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fourteen miles away couldn tunderstanda single word that we
guy but they couldn tunderstanda word i said they
no and they couldn tunderstandher [inhale] f1148: understand her
but this guy couldn tunderstandit so he got really
course because she couldn tunderstandlet alone spanish couldn t
t there she couldn tunderstandnot being there pause i
let alone spanish couldn tunderstandscots f1037: yeah isn t
f643: but shona couldn tunderstandvery much of what he
rings that i couldn tunderstandwhen i finally got there
or finds it difficult tounderstanda point of grammar s
which is incredibly difficult tounderstandan i spent a few
coats is not difficult tounderstandbut there might be difficulties
the snp finds difficult tounderstandbut we are committed to
we were very difficult taeunderstandf1040: mm f1043: but for
s difficult to sort ofunderstandit unless you ve real-
strict erm sometimes difficult tounderstandkind of urdu m608: uh
bill are quite difficult tounderstandon their own so i
it difficult to see whyunderstandshould have become the main
explanatory it is difficult tounderstandthe attitude of timon of
it s not difficult tounderstandthey re glaswegians making work
necessary it is difficult tounderstandwhy a power should be
literary and more difficult tounderstandwhy don t you adopt
its work i do notunderstandwhy that is so difficult
we wonder why folk dinnaunderstandagriculture that s maybe the
and 1973 i can nowunderstandbetter why he gets so
under public health as iunderstandit that is why the
is produced ms white iunderstandthat i just wonder why
amendment 104 bruce crawford iunderstandwhy amendment 104 which is
be contentious i do notunderstandwhy an organisation that represents
this claim although we canunderstandwhy an outside narrator might
you could i don tunderstandwhy don t you go
o feet i can tunderstandwhy he ran eh oh
cent mr davidson you willunderstandwhy i asked that question
colleague frank mcaveety you willunderstandwhy i need the inspiration
of the accident trying tounderstandwhy it had happened appalled
of it although one canunderstandwhy it might be appropriate
adds that she can tunderstandwhy mallorcans keep insisting that
it has taken time tounderstandwhy many people speak french
preoccupied with one i canunderstandwhy members with constituency problems
school took part you willunderstandwhy mr [censored: surname] felt the
same way i do notunderstandwhy seafarers should be excluded
to see her i cannotunderstandwhy she did not have
that is why we cannotunderstandwhy subsection 2 of amendment
still edgy i don tunderstandwhy the attempts are interrupted
life of me i cannotunderstandwhy the executive could not
that my colleague can tunderstandwhy the teaching of me
and so on pronunciation butunderstandwhy the- and how they
i trust that he willunderstandwhy we cannot support the
pursue another bruce crawford iunderstandwhy we might want to
groups all the same iunderstandwhy we must do something
for that i do notunderstandwhy we need a statutory
dinnae understand silence jilly ahunderstandaw the beatins fi ur
oh yes i understand iunderstandf1054: mm great great just
t understand her [inhale] f1148: understandher and then like we
mmhm m1013: oh yes iunderstandi understand f1054: mm great
the powers that be quiteunderstandquite understand the potential of
sister an mother yi dinnaeunderstandsilence jilly ah understand aw
not understand that i canunderstandthat a case might go
the icc i do notunderstandthat i can understand that
that be quite understand quiteunderstandthe potential of scots erm
cannot move to inverness iunderstandfrom her question that margo
again he says i cannotunderstandhow a man can be
february 2003 p 3010 iunderstandthat but the minister cannot
deal with social justice iunderstandthat margaret curran cannot be
is that if we cannotunderstandthe petition the petitioner s
up her holidays and weunderstandthe whole family cannot make
carolanne no you don tunderstandany of you he s
in germany i don tunderstanddribbling the dirt out of
their heads i don tunderstandf829: yeah f606: yeah m830:
no but m942: don tunderstandf940: aye i was good
i can t profess tounderstandhim i just don t
aye f826: you don tunderstandhow soppy it s is
sound if i don tunderstandi ll ask dad and
about something i don tunderstandi want andy i say
no no you don tunderstandi want to come now
and said i don tunderstandi wondered what the english
spoken yes i don tunderstandit all but i like
as well i don tunderstandit and i think it
annoying because they don tunderstandit do you like to
an i just don tunderstandit f1043: aye the kids
sometimes laugh they don tunderstandit i use it at
annoying because they don tunderstandit tarland do your friends
about it i don tunderstandit where would you expect
hard language i don tunderstandit who uses scots at
situations that you don tunderstandm939: [laugh] m941: that s
us carolanne don t youunderstandsadie to carolanne don t
always bad i don tunderstandshe d said lamb innocent
[inaudible] m941: i don tunderstandthe beeps explain it f940:
british f835: i don tunderstandthe difference [laugh] f833: you
it is i don tunderstandthe roundabout way of your
anymore f606: they don tunderstandthe words mm m845: so
clue and they don tunderstandthese things anymore f606: they
shouldny jack i don tunderstandthis at all you ve
the lord i don tunderstandthis it doesn t seem
that i don t knowunderstandwhat it s about but
was hung i don tunderstandwhat you have written you
here right now do youunderstandyou don t need to
exasperated maybe i don tunderstandyou people you d rather
had not been issued iunderstandalthough i am going by
in any committee meeting iunderstandalthough i will clarify this
within the bill although iunderstandand have some sympathy with
scots language erm because iunderstandit although i i can
m830: how little the kidsunderstandoot o it although they
altogether different problem although iunderstandsome of the arguments of
it to be although iunderstandthat it would have implications
of the qualifications although iunderstandthat the confederation of british
a clear recommendation although weunderstandthat the executive must be
negotiations being stalled although iunderstandthat trinidad and tobago for
on deeside she could speakunderstandand was sympathetic to north
or not able to aunderstandb speak c read and
local and could speak andunderstanddoric easily she reported that
of the parishioners speak orunderstandgaelic though the names of
speak it they won tunderstandit i hear most of
its easier to do iunderstandit what do you speak
of the other children hereunderstandscots but most would speak
of people who speak orunderstandscots nowadays and in which
you speak i seem tounderstandwhat s grand rowland what
speak to amendment 62 iunderstandwhat the minister said about
rejected the convener as weunderstandstanding orders the chamber desk
education centre the convener iunderstandthat arrangements have moved on
of councils the convener iunderstandthat but we are straying
rather specifically the convener iunderstandthat difficulty perhaps we should
is acceptable john young iunderstandthat one committee convener told
sport committee the convener iunderstandthat section 77 of the
up to the convener iunderstandthat that is absolutely valid
an influence the convener iunderstandthat the executive leaves whether
the convener thank you iunderstandthat the regulations that are
degree the convener you willunderstandthat the worry is that
the deadline the convener iunderstandthat to mean that the
the documents bruce crawford iunderstandthe convener item 326 concerns
scotland and fife snp iunderstandthe convener s preamble and
and i would like tounderstandthe matter better the convener
debate to ensure that weunderstandthe procedure the convener at
this evening the convener iunderstandyour concerns this is a
was taken bruce crawford iunderstandyour point convener you are
some compulsion i do notunderstandat all shouldn t he
and she can t reallyunderstandbecause broadly speaking erm i
there words you didn tunderstandf1077: [laugh] it would be
the thing i can tunderstandhave you ever tasted that
biccy yourself andy doesn tunderstandhe knows where the biscuits
broad and we can tunderstandher your grandparents farm locally
a difference i didn tunderstandit but i do now
glory which children wouldn tunderstandm964: glory f965: sorry sorry
talk because people wouldn tunderstandme m842: aye i think
aye f902: they wouldn tunderstandno m903: aye f826: yeah
changed anything they didn tunderstandor found odd in their
t think you simpletons quiteunderstandpause my son robby is
half the lassies didn tunderstandthat insinuation ann understood but
tea breaks andy doesn tunderstandthe jokes of course but
selfish gene i didn tunderstandthe selfish gene but i
onythin but they didn tunderstandus f1041: [inaudible] [inaudible] m1042:
t work either nobody canunderstandwhat that means yet less
quite frankly he didn tunderstandwhat was in it for
ca- i mean i canunderstanda lot of them bein
like aye sir i cannaeunderstanda word o what this
tae handle this dae yeunderstandagnes i want tae run
anywhere but i did notunderstandall of it i had
my duty but i cannyunderstandall this about duty and
her saying something i canunderstandalmost and so the poor
question about that but iunderstandalso the minister for environment
liability in section 2 iunderstandand accept what the minister
i m sure you llunderstandand be friends and this
ye weasel dod i dinnaunderstandangelica at s cos you
s different tae what iunderstandas siccar m865: yeah f951:
phil gallie i do notunderstandbecause a card is needed
i might be failing tounderstandbut i think that we
but f631: i know iunderstandbut it was nice cause
taken place and that iunderstandcontinue to take place between
enough trouble dod i dinnaunderstandcounting the coupons angelica fancy
the thrust of what iunderstandcurriculum for excellence to be
says oh i think weunderstandeach other my wife says
languages m952: i can neverunderstandeh the cockney yeah i
embarrassed that i could notunderstandeverything that primary 6 and
different from english i stillunderstandf1038: yeah it s f1037:
uh huh m842: we cannaunderstandfit ye re sayin i
folk music on tape iunderstandfor example that linn records
innocent are wrongly convicted iunderstandfrom a written answer that
that i have known iunderstandfrom bristow muldoon s speech
on nuclear disarmament i alsounderstandfrom my colleagues on the
offenders dorothy grace elder iunderstandfrom the minister s reply
of the accounting arrangements iunderstandfrom the work that i
to night i trust youunderstandfrom what you have heard
in ealing and as iunderstandfrom you all your heating
stated his concerns and iunderstandhas spoken to the minister
in edinburgh north and leithunderstandhis position malcolm chisholm i
19 however i do notunderstandhow a person who has
is not i do notunderstandhow a policeman would know
worthy but i do notunderstandhow a voluntary organisation such
speech and i do notunderstandhow the minister who heard
rowland deana my dear iunderstandhow you feel confined in
that s it now iunderstandi saw him jump out
out another sound and iunderstandin certain languages and arabic
the cockney yeah i canunderstand[inaudible] [laugh] that s foreign
point what i do notunderstandis the difference between the
and michael mcmahon who iunderstandis the reporter from the
what i mean i canunderstandit cause if it s
to hear it and iunderstandit crathie in more recent
there is no one tounderstandit i hope that we
there you go i canunderstandit i just wish they
between english and scots iunderstandit i ve been in
the uk government as iunderstandit is currently arguing for
of that provision as iunderstandit is that proceedings are
government s position as iunderstandit is that the rome
shetland [laugh] i cannae evenunderstandit [laugh] cause i mean
an as far as iunderstandit like like it s
in the executive as iunderstandit my party which he
james douglas hamilton as iunderstandit our rules are much
must be insane not tounderstandit perhaps i ve inherited
which as far as iunderstandit relies totally on a
it was envisaged as iunderstandit that because of the
period miss goldie as iunderstandit that is the effect
force recommendations and as iunderstandit the bill propose that
assessing its viability as iunderstandit the cards have been
to additional days as iunderstandit the effect of the
the pathfinder areas as iunderstandit the objective of the
shoutin an sweerin i couldnaunderstandit the quiet she gives
house of commons as iunderstandit there was little if
one go because as iunderstandit this is the first
is alien to as iunderstandit to gaelic m741: [cough]
of the dogs as iunderstandit under the dangerous dogs
only to scotland as iunderstandit under the relevant irish
business to do as iunderstandit we first considered the
my fellow classmates did notunderstandit whereas i did i
that question because i couldunderstandlots of words in the
i am sure we allunderstandms white you mentioned the
on a uk basis iunderstandnicola sturgeon s concerns but
war with germany i didnaunderstandof course but i could
the robust analysis that iunderstandofficials will make of the
fluent in it i couldunderstandpeople i could even write
government angus mackay you willunderstandpresiding officer if i approach
in may or june iunderstandron tuck i believe that
from aboyne or tarland iunderstandscots i ve stayed in
so s even you couldunderstandslowly and carefully i need
i think is trying tounderstandsometimes what your own guidelines
cent by 2005 and iunderstandthat a europe wide target
only the strategies i canunderstandthat a negative procedure may
problem throughout the period iunderstandthat a series of individual
i remember stephen imrie iunderstandthat all these ssis are
the directive mr rumbles iunderstandthat and i am not
the causes of asp iunderstandthat back in february the
e- i m sure youunderstandthat being from the northern
and the united states iunderstandthat beta interferon is far
time to george lyon iunderstandthat but it is so
not surprised peggy weel iunderstandthat but there is some
no i can i canunderstandthat cause i mean a
clear that i appreciate andunderstandthat christine has made a
cost of answering questions iunderstandthat colin boyd s office
grahame yes pauline mcneill iunderstandthat committee meetings are timetabled
rights for disabled people iunderstandthat david blunkett referred to
taken on late i canunderstandthat different groups discussed it
got this wrong but iunderstandthat each regional management has
mei mind did did yeunderstandthat f1054: i ken what
as it sees fit iunderstandthat following representations from the
excellent base for emsa iunderstandthat genoa lisbon nantes and
been resolved i do notunderstandthat george macbride clearly the
terms of the motion iunderstandthat he has not mentioned
minister for rural development iunderstandthat his title has changed
scott barrie i can fullyunderstandthat however do you feel
every day andrew wilson iunderstandthat however it is not
are overloaded with work iunderstandthat however it is part
an amendment mr hamilton iunderstandthat however the nature of
come later des mcnulty iunderstandthat however the way that
agree mr home robertson iunderstandthat i am about to
i think that all membersunderstandthat i was rubbish at
the minister s amendments iunderstandthat if a poinding takes
to read those documents iunderstandthat if one goes on
maximum burden were set iunderstandthat in norway state funded
us with it but iunderstandthat in practice the nature
in the process i canunderstandthat investigating leaks might be
of the draft budget iunderstandthat it indicates a growth
for project applications and iunderstandthat it intends to bid
council i am given tounderstandthat it is a double
i know that members willunderstandthat it is one of
introduced at westminster but iunderstandthat it will be introduced
i m glad that yeunderstandthat james ye were aye
two cultures george macbride iunderstandthat johann lamont was referring
a local authority officer iunderstandthat keith harding as promoter
national rate of remuneration iunderstandthat local authorities have an
aftercare the first minister iunderstandthat local people will often
remit and priorities i alsounderstandthat margaret hodge the minister
deputy minister for communities iunderstandthat maureen macmillan also has
but from what i canunderstandthat maybe earlier on in
thinking and fair enough iunderstandthat maybe it was it
statement on 4 december iunderstandthat more than half the
of order presiding officer iunderstandthat motion s1m 519 in
attend the first meeting iunderstandthat mr sheridan has concerns
s business concludes early iunderstandthat mr tom mccabe will
in english ian jenkins iunderstandthat nevertheless there should be
but in the community iunderstandthat no decisions have been
to scotland is daft iunderstandthat nurses in london receive
past week or so iunderstandthat officials will meet with
parliamentary business euan robson iunderstandthat one or two members
dimension to this committee iunderstandthat over the years the
force erm and so iunderstandthat part of scottish identity
this document ross finnie iunderstandthat perfectly that was a
of costs stewart stevenson iunderstandthat point perfectly my question
macintosh i do not quiteunderstandthat point were those instructions
scottish ministers pauline mcneill iunderstandthat point what i do
asking ross finnie yes iunderstandthat question dr murray there
for the enterprise network iunderstandthat scottish enterprise ayrshire is
monitored by scottish screen iunderstandthat scottish screen has already
her viva yet m605: iunderstandthat she passed i haven
is probably far higher iunderstandthat smuggling cigarettes is quite
festival for young competitors iunderstandthat some 140 000 young
and another loans fund iunderstandthat some of the debts
give a report i canunderstandthat that gives rise to
i am slightly concerned iunderstandthat that is the way
could talk about that iunderstandthat that problem continues in
get a special arrangement iunderstandthat that special arrangement is
schengen information system database iunderstandthat that system will be
in south lanarkshire sorry iunderstandthat that venue is available
accepted by the clerk iunderstandthat that was on your
papers are printed but iunderstandthat that will be done
and the executive amendments iunderstandthat the amendment would not
rosie completes the team iunderstandthat the committee has asked
that if you wish iunderstandthat the committee wishes to
scottish executive pace framework iunderstandthat the company has pledged
local authority tony gallagher iunderstandthat the cost will be
association houses geoff huggins iunderstandthat the debt has diminished
from edinburgh to galashiels iunderstandthat the decision to which
demolition of listed buildings iunderstandthat the education culture and
not been the case iunderstandthat the first minister had
of state for scotland iunderstandthat the first minister welcomed
deal with such people iunderstandthat the government believes that
by dorothy grace elder iunderstandthat the latest funding package
the house of commons iunderstandthat the leak of a
any views or comments iunderstandthat the list of bodies
council and orkney council iunderstandthat the materials are being
justice ms margaret curran iunderstandthat the matter is being
nutritious school meals agenda iunderstandthat the minister was at
the minister has made iunderstandthat the nos is not
mercury in child vaccines iunderstandthat the petition refers to
as the local msp iunderstandthat the petitioners have made
is that correct i alsounderstandthat the police have responsibility
to do that however iunderstandthat the position that was
outwith my direct knowledge iunderstandthat the relevant home office
choose between them however iunderstandthat the relevant measure is
pharmacy provision in scotland iunderstandthat the report argues that
the various insurance companies iunderstandthat the risks that the
a matter of principle iunderstandthat the second reading of
miners strike for example iunderstandthat the secretary of state
no guidelines about it iunderstandthat the spcb has taken
scottish and uk legislation iunderstandthat the subordinate legislation committee
to his attention as iunderstandthat the title has a
at some stage but iunderstandthat the transitions between government
that is the intention iunderstandthat the uk is committed
s work i came tounderstandthat the unit was not
because of particulate problems iunderstandthat the university of strathclyde
from the new tenancy iunderstandthat there are discussions between
have a question i canunderstandthat there are people in
should never be included iunderstandthat there are times when
but in this country iunderstandthat there has had to
is the last debate iunderstandthat there will be a
a year rhoda grant iunderstandthat there will be large
of bsl interpreters today iunderstandthat they are provided by
i attended recently and iunderstandthat they would be quite
that again looking back iunderstandthat this music was robert
a letter to mcintosh iunderstandthat this year the school
yeah yeah m865: you canunderstandthat uh huh ah i
of order presiding officer iunderstandthat under rule 13 2
on the time scale iunderstandthat until 60 states have
to fish as possible iunderstandthat waters that are controlled
in front of them iunderstandthat we are getting one
about the existing numbers iunderstandthat we have no firm
before it is tested iunderstandthat we simply test the
m762: well i kind ofunderstandthat you know cause i
14 15 ben wallace iunderstandthe aim of such a
given those responsibilities as iunderstandthe amendment the person who
indicated agreement ms macdonald iunderstandthe difficulties that are involved
that members raise i fullyunderstandthe disappointment of local authorities
done well i do notunderstandthe executive s approach to
a good idea and iunderstandthe executive s reasoning but
worried that we might notunderstandthe explanation ross finnie i
evolving as far as iunderstandthe history the controlled use
like as far as iunderstandthe icelanders do that sort
but never heed now iunderstandthe idea you ve had
muldoon and adam ingram iunderstandthe interests of opencast companies
the meeting about preparation iunderstandthe issue to be more
is tiny ross finnie iunderstandthe member s point but
authorities responsibility i do notunderstandthe montrose bridge situation it
an enrolled nurse and iunderstandthe point about the lack
canada tanith muller as iunderstandthe position the tobacco advertising
a crisis mr monteith iunderstandthe practical differences between prelim
cash for ross finnie iunderstandthe question but i will
pavement i didnae really fo-understandthe question tae be honest
be made but as iunderstandthe reading of it amendment
usual but i did notunderstandthe second paragraph of the
livestock compensatory allowance scheme iunderstandthe significance of that support
and i have come tounderstandthe wide range of burns
attitude of mind i wellunderstandthe wishes of the authors
the hagiotat st martial iunderstandthee very well said pantagruel
the hagiotat st martial iunderstandthee very well said pantagruel
he was sayin i couldunderstandthen he was een o
i realise that beaumont youunderstandthere s nae question that
to be a as iunderstandthere this is going to
money and our flowers iunderstandthey had difficulty in delivering
is convenient to argue iunderstandthis that we could just
road was dangerous i mustunderstandthough that it was not
the accent like you theyunderstandvery well and i m
the executive s amendment iunderstandwell their deep concerns about
picked and i could evenunderstandwhat half the stuff was
really weird because i couldunderstandwhat he was saying m608:
my best tae mak everybodyunderstandwhat i m sayin then
in gaelic and scots iunderstandwhat people are saying but
to do but study iunderstandwhat they mean still once
know so that i couldunderstandwhat they were telling us
i think for them tounderstandwhat we re saying because
in that respect while iunderstandwhat you are saying about
f950: no but i canunderstandwhat you mean yeah because
can m1008: mmhm m1007: peopleunderstandwhat you re doing i
and discover that they fullyunderstandwhen i explain that scots
setting so that i canunderstandwhere the heck we are
scotland including rural scotland iunderstandwhere you are coming from
was like no but iunderstandwhere you re comin from
i ll be able tounderstandye mair like which is
sense mmhm yeah i couldunderstandyon nae trouble at all
[laugh] yeah i could easyunderstandyon nae trouble wi that
the hagiotate saint martial iunderstandyou all right said pantagruel
the hagiotate st martial iunderstandyou all right said pantagruel
go on for ever iunderstandyou and uncle bill and
meeting would be valuable iunderstandyour point about whether it
kind letter i perfectly wellunderstandyour silence and was sorry
[inaudible] m1055: and people wouldunderstandyou quite quite easily f1009:
of decline and eager tounderstandbetter the reasons for it
it s a chance tounderstandbetter what they ve done
tell um stew he dunderstandbetter where yur comin fi
and the world can betterunderstandthe meanings and origins of
so that they can betterunderstandthe needs of children with
jack well beaumont now youunderstandthe position you d better
those needs requires us tounderstandthem better and to squeeze
generations with the ability tounderstandthose languages better further the
it s very hard tounderstandand it can get on
other regions which they canunderstandand which they regard as
can help these students tounderstandhow this knowledge can be
writing any more nobody canunderstandit it s archaic it
boyter so as you canunderstandit s been a sair
very few people can actuallyunderstandpure urdu th-th- they spoke
msps can be expected tounderstandspoken and written scots and
can tell the ones thatunderstandthat joke [audience laughter] even they
years of tory government shouldunderstandthat we can stomach a
so that members can fullyunderstandthe implications of the process
people and work colleagues canunderstandthe needs of disabled people
in english so everybody canunderstandthem it has tae be
central belt and they canunderstandus a lot eh more
terms provided that they canunderstandwhat these refer to and
it was drafted but weunderstandthat the minister intends to
questions with the minister weunderstandthe constraints upon the officials
minister who patently does notunderstandwhat is going on and
point perhaps people began tounderstandthem less and less [inhale]
young people in this countryunderstandall of their roots where
some of our people tounderstandand complete the census form
people to get them tounderstandand the more that we
lies with what people willunderstandby a question that asks
have ither people tryin tounderstandfit we re tryin tae
people say things and youunderstandit f1038: yeah yeah it
lot o folk just wouldnaunderstandit m865,: actually many people
clear and people do notunderstandit we will not get
must also be easier tounderstandpeople need to know what
most of the people howeverunderstandso much of the english
find you much easier tounderstandthan eh eh people either
to each other if peopleunderstandthat they are going in
people to coalesce around andunderstandthat we are delivering the
it is important that peopleunderstandthe concept as a member
than we have already peopleunderstandthe distinction and that it
employers parents and young peopleunderstandwhat the certificates mean the
more comprehensible for people tounderstandwho does what and at
course and she could notunderstanda word of what they
aunt pol well he couldunderstandespecially now he was older
aa scottish folk could probablyunderstandit m865: yeah yeah uh
to say that he couldunderstandluisa but not me yet
said they just could notunderstandus at all an we
throughout the school might stillunderstandit graham agreed with that
other person might not evenunderstandwhat that means but it
the elders might not evenunderstandyou know what they mean
by councils they do notunderstandfor example integrated winter gritting
agencies do not yet fullyunderstandin terms of information gathering
and scots who do notunderstandlowland scots speech or choose
uh huh okay do youunderstandmost of it or all
a correct fashion do youunderstandterrified bairn y yeah m
other msps who do notunderstandthat language are not excluded
make preparations and do notunderstandthat that funding basis will
age if we do notunderstandthat when they are 22
agencies do not yet fullyunderstandthe argument is of course
officials do not seem tounderstandthe economies of scale relating
officials do not seem tounderstandthe need to ensure an
this while we struggle tounderstandthe process what do we
do the same thing weunderstandwhat the movers of the
is not to try tounderstandeverything about it because it
scots because some folk cannaunderstandit and it annoys them
traps and race cards weunderstandthose things because they are
in order to come tounderstandand thereby accept what has
happened long silence lee ahunderstandbj realize what yur daein
beginning new and old membersunderstandexactly what the provisions are
scotland to be able tounderstandhow the parliament works what
particularly welcome since they alreadyunderstandinstinctively what gaia is all
that all staff accept andunderstandit reflects what is expected
we need to try tounderstandthe fuhrer to stop what
she was she did notunderstandthe gravity of what was
technical geniuses and struggled tounderstandthe implications of what was
had had the chance tounderstandwhat a subordinate clause in
daily some o them wouldnaeunderstandwhat d you say eh
local authority s offices andunderstandwhat is being said and
they help us all tounderstandwhat living hereabouts has meant
we should certainly seek tounderstandwhat motivated the language choices
there is a need tounderstandwhat the impacts of further
it s very hard tounderstandwhat they re saying but
used it they did notunderstandwhat was being said cheyne
that it has failed tounderstandwhat we have said in
is needed we have tounderstandwhat will suit scotland s
other committee members including meunderstandwhat you are talking about
working methods too incomprehensible tounderstandwho does what and who
everybody an s- some folkunderstandher fair enough even aiberdonians
even aiberdonians m842: aye f831: understandher to a certain extent
are even less easy tounderstandthan resource accounting is are
a phrase which we allunderstandtae mean a a sail
it comfortable for them tounderstandand not be intimidated this
my cup of tea youunderstandbut not bad for a
she does not seem tounderstandthe knock on effects of
members would be expected tounderstandboth spoken and written scots
that nane but me wadunderstanda product suited tae the
that makes petitions easy tounderstandand to follow ms white
that it is easy tounderstandand would be an effective
it s showin that youunderstandenough to explain it to
words of commands that elephantsunderstandhari is pick up pic
language that is easy tounderstandit s just that their
[laugh] f940: so that theyunderstandm942: my god it s
gan on that you dinnaunderstandnoo dinna get me wrang
and stressed first ye manunderstandthat all syllabis are devydit
know about sean connery tounderstandthat aye they were speaking
equality says we need tounderstandthat challenging exclusion must involve
more discerningly and also tounderstandthat complexity in technical and
her fiancé s inability tounderstandthat creativity for a woman
reforming agenda in europe weunderstandthat europe is relevant to
will help students thereby tounderstandthat experience of the world
to national security many membersunderstandthat human trafficking is a
another farmer of course weunderstandthat it has been bad
professional lobbyist be given tounderstandthat preferential access or treatment
amount of smuggled products weunderstandthat studies have been done
be properly seen through weunderstandthat that agreement is almost
announced in october does sheunderstandthat the 25 million for
george lyon mr adam willunderstandthat the endowment is to
qualified chartered accountant you willunderstandthat the prospects of my
different purposes we also nowunderstandthat the volumes of the
livestock auction marts we mustunderstandthat there are direct purchasers
them it is important tounderstandthat they are draft regulations
system under way but weunderstandthat they were ironed out
to use it you mustunderstandthat those moneys are directly
application form that states weunderstandthat you are operating an
together so that future generationsunderstandthe causes of the holocaust
that period was yes weunderstandthe concerns there are real
that is important most mspsunderstandthe difference between someone organising
use euros they will reallyunderstandthe difference that the euro
elderly related issues they mustunderstandthe distinct experiences that women
urge him to try tounderstandthe effect that uncertainty of
it is important that weunderstandthe extent to which that
caring responsibilities and they mustunderstandthe impact that those experiences
is also important that weunderstandthe impacts of the task
the pupil and teacher tounderstandthe marking that would increase
committee that is struggling tounderstandthe relevance of some of
it is important that weunderstandthe size of the problem
is important that we shouldunderstandthe value of those initiatives
try as far as weunderstandthem the issues that arose
here thus we need tounderstandscott in the light of
contraception they also need tounderstandthe importance of self restraint
their decisions they need tounderstandthe mechanics of sexual activity
those from other nations tounderstandenglish and are surprised and
the full their ability tounderstandenglish and use it accurately
amongst themselves but they allunderstandthe english xiv 1791 797
which they are expected tounderstandand to use and in
two interconnect and help pupilsunderstandhow they become more effective
able a pupil is tounderstandhow they use language effectively
own language and they fullyunderstandit there will be no
looking at ensuring the pupilsunderstandthe clear objectives they re
how they have come tounderstandthe text and commenting on
inquiry we would like tounderstandat an early stage how
meeting is to try tounderstandfrom the outset how the
mike russell msp 2001 tounderstandhow the bill has evolved
time but you dunna reallyunderstandaa at s f960: och
an of course ye kinunderstandit f831: mmhm but it
a few inhabiting the forestunderstandthe gaelic but these came
to allow committee members tounderstandthe legislation we are tied
members the committee needs tounderstandthe route by which it
as those outsiders begin tounderstandthem therefore while much of
of rules this ability tounderstandand use more complex grammatical
more efficient and easier tounderstandas europe s newest and
more effective efficient easier tounderstanddemocratic transparent and accountable recognises
more effective efficient easier tounderstanddemocratic transparent and accountable recognises
the pupils are helped tounderstandand internalise the system requires
no it s hard tounderstandand the words are strange
who we are given tounderstandhad kept inadequate literary upstarts
initiatives are taken up weunderstandthe complexities of the european
you are saying and fullyunderstandthe reasons for your sensitivity
m1036: and we learned tounderstandit we understood it by
else we did try tounderstandthe detail perhaps it is
were made in kind tounderstandthese activities we require a
the federation has tried tounderstandand work with the school
teachers parents and pupils tounderstandthe presiding officer has selected
is actually very hard tounderstandm608: uh huh m1174: and
gorbals as you used tounderstandit m818: the gorbals is
the bill proposes as youunderstandit or is the bill
of her utterances did heunderstandhe decided to ignore her
the commode an you widunderstandma life is juist a
you re stupet you dinnaunderstandonything ye canna get onything
try to try hard tounderstandyou so m952: [laugh] m865:
basis is to fail tounderstandthe threats to our society
may come the ability tounderstandthis fairly unusual metaphor is
highest level hardie tackle coodnaeunderstandfit wye some players jist
important in any attempt tounderstandand evaluate the character and
and citizenship helping children tounderstandand interpret the environment in
to get scottish enterprise tounderstandand to help him to
s a hard phrase tounderstandcause well where s the
out of their inability tounderstandgrammar or its purpose together
tackin his castell [inhale] whichunderstandhe rane to the posterne
given ourselves the opportunity tounderstandour multi ethnic and multicultural
ludicrous to expect anyone tounderstandthe different uses of french
the schools everybody failed tounderstandthe huge complexity of the
implications of behaviour and tounderstandthe importance of self restraint
record of being able tounderstandthe key issues in their
closer to the issues andunderstandthe politics with a small
pharmacological treatment and ensure patientsunderstandtheir medication and adhere to
innovation train medical professionals tounderstandtheir role in preventing such
be insensitive to fail tounderstandthese types of hurts in
again would help me tounderstandthis seemingly senseless intervention of
areas in scottish life nowunderstandthe importance of sport and
with the subject will easilyunderstandthe position of a man
my special lover he wouldunderstandand love me he would
the valium tae let yeunderstandah wis near crackin up
yis dinnae ken yis deyunderstanddimps takes a gardening fork
undiluted dialect braaly herd taunderstandif der fae ony wye

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