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learned to call the gostinistauniversitetskayaoutside in the darkness i
then after a detour touniversitetskayahotel i wended my usual
plodded the streets around theuniversitetskayahotel looking in vain for
was dropped off at theuniversitetskayaand unpacked there before heading
in the slush outside theuniversitetskayahotel a black car rammed
bus from profsoyuznaya to theuniversitetskayahotel tonight the statue of
stayed in my room atuniversitetskayasave for a quick jaunt
so we hurried to theuniversitetskayahotel to meet bruce [censored: surname]
i went back to theuniversitetskayahotel to doze and prepare
my bag off at theuniversitetskayahotel and then went for
returned to belyaevo via theuniversitetskayahotel but spent a quiet
in my room at theuniversitetskayahotel so we collected that
in my room at theuniversitetskayahotel starting the final draft
returned with them to theuniversitetskayafeeling relaxed and content monday
evening i returned to theuniversitetskayaand looked through scottish poems
spent some time at theuniversitetskayabefore going across to [censored: forename]

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