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its round shape neep clickturniphook neeperin neighbouring neep hasher
lantrens skellie ee d halloweenturniplanterns cross eyed peat reik
chin as lang as onyturnipshaw she d a squeezt
hook neeperin neighbouring neep hasherturnipslicer neep shaaver turnip sowing
hasher turnip slicer neep shaaverturnipsowing machine neep shed turnip
taking tops off turnips seeturniptattie chapper potato masher tattie
miserly neen none neep aturnipwatch from its round shape
tumshie m1017: a turnip m1014: turnip[inaudible] m1015: ye see that
s a tumshie m1017: aturnipm1014: turnip [inaudible] m1015: ye
turnip sowing machine neep shedturnipshed neesht neist next nott
and parkneuk to eat aturnipto skite their hunger a
crash of the chop theturnipthe broccoli onion and leek
is when neep is aturnipcaal is cold haun is
we say tattie you sayturnipwe say neep you say

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