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the shared values of mutualunderstandingand justice encourages educators policy
elsewhere and to foster mutualunderstandingbetween users of scots and
and taught for improved mutualunderstandingcloser co operation and active
for good communication and mutualunderstandingin the interests of effective
share expertise and encourage mutualunderstandingof how best to care
share expertise and encourage mutualunderstandingof how best to care
of the education for mutualunderstandingprogramme in northern ireland and
was seen as important forunderstandingdifferent european cultures several suggestions
a shackle can enhance ourunderstandingof how national cultures develop
also help pupils develop anunderstandingof other cultures creating the
than communication they are aboutunderstandingother cultures and encouraging diversity
is at the heart ofunderstandingother cultures and how people
motion on a memorandum ofunderstandingand concordats 12 20 pm
connection with the memorandum ofunderstandingand related concordats s1o 392
scottish executive information memorandum ofunderstandingand supplementary agreements the initial
relating to the memorandum ofunderstandingbetween her majesty s government
notes a the memorandum ofunderstandingbetween her majesty s government
opinions 17 the memorandum ofunderstandingbetween the uk and the
northern ireland 5 memorandum ofunderstandingjoint postcomm pounc document available
that they have a sharedunderstandingof the criteria against which
to marking through a sharedunderstandingof the key indicators such
the basis for a sharedunderstandingof the relationship and responsibilities
argued that this lack ofunderstandingof how the language structure
give the committee a betterunderstandingof our structure we will
give the committee a fullerunderstandingof the department s structure
level of the student sunderstandingof the structure of the
love self knowledge and anunderstandingof fortune venus seems to
part of their knowledge andunderstandingof where they come from
reasons of knowledge history andunderstandingthat young people in this
build up knowledge skills andunderstandingwithin the business community and
employment about the lack ofunderstandingamong parents and others who
question demonstrates a lack ofunderstandingof the issues by the
they betray a lack ofunderstandingof the statute itself far
there is a lack ofunderstandingof what can be called
comment on integration and onunderstandingand awareness of disabilities in
share in developing their studentsunderstandingand awareness of how language
to improve their awareness andunderstandingof the needs of people
achieved by promoting awareness andunderstandingof the rights of children
the language and create greaterunderstandingof scotland s cultural heritage
will come to a greaterunderstandingof the diversity of language
anaemia there is a greaterunderstandingof the need to fallow
do we have any greaterunderstandingof what that means what
helping to bring about greaterunderstandingparticipation and benefits from the
seeks to promote a betterunderstandingand analysis of social exclusion
the area ii to promoteunderstandingand enjoyment of the special
and resources to promote publicunderstandingand to support learning for
broader concern to promote anunderstandingof the history and culture
developing terms for a betterunderstandingof famous authors such as
additional constraint of a developingunderstandingof the subject matter and
it aims to improve pupilsunderstandingand experience of contemporary craftmaking
the opportunity to improve theirunderstandingof their local architectural environment
to communicate effectively to improveunderstandingthe european day of languages
and come to a betterunderstandingbefore the bill goes much
that advice benefited hugely fromunderstandingbetter their welfare benefits increased
that they become better atunderstandinghow they evaluate their own
pupils will have a betterunderstandingof how the language system
towards wisdom and a betterunderstandingof life in the kingis
planning must be a betterunderstandingof nurse work loads i
to allow better working andunderstandingof one another the convener
consist of promoting a betterunderstandingof social exclusion through continued
to establish a better commonunderstandingof standards examples of what
that we have a betterunderstandingof the disease in scotland
aiming to develop a betterunderstandingof the range of faiths
are to gain a betterunderstandingof their own society and
we would have a betterunderstandingof what the standards should
have a better chance ofunderstandingthe syntax of subordinate clauses
develop an enterprising attitude andunderstandingof the world of work
least an exercise in selfunderstandingand self justification and that
general craft residencies encourage anunderstandingof the processes involved in
is light as when clearunderstandingis described as beorht hlutor
easy step to the metaphorunderstandingis light as when clear
baxendine to be clear myunderstandingis that if the evidence
partner there is a clearunderstandingmichael russell the executive is
sector and by their clearunderstandingof it those members include
for there was a clearunderstandingthat the eu is a
quite effective it demonstrates anunderstandingof text organisation goal materials
of a text and usingunderstandingof the text thus far
short passage crucial to anunderstandingof the whole text what
the treaty have a commonunderstandingas to what international justice
work with others and anunderstandingof the international context within
participants the promotion of internationalunderstandingthe development of the theme
just used the proposition thatunderstandingis light is so much
of the age level ofunderstandingand usual language of the
language is an instrument ofunderstandingif ever the world needed
language and the way ofunderstandingm608: mmhm m078: and i
to highlight the following anunderstandingof language is a necessary
time to time decide myunderstandingof the english language indicates
who speak scots have anunderstandingof the language that is
say to brian adam aboutunderstandingthe scots language the term
a language community more generallyunderstandingthis connexion will be part
the world needed instruments ofunderstandingit needs them now people
eliminating possible discrimination and ofunderstandingthe needs of particular groups
to give their attitude ourunderstandingattention instead of correcting it
more standing ben wallace myunderstandingis that our role as
to live from our generalunderstandingof it the private rented
writer while also furthering ourunderstandingof lawrence himself he wrote
office to get a deeperunderstandingof our interpretation of standing
to diminish our appreciation andunderstandingof the depth and breadth
person must also have anunderstandingof the technical aspects our
s values 17 into ourunderstandingof this important historical period
a significant contribution to ourunderstandingof this poet as both
and they admitted to notunderstandingour new guide s spanish
of our process on theunderstandingthat for any future scrutiny
us who are new tounderstandingthe issue to get our
a a a dialogue andunderstandingbetween eh religions than m608:
role in improving dialogue andunderstandingbetween the executive and the
jury is now out myunderstandingfrom reading the official report
those interests are safeguarded myunderstandingis and john henderson will
its entirety gillian baxendine myunderstandingis that a number of
in a public place myunderstandingis that if an individual
affected by the issue myunderstandingis that it is important
commitment to doing that myunderstandingis that most of the
view convener the convener myunderstandingis that mr mcclure made
temporary confinement to cell myunderstandingis that prison officers themselves
materials to be withdrawn myunderstandingis that that is the
varies throughout the country myunderstandingis that the district court
be inappropriate for regulations myunderstandingis that the fdr is
looked at scott barrie myunderstandingis that the issue has
about rev iain murdoch myunderstandingis that the material is
data protection act 1998 myunderstandingis that the parliament will
significant system was established myunderstandingis that the uptake among
the availability of scanners myunderstandingis that there are none
earlier about the bill myunderstandingis that there was a
is a valid point myunderstandingis that unlike in the
to the best of myunderstandingit is well into the
therefore controls the agenda myunderstandingof rule 8 2 is
right f1054: that s myunderstandingof scots very much but
their charges des mcnulty myunderstandingof the fees regime suggests
hope therefore that if myunderstandingof the position is correct
berry group it is myunderstandingthat the group intends to
richard lochhead it is myunderstandingthat the minister for health
have already alluded to myunderstandingthat they will ban advertising
trying to withhold figures myunderstandingwas that we were required
provide for public enjoyment andunderstanding8 the committee has responsibility
and enrich the enjoyment andunderstandingby the public of its
to increase the public sunderstandingfor those who support bsl
increase the public and professionalunderstandingof sleep related disorders to
of public interest in andunderstandingof the eu recent successive
well as asking for generalunderstandingof the rest of the
condition i now have anunderstandingalbeit a basic one of
executive to help with theunderstandingand implementation of the proposal
to each child s ageunderstandingand stage of development and
upon the foundations of respectunderstandingand tolerance that economic prosperity
she could confide and receiveunderstandingas in this description of
s first job in interculturalunderstandingin making full use of
scottish parliament aim to facilitateunderstandingof and participation in the
should aim to facilitate mspsunderstandingof and participation in the
borrowings we have a fineunderstandingof art not a thin
m942: so tell me yourunderstandingof it then [censored: forename] m939:
to have a kind ofunderstandingof it when i m
the requirement to have anunderstandingof local housing conditions and
in many ways to reinforceunderstandingof parts of speech through
2 sociolinguistic competence expression andunderstandingof social meanings appropriate to
m942: i ha- have nounderstandingof that m941: here to
has already an appreciation andunderstandingof the effect that its
may refresh the patient sunderstandingof the matters set out
is on the description andunderstandingof the national qualifications which
be considered to approach anunderstandingof the pint the dost
must build trust and anunderstandingof the pressures on the
also asked about people sunderstandingof the qualifications although i
pro privatisation agenda with littleunderstandingof the realities of how
made to the selection panelunderstandingof the sensitivity of the
and aims to provide anunderstandingof the tools techniques and
be associated with a properunderstandingof the type of property
has been the loss ofunderstandingof the varied nature of
which is crucial to anunderstandingof the voluntary sector she
informative and would reflect anunderstandingof the weight series that
tenses if they have nounderstandingof what tense as a
erm you gain leaps ofunderstandingsort of yo- you re
in take a bit ofunderstandingthank goodness for happy memories
revising it the trick ofunderstandingthe amsterdam treaty is not
lead to a breakthrough inunderstandingthe causes of diabetes notes
that at the expense ofunderstandingthe impact of poverty on
strong in the subcategory ofunderstandingwhere in addition to forstandan
much more complete context forunderstandingwhere the supply problems lie
we are all anoraks forunderstandingthe national qualifications i have
destruction and creation for theunderstandinghere is that in order
priority need groups cosla sunderstandingis that if that change
doesn t seem conducive tounderstandingit is an exception in
in the mind that isunderstandinglocian interestingly has another meaning
if it brings coherence andunderstandinginto more and more new
the moment well they reunderstandingmore than they are speaking
and strong and straight andunderstandingand predictable and businesslike well
include literal inferential and stylisticunderstandingat varying levels as well
meaning as well as andgietunderstandingintellect indeed i find it
pit well nicodemus got hisunderstandingopened up i believe by
strategy interim review report 24understandingand communicating with existing and
but we tried to beunderstandingand did not push the
you kn- j- just forunderstandingand n- not for that
and loss and gentleness andunderstandingand pain and integrity and
which all may live inunderstandingpeace and harmony to adapt
his sadness and gentleness andunderstandingtowards her all thin and
in thought and deed andunderstandingyour goodness did not save
the uk lottery on theunderstandingit could hold such events
one such as intelligence orunderstandingthus in order to talk
the committee to further itsunderstandingby questioning the executive officials
further down the road tounderstandingits use but this only
applied to the mind orunderstandingindicate different pathways as scearp
i love thee a deepunderstandingjoins me to thee forever
brief oral report on theunderstandingthat in due course i
fishery was based on theunderstandingthat there would be corresponding
olga s room irena notunderstandingher whaur whaur til the
with being recorded i munderstandingthis whole observer s paradox

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