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noises [elephant noise] like that f1112: uhhuh a zebra f1111: and
of january f639: mmhm f641: uhhuh ah because it s
to watch the [inaudible] f813: uhhuh ah but we also
peering closely at her tongueuhhuh ah dinna lyke the
m865: you can understand thatuhhuh ah i m not
kind of thing [laugh] f631: uhhuh ah just so many
stay over the road f1054: uhhuh ah m1016: gordon s
right yeah f606: [cough] f902: uhhuh an she said that
wis maistlie ay ay nawuhhuh an the odd is
up eventually so f961: yeahuhhuh an you ll no
and since then hamilton f718: uhhuh and are you- are
do you think so m1092: uhhuh and daddy mmhm and
bakery f963: you know likeuhhuh and designed so that
and make patty cakes f1117: uhhuh and fitt about for
f1097: and was it gooduhhuh and fitt was [censored: forename]
to see the fimbles f1113: uhhuh and oh look what
a house f813: dead smalluhhuh and she had a
f1111: hiding is he f1112: uhhuh and the car s
claps f1111: claps his handsuhhuh and the snake is
i should have turned f889: uhhuh and the thing is
exercises f1135: oh exercises f1136: uhhuh and then i have
tae pit roads [inaudible] f606: uhhuh and there s a
that the moon okay m1092: uhhuh and there s the
as trero treron rather f1077: uhhuh and there was another
that ain s spots f1113: uhhuh and what s the
through tae saturday night f637: uhhuh and ye d a
and she was three f1148: uhhuh and you know we
all that had them f812: uhhuh and you think but
they the same f828: yeahuhhuh as far back as
were like fourteen [laugh] f1049: uhhuh at school [laugh] no
rules ehm f606: [laugh] [audience laugh]uhhuh [audience laugh] [audience laugh] m954: so
american to fleshmarket alley f606: uhhuh [audience laugh] m954: ehm a
got to speak it m608: uhhuh aye aye m1163: so
i knew where [inaudible] f889: uhhuh aye f890: an i
huh so mmhm m1078: yesuhhuh aye it s the
ll gie them some m608: uhhuh aye m1163: clues and
prepared for it m608: ayeuhhuh aye m1163: there s
fog f606: yeah [laugh] f829: uhhuh aye m830: fog s
it f831: aye uh huhuhhuh aye m842: sounds i
come tae the corner f643: uhhuh aye we lost many
outside isn t it f1136: uhhuh aye we went out
m i m slowin f831: uhhuh aye yeah m842: down
would happen or f829: yesuhhuh because i mean at
aberdeen actually bidie in m1008: uhhuh bidie in m1055: and
no this bit go f1125: uhhuh big teddy f1126: that
crane isn t it m1092: uhhuh bob the in the
that aren t we f1112: uhhuh but [censored: forename] s not
a postman pat book f1112: uhhuh but i take this
were young f718: mm f1077: uhhuh but it was the
aye uh huh uh huhuhhuh but the the the
mmhm mmhm yeah f746: butuhhuh but then again i
the adults f639: [?]no way![/?] f640: uhhuh but we had to
boom [laugh] f718: [laugh] f1077: uhhuh but we used to
one at m1078: february f1077: uhhuh can you remember where
exist c- in presbyterian m741: uhhuh cause in middle english
this way and along f1136: uhhuh cause that s the
in the water m1092: [inaudible]uhhuh [child noises] f1091: will i
uh huh m1048: [laugh] yeahuhhuh christina [laugh] she s
the chip crack broken f965: uhhuh [cough] f963: and then
the teachers have got yesuhhuh could it have been
f1118: mm mm [censored: forename] f1117: uhhuh cousin [censored: forename] f1118: and
t reschedule or anything f1151: uhhuh definitely just like i
quite a long time reallyuhhuh definitely yeah f1149: so
then they re played m608: uhhuh do you have any
was a bit coarse m865: uhhuh do you think there
mm mm f718: uh huhuhhuh does that encourage the
re aa the same [?]these teenagers[/?]uhhuh duncan you got any
steps f1135: uh huh f1136: uhhuh e ehee what s
differences between the cultures f122: uhhuh eh the how the
my god that sucks f812: uhhuh ehm but see what
f639: mmhm f641: sure f640: uhhuh ehm my mother had
motor mmhm m1078: armature isuhhuh electrical coil on a
well yes in that relativesuhhuh er monifieth was the
how old are you f1038: uhhuh er nineteen f1037: that
the war m194: yes m608: uhhuh er was there a
so what so what happensuhhuh f010: most things are
his family and i f122: uhhuh f010: stayed in the
warm aye warm an moistuhhuh f1001: aye m1002: a
m1000: well skive eh ayeuhhuh f1001: aye that s
[laugh] m1000: that s rightuhhuh f1001: but they had
to them at all m1007: uhhuh f1009: mmhm m1008: they
that m1013: that s rightuhhuh f1011: there s a
from no idea f1025: mmhmuhhuh f1023: [inhale] f1024: i
f1024: yeah f1026: nope f1027: uhhuh f1023: like if it
it it s one f1027: uhhuh f1023: probably f1026: from
come the bird is f1025: uhhuh f1024: but whether that
it was just f1026: ayeuhhuh f1024: perth which is
aye an you jist f1027: uhhuh f1025: [inhale] had the
mmhm f1027: mm f1023: eitheruhhuh f1026: but it s
but i have no regretsuhhuh f1026: i suppose it
f1023: i must admit f1025: uhhuh f1026: it must be
of white splodges everywhere f1038: uhhuh f1037: and it s
is actually an offence f1038: uhhuh f1037: and you can
there you know f1038: [laugh]uhhuh f1037: right bye i
time where we were f1038: uhhuh f1037: running around the
actually got there f1038: mmuhhuh f1037: so anyway that
problem at all f1038: [laugh]uhhuh f1037: three hours to
vodka to another woman m1048: uhhuh f1049: and then another
like train ma dad m1048: uhhuh f1049: er so they
guy that was stabbed m1048: uhhuh f1049: fell on the
meat was and i m1048: uhhuh f1049: just went it
and go to kilwinning m1048: uhhuh f1049: they re not
yeah uh huh oh rightuhhuh f1049: uh huh and
f1049: [laugh] mmhm m1048: [laugh]uhhuh f1049: well i- that
went to that wedding m1048: uhhuh f1049: well it s
words mmhm f1023: mmhm f1027: uhhuh f1054: aye that s
at an ye would ginguhhuh f1054: back f1041: or
in oor language mmhm m1010: uhhuh f1054: but that s
what bert just said ayeuhhuh f1054: okay good what
a an exact equivalent m1010: uhhuh f1054: okay that s
f1005: ehm pissed off [laugh]uhhuh f1054: that- that s
f1054: good what aboot f1024: uhhuh f1054: the opposite of
this wan f1025: mmhm f1027: uhhuh f1054: totally different and
of choice is breabadair f606: uhhuh f1067: and that is
[throat] tut dear [laugh] yeahuhhuh f1067: i mean that
people are saying f606: yeahuhhuh f1067: you know the
means a hill f969: rightuhhuh f1074: so it s
that suggested his character f718: uhhuh f1077: and i used
f718: yeah c- uh huhuhhuh f1077: but dad s
as well but f718: mmuhhuh f1077: it had a
leather strap f718: uh huhuhhuh f1077: mm mm with
n- nestlé made it f718: uhhuh f1077: quarter pound or
what if it was saltuhhuh f1089: fitt if it
the clouds are funny [laugh]uhhuh f1089: you picked a
that him s friend m1092: uhhuh f1091: and fitt are
it s stopped raining m1092: uhhuh f1091: and m1092: and
fat controller fixed him m1092: uhhuh f1091: and there s
away aren t they m1092: uhhuh f1091: and what s
bit go in there m1092: uhhuh f1091: aye and then
gairden haven t we m1092: uhhuh f1091: aye m1092: and
uh huh f1091: sure m1092: uhhuh f1091: but then what
back to the station m1092: uhhuh f1091: cause he- i
we get another story m1092: uhhuh f1091: come on then
water for cleaning james m1092: uhhuh f1091: he s all
now m1092: no him happyuhhuh f1091: he s been
s mam s feet m1092: uhhuh f1091: is it and
did he m1092: uh huhuhhuh f1091: is that bit
that s a newspaper m1092: uhhuh f1091: isn t it
where the noise is m1092: uhhuh f1091: it s in
there doesn t he m1092: uhhuh f1091: look what s
in the field sure m1092: uhhuh f1091: mmhm m1092: no
mouse f1091: mickey mouse m1092: uhhuh f1091: mmhm who s
a tiger f1091: no m1092: uhhuh f1091: no fitt s
would that be easiest m1092: uhhuh f1091: okay come on
water for the bath m1092: uhhuh f1091: okay go and
up will i help m1092: uhhuh f1091: okay go and
it again m1092: two moreuhhuh f1091: okay knock these
help you [censored: forename] eh m1092: uhhuh f1091: okay right is
playin them dom- dominoes m1092: uhhuh f1091: right watch the
is it a bee m1092: uhhuh f1091: she cannae play
toffee hears a noise m1092: uhhuh f1091: so will we
is that a pen m1092: uhhuh f1091: the water s
m1092: sleepin f1091: sleepin m1092: uhhuh f1091: there s a
the sailors been bad m1092: uhhuh f1091: uh huh so
wantin to watch that m1092: uhhuh f1091: well you can
jungle book m1092: uh huhuhhuh f1091: what about that
f1091: is it slippers m1092: uhhuh f1091: what s that
s in that ain m1092: uhhuh f1091: where s [censored: forename]
oh no me break ituhhuh f1091: you broke it
bodies in the boats m1092: uhhuh f1091: you think so
bit there i think m1094: uhhuh f1093: right where s
i don t know m1094: uhhuh f1093: you re not
them away f1093: yes m1094: uhhuh f1093: you wash them
just in a picture m1096: uhhuh f1095: look at the
think we should dae m1098: uhhuh f1097: we ll go
trot a rising ain f1100: uhhuh f1099: go on then
what aboot your reins f1100: uhhuh f1099: i ll go
f1101: she s cool f1102: uhhuh f1101: right that s
toys f1102: i play withuhhuh f1101: was santa good
on after can he f1103: uhhuh f1104: because it s
mmhm and your new ainuhhuh f1104: yeah okay it
away f1105: chutes away m1106: uhhuh f1105: ah must have
mak heaps o crockies m1108: uhhuh f1107: mmhm m1108: can
ones f1107: do you m1108: uhhuh f1107: that s good
having a good time m1108: uhhuh f1107: you re in
s a huge house f1112: uhhuh f1111: and is this
f1111: are they tatties f1112: uhhuh f1111: are they i
that bird box f1112: [inaudible]uhhuh f1111: come on then
f1111: getting muscles why f1112: uhhuh f1111: has he been
would that be nice f1112: uhhuh f1111: know what we
night don t we f1112: uhhuh f1111: make sure all
bunch of fr- flowers f1112: uhhuh f1111: maybe she s
f1111: you re angela f1112: uhhuh f1111: oh f1112: i
you were a baby f1112: uhhuh f1111: oh f1112: what
f1112: no in the [inaudible]uhhuh f1111: oh in the
too big a lump f1112: uhhuh f1111: oh it is
up f1111: eat them f1112: uhhuh f1111: oh no no
to dry it myself f1112: uhhuh f1111: oh this is
huh f1111: will we f1112: uhhuh f1111: okay let s
what for her tea f1112: uhhuh f1111: okay so we
have f1111: have you f1112: uhhuh f1111: right next one
lot flapping his wings f1112: uhhuh f1111: so he s
up at the table f1112: uhhuh f1111: that s a
huh f1111: are you f1112: uhhuh f1111: that s good
see in the picture f1112: uhhuh f1111: that would be
f1111: you think so f1112: uhhuh f1111: we re not
with you f1111: certainly f1112: uhhuh f1111: well there s
baby f1112: i did f1111: uhhuh f1112: i did i
uh huh i think thatuhhuh f1112: yes you are
uh huh it is f1111: uhhuh f1112: you better have
f1114: that s blue f1113: uhhuh f1114: no that s
once upon a time [inaudible]uhhuh f1114: once upon a
a snake in your cupboarduhhuh f1114: what s that
we need a balloon f1118: uhhuh f1117: a balloon for
f1118: no yes f1117: [inaudible]uhhuh f1118: it was in
is it there must f1122: uhhuh f1121: be lots of
just bein messy f1122: [exhale]uhhuh f1121: mmhm that s
would you like that f1122: uhhuh f1121: oh f1122: can
f1121: can you jump f1122: uhhuh f1121: one two three
f1122: taste f1121: good f1122: uhhuh f1121: right go and
day haven t you f1122: uhhuh f1121: that s a
down to the beach f1121: uhhuh f1122: can we go
do that f1122: aye f1121: uhhuh f1122: can you go
f1122: rake them up f1121: uhhuh f1122: dad is a
a little one there f1121: uhhuh f1122: it s a
your paintbrush ready then f1124: uhhuh f1123: cause it s
peachy kind of colour f1124: uhhuh f1123: that s not
you want to paint f1124: uhhuh f1123: what are we
huh f1126: er how aboutuhhuh f1125: [inaudible] away over
over here aside mam f1126: uhhuh f1125: right and which
big bird that one f1126: uhhuh f1125: uh huh where
in f1126: uh huh f1125: uhhuh f1126: er how about
clever f1126: nice mm f1125: uhhuh f1126: mm this bit
them you wantin vegetables f1130: uhhuh f1129: put them in
no was you baking f1130: uhhuh f1129: what kind of
go and get [censored: forename] f1136: uhhuh f1135: have to be
f1135: that big one f1136: uhhuh f1135: i think it
eh f1135: [?]there's some people playing bowls[/?] [inaudible] f1136: uhhuh f1135: [inaudible] low in
s another bump ready f1136: uhhuh f1135: okay f1136: we
them going there f1136: ohuhhuh f1135: there s a
right come on then mmhmuhhuh f1136: i make it
darlin f1142: or ma bootsuhhuh f1141: you like them
i heard you singing f1142: uhhuh f1141: you tell me
i m fair forfochan m1146: uhhuh f1143: yeah an also
a good one f1054: mmuhhuh f1144: posse mm i
when ye were speakin f1054: uhhuh f1144: so f1054: is
economic studies as well f1149: uhhuh f1148: i remember that
place then you might f1149: uhhuh f1148: like only go
and get back to f1149: uhhuh f1148: them but for
m sure that [inaudible] yeahuhhuh f1149: be a good
speaking part anyway ehm f1148: uhhuh f1149: cause she s
when she was only threeuhhuh f1149: [inhale] oh no
used to have a f1148: uhhuh f1149: like back at
about two but f1148: [laugh]uhhuh f1149: obviously i can
f1149: quite easily so f1148: uhhuh f1149: she would be
you d done in f1148: uhhuh f1149: standard grades in
mum and dad f1148: yeahuhhuh f1149: [throat] so what
a primary school trip f1148: uhhuh f1149: we had to
then learnt english f1151: yeahuhhuh f1150: and cause there
the left it s f1155: uhhuh f1154: right there on
aye f1160: it is m1161: uhhuh f1160: ag iarraidh they
yeah f1159: oh [inaudible] christmasuhhuh f1160: mmhm m1161: but
a few weeks ago f947: uhhuh f1160: mmhm m1161: but
onythin worthwhile or no [laugh]uhhuh f606: i think i
where she come from f826: uhhuh f606: mmhm f902: now
was just a a f689: uhhuh f631: nice size i
it the scotia or f689: uhhuh f631: yeah f689: i
flax onto the spools f631: uhhuh f634: and erm there
there was no traffic f631: uhhuh f634: came along the
didn t get sweeties f631: uhhuh f634: erm but for
hospital wi scarlet fever m608: uhhuh f637: and then i
hand and typin lessons m608: uhhuh f637: and then i
start walking towards them m608: uhhuh f637: and when they
it was good really m608: uhhuh f637: i feel that
ye went tae cookery m608: uhhuh f637: now they had
right f638: wi two f640: uhhuh f637: sometimes wi a
go oot to play m608: uhhuh f637: the way we
were caught movin f640: movinuhhuh f637: ye were out
f638: and i d m608: uhhuh f638: already done two
and sk- roller skatin m608: uhhuh f638: and eh on
f638: physically f637: mmhm m608: uhhuh f638: and then i
or aleevo never even f637: uhhuh f638: heard of it
in gray s john m608: uhhuh f638: i started for
own bicycle which cost m608: uhhuh f638: me and i
bluebells f637: dusty bluebells ayeuhhuh f638: was that another
[censored: surname] sisters f640: oh ayeuhhuh f638: well i had
a class for laundry f637: uhhuh f638: ye had a
at sunday school and f640: uhhuh f639: i mean i
we were young f640: ohuhhuh f639: we used to
called your first foot f641: uhhuh f640: and they had
nev- we never had f641: uhhuh f640: guests i had
have visitors f639: company f641: uhhuh f640: you know to
nothing harmful in it m608: uhhuh f641: mmhm f643: but
you know a rollercoaster m608: uhhuh f641: mmhm m642: and
time round the house f640: uhhuh f641: the smell of
john f643: and he m608: uhhuh f643: and he had
i was bilingual m608: mmuhhuh f643: and when i
it would trip up m608: uhhuh f643: aye m642: so
bury it m642: oh reallyuhhuh f643: aye mind they
front the the advertising m608: uhhuh f643: break and the
f643: you know and f641: uhhuh f643: but the only
do something different again m608: uhhuh f643: ehm but i
and i got it m608: uhhuh f643: ehm so i
telegraph poles the nursery m608: uhhuh f643: ehm what is
f643: crystal lights and m608: uhhuh f643: shining ehm a
oh aye f643: and m608: uhhuh f643: they offered me
put across was that f641: uhhuh f643: we are an
d hit our samuel f632: uhhuh f646: and anybody that
eh kind of slow f632: uhhuh f646: and stumbly and
t have any company f632: uhhuh f646: but i can
werenae canny you know f632: uhhuh f646: i had to
and she s busy f632: uhhuh f646: i said that
unfair really you know f632: uhhuh f646: my mother had
they had hospices beside f632: uhhuh f646: their places and
were tidy wi the f632: uhhuh f646: wi things to
it up the hill f632: uhhuh f646: you know and
o wimple thing that f632: uhhuh f646: you know that
the table fingers touching f632: uhhuh f646: you see and
all the water s goneuhhuh f689: a banquet for
s like worse f631: awuhhuh f689: an that s
i ll just let f631: uhhuh f689: her believe that
juice o a melon f631: uhhuh f689: i think it
for some dinner [laugh] f631: uhhuh f689: [laugh] and then
the sort o bridegroom f631: uhhuh f689: that would be
the same family mm mmuhhuh f718: right cause i
look at the dictionary yeahuhhuh f718: right oh we
mmhm m1078: [inhale] well mmhmuhhuh f718: there s a
really f1077: uh huh yeahuhhuh f718: when did they
t go that often m1161: uhhuh f746: [laugh] f1159: i
yes uh huh m1161: [inaudible]uhhuh f746: oh right and
s fantastic f807: oh yeahuhhuh f806: he really is
hmm f807: but um f806: uhhuh f807: you know they
all their own vegetables f810: uhhuh f809: and there s
time it was ready f810: uhhuh f809: but then they
good so it s f810: uhhuh f809: i think i
[tut] probably yeah it f810: uhhuh f809: sounds like that
that treasure hunt thing f809: uhhuh f810: erm so they
else but he was f809: uhhuh f810: goin oh it
did and they re f809: uhhuh f810: just incapable but
movin to ireland so f809: uhhuh f810: like th- they
[exhale] f810: [sniff] well f809: uhhuh f810: wha- what can
like i would never f814: uhhuh f812: mm m811: have
like three pound [inaudible] f812: uhhuh f813: go in to
i m not even f812: uhhuh f813: listening to the
and then you got f814: uhhuh f813: the kind of
or payin any attention m811: uhhuh f814: [laugh] f813: but
yeah f814: people an f812: uhhuh f814: stuff m811: there
like dave an me f902: uhhuh f826: but they had
m903: mm f606: mm f902: uhhuh f826: even if it
bein there like it suhhuh f826: no f606: no
f606: no f902: programme ayeuhhuh f826: same programmes over
aye aye aye aye f606: uhhuh f826: yes yeah that
bairns in the faimilie f606: uhhuh f828: an we had
it was too remote f606: uhhuh f828: but ehm so
totties an if i f606: uhhuh f828: came home and
was great big boxes f606: uhhuh f828: ehm because of
s part of their heritageuhhuh f828: i th- i
is it a skua f606: uhhuh f828: i think so
i did f606: oh yeahuhhuh f828: so but the
the two oldest ones f606: uhhuh f828: went up to
in kirkwall the metropolis f606: uhhuh f829: [laugh] m830: but
actually say the words f832: uhhuh f833: my dad s
you send them f890: ohuhhuh f889: [inaudible] f890: they
that s a lot f606: uhhuh f889: oh it s
huh she s lovely f606: uhhuh f890: and fortunately they
i don t know f889: uhhuh f890: but eh there
yeah f889: aye it isuhhuh f890: but james has
all over the country f889: uhhuh f890: scotland mainly so
right so aye uh huhuhhuh f890: sending until i
smaller but f606: mmhm f889: uhhuh f890: she s now
right across toward dunoon f606: uhhuh f890: towards dunoon and
boasting about it but f889: uhhuh f890: what about the
f889: aye but once f606: uhhuh f890: yeah f889: they
oh yeah uh huh rightuhhuh f902: an they i
an things f826: mm ayeuhhuh f902: daein entertainin the
across here m903: words f606: uhhuh f902: nae really now
still back in luxembourg m944: uhhuh f943: and she s
she s quite f1159: yeahuhhuh f947: alternative but they
going up f1159: mmhm f746: uhhuh f947: isn t it
playing is it barrowlands ccauhhuh f947: they are i
northern isles m865,: okay okayuhhuh f950: one o the
glaswegian i suppose m865,: rightuhhuh f950: western isles there
o people livin there m865: uhhuh f951: but the the
where are you oh rightuhhuh f951: yeah whaur s
uh huh mm uh huhuhhuh f951: yeah yeah and
de headteacher in sand f961: uhhuh f960: an so we
in ower at innersand f961: uhhuh f960: and hit s
i wis juist f961: mmhmuhhuh f960: astonished how it
afore we f961: uh huhuhhuh f960: göd dere so
coorse gengs f961: uh huhuhhuh f960: in erm an
a bit of a hertbrakuhhuh f960: yeah it is
been smirk at did ituhhuh f960: yeah smirk is
naethin on f960: uh huhuhhuh f961: an an we
kind o cartoon version f960: uhhuh f961: and dat for
caad de bill committee f960: uhhuh f961: and eh i
a hall but f960: yeahuhhuh f961: but hit s
de last minute uh huhuhhuh f961: dey get it
yeah f960: is dat souhhuh f961: dey hed a
get in so f960: yesuhhuh f961: hit wis a
laek a f960: no [inaudible]uhhuh f961: hotel or a
o dem aa er f960: uhhuh f961: i- it s
him we needit never f960: uhhuh f961: ta tak it
f960: [?]likely no[/?] is dat souhhuh f961: wan and it
t i wasn t f965: uhhuh f963: afraid of them
done it for your birthdayuhhuh f963: it was it
or you know f965: yeahuhhuh f963: seen as a
them very vividly though f965: uhhuh f963: they might not
the with the rockers f965: uhhuh f963: they were at
culture had lost them f963: uhhuh f965: and all they
and rolled your hands f963: uhhuh f965: and backy and
they get these kids f963: uhhuh f965: and it s
for some reason f963: yeahuhhuh f965: and sometimes they
i have f963: right yeahuhhuh f965: as i am
and clapped your hands f963: uhhuh f965: behind your back
m964: mmhm f965: suet f963: uhhuh f965: but er no
and then f963: oh rightuhhuh f965: come into into
had that in in f963: uhhuh f965: er newbury in
hair s not good f963: uhhuh f965: erm f963: so
it was frozen f963: yesuhhuh f965: erm th- and
it but f963: mm yeahuhhuh f965: erm there s
so- bob short bob f963: uhhuh f965: everything about them
that age really f963: yeahuhhuh f965: i mean the
repressive regime f963: mm mmuhhuh f965: it was a
be different from that yeahuhhuh f965: it was a
no kicking no mm yeahuhhuh f965: it was a
roll m964: [cough] f963: rightuhhuh f965: it was it
their conkers but never rightuhhuh f965: oh no no
what we called it f963: uhhuh f965: peevers plural for
[laugh] plain throw f963: yeahuhhuh f965: plainy caught it
never had it f963: yeahuhhuh f965: that was that
that about the vandalism f963: uhhuh f965: we did have
or is it oh rightuhhuh f978: well yell is
lovely trip overnight f746: mmuhhuh f978: you meet a
ach mu lethuair m981: uhuhhuh f982: bha donaidh an
so it s quite f606: uhhuh good f209: it s
mentor my mentor yes f1054: uhhuh grand so that s
and are you the pilotuhhuh have you flown a
was the under forester f643: uhhuh helen s m642: and
f1091: he s driving m1092: uhhuh him driving [inaudible] i
you can get mcflurry machinesuhhuh how bad s that
colour it s made f1124: uhhuh i better wash it
that ain f1091: mmhm m1092: uhhuh i can turn the
play wi the cars m1092: uhhuh i do f1091: and
found joggies yet f1112: [inaudible]uhhuh i have i will
it dog f1005: aye f1006: uhhuh i hear that used
want to watch it m1092: uhhuh i i want it
easier will it m1092: mmuhhuh i [inaudible] f1091: now
he punched oak [laugh] f1049: uhhuh i just seen it
aye f1121: will you f1122: uhhuh i ll make it
go for a visit f746: uhhuh i m sure i
were f1077: it will douhhuh i m sure it
them or f1077: uh huhuhhuh i m sure they
finished that [laugh] [inaudible] f746: uhhuh i really liked it
again to go tae dunoonuhhuh i said that i
mmhm m1010: dip- dippy f1011: uhhuh i say hookey as
wee ones for children m1055: uhhuh i suppose weans is
[laugh] f947: yeah very gooduhhuh i think it is
home like f1155: at [inaudible]uhhuh i think so but
i to help ye m1092: uhhuh i want [inaudible] me
in south of italy m608: uhhuh i- it and it
f1077: it wa- oh yesuhhuh ian was when we
up to the drawers m1106: uhhuh in my bedroom there
would m078: well yes yesuhhuh in order to to
the the sort of ermuhhuh in the recess there
entran- f1049: workout world m1048: uhhuh in there erm and
don t know [laugh] m1146: uhhuh [inaudible] f1054: god that
s in the boat m1092: uhhuh [inaudible] f1091: aye but
s got an umbrella m1092: uhhuh [inaudible] f1091: mmhm and
of your jigsaw m1094: [inaudible]uhhuh [inaudible] f1093: right the
one at a time f1112: uhhuh [inaudible] f1111: now i
oh f1125: it s okayuhhuh [inaudible] f1126: mmhm there
f1136: mum my seat f1135: uhhuh [inaudible] f1136: that one
f1141: aren t ye f1142: uhhuh [inaudible] f1141: and then
normal m608: mm mm f641: uhhuh [inaudible] f643: and and
six aye f902: uh huhuhhuh [inaudible] f826: cause that
grandfather had a trawler f1043: uhhuh [inaudible] mm f1041: an
he s getting muscles f1112: uhhuh [inaudible] muscles hey that
the cat and stuff m1092: uhhuh [inaudible] no want it
him having a wash f1091: uhhuh is he getting a
were chelmsford or somewhere f963: uhhuh is that oh i
in milan m608: oh okayuhhuh is that permanent there
that does it okay f1112: uhhuh it do- no that
this old toy box f1112: uhhuh it is a old
hope it s cheap f1112: uhhuh it is f1111: is
i think is it f1112: uhhuh it is put on
navy durin the war f1041: uhhuh it s a place
you goin to playschool nowuhhuh it s half past
side f1155: maybe recognise ituhhuh it s kind of
first mu- yes aly bainuhhuh it s the first
look look the fimbles f1113: uhhuh it says bessie and
get f1077: yeah mmhm tabletuhhuh it used to be
take the spiders out f1112: uhhuh it was silicone and
to skelp m1007: yes m1008: uhhuh it would be a
me the haill storie malcolmuhhuh jek yon nicht the
tidy up a trim f1112: uhhuh just at the back
weren t at school m1048: uhhuh [laugh] and then we
all that uh huh m1048: uhhuh [laugh] are youse from
walls an that f746: ohuhhuh [laugh] aw f978: i
we call it primary schooluhhuh [laugh] erm six so
i m like oh rightuhhuh [laugh] f1049: chris [censored: surname]
uh huh cause she knewuhhuh [laugh] f1049: stock because
you had to like writeuhhuh [laugh] f1049: write a
[?]we've got some of[/?] these little bits f1112: uhhuh [laugh] f1111: wow we
down to customer services f1148: uhhuh [laugh] f1149: and they
this is her last yearuhhuh [laugh] f1149: this is
a bit older f631: [laugh]uhhuh [laugh] f689: [laugh] in
[laugh] f689: favours [laugh] f631: uhhuh [laugh] f689: och no
wee boy f631: oh rightuhhuh [laugh] f689: so that
yeah well dat was gooduhhuh [laugh] f961: but it
my remembrance f963: right yeahuhhuh [laugh] f965: that s
[laugh] jugs o shots greatuhhuh [laugh] [laugh] f1049: no
a blonde f641: i seeuhhuh [laugh] [laugh] f639: and
ardrossan [laugh] ah f1049: [inaudible]uhhuh [laugh] m1048: ah that
huh that woman s crazyuhhuh [laugh] m1048: oh that
market for some people f606: uhhuh [laugh] m830: [laugh] that
normally and sometimes i f831: uhhuh [laugh] m842: pit it
grass pitch for rugby f606: uhhuh [laugh] m845: so they
m1048: yeah heard it f1049: uhhuh [laugh] my m1048: we
shetland use m865: uh huhuhhuh [laugh] okay no no
m1048: [laugh] help [laugh] f1049: uhhuh [laugh] [sniff] m1048: the
somebody in ma group stoleuhhuh [laugh] yeah cause we
like butter are they f1112: uhhuh let s find their
go very far er f718: uhhuh m017: and er it
lavatorial humour image f718: [laugh]uhhuh m017: and then we
which i have lived f718: uhhuh m017: eh er the
documents begin to be f718: uhhuh m017: er spelt in
to the scottish scene f718: uhhuh m017: er to produce
in which the children f718: uhhuh m017: er where i
some of their scots f718: uhhuh m017: i mean it
humour f718: [laugh] uh huhuhhuh m017: it s not
is incorrect a-a- and f718: uhhuh m017: suddenly using it
one is the way f718: uhhuh m017: that scots is
eh er f718: yes quiteuhhuh m017: that that where
community er f718: uh huhuhhuh m017: this is rather
f718: [laugh] of course [laugh]uhhuh m017: to have their
thousand years [inaudible] f718: yesuhhuh m017: w- we can
new varieties developing as welluhhuh m017: with its huge
er already in ireland m608: uhhuh m078: as part of
he talks about that m608: uhhuh m078: erm it s
back eh eh for m608: uhhuh m078: for eh for
the ink has dried m608: uhhuh m078: so er no
sense of personal exploration m608: uhhuh m078: was mirrored by
nowt m999: the beasts m1000: uhhuh m1002: nowt or the
actually caed that in officiallyuhhuh m1010: aye aye the
uh huh that s rightuhhuh m1010: just the same
or nithered f1054: cauldrife craiteruhhuh m1012: nithered i had
aye aye aye f1011: ayeuhhuh m1012: they re no
their knowledge of doric f606: uhhuh m1036: until they had
when ye re soakin f1040: uhhuh m1042: oh f1054: an
it s making a f1049: uhhuh m1048: a pressure point
huh they were so gooduhhuh m1048: amazin [laugh] it
a bottle or something f1049: uhhuh m1048: and it s
uh huh yeah f1049: meuhhuh m1048: and then at
like a wee square f1049: uhhuh m1048: and then there
couple o blues was ituhhuh m1048: aye and then
on on the laptop f1049: uhhuh m1048: because it s
like basic fried rice f1049: uhhuh m1048: but it s
know what i mean f1049: uhhuh m1048: ehm so i
oh yeah it s f1049: uhhuh m1048: gonna be a
they shout at you f1049: uhhuh m1048: i remember the
didn t eat f1049: [exhale]uhhuh m1048: oh it s
it that s like f1049: uhhuh m1048: really that good
like really cheap beer f1049: uhhuh m1048: right all the
like erm joanne [censored: surname] f1049: uhhuh m1048: right well it
trolley sort o thing f1049: uhhuh m1048: so er i
would just fall over f1049: uhhuh m1048: whereas this one
get bored of it f1049: uhhuh m1048: you know that
yes f1009: scots word [inaudible]uhhuh m1055: a-alth- although i
was just black with m1007: uhhuh m1055: it had been
from ceàrr m1008: yes m1007: uhhuh m1055: which is for
who went to you- f1071: uhhuh m1070: who went with
i m told cause f718: uhhuh m1078: all my all
and grocer and whoever f718: uhhuh m1078: and er so
well mm yeah but welluhhuh m1078: building up to
plays badminton with her f718: uhhuh m1078: or she takes
f1077: wanted and you [laugh]uhhuh m1078: pineapple cake or
fisherman being very superstitious f718: uhhuh m1078: so when they
which was tha- very livelyuhhuh m1078: that was a
there m1090: lisa f1089: lisauhhuh m1090: but there s
f1089: [censored: forename] m1090: [censored: forename] f1089: uhhuh m1090: oh [inhale] [censored: forename]
more f1093: watch your leguhhuh m1094: you needing this
is ain for you f1095: uhhuh m1096: and ain for
back look traffics traffics f1095: uhhuh m1096: nope nope that
m1098: oh oh right f1097: uhhuh m1098: uh f1097: then
m1106: like a roof f1105: uhhuh m1106: [inaudible] crunch it
my tea m1106: mum f1105: uhhuh m1106: mum [?]did you just eat[/?] i
f1107: okay m1108: three f1107: uhhuh m1108: and and and
of m1108: a englishman f1107: uhhuh m1108: he f1107: be
them the two [?]aa[/?] f1107: uhhuh m1108: if there s
been in for his beefiesuhhuh m1108: mmhm f1107: has
aa the furry animals okayuhhuh m1110: duck tortoise a
m1110: i found him f1109: uhhuh m1110: i count i
that s right or likeuhhuh m1146: [inaudible] f1143: or
to a certain age f746: uhhuh m1161: is that the
he becomes f746: [laugh] f1159: uhhuh m1161: [laugh] f947: and
had a f746: [laugh] f947: uhhuh m1161: pint i had
where was he from thenuhhuh m1161: the child i
top o a mountain m608: uhhuh m1163: and that s
my initial remit m608: ayeuhhuh m1163: and they had
interview people m608: aye ayeuhhuh m1163: and you can
problem in the slightest m608: uhhuh m1163: because when i
you know er but m608: uhhuh m1163: but that s
as an accountant wi m608: uhhuh m1163: coopers lybrand i
the scotsman about it m608: uhhuh m1163: [cough] and then
oh is that the yeahuhhuh m1163: eh that that
some joking in it m608: uhhuh m1163: erm but the
was at that time m608: uhhuh m1163: he was in
last erm lunch club m608: uhhuh m1163: in december i
just died this year m608: uhhuh m1163: in september and
like that because er m608: uhhuh m1163: it s no
on i- in italy m608: uhhuh m1163: my grandfather on
and at the other m608: uhhuh m1163: side and then
we wanted you know m608: uhhuh m1163: so two or
said yeah i would m608: uhhuh m1163: take it and
this piece of paper m608: uhhuh m1163: telling me that
machines and that so m608: uhhuh m1163: they cannae go
well you know to m608: uhhuh m1163: to to to
into the sheet and m608: uhhuh m1163: use that at
ah thirteen mm that suhhuh m1163: which is a
their grandchildren with them m608: uhhuh m1163: you know and
then that s fine m608: uhhuh m1163: you know but
lot more than thirteen m608: uhhuh m1163: you know but
house to house m608: ayeuhhuh m1163: you know so
businesses local businesses erm m608: uhhuh m1174: about advertising on
two different things but m608: uhhuh m1174: again catering for
to the radio online m608: uhhuh m1174: and also we
at english at school m608: uhhuh m1174: and fortunately i
aimed at women erm m608: uhhuh m1174: and then we
four hours a day m608: uhhuh m1174: but again because
news articles in urdu m608: uhhuh m1174: erm because it
be the same articles m608: uhhuh m1174: erm but it
be listening m608: uh huhuhhuh m1174: erm listening to
erm and football m608: okayuhhuh m1174: erm so that
are a standard english m608: uhhuh m1174: erm they will
ramadan the month of m608: uhhuh m1174: fasting erm it
it could possibly grow m608: uhhuh m1174: i mean i
er and read erm m608: uhhuh m1174: i mean that
edinburgh er i would- m608: uhhuh m1174: i would- i
maybe that s when m608: uhhuh m1174: most of the
the future where cause m608: uhhuh m1174: obviously like i
like a weekly er m608: uhhuh m1174: publication so and
not many people had m608: uhhuh m1174: really kind of
your sports reporter [laugh] m608: uhhuh m1174: so again it
or pakistan would use m608: uhhuh m1174: so it s
they can eat etcetera m608: uhhuh m1174: so most of
would be er manpower m608: uhhuh m1174: staffing a- and
they re they re m608: uhhuh m1174: you know as
love following sport er m608: uhhuh m1174: you know so
was in once too m608: uhhuh m194: all durin the
paper this [inaudible] [?]dyke[/?] m608: uhhuh m194: and dumped there
bring them in there m608: uhhuh m194: and get back
they took the troops m608: uhhuh m194: and plus they
get back oot again m608: uhhuh m194: and that s
bo- bought into stranraer m608: uhhuh m194: and that s
come back home again m608: uhhuh m194: and then i
year and a half m608: uhhuh m194: and then i
could talk to them m608: uhhuh m194: and then of
that was workin there m608: uhhuh m194: and then of
to camps in england m608: uhhuh m194: and then the
put them back out m608: uhhuh m194: and then they
in the water again m608: uhhuh m194: and then they
school there m194: yes m608: uhhuh m194: i did that
i did and then m608: uhhuh m194: i was there
from oh abro- abroad m608: uhhuh m194: in with the
post on a sunday m608: uhhuh m194: mmhm and that
m194: down from america m608: uhhuh m194: mmhm and their
water on the other m608: uhhuh m194: side of the
couldnae get the bottom m608: uhhuh m194: so it s
was ready for scrappin m608: uhhuh m194: so what they
which has had a m741: uhhuh m605: a history of
specific number o writers m741: uhhuh m605: and it s
projects yet but might m741: uhhuh m605: but based on
s where the tutorial m741: uhhuh m605: comes in but
and coleridge you know m741: uhhuh m605: ehm in in
i heard m741: right cooluhhuh m605: i heard that
completely but i definitely m741: uhhuh m605: marked it all
to irish immigration m741: rightuhhuh m605: okay ehm it
s almost like tyneside m741: uhhuh m605: right an an
near the centre of m741: uhhuh m605: this monumental work
m608: and er [inaudible] m078: uhhuh m608: but i these
whole [inaudible] class f637: ayeuhhuh m608: [inaudible] f637: and
narrowness yes that s rightuhhuh m608: [inaudible] go on
just just wondered if m1174: uhhuh m608: [laugh] if there
it s a bit m078: uhhuh m608: like it s
process it f643: uh huhuhhuh m608: mm m642: because
f638: six like that f637: uhhuh m608: mmhm f638: and
three six gurka rifles m635: uhhuh m608: mmhm m636: but
to pub to hotel m1163: uhhuh m608: oh right i
there is a very m078: uhhuh m608: strong assertion of
f643: robert gordon s universityuhhuh m608: sure mm and
centres they have the f643: uhhuh m608: the eh they
m608: [inaudible] f637: mmhm f638: uhhuh m608: where did where
for three and half yearsuhhuh m608: yeah f643: i
eh evacuees from glasgow m608: uhhuh m635: to live in
at 129 dalsalloch row m608: uhhuh m636: and eh in
on from glasgow and m608: uhhuh m636: and eh other
when he was sixteen m608: uhhuh m636: because of the
huh m636: and john m608: uhhuh m636: he had been
[?]kilkirn[/?] that s two f643: uhhuh m642: and again that
railway i got sleepers f643: uhhuh m642: and built the
cap signed by him m608: uhhuh m642: and he s
at north harbour motorcycles m608: uhhuh m642: and that s
done a a year f643: uhhuh m642: and then and
then coleraine f643: oh coleraineuhhuh m642: down here the
problem about linear movement f643: uhhuh m642: even if it
s that between the f643: uhhuh m642: ground and the
speired this wee hoose m608: uhhuh m642: i speired this
felt on it right m608: uhhuh m642: it done a
blockage and and m608: [inaudible]uhhuh m642: kill him and
got the original photograph f643: uhhuh m642: not just the
right turn f643: uh huhuhhuh m642: right and the
a fiver a week m608: uhhuh m642: so i used
the side like that m608: uhhuh m642: so it- its
road f643: forest road m608: uhhuh m642: that and it
know f641: you do yeahuhhuh m642: that kind of
like straw in it m608: uhhuh m642: the wui- the
you know the jetty m608: uhhuh m642: to see all
they re aw gone f606: uhhuh m691: aye but we
o languages in helensburgh f606: uhhuh m691: oh it s
good times ye know f606: uhhuh m691: yeah f606: an
four words per page f718: uhhuh m734: and [pff] it
stage seventeen or eighteen f718: uhhuh m734: er and not
out smarties to everyone f718: uhhuh m734: er kind of
it full stop f718: [laugh]uhhuh m734: er so then
all the others get f718: uhhuh m734: fuzzed out a
off my bike er f718: uhhuh m734: [laugh] which is
playing to survive er f718: uhhuh m734: so kind of
the same way at f718: uhhuh m734: that kind of
it happening way off f718: uhhuh m734: yeah that s
s interesting f963: mm yeahuhhuh m762: because [laugh] i
a female f963: oh rightuhhuh m762: er point of
jazz f963: yeah yeah rightuhhuh m762: erm and and
f963: mm yes yeah rightuhhuh m762: she is the
yeah the pirate station yeahuhhuh m762: so they used
f963: mm mmhm yes yeahuhhuh m762: there are all
in some f963: yes yesuhhuh m762: weird place in
its eyes it s m804: uhhuh m805: got holes and
just sort of go f814: uhhuh m811: occasionally but it
ll just not bother m816: uhhuh m815: and then i
i tried my best m816: uhhuh m815: i m i
been quite careful oh m816: uhhuh m815: i ve no
them i went out m816: uhhuh m815: i went out
carryin it about for m816: uhhuh m815: just for the
i never got it m816: uhhuh m815: so need to
[laugh] m816: great time m815: uhhuh m816: great time it
aye pineapple fritters they m818: uhhuh m819: a lot of
right because it s m818: uhhuh m819: it s a
o openin the station f606: uhhuh m822: aye f606: that
it an i m f606: uhhuh m822: sure nooadays it
wi that ye see f606: uhhuh m824: aye m822: an
listed building ye see f606: uhhuh m824: but the the
m822: laurencekirk f823: mmhm f606: uhhuh m824: i stay in
it s like really f606: uhhuh m830: an that we
mackay f829: certainly f606: yyeahuhhuh m830: brown and and
[laugh] f829: [laugh] yeah f606: uhhuh m830: but no i
friends yeah f606: friends yeahuhhuh m830: just in me
voice but in a f831: uhhuh m842: classroom cause it
it it was all f831: uhhuh m842: guid an as
wedgie it was a f831: uhhuh m842: sid when we
kinda speak f831: mmhm ayeuhhuh m842: tae ye but
m very conscious f831: ayeuhhuh m842: that when i
like that or eh f831: uhhuh m842: tv bloopers and
it f831: uh huh ayeuhhuh m842: was quite it
odd word or like f831: uhhuh m842: you can still
i remember goin f606: yeahuhhuh m845: along there to
rabbit so f606: what liveuhhuh m845: aye waved it
would have been seven f606: uhhuh m845: but again no
for one building yeah f606: uhhuh m845: i mean i
instead of tomorrow f606: yeahuhhuh m845: is one that
how ye were f606: yeahuhhuh m845: um i- it
these ehm language situations m952: uhhuh m865: and tell me
yeah no no no nouhhuh m865: shetland okay not
accents in scotland ehm m952: uhhuh m865: what dialects and
yeah f606: uh huh f902: uhhuh m903: but there s
but is that put f826: uhhuh m903: on or is
to neaten it [?]a rinse out[/?] f943: uhhuh m944: i thought so
tae get the strap m865: uhhuh m952: but the only
man showin his lips m865: uhhuh m952: but where s
differences here m865: oh rightuhhuh m952: if you go
not not scottish okay mmuhhuh m952: [laugh] no i
[laugh] oh dear uh huhuhhuh m952: so to be
m865: okay yeah yeah yeahuhhuh m952: that area an
spaek it at school m865: uhhuh m952: they wanted us
of the deal erm f606: uhhuh m954: which happened with
the sixth i think souhhuh m959: bit hectic has
know big red ones f958: uhhuh m959: [laugh] f958: no
chip crack broken f963: mmhmuhhuh m964: [laugh] f965: i
no a bit more formaliseduhhuh m964: mm f965: a
f965: plural m964: and f963: uhhuh m964: the stone that
tha mise a smaoineachadh dhethuhhuh m979: lìon thusa a
braw m1000: very bonny brawuhhuh m999: aye f1001: because
m1000: aye against you awkwarduhhuh m999: eh meanin it
m1000: aye that mmhm mmhmuhhuh m999: ehm that s
m999: aye m1000: aye ayeuhhuh m999: i ken i
well nae exactly but ayeuhhuh m999: that s for
m1010: [inaudible] aye aye f1011: uhhuh mm aye well there
your daddy helped ye m1092: uhhuh mm f1091: will we
somewhere [laugh] not sure f606: uhhuh mm f890: it s
somethin like that so m865: uhhuh mm f951: because that
having guests [laugh] f963: [laugh]uhhuh mm f965: yeah there
boxes m1092: uh huh f1091: uhhuh mm fitt else is
back home in pakistan m608: uhhuh mm m1174: er or
re not really professional m608: uhhuh mm m1174: in in
code switch as such m608: uhhuh mm m1174: when we
bridge at forbes s m608: uhhuh mm m642: ken the
the jurisdiction limit presumably f963: uhhuh mm mm f965: and
is very good at dauhhuh mm mmhm f961: an
sports kit with you f1025: uhhuh mmhm f1024: but for
birthday f1114: dear [censored: forename] f1113: uhhuh mmhm f1114: mum where
the programme was presenting f641: uhhuh mmhm f643: so for
it m1078: change the mmhmuhhuh mmhm f718: mm because
de man f961: uh huhuhhuh mmhm f960: said and
and they were f963: yeahuhhuh mmhm f965: terrified of
same side as that m1078: uhhuh mmhm fraser s of
born here m1078: yes ayeuhhuh mmhm grandparents would be
the process of globalisation f718: uhhuh mmhm m017: eh which
movin aboot m608: aye trueuhhuh mmhm m194: so we
quite like languages and f1148: uhhuh mmhm mmhm f1149: it
it has several m1078: mmhmuhhuh mmhm mmhm f718: is
norwegian an shetland together m865: uhhuh mmhm yeah m952: but
dae the monkey one m1092: uhhuh monkey one that good
my husband but a [laugh]uhhuh most f1144: this is
started comin in again f632: uhhuh must ve stimulated the
that s right yeah f1077: uhhuh nineteen seventy one we
onything whereas noo we f960: uhhuh no f961: hae a
my wife s not m608: uhhuh no m1163: she s
s just m608: uh huhuhhuh no no m1174: it
on a monday mornin m815: uhhuh no there s not
[laugh] f1023: things [laugh] f1027: uhhuh none o nick s
of the big puddle m1092: uhhuh now f1091: there s
the rail track sure m1092: uhhuh now look f1091: and
e mach alright [neo-shoilleir] f980: uhhuh och tha mi a
other people i won f943: uhhuh of c- [laugh] of
there is a female f1027: uhhuh oh aye so there
shoe wardrobe f1140: mmhm f1139: uhhuh oh dear under the
you school dinners uh huhuhhuh oh i did at
brief questionnaire concerning yourself f948: uhhuh oh right m865: an
good ehm m952: yeah [laugh]uhhuh oh yeah m865: so
that s interesting for funuhhuh oh yeah that s
weel on shetland f1074: yesuhhuh oh yes alder that
aberdonian or glaswegian accent m865: uhhuh okay ehm what about
in glasgow central mosque m608: uhhuh okay m1174: er and
wi frills and ain withootuhhuh one o them and
[yawn] are you winning m1090: uhhuh oops [swallow] f1089: are
mmhm is it parrots m1092: uhhuh parrot birdies no these
it s a crane m1092: uhhuh pushing it f1091: it
ah most of ma lifeuhhuh right f1054: er all
[laugh] not very useful f746: uhhuh right f745: or a
slogan i think but thenuhhuh right m1078: mm i
syne was never a f826: uhhuh right m903: word used
oh he said [?]axe ye echt year ago[/?] m865: uhhuh right m952: so we
f1104: and this [inaudible] f1103: uhhuh right pop that on
might not f1077: mm mmuhhuh right uh huh it
along the beach as welluhhuh right yeah f965: there
is that his screwdriver m1092: uhhuh screwdriver f1091: mmhm so
or doesn t really f1148: uhhuh she does yeah but
take a long time f902: uhhuh she said well there
up yeah f814: yeah f813: uhhuh shells and stuff and
you involved in the fightuhhuh [sniff] thought you had
erm erm a car f1095: uhhuh so find the other
[laugh] yeah f606: [laugh] yesuhhuh so it s a
eara dheas [tarraing anail] f982: [tarraing anail]uhhuh so sin agad a
they knew your father f963: uhhuh so that that i
went into care and f606: uhhuh so they re not
like a m1048: presentation f1049: uhhuh soon m1048: you are
f1091: is it spilling m1092: uhhuh spilling f1091: and what
and chips would feature f1077: uhhuh steak pie gammon and
them haven t we f1112: uhhuh take the babies one
s the te- teletubbies m1092: uhhuh teletubbies f1091: mmhm so
missing the first page m1092: uhhuh that f1091: okay it
eil heit m1161: mmhm f947: uhhuh that s another one
yeah he was nice f689: uhhuh that s jamie that
that must be quite f965: uhhuh that s right i
the mornins rintoul uh huhuhhuh that s ti be
and buy some tulips f1112: uhhuh that s what it
remember that f1122: mmhm f1121: uhhuh that s where it
are you too hot f1112: uhhuh that s why i
f902: despite aa the moneyuhhuh that their kids are
end mmhm f689: our hoteluhhuh that was mum that
f718: a c right f1077: uhhuh that was up where
f1091: that s percy m1092: uhhuh the helicopter f1091: that
to get the cider m816: uhhuh the thing i can
s a house aye m1092: uhhuh there clouds f1091: that
tracks aren t they m1092: uhhuh there thomas is on
there hasn t he m1092: uhhuh they re bigger than
dirty isn t he m1092: uhhuh they re gaun to
nice and fresh m1106: mumuhhuh they re nice and
the same thing f963: yeahuhhuh they were kind of
cause the actors were f1049: uhhuh they were so good
m1048: yeah i was thinkinguhhuh this is fine for
two weeks f1155: [throat] f1154: uhhuh this is me i
the world i suppose freezinguhhuh to be emphatic about
hand that was [inaudible] f641: uhhuh to bring warmth for
about holdin their bottles f1049: uhhuh uh huh alcoholics i
and that s annie m1092: uhhuh uh huh and that
mm f902: aye uh huhuhhuh uh huh but the
impression [sniff] mm mm f718: uhhuh uh huh does that
it appleringie f718: yeah c-uhhuh uh huh f1077: but
diver didn t he m1092: uhhuh uh huh f1091: and
jigsaw piece did he m1092: uhhuh uh huh f1091: is
frae the jungle book m1092: uhhuh uh huh f1091: what
f1114: that s purple f1113: uhhuh uh huh f1114: that
anne marie s [inaudible] f947: uhhuh uh huh f1160: i
do uh huh mmhm mmhmuhhuh uh huh f826: which
some gaelic speakin friends m865: uhhuh uh huh f951: so
door of coorse gengs f961: uhhuh uh huh f960: in
dere wis naethin on f960: uhhuh uh huh f961: an
but dey werena buddered f960: uhhuh uh huh f961: in
town in those days toouhhuh uh huh f965: and
it acquires bad associations f718: uhhuh uh huh m017: but
with lavatorial humour f718: [laugh]uhhuh uh huh m017: it
mm m017: nebulous tradition f718: uhhuh uh huh m017: it
any specific community er f718: uhhuh uh huh m017: this
capital what s that m608: uhhuh uh huh m1163: all
born in johnstone renfrewshire m608: uhhuh uh huh m1163: and
got oot o it m865: uhhuh uh huh m952: and
fix her [laugh] oh dearuhhuh uh huh m952: so
sleepy f1104: [yawn] uh huhuhhuh uh huh mum is
punjabi it s just m608: uhhuh uh huh no no
lunches did you school dinnersuhhuh uh huh oh i
lowss i the mornins rintouluhhuh uh huh that s
tickling somebody s feet m1092: uhhuh uh huh who is
a great hairdresser s f1112: uhhuh uh huh yeah it
so the scots language m865,: uhhuh uh huh yeah now
could build a sandcastle f1112: uhhuh we could f1111: and
tina there who sorry f1049: uhhuh we don t have
we haven t time f1136: uhhuh we have got time
f1095: aye m1096: no f1095: uhhuh we ll maybe go
can we clean now f1121: uhhuh we ll sort that
uh huh aye so ayeuhhuh we were the same
mmhm uh huh f1125: [cough]uhhuh well done and one
very sort of f965: exactlyuhhuh well f963: learn by
yourself any time but f809: uhhuh well i tried to
a pan m1108: aye f1107: uhhuh well it ll be
universal f1077: oh right ohuhhuh well it s more
percent cause she didn tuhhuh well like [censored: forename] had
f963: they were into yeahuhhuh well like like i
the living we we f1027: uhhuh well so did we
t it f902: so- yeahuhhuh well this is it
m1048: were you drinking alcoholuhhuh what did you have
f1111: a design okay f1112: uhhuh what you making on
highers f1149: yeah y- welluhhuh when you get to
one f1126: uh huh f1125: uhhuh where does it go
f1091: that s zebras m1092: uhhuh where s the other
five hit s de f960: uhhuh which which hall is
s feet m1092: uh huhuhhuh who is that feet
is just called genie m1092: uhhuh who that f1091: that
s lots o sand m1092: uhhuh who that f1091: that
f1091: and this one m1092: uhhuh who that who that
f1091: is that tigger m1092: uhhuh who that who that
pig pig f1091: pig m1092: uhhuh who these f1091: that
it his working boots m1092: uhhuh who this f1091: that
that noise [toy noise] [?]i love you.[/?] [inaudible]uhhuh why you broked it
going to scandinavia before f1149: uhhuh would you go back
get the snake away f1113: uhhuh would you like a
ton weight is it f1112: uhhuh wow this is we
c- across europe or m865,: uhhuh y- you would be
rock and pop and stuffuhhuh yeah and m1078: and
arrogant kinda stroppy arrogant f1027: uhhuh yeah bit o an
know you know although f606: uhhuh yeah f1039: there s
third and fourth year f1148: uhhuh yeah f1149: and then
i remember seeing it f1148: uhhuh yeah f1149: there s
never had the need m865,: uhhuh yeah f950: ehm i
it d be m865,: yeahuhhuh yeah f950: necessary to
in scots i suppose m865: uhhuh yeah f951: oh that
wi you [censored: forename] [laugh] m865: uhhuh yeah f951: so i
oh right uh huh yeahuhhuh yeah f951: that s
the locals f963: aye rightuhhuh yeah f965: and i
birthday cake f963: mm rightuhhuh yeah f965: but in
that was their life f963: uhhuh yeah f965: but now
games skipping thing f963: yesuhhuh yeah f965: erm i
mrs [censored: surname] you know f963: uhhuh yeah f965: how are
know m964: mmhm f963: rightuhhuh yeah f965: not in
she mentioned you know f963: uhhuh yeah f965: there is
in the nicer bits yeahuhhuh yeah f965: well that
what would they decide m865,: uhhuh yeah i mean as
basket haven t we m1090: uhhuh yeah it s in
in it s like f631: uhhuh yeah [laugh] all the
to copenhagen f1149: yeah f1148: uhhuh yeah like definitely to
to happen f718: mmhm mmhmuhhuh yeah m017: w- we
would have at home m1007: uhhuh yeah m1008: we had
not f963: oh right rightuhhuh yeah m762: not so
thought f963: right yes yeahuhhuh yeah m762: there s
up wi this yourself [laugh]uhhuh yeah m830: it s
of modern scots m952: yeahuhhuh yeah m865: eh or
my breath you know m608: uhhuh yeah mmhm m1163: and
scots language m865,: uh huhuhhuh yeah now there s
yeah mmhm yeah yes yesuhhuh yeah nurturing sort of
understand it m865: yeah yeahuhhuh yeah okay f951: i
like what we have m865: uhhuh yeah that might be
it to er grow m608: uhhuh yeah that s that
ag iarraidh and mm f947: uhhuh yeah there is a
would ever bother putting anotheruhhuh yeah very good for
pretty strong in westray m865,: uhhuh yeah where where is
aerodrome in prestwick f963: yesuhhuh yeah yeah f965: it
two yeah f947: anybody hereuhhuh yeah yeah friday or
doing this interview here f950: uhhuh yeah yeah m865,: this
is here to stay m608: uhhuh yeah yeah that that
pend m1146: that s correctuhhuh yes f1144: there s
the other one mmhm m1078: uhhuh yes f718: so that
have done f963: mm rightuhhuh yes yeah m762: and
thing i think m1146: yesuhhuh yes yes f1145: i
dad just don t careuhhuh you could paintball the
lovely all day long f1112: uhhuh you do f1111: no
i i i m- m818: uhhuh you just [inhale] it
there f718: right mm m1078: uhhuh you might have been
you mm well look m1092: uhhuh you want help me
order f1112: uh huh uhuhi m not allowed to
is f1095: n- m1096: uhuhuh huh dinna dae that
[cough] m1007: oh yes f1009: uhuh huh m1007: good one

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