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playing rummy type or whisttypecard games to create meaningful
with the pupils playing rummytypeor whist type card games
meaningful grammatical sentences in rummytypepupils exchange cards on each
rummy or whist in rummytypepupils exchange cards on each
of cr cr cr crtypestuff on the tape which
round is out in whisttypeone player plays a subject
round is out in whisttypeone player plays a subject
a lot of examples oftypea the continuous metaphors a
metaphors a few examples oftypeb which might be called
speakers famous examples of thistypeof metaphor from lakoff and
and citizenship examples of thistypeof parliament include the tasmanian
cairds the same size antypeas the anes ye wis
to take account of housetypeor size a crucial aspect
to basing exemptions on housetypeor size for instance there
geographical spread but to housetypeor size i am thinking
point which relates to hosteltypeaccommodation which is a particular
no doubt that a particulartypeof hunting is about to
particular authority as to whattypeof support should be provided
f965: which necessitated a particulartypeof teaching so there s
unable to guarantee a particulartypeor level of service will
legal holding of march fencetypeboundary walls can in terms
institutions in terms of thetypeof course provision offered there
terms i wonder what thattypeof owner will do when
nap in terms of whattypeof scottish information should be
cancer the third most commontypeof cancer in the uk
the most common of thesetypeof courses validation and accreditation
a fine example of atypeof monument common in galloway
death of beowulf the secondtypeintensive clustering shows how individual
the second point if thistypeof activity is made illegal
begin to approach the secondtypeof metaphor those which lakoff
the same area of eachtypecommences conversion to organic in
orders specifying the number andtypeof each product that they
in prison for each specifictypeof offence business bulletin 37
official design specifications for eachtypeof qualification though the power
to be expected in eachtypeof text or to practise
no so keen on thattypeo thing written in scottish
test to test a certaintypeof thing and it s
mm mmhm mmhm m762: pintypeof thing and you become
have more of the sametypeof thing but obviously this
teach it on burns nighttypething er which i think
observer s paradox listening recordingtypething that makes it really
lilac blouse house of frasertypehe said to himself approvingly
a sort of very affectedtypeof english accent er doesn
glaswegian and used er atypeof glaswegian rhyming slang so
their most complex the continentaltypeof prose writing er contains
keeping going with that ertypeof study i m quite
typed up and er itypereally slowly but it s
er for er urdu publishingtypeurdu so m608: oh okay
as now reserved for thetypeof killing deemed most reprehensible
of employment multipliers for thistypei multipliers which include jobs
directly or indirectly supported andtypeii multipliers which include induced
forming a venture of thistypein which the scottish executive
still a need for thattypeof accommodation which has a
enforcement is relatively straightforward thetypeof activity to which i
foreign language to describe thetypeof discussion which may be
s tackle such as thetypeof hook or lines which
of other cultures creating thetypeof outward looking nation which
reluctant to fill in thistypeof question which leads to
fisheries would depend on thetypeof regulations which were introduced
the children lived and thetypeof school which they attended
hear around them and thetypeof speech which they claim
few valuable sources of thistypewhich craigie did use for
of the j ai allétypewhich leave you in no
was a breist spad whichtypeyou used depended on the
in a bill of thistypeand brought into legislation however
a comprehensive ban of thetypethat this bill would bring
aboot the roman times thistypeo biggin wis used for
being carried out nowadays thetypeof fork usually used about
an enamel wee willy winkietypethat was used these were
900 depending upon the constructiontypeused it is suggested in
that can provide the righttypeof education for every child
central role in granting everytypeof licence that the authority
reach a standard for everytypeof property and occupancy but
a straw boater of thetypebeloved by male barber shop
and very few instances oftypec thus perhaps suggesting that
been a kind of sanatoriumtypecamp mustn t it m1021:
speech marks or of boldtypecapitals or italics for effect
that kind of erm terriertypecop who just gnaws aways
request for vessels of thattypeif only if only the
well produced resource of thistypeis essential 5 teaching methods
and an assessment of thetypelocation and condition of accommodation
should pay and condemns thistypeof accounting practice as a
individual projects varied by thetypeof activity being undertaken with
bonds of kinship as thetypeof all right ethical relations
guys and they wearing thistypeof armour and there was
on 4 april 2001 whattypeof assistance it its agencies
prison have i experienced thetypeof atmosphere that i experienced
may even have the correcttypeof bin to start this
con- fi- converted fishing boattypeof boat that went across
could achieve this year thetypeof business that we want
come back with the righttypeof cabbage he is truly
have to decide whether thetypeof care that they receive
to date broken down bytypeof case s1w 27456 christine
reform legislation to prevent thetypeof cases seen in lanarkshire
140lbs bowie bowl tub bowseltypeof cattle binding branner brander
mean the variation in thetypeof certificate that young people
to as clustering the firsttypeof clustering investigated was large
want to take everything thattypeof comment reflects the point
5th march 1915 illustrates thetypeof concert held in the
look at m608: yeah whattypeof cup was this [inaudible]
from the chief constable thistypeof dance occurred on an
expose sld to a newtypeof dictionary user indeed to
things have largely disappeared atypeof division has occurred we
we must also consider whattypeof economic structure we want
of verbal exploration in thistypeof experiential context is not
areas coding orientation a thirdtypeof explanation of how the
moneys to pay for atypeof fee arrangement that would
broken down by area andtypeof fishery business bulletin no
the ungrammatical ones hence thistypeof grammar is known as
is measuring the level andtypeof hate crime against people
this place to have anytypeof heating appliance in your
and 2 associate colleges annextypeof hei legal basis powers
categories of occupation income educationtypeof housing locality father s
funny scottish people love thistypeof interaction and they ve
sit for living out thetypeof life that they wanted
with a sultry raquel welchtypeof mistress maybe i should
music but depending on thetypeof music sometimes they re
hudson it depends on thetypeof newspaper we are talking
one of of th- thattypeof of eh expression that
mean he s not thetypeof person that would even
one meets a very entertainingtypeof person there collectively we
viewpoints advertisements are a specialtypeof persuasive text with their
fly th- ye know thattypeof plane so ye had
muddy duds clothes dusty millertypeof primula dwine fail in
previously been available for thistypeof production s1w 33002 mr
and wales and a whattypeof projects will be funded
transfer advertising expenditure to thattypeof promotion however i do
a proper understanding of thetypeof property and the occurrence
equal opportunities committee about thetypeof questions to be asked
scottish ministers themselves 3 whattypeof regulations could be made
members raised concerns about thetypeof regulations that would be
were a huge compliment thattypeof remark was always followed
be discussed according to thetypeof repetition involved 1 there
in the past over thetypeof salmon nets that could
[laugh] f1148: like the othertypeof school where it s
in braemar she described thetypeof scots spoken in that
paragraph 5 you mention thetypeof scottish project that partnerships
there any concerns that thistypeof showcase year might overshadow
choices are suited to thetypeof skills ambitions and aspirations
a bold commitment providing thetypeof support that i have
premises out of doors thetypeof surveillance would change i
set targets if so whattypeof targets should we set
drummore macqueen op cit anothertypeof tenement was the rood
be taken to show thetypeof terrier the radio collar
here that said the caxtontypeof translator did not disappear
debate now is about thetypeof union that we want
they also describe how onetypeof unit is defined in
that are achieved by thetypeof vehicle that is converted
concern with regard to thetypeof venue seems to be
is not predisposed to thistypeof verbal exploration in this
winter maintenance irrespective of thetypeof winter there is great
to be made whatever thetypeof wooden churn it had
resources to deal with thattypeof work by appointing additional
a national increase in thattypeof work over the three
a significant shift in thetypeof writing being developed particularly
target language the other maintypeof writing to be developed
have a youth forum anytypeof youth led body with
change in policy in thetypeor level of oversight of
a systematic reorganisation of thetypeproposed by the ssstf has
downwards to questions of thistypesecondly many people are reluctant
smartly dressed kind of clubtypesort of wine bar y
with roads particularly of thetypethat i have mentioned the
suggested amendments are of thetypethat i would expect to
for the uk of thetypethat is normal in europe
are other cases of thattypethat lend themselves to being
hope of establishing an irantypetheocracy however in general egypt
these were of a specialtypethey had the usual wooden
issues of source origins andtypethrough this joint construction the
budget and documents of thattypewe could see more clearly
first instance committees of thistypewould become unnecessary that is
t it this kinda sortatypeo music we listen to
dialect words were the schooltypeattended and the area the
talking your posh school ruggertypetaff was a miner prop
incorporated into our alphabet andtypefaces would require to be
ehm usually some kinda comediantypeman would sing a song
but i would hate totypeup a play from you
and eh we would justtypeup all the all the
suitable for local or regionaltypediesel multiple units than for
traditional love dialogue or courtshiptypefurther comparison with pagan s
for high speed inter citytypetrains or freight reinstating the
a ticket ye ken thetypegey weel they mooch aboot
a computer where they cantypein just like your site
site there where they cantypein problems and we ve
mmhm f829: they got atypeo freedom they never got
again they had a differenttypethey hadnae got the tenements
as well teach myself totypealso if i m sending
norrawa norway rømegrut midsummer porridgetypetreat made with sour cream
reference may allow the poundtypeto be identified at the
plain white in a differenttypefrom those at merchants hall
thought he meant those rolltypethings but he meant slippers
by the scottish fleet thetypei multiplier was just under
just go back home andtypeit into the sheet and
s frustrating for me totypeup things it just is
opportunities to do more chamberstypework such as investigation but
1426 assize a new ouncetypeis introduced with descriptive name
yet he s the gratefultypepleased with everything and snuggling
the issue such as thetypetalk scheme interpretation for visitors
said i seem to betypecast that sounds cocky but
that are financed through pfitypemechanisms imply that expenditure will
torry an i think thattypeo culture broke it up
like that that s thetypeo image it conjures up
had miraculously learned to touchtyperoused my envy that she
we had quite comfortable aeroplanetypereclining seats and i was
he ll be the persuasivetypemair likely tae arrive wi
as long as the lumtypeitself existed the fire under
alike as well kinda similartypeo stories f746: oh right
insistent he was the sweatytypeand for all the expanse
have the the the dueltypefight f963: mm f965: but
at the least a scottishtypeo ay he s shair
scanning skills scrabbling around scrabbletypeletters are put in a
ran bit arthur wisna thetypetae mill a feel o
whymper greig is an outdoorstypehaen screiv t anent his
together useful geographic information systemtypetools and the decision making
you get going on thetypewriter much love mum xxx
looking ones women s institutetypegroups working men s club
[laugh] f631: yeah mad dogtypestuff [laugh] f689: [laugh] mad

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