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hello aye f1102: farr [?]you my[/?]twinklingcan you see my twinkling
breen on accordion wi thetwinklingfingers an twinkling een jimmy
see silver here silver glintintwinklinglike heaven s dazzlin stars
twinkling can you see mytwinklingcan you see my twinkling
wi the twinkling fingers antwinklingeen jimmy mcgarr fa can
twinkling can you see mytwinklingf1101: aye f1102: farr mum
on the boardwalk overlooking thetwinklingst lawrence dancing the gay
skiffs v brushes skinklin vtwinklingsklef a level sklim v
in the glow from thetwinklinglights framed susan like a
anyone who can see thetwinklingearn like a blade in
to take place in thetwinklingof an eye and when

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