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artist entered its portals withunderstandabletrepidation the poster hanging behind
charge but it is anunderstandablereaction from people who look
of reaction however it isunderstandablethat the new minister with
language which should be readilyunderstandableto an english speaking audience
i- it s it sunderstandablebecause i ve basically it
should be basically like aunderstandableenglish accent with some local
and glasgow universities it isunderstandablethat in departments so named
claim to the islands isunderstandableand probably even justified but
completely outstrips supply that isunderstandablewhen one thinks that 6
of independent verifiers it isunderstandablethat strong views were expressed
by the balriddie boys wasunderstandablebut i didn t waste
should be transparent and clearlyunderstandabled will consult or has
heated there guy s pauseunderstandablepause wi kin caw it
right m1174: so which isunderstandableby all so we tried
is late the amendments areunderstandableor we can ask the
at that time which isunderstandableduring a holiday period that
the same time it isunderstandablethat glasgow city council s
them linda fabiani that isunderstandableat this early stage paul
tenants that is legitimate andunderstandablebut there is another side
that given people s quiteunderstandabletendency to err on the
the words have to beunderstandableon and eh m865,: mmhm

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