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tung i his heid yaetymea mynd on wis whan
yiddie hudson whae it yaetymea read wis the pairish
scott o mulsintoun it yaetymeana an bade i yin
til than an it yaetymehei traivelt ae stallion ca
hir wrvs uniform it yaetymemrs elliot wrocht i the
addie heatlie whae it yaetymeran his ain motor bus
yaise o oor auld yaetymestate langage ma muther tung
promoval o baith oor yaetymestate leid and oor auncient
his ain idiosyncrasies an yaetymewhan dain ae hey tyme
o the wolf it yaetymewis haein ae collogue wi
see things strecht at thetymeah haena been able ti
ye haena putten aff onietymemoula ah think yeir man
she soudna dee d thistymethe day a haena skowth
ogre na na ah haenatymethe day tea wyfe ah
felt lyke it ah haenatymeti eat it eilidh ah
yeirsell but here a haenatymeti kill bletherin wi you
gemm nae langir a haenatymeti lat in ilka trade
never heed ah haena thetymeti pit in listenin ti
wi you shona we haenatymeti speak the nou malcolm
reason at aw ah haenatymeti waste on you says
this wul be the lesttymeah l ever cum an
shamak o thaimsells bi thetymeat the faimilie hed cum
cum a thousan year stymefowk wul aye be girnin
gunlöd awricht than nou yeirtymehae cum tak yeir revenge
syde the grave but matymehaedna cum whan the fowert
can tell ye but thetymehaes cum the r a
s paction for bi thistymehe haed cum ti loue
wi nae hether cou thistymehelp wes ti cum for
end ti cum an thetymeo the wuthert flouers an
thaim cum anither year thistymethae wes hir verra wirds
to herself whitna waste otymethis haes been ti cum
cum ti pass that intymeti cum the lyfe we
hailit greter nor baith intymeti cum yeir skreives haes
is duin an it stymeti praise it cum blinndin
aside an cum what maytymewinna byde but rins aye
hae anither bit the neisttymeye cum ti see me
not listening ai a langtymefor a ful lyfe ah
his shouthers for the firsttymein his lyfe an an
this wattir for the firsttymein his lyfe he coud
an birks for the firsttymein ma lyfe it s
toozenbach ye say that intymelyfe wul be lousum an
past lyfe gaen til thetymewhan ah wes yung an
tae bei chynged fur aatymea doot mebbies hauf ae
haugh wis aince upo aetymeae drovin halt fur drovers
thar wur yince upo aetymeae whuskie stell it hoscote
thare tae vershinin at aetymeah leeved in the niemietzjkaya
nou ae thing at atymeah m sumbodie that haes
up the lum at aetymeah thocht he wes gaun
firth ah thocht at aetymeah wes gaun ti hae
haimelt ain whilk it thetymean fur monie ae yeir
ae heize i the heytymean sic lyke whan things
wattie s grandsons serred histymefur ae joiner it the
the lambin bein ae thrangtymefur sheep fermers fock hed
tyme whan dain ae heytymefur watt davies it girnwud
loued hir weill sae thetymegaed in brawlie or ae
in o ae maist onsiccartymei the histor o the
blek aw ower at aetymeit wes aw the colors
deanburnhaugh whae hed ae lifetymeo dailins wi girnwud an
owre mukkil at the aetymeor she l stert rinnin
that airt ae gey langtymesyne nou the hoose ahint
dae ae thing at atymethe r nae hurry naething
the kirk wynd at aetymethe war aye rabbits hingin
monie pirns whan aw thetymethe war but the ae
1950 s thar wis aetymewhan his marrow an thair
terribil ti hear aboot aetymewhan the hairns war oot
the trenches it passendale aetymewhan wei wur haein oor
ithers is weill i histymeyid is ae ying man
room wi olga for thetymebe in an whan you
anaith his haunds or thetymecam whan it coud fend
be sayin whan the richttymecums sae tak tent ti
jyne ma cause whan thetymecums the wul be honor
at oor thrappils whan thetymecums we ir aw born
play an whan it camtymefor him ti gang hame
it s clear that thetymeis no ferr awa whan
the wrangs a can whantymeis richt a daursay what
dae whan we ve haedtymeti murn banquo luik eftir
wrate it in ma sparetymewhan ah haed naething better
left owre naem frae thetymewhan auld welsh wis the
days war gaen an thistymewhan fergal wes chynged intil
weel a mynd on thetymewhan hei reistit on the
a wis telt thit yintymewhan him an his marrow
malcolm ah canna mynd atymewhan it wesna sair eilidh
wur the fermers it lowsintymewhan ma faither wis aboot
eftir the l be atymewhan peace an guidwull cums
o fear the war atymewhan skraichin in the nicht
tell ee is aboot thetymewhan tammy tuik his annual
roun ti crakkin aboot thetymewhan thay wad mairrie the
districk a mynd on thetymewhan the bishop o aiberdeen
bryde s haunds an thistymewhan the littil princess spak
ye l read it sumtymewhan ye hae naething better
ye forget the war atymewhan yeir forebeir s biggin
whan in eternal lynes titymeye r growein sae lang
ti the huntin in naetymeat aw the aigil haed
crouss man an haed naetymefor gaists bogils or fairies
thirlman ay gin ah haedtymefor ti pit up a
he haed killed his brithertymegaed in as it aye
haed been sic a langtymesen she hae seen iain
o t but aw thetymeshe haed ettilt that the
aunsirt hir but bi thistymethe princess haed taen til
if ah d haed mairtymeti prepare a richt walcum
kyndness or he haed mairtymeti warsil wi the riddil
the kitchen she haed naetymeti win awa sae she
the doorway an it stymewe haed oor denner tae
ah wes skunnert monie atymewi whit ah haed ti
that ill uised ye yontymeye thocht it haed been
daungers at he rins ilktymehe laes hiz fortrace a
ti hiz convalesin the neisttymehe sein hiz nouriss hiz
lumes an nivver hed thetymeti redd up hiz shade
ti dern bi warin hiztymetichtenin an lowsin hiz cursour
o hiz meidies bi thetymewe duin the drauchtins the
it s tyme it styme1st witch roond aboot the
the brier busses tyme antymeagain suin the war but
in amang the brier bussestymean tyme again suin the
watch tyme nou it stymefor me ti gang langsyne
hell hag crys it stymeit s tyme 1st witch
wu of han 156 187tymemajestic frae the ferrest tyme
awhaur looks at his watchtymenou it s tyme for
tyme majestic frae the ferresttymethe sun ryses an dounsets
hear rumors anent him intymea l order him awricht
ye l wait a langtymeafore ye hear me dae
syne in a year stymeah l be retirin awthegither
thay r no duin intymeah l gang owre sae
say fullie a fortnicht stymean we l see that
in ten or fifteen yeartymebut syne we l haurlie
irena we l meet sumtymefedotik mebbe in ten or
l hae a fek otymefor greitin an ferr mair
warld this is no yourtymefor greitin ye l hae
an leal freins frae thistymefurth we l caw ye
check himsell at sic atymel macbeth evidently fainting help
o an oor at atymel macbeth she looks closely
wi ye nou loss naetymeon yeir road ah l
l see ye at dennertymethan moula moula ay faither
up onie mair o yeirtymethis mornin but ah l
on ahint they l wanttymeti prepare a richt walcum
an ah l no haetymeti read thaim frae the
ah l no hae mukkiltymeti think aboot it be
ah l waste nae mairtymewi you an yeir haivers
up the brae it stymeye lairnt astronomie ah l
thaim baith n the laisttymea wur i the borders
wur 1 1 the laisttymea wur up borth ick
scott whae wur it attymenae anerlie the laird an
it wur yesterday it attymewi wur aw taen on
it sae he bydit histymean watcht eftir a wee
ti loue hir weill intymeeftir a wee whylie the
r born an aw thetymeeftir we dee it disna
hir she s a langtymei deein eftir aw that
after eftirstang n remorse eftirtymen later time eild n
tak eftir m at thontymethae taills gart ma fowks
nae affpit or an eftirtymethe fuil that s sweir
say naething nou for thetymebe in we maun jouk
ti be anither ane intymebut nou he haes nae
wes a prince aw thetymedid ye nou morag whaur
baith dwyned oot it stymefor me nou ti gae
sae she thocht weill noutymegaed in an siller tree
nou at sic a lyketymehae sum sense ah canna
his mynd nou bi thistymemurdo wes stertin ti think
an ah dout it stymenou ah m thinkin ah
is in ingland at thistymenou maister grene is the
nou be duin in wycelyketymesae nou ma thenks ti
tell ye nou it stymeti say guidby whit wul
awa nou ah hae naetymeti waste or ah finnd
ye yeir grace aboot thistymea fortnicht the day than
yeir hurry the r plentietymeandrey ah m feart ma
til the feinish tak yeirtymebut dinna spare or she
cawed me in juist intymedis yeir teeth chitter at
mither s wame afore hirtymemacbeth a curse on yeir
saft an waarm fur thetymeo yeir ein the fremmit
then at his watch yeirtymepiece is seivin meinits fest
yeir feet ye micht finndtymeti fesh me a waucht
owre yeir back the neisttymeye dinna tak tent o
o yeir days the neisttymeye think o tellin a
hair on yeir kaim everietymeye ve duin yeir heid
aucht o a laund astymehaes tuimed it the whyle
haes been thare aw thistymethe quaisten wes hou ti
haes ti tyauve disna haetymeti wunner whuther they r
dowf thon wes the warsttymeafoir the blak k nicht
the day wes the firsttymeah ever spak ti ane
ither day wes the firsttymeah ever spak ti ane
wes sair provokit at thetymeah m vext aboot it
yung quyne mebbe it stymeah wes awa for guid
that tree ti merk thetymeah wes first mairrit dae
na thenk ye it stymeah wes gaun hame the
wi thaim an aw thetymeah wes rinnin the same
hed no memore o thetymeat he wes founnert ruised
faither the keing bi thistymeaw wes dule an wae
wes in blossom bi thistymeawthing wes droukit in sunlicht
an it wes gey neirtymefor the prince ti be
wes echteen an at thattymehir man seemed til hir
ve touched puiddoks monie atymeit didna mean ah wes
wes soond sleepin at thetymeit s no easie for
fair lost awthegither bi thistymeit wes cummin doun haill
warsilt wi him this langtymeit wes him that drave
on an it wes thetymeit wes reddie for the
thare the nicht bi thistymemalcolm wes laid up in
mair the man syne naithertymenor place wes richt but
wes on nettils bi thistymesae inglis an junipere fleitchit
his glowerin face bi thistymeshe did as she wes
bed again an aw thetymeshe wes soond asleep physician
cuid ges at bi thetymethe bass rok wes be
meal it s mair nortymethe girnel wes plenisht again
ay makkin wars an itstymewes maistlie taen up wi
aw awricht mebbe it stymeah gaed hame bi anither
tae the fore it thetymema muther reponed bi saying
as this but bi thistymemaist o the callants war
a sair fuit bi thistymemalcolm excited moula is no
mercie me but bi thistymethe shaidaes war raxin oot
becam perfidious albion bi thetymethe tulyie raxed glesca the
year o darg bi thistymewurd o mag s feklessness
luikin rael sonsie the lesttymeah saw him it wul
in twantie five year stymeeverie man an wumman wul
but ah can aye finndtymefor a wee crack wul
thairs wul weir awa witymefrom the chinese of chang
she wul forgie ye intymegunlöd but ma faither wad
juist a wairnin the neisttymehe caws it wul be
viking bluid speakin but intymeit wul be slockent ah
wul shuirlie kill me thistymesae she wul but the
meinit olga serghyeevna it stymeah gaed a pause ah
been a dream lyke thetymegaed in wunter gaed by
aboot the hound a thirdtymehe gaed ti the huntin
aboot the tree a saiconttymemalcolm gaed frae hame an
gaed doun for the saiconttymethair lang hair spraingilt ahint
the caller air but ilkatymethe lassie gaed out the
i the burn yonner thetymethe ootbye post gaed hir
hou gaed the fecht thetymeye quat it officer it
pie crust an in naetymeava the twal pies war
tho hir sister haedna mukkiltymefor him the war sumthing
character whyle the war stilltymeirena fiador s shaved his
aw owre again but thistymethe war a difference on
war taen on aboot thetymethey war burnin yon auld
embrace ma puddok aw thistymethis is whit ye war
thaim but the war naetymeti staun an wunner thay
ah canna vershinin it stymewe war aw awa the
koolyghin whaur masha it stymewe war awa hame ah
hieness it s mair nortymewe war awa macbeth a
is it chebutykin it stymewe war awa we ve
an ah thocht o thetymewe war bairns an oor
pyne for you at thetymeye war born ah daursay
saw it s mair nortymeye war haein anither rest
r aw deid aw thetymeafore we r born an
ye r a gey langtymei cummin ringan ah dout
dout the r no mukkiltymeleft an we r ti
puddok wesna thare at thetymeprince that s juist pairt
ye whyle the r stilltymequeen whyles ye mebbe think
yin mair for the lesttymerodé embraces toozenbach we r
up on him aw thetymethare seemed nae howp for
o years whit a langtymewe r aw deid aw
flee whyle the r ayetymeye wad be weill advised
on burnin hir at thetymeah dout ah m owre
mak better uiss o hirtymebydin at hame wi me
brae kathleen hirsel skairs hirtymeequal aqual atween gunhill ferm
aff hir heid juist intymefor hir ti creep intil
hir an for the thiortymehe poued a lang hair
dinna pit aff onie mairtymeheize hir up an cairrie
til hir ane at atymei the mirk the morn
hear hir sayin aboot thistymelest year ai thae trees
ah want ti pass thetymeo day wi hir sae
ah want ti pass thetymeo day wi hir sae
lat me gae it stymeolga serghyeevna please tak hir
she spent the fek hirtymeootby in the caller air
hir ti hae rowth otymeti rue aw the ill
press ti hyde juist intymeafore a haill cumpanie o
dout it s mair nortymeah fand anither wyfe ti
mither o god the neisttymeah gae ti the chaipel
a man ti pit afftymean ai said he ma
faither ti tel anither anithertymeat dalmenie ane auld carl
mair ti view the springtymebewties o this loch blawn
ken hou ti byde matymecurtain act i scene 3
nicht hou can she finndtymefor ti git mairrit from
bricht sunlicht an bade histymehe haedna ti wait for
ye think back on thistymeringan ah wadna lyke ti
blak k nicht didna haetymeti caw fur halp the
weill ah think it stymeti gang at hauf past
the tryne fur the firsttymeti gang ti a fermtoun
of the room it stymeti gang til oor sleepin
tellie fur thai nivver hedtymeti gie addisence til the
quietly chebutykin ah never fandtymeti git mairrit sumhou pairtlie
kent verse afore ah dtymeti kep the wurds a
o the inglish thisgied scotlandtymeti mak representautiouns ti the
railwey ferssis ti pas thetymeti mirren s despare he
shuirlie wesna this the verratymeti open ane o thaim
uised the technologie o thetymeti owergang the richts o
drave fur thai didna haetymeti pit thair kers intil
out o the houss wantintymeti set doun fur thair
ringan mercie ah ve naetymeti speak til him the
thenkye ma laddie waste naetymeye wadna want me ti
i jyle fur aw thontymean a telt him at
ve been dargin aw thetymean ah feel lyke ma
m nitherin cauld aw thetymean ah m that dwaiblie
lang road roond aw thistymean the fire aye bleezin
howpit for a guid bairntymebut we aw ken howp
in that verra saicont otymecallum myndit aw things past
soud hae been a blythsumtymefor us aw ma faither
me me me aw thetymehere im ah lyin at
prevene agin daunger aw thetymei fak he mey bene
an that s aw thetymeirena is he interestin toozenbach
til the lest glisk otymeitsell an aw oor yestreins
seein naething an aw thetymenatasha s haein a nice
be lyke this aw thetymeor ma faither wad never
scent frae thaim aw thetymesternly whit is that fork
jaggin inti ye aw thetymethat s whit it s
been hingin aboot aw thistymethinkin we d be flittin
chynge gradually but aw thetymewe can see it chyngin
the callant wha lost naetymein thrawin it owre his
ocht ont thum the laisttymea spak til dave wis
day til the ends otymeah maun never think o
wattir an spak but thistymelisten til his aunser na
the hauch efter passin thetymeo day til ither john
til the houss about thetymethat caermoulis cam for ordnar
mulsintoun kis o the langtymefaimlie connection wi the bit
santit awa sic a langtymesen frae afore the verra
micht leeve for a langtymetae ah picked thaim up
green an monie s thetymeah hae heard it liltin
a bit hauflin an onietymeah hae leathert ye it
private lessons in ma aintymeah m a dominie a
his hurlie burlie seed thistymeah m awa for guid
ah mynd thaim weill houtymeflees ai mercie hou it
gotten a richt skinfu thistymegets up here ah think
bit o it an thetymeis aye passin an ah
ah maun awa it stymesee yon deid tree it
sae ah can an ilkatymethe prince wad humf the
constant midden about the samtymeat the auld faither first
car wis doon it thetymema faither an jock short
quho desyrit not at thattymethat sic thingis sould be
past an in the praisenttymeduncan but whaur oor thane
doun lyke this the hailltymeor we git ye richt
thinkin it s mair nortymeye got yeirsell mairrit chebutykin
ay it s mair nortymeye reformed ma frein ye
treuth mair or less ilkatymea think back upo ma
men dees afore thair weirdittymemacduff ye micht hae spared
ye it is no aforetymeshe gat a man o
the auldest lassie hae naetymefor cats an forby she
hae seen waur monie atymeshe d luik a sicht
hame verra aften juist itymetae hae thair brekfast an
whit ye hae seen thetymeye hae spent wi us
on an mysie lost naetymein rinnin hame wi the
puir yett opens the firsttymedishes sae ferr frae the
dae ye spend sae mukkiltymegoavin oot at the sea
daur tae weird at thetymemicht naw bei sae fer
haud masell apairt till suppertymesae a can walcum ye
the waittergate yonner the laisttymea saw bertie ay mebbies
tae buit ay the laisttymea wis it the haugh
ay ma lord macbeth aitymeye are aheid o me
s byordnar cauld for thetymeo year juist think moula
i the hauch it attyme21 lums biggit on whit
hystit his haund a saiconttymean whit suid he dae
puts the candle down whittymeis t andrey glances at
ness o the garage whittymeis t kis a ve
lot koolyghin approaches them whittymeis t toozenbach it s
girns div ee ken whittymeit is from the chinese
he is fou the hailltymewhit dis he care gin
the gairden fur the firsttymethon nicht the baudron aet
yallae an purpie ploums plantittymeaboot from the chinese of
deanburnhaugh roond aboot the samentymeis mark his brother bade
up the gaist aboot thetymeye poued the skelf moula
oniething olia it s aboottymeye stappt this daft cairrie
the future in the praisenttymemacbeth ma dearest luve duncan
mither we maun loss naetymelat us send a sairvant
gin ye can spare thetymebanquo whanever it suits ye
m feart at the sametymeye d better no say
in twenty five year stymeye winna be alive thenk
burds nests i the springtymean the stout auld butler
doore [inhale] in this meanetymecame johnne leslye unto it
keing wad shuirlie gien metymefor preparation gin this be
hystit his haun an thistymehe chynged fergal intil a
chitterin the fek o thetymenanse this truibil is an
kinkyn o wattir wrak itymeo spate bot this stok
awthing the same an thistymethe keing s son sat
keik intil the seeds otymean ken the grains that
a couple o hunder yearstymebut in a million year
doun forenent the snaws otymebut ir they no due
you the fek o thetymeeilidh puts a finger into
it s the faw thetymeo decay an the deid
blithe an bousome a thousandtymea rewe he gan hire
his sowin i the springtymean his sheirin at hairst
and bouned an i guidtymean rele puir john aft
sun cums up the lesttymeatwein the mukkil bens an
the reid bul an ilkatymedid he no mak strecht
the sun ryses an dounsetstymegaes by an men canna
young s expletives the nixttymehim an mei collogued hei
that laddie is an awfutymei cummin the queen tidies
fairie an at the trystittymeshe pits the bairn ahint
an it stak the saiconttymethan we redit the caups
a keik inby an ilkatymethe lassie inby cryit oot
an syne for the thirdtymethe streinger hystit his haun
his ain for the firsttymebut awthing s gaen wrang
pods aye in his aintymefrom the chinese of chu
in his steid or thetymethe wutch wumman appeared forordnar
they spake at him sometymemore there was no rousing
ll not misken him nexttymesays sir andrew bowing at
in ful blossom at thetymesyne she sneddit aff the
tae roberton schuil the laisttymea spake tae angus wis
ey on um efter sumtymeit wis discovert thit yid
wud retourin thegither it lowsintymea kan reca saiveral mae
muivin bot gin thai yaissedtymedevault foties it up spedit
walk on soliony it stymedoctor hauf past twal areddies
or twa but in fairielaundtymeis rimless abuin the grund
ch u 156 187 6tymedo do 7 porter s
stounds aye the same sentymebegan from the chinese of
and meill stands for thetymefrom the annals of banff
n parting tyauve v labortymen time uissless a useless
unitit kinrik govrenment ower markedtymetae mak part three staunin

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