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jag jag again an pompitieturnthimsell roun an stertit for
she did sae syne sheturntroun for ti see gin
is gruppt like a viceturntroun heidfurst an gulped doun
his elbuk an whan heturntroun here it wes the
on his ain an heturntroun in dismay haw puggie
ower the heid as heturntroun tae tak haud o
intil his heid sae heturntan made for the shore
ill spells haed thir noturnthim intil a bul an
the neist day the princeturnthimsell back intil the maik
nanse ma haill lyfe haesturntintil a dreich dream nanse
as if ma hert haedturntintil a mukkil dad o
loun haed growne up anturntintil a mukkil stout butler
podil at aw afore aturntintil a puddok ye l
the loch wis damed anturntintil ae waitter reservoir wheech
whitslade ferm hoose hed beenturntintil whit ee cuid ca
no feart she micht haeturntye intil a puddok or
ye l be vext yeturntme doun nanse contemptuously huh
matty an her ma minnieturntfeart fur her mither sally
wis that feart he dturnthis horse hameawa at the
me grue ma skin haesturntaw hen flesh she rubs
at the wey things haesturntoot dae ye think ah
some bluidy cuddy this haesturntoot tae be nixt time
dream but it haes awturntoot ti be sae monie
it yit the ice haesturntthe shop ruifs inti whyte
she made nae aunser butturntan gaed back inti the
maik thair gentie airms warturntinti hochlin flippers an thair
it s lyke ah haedturntinti sumbodie different awthegither sum
etten hir taiblet she haedturntamaist bonnie pepper mebbe she
whit wey hir mou haedturntsae ugsum she tryit ti
lyke the haill warld westurntti stour for me blawin
mukkil o it syne thayturntasyde ti finnd anither steid
thay kent that whitever sheturnthir haud til it wad
in the staibil his naigturntsteive still lyke thay war
still lyke thay war awturntti stane the hogney s
ye r that ill naiturtturntmasha masha weill an ah
a son james but darnleyturntoot tae be ill natered
coorseness baith o them warturntooto eden like ill daein
the yungir o the twaeturntfauch an shilpit lyke lost
callant galluss lyke an heturntti clap his dug his
mair cd jock we baithturntawa an walkit back till
efter a while the crackturnttae when they hid baith
thair staws breinged oot anturntcamsteirie in thair naitur naither
lang afore the first sailorsturntthe bous o thair ships
he cut oot hir tungturntawa an left hir lyin
that guid at awthing sheturnthir haund til she rase
chynge his mynd sae sheturnthir steps for hame again
ti ken about hir itturntout that caermoulis leeved in
the bus frae hawick heiturntroond an sayed til hir
an wi gowpin til itturntan skelpit aff doun the
dover aff wi ma gizzturnttil the south from the
pypes asyde him his faceturnttil the waw an he
sae lang afore a haeturntfair weirdless sae he hunkert
vershinin for aw ah mturntfortie twa is it lang
grun nae lang afore aathingturntgreen an e corn an
feet he d lang buitsturntowre at the taps an
stagnatet an at lang lastturnttae peat gweed burnin stuff
b dunkie jaiket bunnet anturntdoun wellies cairryin auld fishin
suin doun an butterflie pairsturntyallae wi august birl ower
whaur hei lay doon anturnthis heid towartis the wa
she here an aw aturntma heid tae see an
the three young fellas haufturnttheir backs an the heid
shut bi then sae heturntaff the kingsway intae the
aw be meltit doon anturntintae guns an tanks an
that the pechin auld spanielsturntlike magic intae a pride
less fykie aifter ye dturntaff e paraffin valve ye
heidit them aff till theyturntan ran back ower the
at the pairtin afore theyturntaa thrie back up the
m shuir ah wad haeturntoot a hure there is
a caal day bit itturntoot aafa fine an fin
ye wul see an awthingturntoot as the littil kittlin
that workit alangside o tamturntoot tae be affa fond
him tae try yin itturntoot tae be juist the
this skame but here itturntoot that alasdair haird his
door lest nicht tho itturntoot ti be juist a
trystin place that nicht thatturntoot ti be the grundhouss
bank smertly gaffed it anturnttae come oot o the
cupboards agnes naw naw yeturntthem oot last week ah
sae he lowpit up anturntin ahint a bit tree
it aye wis as eturntawa tae haad back till
canny as ye like iturnttill e side tae haal
stane it s tossit anturnttill she s got it
athort the wattir syne sheturntround ti tak ae lest
tak yeir meinits ye veturntfair whyte aboot the gills
faw asleep an his feetturntas lourd as leid michtie
month thegither but the watherturntfair mild ane day it
in the nicht wad haeturntme cauld aneuch an graens
dae dowie an wae heturntback hame ti tell his
he s at an heturnthis face ti shi jin
gledlie said the trekkar finnturnthissell ti the third o
hair is aw ti snawturntjoy hertskaud luiv an pairtin
hous gat fell dour anturntme ti the door nae
o black stuff ae layerturntan man i harly like
wi delyte but as heturntawa he gat sicht o
visions o ma bed beinturntintill a shithoose pail canny
quickint ma deed speerit anturntma life around an a
it doon on the bunkerturntit ower tae see the
it twitchin ahint the doonturntlips but it was there
aboot a nivfae braid wisturntback on itsel an e
that he glowert at puggieturnthis back on us an
tae phone the polis anturnta blin lug tae the
paiddles wi holes in emturntbe an iron crank weel
an whae are youse eckturnton us ah ve niver
a quine broken herted heturnttae the waa an deet
the backin he stoppt anturntthe line did slacken then
his haun in mines andturntit roon so his palm
arguin wi her so ahturntroon and walked towards the
road en but he hasnaeturntup i hope nae poachers
faar fresh grun wis beinturntbe horse or tractor ye
oan the sunday jimmie deansturntup at hauf five in
wait a yung fermer chielturntup that pleised the mither

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