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to introduce a programme ofuniversalneonatal hearing screening s1w 8742
that a national programme ofuniversalneonatal hearing screening should be
whether it plans to introduceuniversalneonatal hearing screening to detect
will subsidise the provision ofuniversalbanking services by the post
up to the development ofuniversalbanking services the key behind
favours for the provision ofuniversalbanking services through the post
kennin fair presentit wi auniversalblank o natur s warks
but chum and mate areuniversalm1013: mmhm aye m1012: freend
principles for a very usefuluniversallanguage but also contains passages
poet of the people anduniversalartist 1 catherine carswell a
be both folk poet anduniversalartist hans hecht had no
to set forth the feastuniversalhilarity prevailed men ate drank
you know loo is becominguniversalnow and i think that
immediate plans the first scottishuniversalapplication that we expect is
immediate situation and become auniversalutterance of love and longing
improve care services and providinguniversalfree nursing and personal care
unequivocally announce the implementation ofuniversalfree personal care that is
care that there should beuniversalfree personal care that position
parliament that we believe inuniversalfree personal care when the
in principle he supports theuniversalpayment of the personal care
for the implementation of freeuniversalpersonal care it has been
implement sutherland s recommendation foruniversalpersonal care there has to
you the principles of thisuniversallanguage and then it goes
fr- the principles for auniversallanguage [laugh] that would be
government should positively support theuniversalbank see below viewing it
pilot with post office countersuniversalbank the government is keen
bank and gaza joins theuniversaldemand for a just settlement
stage the implementation of freeuniversalcare the majority of members
resources are available to deliveruniversalfree care for our elderly
firm commitment today to implementinguniversalfree care no one today
plans it has to introduceuniversalfortification with folic acid of
determine gif this is auniversalfeature o caw centre interaction
that and it s aboutuniversalgrammar i don t know
difference to you know whetheruniversalgrammar works f746: mmhm f745:
councillors there has been almostuniversaldisgust and a feeling that
reflects a widespread although notuniversalfeeling the relationships between local
susan deacon the balance betweenuniversalprovision and targeted benefits or
the higher earners to makeuniversalprovision available susan deacon the
the other side of theuniversalprovision bargain now has to
is part of the overalluniversalprovision that makes up a
of income tax and auniversalbenefits system dr simpson we
and then turkey became almostuniversali suppose f963: yeah f965:
summer there was an almostuniversalview that we needed to
commitment to the maintenance ofuniversalservices throughout scotland it will
milk but that is notuniversalthroughout scotland that is one
civil and political rights theuniversaldeclaration of the collective rights
i think that s auniversalthing kids everywhere [laugh] if
a health service that isuniversalin its reach and available
future it will be theuniversalsystem perhaps as with the
i mean that was auniversalsort of thing f965: oh
burns speaks to us onuniversalsubjects such as passion loss
the humble clerk recognises hisuniversalstature no adam was responsible
those distinctively scottish inventions auniversalmodernity and a national past
specific schemes rather than throughuniversalregulation what is the minister
extraordmary now that was onceuniversallike a primitive form of
a very learned treatise onuniversallanguages it s like a
scots so what would thisuniversalmodern scots be a synthesized
t think that s auniversalf1077: oh right oh uh
take decisive action on truancyuniversalcompulsory education is one of
in the crown is auniversalone and includes all territorial
which is not really eruniversalin the age in which
awarded for sites of outstandinguniversalvalue and is designed to
safe standards that will beuniversalin europe and that the
and horror will always holduniversalmeaning condemns the evils of
be held up as auniversalliterary and linguistic absolute a
m1007: seems to be quiteuniversalround here m1008: yeah again
pythagorean tendency to outline theuniversalantisyzygy the opposition of the
sects in favour of theuniversalgreatness of man the testament
extend awareness at a moreuniversallevel in the context of
ragged clutch it was theuniversalmisery of beggardom douce sober
that did not meet withuniversalapproval to put it mildly

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