See this word as a collocate cloud

budget and i will pickupa few points about the
at fairberry s to pickupa few small items she
my left thigh and pickupa fork he doesn t
dark he happent tae pickupa frog it objectit na
the uk mainland and pickupa mainland driving licence that
that sadie what carolanne pickupa man sadie aye course
i would like to pickupa number of points in
f1109: have ye to pickupa piggy and it m1110:
interphase of when they pickupa second language a second
natural progression is to pickupa second language what opportunities
telt me ah wad pickupa skelf an ma fuit
the talent might just pickupa wee pick me up
m1110: i have tae pickupa weeds f1109: we ll
you canna even pick thingsupaff the fleer bessie then
back so i pick himupagain and take him with
steak and just pick itupagain [click] stick it on
dad tried to pick itupagain i was at the
long just tae pick somebodyupagnes things kin happen sadie
but i didn t pickupall of kenneth s influences
nip doon argos pick itupan ah m away dimps
though who wants to pickupan armful of mist anyway
then they have to pickupan extra card from the
guid idea sadie pick itupan pit it back doon
knees she d pick himupan say tae him thir
the attack jist pick meupand birl me back tae
mother offers to pick himupand carry him he screams
just need to pick themupand drop them on the
he forgot to pick himupand lo and behold he
floor f1126: aye pick itupand put it in the
endorse the target pick itupand say we will make
bends down to pick herupand settles her on his
to to to pick itupand there was a women
resource that they can pickupand use the wording is
swallows beth now cannot pickupanother although she tries the
languages and then they pickupanother language as a natural
which i hope will pickupany issues of concern the
one of you to pickupas an honours dissertation a
amstrad equipment needed to pickupastra s signals after my
if ye didna pick emupat a roup the davie
dad used to pick himupat lunchtime in the land
i canna pick them aaupat the same time either
crying i run to pickupbaby beastie who is lying
t know why i pickupbeastie and give her a
that you could not pickupbefore the convener is as
aboot an ye d pickupbits o fluff like selvage
the hotel to pick thisupby that time it was
paul to aberdour evening pickupcaroline at 9 30pm at
we ll go and pickup[censored: forename] m1096: youse no mak
and we ll just pickup[censored: forename] okay f1122: i ve
f1097: we gaun to pickupdad tomorrow dad s comin
if dey could pick herupdat moarnin ya said dad
of day making one goupevening with it also pick
s lovely m1094: [inaudible] pickupf1093: would you like to
m1098: maybe somebody pick itupf1097: aye put that there
[sob] f1099: come on thenupf1100: [sob] [screams] f1099: pick
i have tae pick themupf1109: to pick up the
[inaudible] f1114: i m [inaudible]upf1113: up you come pick
go tae pick the shoesupf638: i d [?]go[/?] away
up a wee pick meupfancy a jaunt agnes me
susan deacon i will pickupfirst on fergus ewing s
loch lomond area pick someoneupfor church and then bring
the skills that they pickupfrom that they would just
the chamber desk pick itupfrom the clerks internal briefings
used ye just pick itupfrom your parents an an
fix twa meenit pick meupfur ennui bit thocht dear
a pen again pick itup[granda says 'right i'm off'] say bye to granda
later this summer to pickupher son who s doing
his pram and pick himupi m to be angry
wouldnae help tae pick himupi might hae rubbed my
could come and pick youupif you want f1049: and
on you you pick themupin all quarters one begins
but had to pick itupin nichtclesses efter f785: mmhm
[sob] [screams] f1099: pick thatupin the bathroom i dinna
the rendezvous to pick himupin the stolen car he
in the area will pickupinformation a range of information
identifying hmos officers will pickupinformation about what they see
a bus back to pickupjames we d invited jo
pick you up pick meupjust like that who does
the polis can pick himuplater i excused lamely but
not that hard to pickup[laugh] f1149: i would really
i have seen him pickupletters which are obviously personal
i would like to pickuplyndsay mcintosh s point about
com shop raid to pickupmail and do some xeroxing
to the embassy to pickupmail there was a note
but a bit remote pickupmary return via perth after
of course i would pickupme book when it cam
especially that little bitch pickupmorag mouse too she s
obviously going to pick thisupmuch later in their primary
into the garden and pickupmy baby beastie and give
the young person to pickupnew skills and to provide
deputy presiding officer should pickupnomination papers from the clerk
so you just pick itupoh that s my f947:
right i will also pickupon a comment that lord
on that i will pickupon a couple of other
two i wish to pickupon a couple of the
scots law i will pickupon a couple of the
point that ombudsmen might pickupon examples of maladministration but
which maist folk wouldnae pickupon is the holm for
someone else they just pickupon it and they haven
advice for others to pickupon it could then be
i will try to pickupon most of the additional
interesting response may i pickupon one of the points
morning but i must pickupon one or two points
from the town would pickupon some of these words
snp i want to pickupon something that johann lamont
do we agree to pickupon that members indicated agreement
scotland perhaps we could pickupon that the convener do
that i want to pickupon the comments that irene
convener i wish to pickupon the other side of
want to pick the ministerupon the point about local
that he wished to pickupon the point that mr
to the executive and pickupon the points that mary
my question was to pickupon the points that were
levels sud it nae pickupon these twis programmed tae
to the executive to pickupon those points we are
ll come an pick itupon tuesday he says so
i would like to pickupon what has been said
would also like to pickupon what two or perhaps
questions the convener to pickupon your invitation i am
interests the convener to pickupon your last point in
either you can pick themupone at a time lazybones
but i will briefly pickupone or two points as
morning we would pick ituppack it in and go
at my lap could pickuppage 3 i d asked
parliament ms white i pickuppauline s point perhaps she
elephants understand hari is pickuppic cit is let go
i come and pick youuppick me up just like
wi you will cheer themuppick up the telephone give
whan they had tae pickupsanny todd at hame aa
not their function to pickupservices that councils cannot afford
run through to pick herupshe hasn t been coughing
on a amp ta pickupsmootie dey aksed der fock
of about 7 will pickupsome foreign language the girl
only speaks english i pickupsome scots words at school
morn s morn an pickupsum letters ye can awa
s my f947: you pickuptea- the words the teachers
and ask it to pickupthat detail bruce crawford it
am sometimes i did pickupthat they were talking about
to have failed to pickupthe administrative difficulties to that
that s it they pickupthe basket and go into
were just going to pickupthe bits and put them
to the counter to pickupthe bottle of wine and
ve still got to pickupthe car and then drive
insist that health boards pickupthe cost of nurses and
glides swoops again i pickupthe cover and my fingers
which we should really pickupthe cudgels for in scotland
of rabelais if you pickupthe everyman translation [inhale] if
enough watch me you pickupthe fax you tap all
alastair dempster i will pickupthe first part of the
come into primary one pickupthe gaelic language ehm even
luis and liv and pickupthe hire car which would
not have to pick everythingupthe introduction to taking sex
if anybody is to pickupthe legislative burden the publisher
to pick m741: mmhm m605: upthe pace a little bit
it if members could pickupthe pace a little in
under the goulash and pickupthe peeler i set to
says number one and pickupthe phone so you know
by this problem please pickupthe phone to the council
left the minister to pickupthe pieces surely the role
the voluntary sector to pickupthe pieces that are left
throughout scotland i will pickupthe point that janis hughes
to be failing to pickupthe problems and the more
she s got i pickupthe record cover and now
on the ground they pickupthe scent sometime after the
scottish executive does not pickupthe tab in our assessment
will cheer them up pickupthe telephone give some time
if we needed to pickupthe telephone to them and
micht tryst hir ti pickupthe threid whan it wes
would be difficult to pickupthe unscrupulous landlords who are
them up f1109: to pickupthe weeds that s right
always m944: right f943: pickuptheir accents well i m
s missin right pick themupthen and put them in
broke one f1113: pick itupthen [inaudible] f1114: i m
pick them they re justupthere f1104: but i canna
other urgent business to pickupthere is a benefit in
wid an pick a loadupthere wis ae friday mornin
will enable you to pickupthings that you could not
you okay i ll pickupthis bit here a nice
the relief point to pickupthis evening s bus on
that wave an rock pickupthraw back atwein thaim foraye
soon as yi pick itupti start ironin dara oan
a bus an pick ituptomorrow when he got home
even the hedge a pickuptruck full of teenage boys
too quick an they pickupw- an funnily enough my
that are provided i pickupwhat the minister said about
me he d pick meupwhen i was down and
is often difficult to pickupwhere one left off but
so promptly we will pickupwhere we left off last
be tempted to pick itupwi the teaspoon again pause
and pick aw the coalupye wanted m642: aye we
i m [inaudible] up f1113: upyou come pick up your
i ll brak this ainupyou go and pick another
my generation was the lineupyou you two pick teams
f1097: take this no pickupyour book and dinna just
f1113: up you come pickupyour seat that s a
thought in mind we madeupa cheese sandwich and set
the arts in scotland setupa committee to campaign for
hannle o john macnab setupa den i the hielan
executive two years to setupa development group malcolm chisholm
and they did not setupa discretionary licence scheme because
night m816: [laugh] m815: setupa few tents m816: yeah
put together we have setupa group called the highlands
til the propone tae setupa institute for the languages
that every local authority setupa joint working party prior
mcintosh i have already setupa meeting in hamilton the
executive whether it has setupa national action group for
scotland is asked to setupa national committee on gaelic
of any plans to setupa national fisheries institute with
the scottish executive to setupa national prostate cancer screening
supports its efforts to setupa national screening programme using
supports its efforts to setupa national screening programme using
gnp areas the gnp setupa people s jury to
it was agreed to setupa permanent international criminal court
agreed that we would setupa petition as members can
was the agreement to setupa progress group i had
implementation the education department setupa race relations act education
it is good to setupa regulatory framework prison visit
people we have also setupa rehabilitation sub group to
academic objectivity these classes setupa relationship of power a
goal will be to setupa renewable energy working group
carriageway the police had setupa roadblock of two landrovers
he wis tryin tae setupa roon for the winter
or intention ey cd setupa scraicht at garrt ye
would be better to setupa separate photo opportunity in
the organisation needed to setupa separate unit in the
could possibly need to setupa smallholding bric a brac
although the ep has setupa social inclusion contact group
that are required to setupa successful project and see
to improve urban centres setupa task force to work
a cousin used to setupa tent and build a
it i have therefore setupa textiles forum bringing together
that the parliament should setupa thorough enquiry into how
the wretched victim had setupa tortured wail like a
chairged his advisors tae setupa twal man transportation comatee
in catalonia and to setupa website to provide details
of the agency has setupa website to support its
convention has not yet setupa working party on the
how we can yet setupa working party to examine
the scottish executive to setupa working party to examine
veidzeo chaumeraes an set thaimupabout the houss ti nik
siveral journeys i set itupagain at e tap o
thaim hid thair foremasts setupalang wi thair liverin derricks
coffee shops should be setupalong the dutch model recognises
parliamentary corporate body will setupan advisory panel to liaise
ere e roaret openin erupan aff e set alang
shanks tae set them pedlinupan doon an whirlin roon
because her moo s setupan doon wi yon lang
and whether it will setupan economic task force to
else the executive has setupan equalities strategy the older
set tae ti gorblin thaimupan even whyle thay war
is also possible to setupan exploration of a text
old the project has setupan informal dating agency if
s all just been setupan m959: ohright mm f958:
colin an he rigged meupan set aff on a
nivver ate jist carved itupan set it in its
the scottish executive to setupan urgent investigation into new
the scottish executive to setupan urgent investigation into new
working group has been setupand area management agreements are
d like to set thisupand blah blah blah and
done that frank mcaveety setupand chairs the older people
no only mam lets blindsupand down m1110: i set
company has yet been setupand no chief executive or
the upper deeside area setupand organised groups themselves the
reach the next site setupand prepare a meal it
was one language group setupand should we continue as
before this parliament was setupand that i have continued
to get the camera setupand then held it up
d have the table setupand they d all be
group how it was setupand what our main discussions
m762: public schools were setupand you know erm ones
those points when you windupangus mackay let me set
new body which was setupas a company to support
and eh having set himupas a kind of loner
writing anything have never setupas rivals to men writers
seems to like the setupat tübingen and i m
the time we were setup[audience member apologises for late arrival] hello and er that
did the wee fowk gorbilupaw she set doun afore
yeah m1174: so we setupawaz newspaper which means the
puk have presumably been setupbecause previously proposed ppp projects
berna that ll set yiupberna takes the jug then
know f631: o set themselvesupbut ehm sometimes when you
indicators 1 indicators are setupby a sub committee of
panel such as that setupby dumfries and galloway council
gait gaitin a sheaf setupby itself or in a
the borders working party setupby lord macdonald in august
schemes have to be setupby public bodies that must
i want the inquiries setupby the education culture and
why the convention was setupby the laeken european council
network group which was setupby the local authorities is
chaired and which was setupby the minister in the
but a steering group setupby the scottish arts council
is conducting the review setupby the scottish executive following
a group that was setupby wendy alexander following the
whole industry has been setupby whitehall to measure the
right direction so we setupcamp erm in tradeston in
o kinnlin inside i setupcamp in e ben e
for the initiatives to setupcouncils for volunteering and for
the enterprise company has setupcourses i think for everyone
could set this ed guyupdimps like in therapy like
promise he promised to setupdrug cordons but he has
the attlee government had setupeh as a result of
had the room aw setupeh drums every size i
the middle east to setuper m608: mmhm m1174: newspapers
with all things we setuper quite cheap and it
m1094: i will set itupf1093: okay m1094: i can
i ve got it setupf1093: okay m1094: [inaudible] that
[inhale] [exhale] it s setupf1093: you got the game
they are no set themupf1107: [inaudible] m1108: set them
within this sort of setupf746: aye f947: eh and
set on the short haulupfitehaa brae a car wis
fireplace some like e setupfor a wash hoose biler
know the decorations set wentupfor christmas my mother always
apairt fin ey were setupfor dryin it s a
targets we almost set ourselvesupfor failure because circumstances might
think that did set meupfor going wrong on the
to try and set oneupfor him and i couldn
suttie bequests which were setupfor similar charitable purposes the
to relationships that are setupfor the purpose of obtaining
but eh the whole setupfor the [?]school's evening[/?] so f1159:
two tables have been setupfor this purpose the table
length set about six inchesupfrom the bottom and pinned
manipulate voluntary organisations or setupfront organisations as covert deliverers
cottarbodie wis set ti roweuphis things inti his pock
level ma maternal grandpaurents setuphoose i hoscote ludge an
yonder ana an thay setuphoose it mulsintoun i yin
l juist hae ti setuphouss thegither in yir mither
ministers under the devolved setuphow many meetings of the
the scottish parliament was setuphowever only 1 700 beds
glasses which carlos had setupi shifted the conversation back
once it is fully setupi wish david judy and
na gàidhlig cnag was setupin 1984 following a report
na gàidhlig cnag was setupin 1984 to promote and
the scottish executive was setupin 1987 to help avoid
scottish tourism forum stf setupin 1994 the stf co
first then i set myselfupin a basement in hospital
of thule or set themselvesupin another line of business
a royal commission was setupin december 1997 to review
twa o s got setupin e spare room e
milk storm stooks sheaves setupin fours in windy weather
in ulster goats were setupin fours just like on
a gaelic department was setupin hillpark er which originally
his steidins he set clappiesupin ilka airt he hed
off the blade and setupin little heapies of three
funds which have been setupin many areas might represent
often the sheaves were setupin ones with their bottoms
anaith yer oxter an setupin pairs fower ir mair
f963: and they always setupin the big field beside
when the grammar is setupin the simplest way so
asked the shaives are setupin threes an a raip
informant of hay sheaves setupin threes we were passing
future group which she setupit is clear that she
voluntary organisations has been setupit is excellent that the
has considered the dutch setupit might be worth encouraging
1989 when it was setupit was accrued by the
charity scotland to be setupjackie baillie as i said
address the authorities that setupjoint working groups and then
welcomes the recent initiative setupjointly by the scottish arts
they can email and setuplinks with schools so it
you need to set ituplook farr s your tomato
you got the game setupm1094: yes f1093: okay i
that the budget is setupmakes it difficult to distil
the implementation group is setupmany of mr wilson s
of sentences such exercises setupmany of the shibboleths about
sex offenders unit was setupmichael matheson yes lord james
f1107: [inaudible] m1108: set themupmum f1107: set them up
organisations rather than to setupnew ones sarah boyack i
table 2 shows the setupof a typical regional office
table 3 shows the setupof larger district offices of
could thole and was setupon the dyke outside to
roddenberrie thai wes baith setupon the mukkil sorrit horss
debate has also been setupon the scottish parliament live
was language and they setupone language review group you
want me to set themupor are you just wanting
ritual came to be setuporiginally the death of the
of us we could setupour own organisations and you
okay m1174: so we setuppartitions and then we had
linn waterfall muntit mounted setupplies strands haugh level ground
outside europe they have setupproduction units elsewhere in the
or group of unions setupprogrammes with the employers to
up mum f1107: set themupproper m1108: aye uh oh
joint council should be setuprepresentative of the four scottish
get general practitioners to setupsatellite surgeries in some estates
given a set of cutupsentences from a paragraph on
gyang row gyte to setupsheaves in gaits haad to
enable superfast ferries to setupshop that seemed to me
a brew mr gobbs setupsome rods an we hud
with the dining tent setupsome yards away across some
massive farms will be setupsoon after the young stages
a girl had just setupstall and was doing a
da traders cam tae setupstalls an huckle wares in
be praisit help set meupstrecht wi this cushin at
users committee could be setupsuch a committee will obviously
work how could we setupsuch a forum to allow
the european parliament to setupsuch a website to promote
in which people would setupsuch activity would not imply
which the activity was setupthat does not mean anything
mmhm m642: and we setupthe ayr classic motorcycle club
response was to set offupthe ben as if we
incense then he wis awaupthe brae again fair set
but a wis set forupthe brae again for aa
bunnet an wis set forupthe brae ance mair he
mairchin baun an set affupthe brae ti the tron
environment is vague i setupthe cross party architecture and
the scottish parliament was setupthe educational institute of scotland
days wes mukkil socht blawupthe fyre set out the
a drink and you setupthe game m1094: i will
whose trust later also setupthe hutcheson s grammar schools
colleagues know the executive setupthe joint future group to
neuk while jock dow setupthe makk shift altar fur
across the chamber she setupthe mcfadden commission which reported
city council to set themupthe modernising government fund which
of the grouse who setupthe moorland working group is
the first ferm an setupthe mull for neest mornin
further 450 000 to setupthe new bòrd gàidhlig na
is why we have setupthe new building standards authority
enough to set jimmy stumblingupthe pitch as though someone
member states agreed to setupthe stability and prosperity for
that it has not setupthe standards that you wanted
lassie maclaurin watched boswell lurchupthe street then set off
long term care was setupthe sutherland report was published
with the luggage and setupthe tents and made us
that is to be setupthe tribunal will replace the
had a job interview setupthe very day i was
more comfortable helping to setupthe web for a customer
clerk is that snh setupthe working group robin harper
thee ah trowe this setupthe wyfe o kittilrumpit s
their hauns syne they kiltituptheir gouns an set licht
skill who wish to setuptheir own business s1w 34590
be confident enough to setuptheir own businesses if they
a producer were gonna setuptheir own company and and
councils are starting to setuptheir own groups and are
wull mary an meg githereduptheir things an set oot
were assisting business to setuptheir web pages people were
party groups are being setupthey will be able to
f1039: but when we setupthis footba team they were
at ye ve unleisomelie setupthis haa an ye re
schoolmaster s bequest was setupthrough the family of arbuthnott
inspection arrangement has been setupthrough the gros and as
to the proposal to setuptime out centres s1o 3809
group which the sqa setupto address those issues it
whole process which was setupto be open accessible and
working group that was setupto consider alternatives has met
royal commission might be setupto consider the case i
group that has been setupto consider the operation and
century the scottish executive setupto consult on the future
expertise and to be setupto cope not with the
working groups were initially setupto discuss some of the
s syndrome have been setupto ensure a smooth transition
executive whether the group setupto examine the wider impact
a liaison group was setupto explore the possibility of
expert committee that was setupto give advice on the
older scottish tongue was setupto help with fund raising
policy task force was setupto look at the uk
fifa uefa task force setupto look into this subject
voluntary organisation ash was setupto make sure that effective
a member b the costupto maximum to be set
assessment of achievement programme setupto monitor pupils progress in
and procedures have been setupto prevent and respond to
board the board was setupto promote and facilitate the
a group that was setupto promote older women s
and support er group setupto take forward that certainly
programme board that was setupto take forward the c-
agenda and that it isupto the convener to set
they would climb eight floorsupto the roof to set
set me free steve reachesupunties doll enter dimps cammy
the united kingdom is setupvery differently i am happy
toxin testing regimes was setupwas that it had become
a wee whilie to setupwe ll finish doin this
nasa telescope had been setupwe queued in the bitter
would be looking to setupwe ve al- well certainly
a set of issues cameupwe were able to address
our schools and have setupwebsites with links to resources
about the strange nice setupwhere it investigates itself can
strecht wes mysie weill setupwi growthie broun hair an
yeir fortuin an set yeupwi rowth o gear an
right one snooker table setupwill i go and see
an aunt sally was setupwith a clay pipe in
that if someone were setupwith all the paraphernalia for
corporate body has been setupwith the sole responsibility of
verra thing ti set yeupye haena etten a thing
till kingdom come dan trigginupa laiky skew faur tighter
ve got to put comeupa wee bit f1112: my
f1115: hurry up quick hurryupafore the mannies come and
that the idea s comeupagain and that beaumont s
the committee should not comeupagainst a barrier of the
foreign parts an ye comeupagainst a hawick person they
the law enforcement agencies comeupagainst along with almost everyone
possibility but we shall comeupagainst other problems thereafter would
in the borders we comeupagainst the modern shibboleth that
they get up lights comeupalso in the other side
motor bike hid come revvinupan gaan at a gey
an if somebody did comeupan say what they ve
came up an iain cameupan says come on really
an see ma garrettie comeupan see it noo come
ago they would sing comeupan see ma garrettie come
an see it noo comeupan see ma garrettie it
goin and we ll comeupan spend the time wi
six months will i comeupan then i hears him
m194: and then liftin themupand another basket would come
time come on then hurryupand colour in the flooer
noo f1100: [singing] and comeupand come up and come
and come up and comeupand come up and i
the drains used to blockupand come up his sink
working in london they comeupand every single time we
that corner where you comeupand f809: but it s
and come up and comeupand i do [inaudible] f1099:
a barge used to comeupand it was a a
f643: and they would comeupand kinda leer at the
can easily right come onupand sit m1108: no can
area who used to comeupand stay with us every
an it was numbers comeupand then ye could hit
toilet bowl cause they comeupand they bite ye on
all the neds would comeupand they would like try
i always kind of comeupand up the pathway now
of cause you come backupand you go [inhale] m1106:
ambulance come tae mop herupangel face short sock straicht
doesn t need to comeupany earlier than planned that
go out f943: well comeupany time you want an
up the questions that comeupare things that you can
and a job had comeupat ehm aberdeen en- enterprise
huh f1113: come on situpat peace when you re
sure that it will comeupat the special convention for
their their defences will comeupautomatically and the things that
alright [inaudible] [inaudible] [child noises] wakeupbaby again come on will
i know that s comeupbefore f965: what do that
it ll have to comeupbefore the sheriff i m
then f1124: you to comeupbeside me [inaudible] jam tart
turned and joseph had comeupbeside them and was holding
speert if i d comeupby a meenit i bykit
parochial rooms only 8 turnupcome home early 7 thursday
o the sailors jigs upupcome oan let s be
yer daith there helps herupcome oan let s get
big dog s saying hurryupcome on we d better
places people come from markedupdon t worry ayr s
to peel come on warmupdrill i have a spare
of the rcahms might comeupduring the debate on wednesday
and its supposed to comeupeach year and so is
f965: and she had comeuper from nottingham f963: mmhm
how will you lift itupf1093: right come to mum
you [inaudible] clicking m944: comeupf943: noises [censored: forename] m944: i
whan a bade ye comeupfor a dram an the
do at all i goupfor christmas and come back
ll just hae ta makkupfor it come newerday dir
mairriet and she did comeupfor the funeral so it
come back martha to makupfor the wrang ye did
she says we ll comeupfor the you know when
come a gied the rinninupfor then a got a
that disna they ve comeupfrae england bit people that
andra ah ve juist comeupfrae the dam puil jimpy
especially people who ve comeupfrom england in particular and
f1111: he did come rightupfrom his work to see
how come queen street comingupfrom the south m1078: train
lee come oan bj lightenupgit a life puts her
says aye he says comeuphe says and meet me
or he ll come backuphere again i thought he
fishing they used tae comeuphere an affa lot o
lot o scots ains comeuphere an that wis mainly
ball f1113: [inaudible] okay comeuphere and put on your
ll jist need to comeuphere aside me and help
you ve got to comeuphere beside mummy hide them
s a good view fromuphere f1121: it is come
an of course they comeuphere for the marriage now
m1042: glaswegians used tae comeuphere for their fair fortnight
how come ye re stuckuphere in a garret wi
now f1111: yes come onuphere [laugh] f1112: i m
f1104: come f1103: [inaudible] nextuphere snow white s skirt
doing she used to comeuphere so often one thing
hang on up you comeuphere this is this is
an does this man comeuphere to do this m824:
to block up and comeuphis sink and bath and
stick you need a warmupi continue to peel come
when i ve been fixedupi will manage to come
tak ye on lizzie jumpingupi will that come on
can put you and chrissieupif you care to come
billy reid used tae comeupin eh in fae dundee
were wed his face screwedupin instant remorse come on
a court case to comeupin order to define the
of core questions that comeupin philosophy are a lot
for your numbers to comeupin the lottery you d
a question that has comeupin the past clarity and
so you know they comeupin two lines and then
know if they ll comeupin your corpus i don
there was a wind comeupit just m815: yeah the
noo the wither canna makupits mind sin dis come
still f1111: they winna comeupjust now darling cause she
okay come on then jumpuplet s see what designs
siren wails out they getuplights come up also in
can swim under and comeuplike a dolphins m1106: i
right come on behave getupm1098: [child noises] [child noises] f1097: right
come here come here hurryupm1098: i nae w- i
some teeth i was cheeredupmore to come back to
s been a family bustupmr thespiosis had to come
cairnton fairm had come faeupnorth the duncans an stuff
o torry doon victoria roadupnorth they aa come fae
in auchenblae here come faeupnorth to work f826: mmhm
that are when they comeupokay m1098: [inhale] i got
another way the lights comeupon lizzie and angelica at
how come ye re hungupon psychopaths and duglowpers and
and the stage lights comeupon the gutting area georgie
two prefabs m642: prefabs comeupon the m608: oh right
this ain [whisking] now comeupon the seat and help
cut the carpet come onupon the table darling [censored: forename]
canna f1103: okay f1104: comeupon this bed because there
away they ll maybe comeuppast after school tomorrow that
other actors come forward takingupplaces on stage as trees
which members may ask followupquestions that come to mind
come on like give itupreally eh [?]he's a good guy[/?] m605: it
come efter aw berna strugglesuprobby throws down the tambourine
mm f637: and come backuprussell street and go intae
panda come on panda eatupsee fitt dae ye think
question lik dis will comeupso will arrive at da
of this kind will comeupso will arrive in the
f1112: what about they comingupstill f1111: they winna come
dugs an bairns wid comeupta hae a luik decide
to say up tae comeuptae aboot ayr or some
to move away to sayuptae come up tae aboot
eck hid decided tae comeuptae nairn tae see the
capitalist bastards when they comeuptae see the factory an
turn garrin the halflins comeuptae the altar an kneel
huv tae come oan noouptae yer bed sadie supports
we saw a figure clammerupthe bank an come steamin
simmer hous watchin him comeupthe brae wi his sting
there s a dog comeupthe hill f1136: oh aye
f1095: come on [censored: forename] tidyupthe jigsaw m1096: no no
network the proposals to openupthe market will come online
kind of come up andupthe pathway now like rather
come up ye what comesupthe questions that come up
they enjoy dance we comeupthe road 18 thursday singing
come on we ll walkupthe road so they started
come on let s drawupthe roof f1112: mmhm f1111:
yep f1089: right come onupthe st- was we goin
clerk bade lu da comeupthe stair an sit doun
on afore we go backupthe stair come through with
yeah he did come onupthe stair mum [inaudible] one
ain are you gonna comeupthe stairs and m1090: yeah
cargo boats which they comeupthe they had the you
so he used tae comeupthe wood wi me up
cake f1126: aye and getupthere a plates f1125: come
what auntie barbara wanted anybodyupthere to come down and
jonsar an smiled you comeupthis dance wi me i
tragedy to come is builtupthrough repeated phrases and the
i ll come alive startuptick hum work juice summon
hospital they were dressing meupto come here nobody s
every single time we comeupto glasgow and they say
your knee and you stoodupto go here i come
them if they would comeupto laurencekirk because it s
mmhm m822: did you comeupto montrose f606: yeah uh
minute that they ll comeupto see me buried it
as well you ve comeupto see us and learn
we astonishingly they had comeupto st giles and were
will be required to comeupto the european union s
up to you know comeupto the library and get
s why i say comeupto you know come up
flat owners so it supto you please come and
[censored: forename] s work they comeuptoo mmhm everybody came to
for your efforts and comeuptrumps at the limbo dancing
yin o the sailors jigsupup come oan let s
they re goin th- comeupuphill round a wee chicane
f1077: er used to comeupusually just with my mum
he d no hae comeupvery high if he had
michael russell as issues comeupwe might ask the clerks
ideas and they ll comeupwhy don t we do
out gin a canna comeupwi a story hou will
that m1016: he couldnae comeupwi an answer tae that
says come on you comeupwi him walk the other
yaise onything ye can comeupwi newsletter autumn 2001 pauline
aye m1000: i didnae comeupwi onything for annoyed no
no i just couldnae comeupwi onything m999: aye i
tae sit doon an comeupwi some kinna standart leet
obliged to try and comeupwi something different just say
never knew you d comeupwi such stuff you re
or somethin ye cannae comeupwi that s a gey
sure you didn t comeupwi this yourself [laugh] uh
harder could it have comeupwith a better financial memorandum
two reporters we should comeupwith a draft report by
i was unable to comeupwith a form of words
we ve tried to comeupwith a framework which tries
and i would suddenly comeupwith a little bit of
us come in he stoodupwith a loud cry and
want i think to comeupwith a much s-s- simplified
if european countries have comeupwith a satisfactory way of
found it impossible to comeupwith a solution there are
us to try to comeupwith a strictly controlled definition
initiative has failed to comeupwith a truly sustainable rural
us i think to comeupwith a well i would
would be able to comeupwith an aggregate figure however
s last opportunity to comeupwith an example he has
eh david horsbroch has comeupwith and which eh i
yuck csd doesn t comeupwith anything couthy and there
that it needs to comeupwith at least an interim
the secondary can we comeupwith cross curricular learning experiences
that we cannot always comeupwith innovative projects and that
the issues and to comeupwith its recommendations its conclusion
[pages turning] you would have comeupwith m1008: well again degrees
s a chance to comeupwith more effective teaching programmes
architects and designers to comeupwith more innovative solutions to
he asked me to comeupwith my claw hammer and
hoped that rarari would comeupwith new and sustainable models
its investigation it has comeupwith nothing except to ask
would try again to comeupwith one person each g
snp have failed to comeupwith one suggestion for addressing
as brian fitzpatrick to comeupwith proper imaginative ideas for
s remit was to comeupwith recommendations for sustainable services
consider this matter and comeupwith some figures the convener
think that we could comeupwith some form of agreed
follow that through and comeupwith some ideas or suggestions
and then she would comeupwith some other cruel way
possible for you to comeupwith some quantification of potential
the existing guidelines and comeupwith some recommendations which as
crossed that the auc comeupwith something and if they
eh no if i comeupwith something i ll shout
if i don t comeupwith something i probably in
then you can sometimes comeupwith something someone said that
at last i ve comeupwith something with fiona s
organisations was able to comeupwith such a construct it
has been able to comeupwith that is the answer
and we want to comeupwith the answers we want
exercise the minister can comeupwith the conclusion that we
a scottish town she cameupwith the slogan come to
the mannie said sae comeupy all and jyne oor
you got a sair throatupye get [tap running] come on
hope that when they comeupye what comes up the
come doon the stair bindupyer yellow hair tak a
get we wash necks nextupyou come darling and then
f1101: stop it come onupyou come f1102: [child noises] f1101:
case you cut your ca-upyou come f1112: i m
tattie f1111: come on thenupyou come f1112: no [inaudible]
what else will we makeupyou come f1114: ah ah
oh i nearly [inaudible] f1111: upyou come in case you
f1114: no [inaudible] no f1113: upyou come right [?]off with the box[/?] f1114:
s that darling want helpupyou come right what do
ll get them f1113: okayupyou come that s a
ve pulled out your microphoneupyou come then f1114: i
on hang on hang onupyou come up here this
re doing [censored: forename] look [note: speaking to baby]upyou come what are you
f1111: well come on thenupyou get we wash necks
into your bedroom and tidyupyour toys come on cause
come here till i pullupyour trousers m1090: if do
i ll need to saveupa bit more now again
t mind if they startedupa brangle about it again
then f1105: need to putupa lid again or all
hill the weather s brightenedupagain after several days of
an weans tae muck itupagain an we have the
period the weather s brightenedupagain and after some frosty
of graves s goddesses cropsupagain and again and not
that my catherine wheel litupagain and i simply had
at 10 30 and isupagain at 6 in the
y got him she cheersupagain at a new memory
string had been cut getupagain attack the young team
his me aa kittle tupagain bit i ken charles
comes through and mixes thingsupagain but that s my
flights of stairs and thenupagain but was worth it
the petition can be pickedupagain by whatever committee has
first up syne doon syneupagain e same s it
been haalt oot an biggitupagain e steed a file
takin t a the wyeupagain efter ken fit i
m sorry mum i mupagain f1113: up again watch
you re getting all tangledupagain f1114: all ta- f1113:
the platform then built everythinupagain fae there i read
them georgie s head rearsupagain georgie corrode them you
rather brooding silence and jumpingupagain is that the door
d be able to getupagain jim oh look at
break up recombine and breakupagain ksenia left us in
again up again up againupagain let s see them
meenit or so afore stertinupagain like a bawd racin
wind it all the wayupagain m1090: [cough] isn't- [inhale]
okay right just build itupagain m1094: need to f1093:
correct you manage to standupagain m1106 : whoosh f1105: up
o e blankets heatit supagain ma heid full o
in the efterneen wither clearsupagain monday 11th temp 15
a splice syne tichen tupagain nae at ye ay
knocked down but i getupagain no they re never
prince wad humf the kistupagain on his back an
on his back an sklumupagain on the braid shouthers
guid whylie afore he raiseupagain profunditas liftit the twa
ll feel your hert liftedupagain ronnie lift up your
time he didn t wakeupagain said ricky that was
en taewards nicht day clearsupagain saturday 7th temp 11
at s that skirt sewnupagain she passes it to
it wis bein hysted backupagain skailin twa three herrin
would ye mind he strugglesupagain slowly they start to
back doon and drag yourselfupagain so [laugh] i d
lang ir e boy poppitupagain still wi e bag
the oil fabrication industry picksupagain supported by shona robison
overtaking me i ve wokenupagain the ball point still
it again okay break itupagain then wee hee right
the sin comes oot brichtensupagain thursday 12 temp 3
or twa en it brichtensupagain thursday 17 temp 3
we have to build themupagain to get that one
see myself ever picking itupagain to read the bit
one and didn t lookupagain until the chicken glazed
we go again up againupagain up again let s
[laugh] there we go againupagain up again up again
i m up again f1113: upagain watch cause you ve
watch you re getting tangledupagain watch up your leggies
aisse cannily biggin the fireupagain wi kinnlers the kinnlers
the hostal borne before meetingupagain with louis and liv
before the movement is takenupagain with the emotional endorsement
lass cuid ever het itupagain yit there s a
me if you bugger itupagain you ll join the
under the duvet again closeupagainst wee andy i m
information will again become backedupalex easton obviously if a
poor o rain en clearsupan awa tae frost again
or twa o rain brichtensupan comes oot braw again
bed an then a llupan face the world again
ear the cow instantly jumpedupand began walking again obviously
vertical again and jumped himupand he ended up back
ta bring back ta layupand mak again in time
in order to get itupand running again that seems
haven t you break itupand then do it again
the lady answers it hangupand then ring back again
down crawl away pull himselfupand try again but every
know but again people growupand you know other m608:
of the city we joinedupas a group again at
back around 4am he supat 6 30am tomorrow again
and on saturday i gotupat 6 35am again to
again doocot fermin it wisupat mounthooly doocot that jonsar
to roll f010: [laugh] f122: upbefore it rolls back again
again as the youngsters peggedupcartridge paper or selected the
if hey agnes which weyupdae ye dae it again
again f1104: po- he poppedupdidn t he f1103: aye
comes the rain dis clearupen back tae rain again
doon again and he jumpsupf1103: aye f1104: then he
again mum we nearly popupf1103: mm f1104: he always
chute again f1115: quick hurryupf1116: he s goin doon
to be home again breakupfurniture a m siesta p
go go and do itupgo and do it again
up again m1106 : whoosh f1105: uphe comes m1106 : square three
no push that bit againuphe goes oh and splash
water and i ve takenuphealth again after playing cricket
back an snoot again bumupheid doun a bark an
distressed to speak agnes picksupher knitting again and starts
that s scooby snacks againuphere no you need to
again e tool s aaupin a kerfuffle the towel
his hair well push itupinto his hair again you
now when the arm cameupit always fell away again
rain noo an again clearsuplater on then rain again
ah l never can haudupma heid again if that
so i hae a reddupnoo an again an clear
and thryce again to makupnyne wheisht nou the spell
and again something new turnsupone example is stuffie used
dinna mak me turn itupower mony times again the
personality shite again wee madeuppal syndrome nane o us
it again i popped himuppopped up didn t he
left again fiona is sittingupproperly holding her pencil properly
animated groups which would breakuprecombine and break up again
it 20 saturday we packupslowly again beat rain 82nd
again and everybody just gotupstopped what they were doing
avenue an it lookit firstupsyne doon syne up again
hae a lot o tidyinguptae dae again aren t
an cairtit the net backuptae the tap again as
again a ll make ituptae ye da honest says
again without having to lookupthat even the charitable guys
again a feedback loop windingupthat snake like bend and
back ti lyfe again anupthay lowpit til thair feet
again krista he s awaupthe bothy wi berna she
upside down again to speedupthe break down when the
again an jonsar eck wisupthe elgin wye eence again
bit as he strode backupthe field again for some
tin again an cam trottinupthe field wi it badger
s leading the group rightupthe garden path again ed
failed will the eu takeupthe issue again we have
hir he wul suin takupthe kist again an haigil
to ground level and haulupthe ladder again muttering ungrateful
never again beat its wayupthe loch and then she
the line did slacken thenupthe puil again he surged
sheets again ok cammy bundlesupthe sheets then jumps up
to dae wi you awayupthe stair again johnny i
bit an then we wentupthe stairs again m941: i
nae again fin i brochtupthe subject a feow times
art museum again anyway keepupthe swimming golf fencing respectively
watter frae himsel then pickedupthe tin again an cam
for a filie used itupthen had tae work again
completed questionnaire his eyes shotupthen lowered again you ve
again it s been playinupthese past couple o days
will close now and tidyupthings will write again soon
is leears they bigg usupti caw us doun again
will keep an be pickituptime an time again i
a shower then go backupto aberdeen again so it
procedure once again it isupto the committee to decide
time after eating we wentupto the room again to
again or i may manageupto visit you all there
i saw him mr grantupto your tricks again edward
the day but [censored: forename] gotuptoo early again f1134: i
jinty s goat ur haunsupur sleeves again a ll
hope i m getting fedupwith academic life again it
she d left we metupwith aliona again yesterday after
go upstairs again agnes gettingupye kin chum me up
lifted up again ronnie liftupyour ain hert georgie an
again watch up your leggiesupyour leggies through that way
getting tangled up again watchupyour leggies up your leggies
this from the big quarryupabove cairnryan down in and
them cammy up an downupan down all the way
me over the walls beltupand calm down sod you
however acrobats who shimmied unnaturallyupand down a metal pole
mary s bus he strolledupand down aberkinnie s deserted
at this luisa looked meupand down an edge of
fiona had to help meupand down and carry the
who is that woman jumpingupand down and david steel
and ready you d goupand down and up right
we ll start right readyupand down and up well
sam and i looked itupand down and we came
subs on the bench leapingupand down behind gi joe
speed and urgency shouted jumpingupand down calling clapped his
s when the head movesupand down costumes can be
kind of patchy it goesupand down er depending on
got to cart the booksupand down every single day
just kind of looked meupand down f1049: cause you
the throngs of people wanderingupand down gorky street some
my feet and walk himupand down he is as
about the bag tess jumpsupand down heuch yiv cawed
that the stock market goesupand down however the value
can tell ye malcolm pacesupand down in a rage
even tighter and jogging itupand down in the way
the shiny bits you lickupand down [inaudible] stick it
out of bed and pacesupand down indecisively she goes
out of your pockets pacesupand down isa sinclair stage
branch of a pine bobbingupand down like a stringed
true we wandered the crookedupand down old streets beside
destined for mooning cows goingupand down on a bus
up the sheets then jumpsupand down on them cammy
a fly cigarette she walkedupand down opening all the
was undeniable it was bobbingupand down right afore his
no no f640: aye f638: upand down that s it
the concerns that were expressedupand down the country about
involved in volunteering in factupand down the country members
the development of active communityupand down the country that
volunteers and full time workersupand down the country voiced
was a no no f638: upand down the high street
futuristic decor glass elevators shootupand down the main lobby
mr peter dunn slid rightupand down the middle below
i to stroll a littleupand down the path to
anfisa goes out irena walksupand down the room lost
a time he winded meupand down the shaft to
wumman ah tell ye walksupand down the stage then
at nightime the only movementupand down the street was
cell phone the hooker totteredupand down the top deck
against the cockroaches which ranupand down the walls well
to side as well asupand down this the way
instant in a fury pacingupand down throw it out
in mind o it walksupand down throws down his
walked a mile each dayupand down to fernhill not
industry wasn t really jumpinupand down to get me
of holes this was plungedupand down to make the
shake her head or nodupand down to say it
of the room moula walksupand down wringing her hands
i can think of isupand down you know somebody
down a doorpost uncivilly roseupand hit her on the
the desk and he wakesupand looks down geordie is
rushing down she picks meupand turns me upside down
goes down the bottom orupat the top m1096: the
slowing down becoming quieter picksupbottle of pills realises this
15 minutes down roads chewedupby builders who are constructing
and crying down whit supdoun thare tam there is
photographs of windows being tapedupdown in f963: did you
salamander up down up downupdown press ups press ups
m going back and forwardsupdown round about and i
a luik salamander up downupdown up down press ups
hingin takk a luik salamanderupdown up down up down
she sat down and litupevery time she exhaled smoke
down a sentence statement madeupfrom their cards they gain
is quietening down peggy picksupher mother s tea mug
down sit down f1113: standuphere a minutie i ll
where are you going f1112: uphere and sliding down their
punt down in the harbouruphere we call it a
can knock it down rightuphigh so you can push
is a case of goinguphill and down dale throughout
economy let us talk themupinstead of talking scotland down
on till he got rightupking street right down george
down rather than than thanupm605: yes there s seems
sun comes down moon comesupmoon comes down f807: [laugh]
jist washed down and buffedupnot this year he sighed
ll pop that ones backupnow you jump down carefully
re trying to put itupon a stand down off
slowly down on her andupon jim as muriel approaches
be top down but bottomupor as i would prefer
her in or tied herupor knocked her down sadie
[?]most important one is[/?] with disney disney wasupover there down the field
putz tries it on andupparnassus pitchforked down as soon
go up and down andupright sit doon and we
down and waiting lists areuproads are crumbling and bridges
f1139: right it s downupround and round okay a
there grampian nhs board endsupsending money down to pay
still bj throws his armsupsits down pat awright beej
very quickly and who endedupsliding down the bannisters and
a normal day sun comesupsun comes down moon comes
it s upsides down m1098: upthat s it f1097: no
down the glass and picksupthe brown envelope she opens
head with practised hand openupthe head down to the
there f1113: now we climbupthe ladder and down the
we are down plumber heldupthrough burst pipes 31 thursday
yet you can tie usuptie us down fear travels
to carry pots and pansupto and down from floor
watered down though it isupto individual partners to find
much sort of setting peopleupto knock them down nowadays
down angelica ma muriel givingupwearily weel dinna be late
ready up and down andupwell done and if you
the beach down clouds clamupwith cold the bay is
the corner lies down curlsupwith his thumb in his
about emotion you might feelupyou might feel down but

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