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come and and dad andunclesand grannies and grand [?]kids[/?]
f1122: mmhm [inaudible] all theunclesand grannies and grandads and
wee is she an couthieuncleslike ronald reagan an he
my father it was myunclesthem that were grandfathers an
f1041: your aunties or yourunclesor aye f1043: cousins [inaudible]
cousins or whatever they wereunclesor whatever aunties f1041: your
went to lintmill the twounclesand their family who lived
craib one of the girlsuncleswas colonial surgeon in ceylon
know they re cousins orunclesor [inaudible] m1017: mmhm aye
road one of mabel sunclesthought it would be better
than at there were twounclessingle men who always turned

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