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an askit um tae geiumae haund wi yid nichol
huv ti think whey ahumah ken whey ah um
ed the ned along gitumalong then let um scare
hame jock short kam tiluman askit um tae gei
face up ti um makeumapologise enter jilly pat makes
like of glasgow f807: umumbasically good shopping opportunities well
along then let um scareumcammy mibi the only wae
you going to do f1114: umf1113: um um um right
but um [tut] it sumi think it s good
wait see um listen tiumif yur noh comfortable then
della promise yull noh upsetumkrista krista pleasure um wi
up dimps fuck wi trickinumlet s git kickin um
in stew wi wait seeumlisten ti um if yur
shouts pat face up tiummake um apologise enter jilly
um ah ken whey ahumpat makin mah sister inti
f1114: um f1113: um umumright just aboot ready f1114:
git um along then letumscare um cammy mibi the
um let s git kickinumsilence cammy wi need ti
m805: um the bottom forumsix m804: six for his
kam til um an askitumtae gei um ae haund
m804: and what about m805: umthe bottom for um six
[laugh] actually go shopping butum[tut] it s um i
you like of glasgow f807: umum basically good shopping opportunities
do f1114: um f1113: umumum right just aboot ready
to do f1114: um f1113: umum um right just aboot
upset um krista krista pleasureumwi yin o mah sugary
wee guy here we geeuma voice dimps he s
gee ed a go letumdae his stuff if wur
his wife could only geeumdauchters twa mind when sol
we ve nothing ti geeumkrista he ll be efter
dimps fuck sake dey geeummah real name ih cammy
the famely siller cannae geeumthat krista krista whit choice
entitlement so if we geeumwhat he wants then he
the spider s body m805: umand there was actually a
other superheroes are there m805: umbatman m804: tell me about
m805: he s got blackumblack he s got black
sayin about superman m805: yeahumhe can never die if
make it up from m805: umhe had a cutting machine
tell me about batman m805: umhe shoots out [tut] eh
superboy s special powers m805: umhe turns invisible and and
use for your nose m805: umhe used five and he
there that you like m805: umi also like the incredibles
screw through that rock m805: umi found it eh cut
superboy s outfit like m805: umit s like it s
to hear about stuff m805: umsee that pipe there that
what do they do m805: umsuperman he s from krypton
name of the paper m805: umthe daily bugle m804: that
he use for that m805: umthey were seven and eight
this one here m805: yeahumthis you under your skin
happened to his arm m805: umwhen we took off the
it yid an sayed tilummarcie yid a juist dinnae
in an shei sayed tilummaun yid fur why div
yid guid day an leftumtae feenish his stent roond
the yeir tho wei caumthe young laird yid is
hae we got ti makumgawn awa krista a speedy
face it tess awch letumgo fur the bag krista
an krista aye bit hearumnoo robby learned that trait
uh ll krista oo seenumseen zeb headin doon the
loneliness silence krista yi wantumstaein roond here gabbin ti
stew ed thull noh takeumah ll noh let thum
you noh wantin ti askumanything stew would it be
noh say shid wrote tiumhow could she write ti
noh deid then then ahumif he funds oot thit
o this ed wull sendumpackin ed naw yull noh
why did you noh killumstew cammy let dimps share
his nails stew noh teltumyit dimps aboot that cannae
ah wis a bad ahuma bad boy stew yur
great boss ah m muckinumaboot bites his nails stew
s gittin done soon asumchilled steve hurry stew ah
stew yi dey even kenumcunt s gave nuthuin away
a time laughs cammy grabumdimps dimps grabs ed stew
in you stew really ahumgonnae let this guy here
pause stew s feared oumlike he s hingin oan
doll s legs thigithir setumoan fire laughs stew noooooooo
cannae dae it cannae tellumstew he d understand better
nose oot mah mooth destroyumstew kin yi dae it
stew cammy stae an faceumstew we ll help yi
ti phone us stew teltumthe rule aboot nae phones
stew dimps he kin tellumti fuck off cammy same
believe it laughs steve whenumjist a shadow ah look
then wi kin cammy vaporizeumlaughs steve jumps up rushes
oan every word waitin oanumsayin sayin dimps boooo laughs
pat laughs flyin so ahumweeeeeeeee pat twirls around bj
under control need ti gitumcammy knocks over the water
didnae wet hisell dinnae hitumcammy shouts dimps git oot
gittin the shit scared ootumlong silence cammy wi could
cloth an stuffin ti gitumoot a sticky situation cammy
roond here did yi checkumoot is he ok cammy
cammy dimps git steve keepumsafe got ti git this
go dey make mi seeumsuffer cammy did yi ken
cammy wi need ti gitumtalking aboot hisell dimps aw
that scum git rid oumgit his stench oot mah
mah hand goes richt throughumthen he s a ghost
made me the wae ahumwhere wis mah famely only
ur yi steve aye ahumah m gawn ti the
like that that micht makumangry yi heard what della
steve image yi kin seeumclear as anything dimps how
yi saw him yi heardumin the hospital an here
an bj jilly what abootumpat lettin yi dae this
bein threatened steve yi trickumscotty beam mi up dimps
heard mi jilly yi makeumsound like some sorti pat
pause well hen yi hearumtak the letter see fur
at yi cause yi teltumwhere ti get off telt
where ti get off teltumyi wanted nuthin ti dae
ah dae pat an whatumah feared o bj bj
brother bj ah cannae abandonumbj an what aboot me
tomorrow never bj listen tiumlee lee shouts don t
takin him nae where makinumnae money bj makin you
wanted nuthin ti dae wiumsilence bj yur allowed in
we huv got ti gitumoan his wae awa oot
wi his faithir sniffin efterumfuck sake dimps lies down
cause he sawed my bigumbrick hand [drink] m804: ah
other eye and he usedumone for his mouth m804:
toes and he also hadumthree for his legs m804:
guard up pat lee whatumah dain here pat yur
pat steady lee shouts makeumsay sorry pat makeummakeummakeum jilly
dey make a cunt ootumoot steve silence ed it
the noo what the fuckumah sayin listen ed cause
bit [tut] goes [tut] thereumit s too fit f1125:
at the time funnily enoughumthings like that ehm [tut]
made me the wae ahumsilence lee shouts whey made
sheep lyke his faither aforeuma m telt at him
berna berna cause ah teltumti wrote him ah did
near took us aw wiumauld sod silence robby an
noos letter aa credit tilumdiv ee no think ay
an a haena spoken tilumfur owre 50 yeir kit
wis inspired tae say tilumgie mei ae haund o
whit john hed sayed tilumn afore a forleit a
the craik hind shoutit tilumyer gittin gey beld o
lood steven she sayed tilumyer nae ae torry ir
the fermer hed sayed tilumyin kan juist jalousie tammy
kids and stuff like thatumbut yeah i think she
of his stuff s fantasticumm605: very crisp in what
coming from hamburg and stuffumwhere did you live before
you re wanting m1096: ermumf1095: a playstation m1096: a
aye [child noise] f1095: here m1096: um[inaudible] f1095: come on then
put it then m1096: ochum[inaudible] f1095: through here m1096:
aye m1096: and and theumsu- supposed to be a
wis robby ah shouted tiumaunty berna wis like he
been big agnes son ahumbig whit s mair ah
ma bag an here ahumcarolanne maybe he d have
near daft is you ahumgot me haverin like yursell
still owned the same thoughtfulumhesitating ah mannerisms and it
thon kenspekkil racord mingus ahumtammas aye didna lat bug
me some cherries fur ahumwi child joseph gaithir me
me some cherries fur ahumwi child tess sings an
keeping ae periodic ey onumefter sum tyme it wis
ae torch wheech wei lentumhei hed ithoot doot frichtent
cuid hev guid collogues wiumon monie ae differn subjeck
bitch o a mithir geeinumgeein auld sol leave ti
lodged in his heid droveumnear ti bedlam pause near
s sure ti appear seeumyonder della he s wi
five years f606: mmhm m845: uma- f606: it s quite
the way f606: mm f890: umbecause i ve i ve
eh kinda mixed up kidsumf606: mmhm m845: they they
and phrases f606: mmhm m845: umf606: what about your own
f606: yeah uh huh m845: umi- it it was a
[laugh] what s that f1114: umf1113: farr s the chickens
s a big ball f1114: ummm train book f1113: train
day then a bobble f1114: umno a f1113: do you
one first f1114: no thisumthe t- the teletubbies ains
this who s this f1114: umthis f1113: oh look who
hevin huz joiners dae furumma ferrest back maimories o
aw it did wis makeuma sap a weakling could
eh i never seemed toumbut then eh moved back
or who knows yes m827: umthen it makes sense to
you bake the day m1098: umf1097: eh m1098: i don
s the sheep goin f1116: umf1115: eh go and look
know i know ehm m865: umfor example eh people could
ve only got one sociolinguistum[censored: forename] yeah m605: is that
proper bathroom it had butumf1054: mmhm f1027: the only
i only had the oneumor possibly a bare one
ee did aa bot saluteuma read i a at
the whole thing i meanumyeah did you yeah yeah
ehm but yeah f807: heyumare you going to be
have died a death f1024: umyeah f1025: mmhm f1023: you
there s just one screeningumyeah so f806: really is
do they eat anything f1071: umyeah they eat some food
naw yis yis hae spelledumforced it doon his thrapple
in his neck two boltsumhis head would keep falling
no he s got blackumthings for his eyes and
scottish nationalist m1183: no m1182: umheh he would have been
though tess so whey geedumthe help he needed robby
like you were sayin thereumbut from what i can
erm windows f1131: windows m1132: umlike this this it f1131:
like cooking the best f1122: umtasting chocolate melting f1121: mm
for some f958: [laugh] m959: umi wish i could but
there we go f1126: naeumup the nae that one
involves christmas f965: mmhm m964: umin your in your life
you said daft daft wha-ummmhm daft f1023: mmhm f1024:
[inaudible] [child noise] [toy noise] [child noise] isummmhm i m going to
it up and see f1122: umnot not yet hasn t
hud a gowden sheen taeumsutton wis grey they wur
ma muther cuid mind onuman a think mebbies on
m741: i still use kenumm605: i think it s
still standing on the busumwell i don t think
you know the english cheersumbut to me a slàinte
yes ugly building [laugh] [inhale]umf806: is it i ve
cairt an a ve seenumyonner after styin himself atweesh
what number s that f1122: umone one two three four
really heard much now m741: umm605: or do you hear
and that s us m608: umand have i mean have
m605: can t remember m741: umbut she s she s
on music just noo f1130: umf1129: okay that s easy
you re now a knightumhell says donald that s
church again but it sumit s f641: it s
it s it s greatumyou know the proximity to
about it is she f890: umwell i phoned her yesterday
just f806: hmm f807: butumf806: uh huh f807: you
middens and you know middenumand it f1023: good rhubarb
be a grunny again m1108: umi- i thought you was
nats will put you onumparade and leave new labour
that used to work thereumyou know stories from the
yes f1089: [inaudible] m1090: yesumyou want f1089: [yawn] m1090:
timbres ave i ze timeumparlez vous anglais je m
er m608: oh right m642: ummy parents stayed and we
an weel a mynd onumdancing it the dances i
1939 whan a mynd onumplooin yon field it the
exam i hate geography andum[laugh] f1026: [laugh] [laugh] f1025:
the best o them awumconn er y arise sir
drink o milk m1110: noumf1109: water m1110: no f1109:
o the car an satumon the back saet whaur
in a place and officerum[?]crogrammes[/?] and there was a
latin [inhale] so for anumfair period of time after
who had a dragon m1090: umf1089: in harry potter [pages turning]
steel and ye used aumf638: slide rule f637: slide
afore a knows wher aumma troosers get yanked doon
the waitergate a kan seiumnou hyne awa yonner penting
thing with a guitar m959: umvery original and a lot
sel agane a mynd onumyae seturday day nicht gittin
familien vor der thür oderumeinen tisch in der hütte
dialects and accents in scotlandumf948: uh huh m865: all
f1107: uh huh m1108: andum[inhale] [?]tutullah[/?] ooh mi- missed
watchin the life drain fiumother men lost thur jobs

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