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for m1090: yeah hey ninjaturtlesf1089: yeah ninja turtles you
ninja turtles f1089: yeah ninjaturtlesyou dinna like them div
pool the slat bridge walkwayturtlesrise in the lake like
taeds aneth each tree anturtleshotchin ben the bree a
m1092: snails f1091: you saidturtlesthey re nae turtles they
said turtles they re naeturtlesthey re snails fitt s
china man s kite ancientturtlesof cliffs rear wizened necks
no they re sna- m1092: turtlesf1091: snails m1092: snails f1091:
tigers can ye mind m1092: turtlesf1091: can ye mind fitt
mind fitt they are m1092: turtlesf1091: they re little aye

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