenable the accident was aturningpoint i began wondering how
open sesame which marked theturningpoint in my life my
is part of a historicturningpoint in the development of
was known as the theturningpoint the lion still dominates
are f1126: yes i mturningit the way i want
walk much further and fasterturninga gird than without one
never changed jimmy knew withoutturningto look that aunt pol
short two way street withturningfacilities by the park gates
one neither f1125: are youturningthem up the right way
is leading the way inturningthis good start into more
one and if you returningthis way to the stairs
right now if you returningto the toilet what way
bird i never saw beforeturninga nimble loop to enter
square for a while beforeturningin sunday 21st june 1999
to cool 10 mins beforeturningout bean shoot and mushroom
get boobs before the girlsturningthe childhood terror of last
music at the conservatoire beforeturningto literature as she had
northwards for some distance beforeturningwest partly to leave ample
and all his colleagues forturningbritish politics into a mirror
and he and he wasturninginto a spider himself m804:
size of full moons forksturninginto per ilous stainless steel
winter and now they areturninginto pinkish white small flowers
for peggy and days pastturninginto queen street the statue
bus travel for older peopleturningit into a nationwide scheme
taking a spoken medium andturningit into writing writing it
repetitively for 20 mins apparentlyturningour trek into oral narrative
i forgive a man forturningthe labour party into the
started pinchin their ideas andturningthem into novels f606: [audience laugh]
roof then the world stoppedturningeverything went black when we
key role to play inturningthe world class research and
can recall is my horrorturningto acceptance the world froze
pennies f1121: right are youturningall these pieces over [censored: forename]
and add to the panturningconstantly until browned all over
becoming critical and the shipturningover can a ship which
see an ox pulled ploughturningover the fields after a
look m1092: [child noises] f1091: forturningover the sausages you clickin
you re m608: mmhm m1163: turningthe money over to justify
mean from off the lockturningbeth oh god frantic he
of three massachusetts winters surreptitiouslyturningoff radiators and opening windows
at arm s length andturningoff the shower less than
i think they re justturningtheir light off now an
for their tremendous efforts inturningaround a serious deficit two
is being increased we areturningthe situation around and reducing
exit georgie oh jim jimturningback smugly expecting praise or
others slow there is noturningback there s no reprieve
unthinking breath there is noturningback there s no reprieve
a sprinking of english formsturningback to the reulis and
bare hen abeen the flameturningroon an roon furlin back
is sliding the bolts backturningthe handle agnes firmly leave
her head back to theturningwaves and with a brass
year s age concern reportturningyour back on us which
potatoes and meat fry gentlyturningand stirring frequently for 10
chopped peppers and onions fryturningonce approx 10 minutes part
quadrant 2 ensure there isturningarea at the end of
was standing at the endturningf963: mmhm right m964: mm
beam end and close toturningturtle ferguson had to give
its arcs of development itsturningpoints its rhythms of greater
still be seen swooping andturningsilently through the air anna
my own reports scouts stillturningup on wednesday march 1
or does not even botherturningup to make its voice
now distant kitchen floor detachedlyturninghe looked at the fan
me now at the farturningof a straight stretch of
mallorca the outstanding island dailyturningto the weather report i
up conscious that heads wereturningand that people were furtively
he zipped up his trousersturningas he did so feeling
when he saw the glenlomachturninglooming up only a few
rite the sweeping up theturningout qs 37 an acknowledgement
discover there s no gletkinturningup the brightness it s
athoot swallyin the mike anturningup the decibels tae deafen
same time we see linguiststurningtowards other disciplines most notably
he could see the skinturningyellowish as the blood was
parking ban the difficulties ofturningright or left at the
would make of modern timesturningfrom the statue he stopped
and particularly fond of theturninglathe but he wadna haud
love your accent he saidturningto bethia you girls irish
nae need said john thenturningto his friend whit do
his drunk man in aturningof the literary and sexual
the bairn ronnie his horrorturningto disgust with her i
which require a slightly largerturningcircle many examples have been
many of the companies areturningto e commerce to survive
board on top and thenturningthat was less skeely bit
of scots as well andturningthen to eh grammar erm
is the country that keepsturningdown european money because it
tell you why we areturningdown your further application i
another 1 oz butter grillturningas nec until slices are
i know this from theturningheads of old men gathered
oan us lori leaves urturningah kin hear the colour
this is witty clever poetryturningthe historical tables as we
banging on the front doorturningthe handle frantically agnes she
written instructions to the letterturningthe tap she heard the
if the kiosk s workingturningto go she realises that
accelerating not braking and notturningi watched the cctv monitor
tree s bridal blossom andturningit to a parody of
the adventure of tossing andturningon the ceaselessly changing sea
putting it behind her andturningon the charm actually ma
not match the arcs andturningpoints the peaks and valleys
there is also an interestingturningof the class tables in
lift in the taxi youturninggreen bi the minute looks
speak to the palin poststurningilky een intill a different
do what they call theturningmovement so you know they
throne who in the whimsicalturningof the wheels of history
to enjoy hersel ava dodturningon the charm boisterously michty
a cricket clacks like aturningprayer wheel the day falls
speed like any mountain hareturningthe busy treadmill of each
time to get the wheelsturningwe have been pursuing actively
canyon of tall buildings finallyturningleft they found themselves in
pettin a stray dug syneturningit aff tae fenn fur

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