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the front gairden the wartwalheich sunflouers aw in a
the front gairden the wartwalheich sunflouers aw in a
hidmost simmer here at fedalandtwalton a olicks fur a
this wir our hidmost finaltwaltwelve olicks young ling spleet
seeven echt nine ten eleeventwalf718: uh huh m017: and
seeven eight nine ten eleeventwaltwenty m1013: twent- aye aye
chauncie aneuch ti claucht thirtwalcraws an ma brither is
alasdair haed killed or thattwalcraws haed dee d frae
wunners as suin as thetwalcraws haed etten a pikkil
whit soud thay see buttwalhoudie craws aw eydent pykin
an twa killed twal antwalkilled fower an twantie an
toothless tulyie brawl twa twotwaltwelve twantie twenty tylar tailor
an cormac haundit owre thetwalcrae pies ti the fower
in nae tyme ava thetwalpies war reddie in a
sae guid as ti maktwalwee pies for us an
killed twa an twa killedtwalan twal killed fower an
n tongues twae a twotwala twelve twyne v part
strikes twelve the clock strucktwalthan anaw a pause ah
a whistle saat is salttwalmonth is a year bool
wes burnt doun in echteentwalthe verra same wey mercie
s tyme doctor hauf pasttwalareddies shakes hands with andrey
ti gang at hauf pasttwalin the wuids ower yonder
onything fae ten men taetwalmen tae mak a squad
mair nor ten times atwalmonth an syne it s
on thaim lest nicht aboottwalo clock here did ah
but it wis juist gonetwalo clock the nicht wis
in a verra bonie bittwallaich dwallins wi wikker waws
yung wumman that waukens attwalan drinks hir coffee in
wid be spent lang aforetwali dinna think yon twa
it wis spent lang aforetwalif muggie spend hid a
it went at half pasttwalan then it went again
it came tae half pasttwaljonsar hid tae gang tae
the muin gaes doun attwalfleance a think its later
then a went she istwalyairds doun the brae fer
pit on thorfinn tell thetwalstrangest men ti tak oot
it rained at nicht faetwaltae two an life it
age o three score antwalmime samuel smiles walks on
mere child perhaps eleiven ortwalyears o age and was
appearance syne the l betwalor in the end maist
mellin wi hir pleyin ittwalear auld a muved tae
wis auld eneuch noo attwalyear auld tae help wi
wis dry an secret cuttittwalfit inno the hill the
gruppin the rod a guidtwalfuit ane worth aboot saxty
advisors tae set up atwalman transportation comatee taen frae
and frae john fifteen andtwalthis is my mandment that
spruits o the clogs westwalfit i heicht an wi
if there wis a bigtwalpun saumon lyin in that
estate it wis close ontwalwhan we heard the scliff
wadna bode her hame tilltwalher ma wirkit at her
hingin on the waw chappittwalbedein the dure o the

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