See this word as a collocate cloud

entrance just the word weusea close m1016: i ve
cauld [inaudible] rather than ehusea different word i think
sound surprised that they occasionallyusea gaelic word m1007: [laugh]
is unsure of how tousea particular word or finds
debate i am sorry tousea scots word i am
m1019: gear m1021: i justusea word the word clobber
cricket text would you everusean urdu word in english
more expressive gaelic word touseand you might use it
ehm well i would certainlyuseannoyed as the basic word
a a word that iuseas weel an folk haven
not a word i wouldusebut f1023: i wouldn t
not a word i wouldusebut it s a word
right another word you wouldusedown the pub m741: mmhm
a gaelic word you mightuseeh a gaelic word that
a word that i stillusefor sleep is charping charping
torry word that you couldusefor that is there annoyed
a word that you couldusehere eh depending on what
f1143: the pend m1146: iusei use the word pend
a word for us tousei would just say bonny
s a word ye canusein a lot o weys
one word you would likeusein if you were teaching
a word i- we sometimesusein our family cause it
this word but i shalluseit in a proactive way
s a word i woulduse[laugh] aye [laugh] m1012: [laugh]
was the word i wouldusem999: aye f1001: bonny or
that a word you dusemargaret f1040: it s it
not a polite word touseno m1020: course they re
a word i would everusenow but i i m
this is the word weusenow cause of television f1006:
shouting in the lift theuseof the scots word lift
issue the rspb dislike theuseof the word contract in
overstepped the mark a woollyuseof the word direction was
thing about language eh theuseof the word ken that
do you mean by theuseof the word notification steve
i am concerned by theuseof the word purchase no
foregrounding in thronging night theuseof the word thronging can
by nature she would neveruseone word where she could
of just you guys woulduseor is it a word
the dreichness if i mayusesuch a word of the
s the word i wouldusetae say someone s attractive
the word skelp did youusethat one in skye m1007:
was just going tae s-usethat word a frankie an
m999: ill trickit would youusethat word dad no m1000:
ticket aye no we certainlyusethat word every noo an
m1021: yeah that like scotsusethat word like a lot
m1013: a lot o folkusethat word m1012: a lot
is anybody would anybody elseusethat word m1022: i would
s actually a she- weusethat word m865: yeah yeah
don t think they wouldusethat word no she would
there was an overambitious iusethat word rather than reckless
that word m1022: i wouldusethat word yes i ve
been waiting for me tousethe i word independence my
and fit like sometimes peopleusethe odd word in the
margaret f1005: [laugh] ehm m1004: usethe same word f1054: aye
the word an you justusethe same words f1054: i
of whether or not tousethe word age or not
kerr m1014: generations that theyusethe word an you just
same as what ye meanusethe word as a tart
i m no going tousethe word but and i
and attention i should notusethe word critical in the
s f- fair we weusethe word fair f1011: aye
however i would tend tousethe word flexibility it is
people to be exploited iusethe word in its best
speak tae the kids iusethe word loo or toilet
i ve never heard anyoneusethe word lounge except an
we we never ever everusethe word lounge that was
pend m1146: i use iusethe word pend but i
at the front line iusethe word perception because i
been your presiding officer iusethe word privilege deliberately when
things an so do yeusethe word shoogly much an
i ve used ye wouldusethe word steamin just as
the power to stop iusethe word stop as a
trend too and you couldusethe word tha mi knackered
good one m1016: i justusethe word toilet i dinnae
and qmuc were permitted tousethe word university as part
mention the concept never mindusethe word when we get
loons were certainly exploited tousetoday s politically correct word
that what you word youusetypically f1005: it s just
be a word we wouldusewhen but mm m1055: mmhm
s the only word weusewhen it s raining lightly
eh in the word youusewi it actually m1002: uh
every every word that weuseyou know every time we
that s the word touseyou m608: mmhm aye m1163:
a word that you woulduseyourself no f1054: no really
cause they re words iuseall the time cause i
zen philosophy have tended touseas few words as possible
scottish f832: we don tuseas many scottish words f833:
like the words that weuseat all f834: no an
[inaudible] wor- wor- words weuseback home are eh wap
sort of words does dadusecoos calfs strae hey neeps
somethin ye know would yeusedifferent words for different things
do you think you dusedifferent words for pregnant for
sort of words that weuseehm i- they wouldn t
words an whaur do youuseenglish m1013: oh when when
the two words i dusef1006: [inaudible] f1054: think about
sort o words dae theyusef1054: ehm i was wi
what other words would youusefor attractive in the getting
whit whit words would youusefor clothes f1040: claes claes
consider the words that weusefor disability we have the
lot o words you couldusefor that [laugh] no f1040:
the words that we weusehere day an daily some
the words that the scotsusei mean f834: no i
the words you d kno-usein your own house f1018:
f646: but eh they theyuseit in other words i
it sounds rough old localsuseit some of the words
words f1077: well they theyuseken a lot did he
f832: but does he stilluselike s- all scottish words
but he doesn t actuallyusemany words but he can
speaking to some of ususemore scots words than others
important one little words weusemore than we think i
provoking and arousing them tousemrs blaikie s words i
used in spelling scots theuseof apostrophes in words which
having significant bearing on theuseof dialect words were the
to follow easily and accuratelyuseof linking words to do
must say i find youruseof scots and slang words
a broad accent and theuseof scots words but i
of uses and changes inuseof words in their local
f1145: old scots words weuseold scots words for things
of orkney words that youuseor you just said haar
a lot o the fishermanuseown words for different things
thought about words that youusethat maybe dinna feature in
re certain words that iusethat probably me husband that
in the same way andusethe same words and phrases
that i am sorry tousethe words co operation and
the words of someone elseusethe words of paulo coelho
wise and wonderful to sayusethe words of someone else
opposition is well founded tousethe words that are contained
two words an i stillusethem i m founert an
words but they like taeusethem they like the sounds
and although he did notusethese exact words said that
bilin boiling f1054: did youusethese words or are you
that the- oh they theyusethey use words like fart
ken f1054: whaur do youusethis words an whaur do
there different ways you dusethose different words for drunk
wabbit wh- why would youusethose different words john m1004:
are very expressive words touseto try and get through
the clerks should produce tousetricia marwick s words a
words that we used tousewas they never said headlice
oh they they use theyusewords like fart and keech
no we dinnae have tousewords that kind of seems
two words i would normallyuseyeah m1007: i just use
since many fluent english speakersusea different language in the
notice if they wish tousea language other than english
terms for aspects of languageusea metalanguage as it is
divine vengeance on those whouseaffected language this is an
divine vengeance on those whouseaffected language what the hell
the language that normal peopleusean from a linguistic point
research into language education anduseand is funded by the
others have also chosen touseanother language today because we
continue to be able touseany language in parliamentary debates
like burns is able touseaugustan english language and idiom
thinks that 6 000 peopleusebsl as their daily language
a particularly suitable language foruseby moliere s monstrous caricatures
purpose be of love tousecommoun language with some passionate
i would prefer not touseemotive language the people at
here he advises writers touseeveryday language for poetic vituperation
to measure and record itsusegaelic language scotland bill as
encouraging the bilingual pupil tousehis home language taking steps
discussed would include language forusein classroom situations songs rhymes
use in common or mightusein common the language staff
linguistic medium d language iusein dis essay iz an
to support and develop languageusein scotland is pertinent language
to equivalent kinds of languageusein their reading for information
i do not want touseinflammatory language about being bag
these concerns thus language inuseinstituted the broad approach which
acknowledged that support for languageuseis needed in order to
f951: certainly ehm you coulduseit in language language eh
s perception of how touselanguage and thereby improve his
functions for which they typicallyuselanguage and those functions which
not the correct way touselanguage despite the claims of
is to understand how theyuselanguage effectively then the more
erm the way that youuselanguage erm shapes the way
also writers who wish touselanguage in a creative interesting
sensitive about the language weuselanguage on care issues throughout
tongue teaching the language inusematerials which emerged involve pupils
when the student tries tousemore complex language less common
have a third opportunity tousemy own language in the
work like factual recounts theyuseobjective language and avoid personal
decision to allow candidates theuseof a foreign language dictionary
monteith s1m 318 cathie craigieuseof british sign language in
1999 robin harper s1m 318useof british sign language in
corporate body is regarding theuseof british sign language to
do not think that theuseof emotive language is helpful
to a child of theuseof his natural language inhibit
the opportunity to do vocationaluseof language as well as
and how the author suseof language features has created
overemphasis on only the functionaluseof language in clearly defined
that any rules governing theuseof language in the parliament
topic related to urquhart suseof language in the rabelais
1 our rules governing theuseof language in the scottish
demonstrates the fullest most preciseuseof language it gives young
his main characters discuss theuseof language mrs scamler when
goes on to discuss theuseof language they drink and
will modify and adapt theiruseof language to support the
to language teaching promotes theuseof real language in realistic
language in drama while theuseof scots in drama is
her language register to theuseof scots with particular success
features found in instructional textsuseof simple language that will
urquhart in spades in theuseof technical and erudite language
com- confident themselves in theuseof that language and they
the context of the communicativeuseof the foreign language pupils
or duty relating to theuseof the gaelic language arising
the plan as to theuseof the gaelic language in
plan makes provision for theuseof the gaelic language in
c the forecast level ofuseof the gaelic language in
should forecast the level ofuseof the gaelic language in
gaelic 8 details regarding theuseof the gaelic language in
language through incorporating activities featuringuseof the home language throughout
court and provided for theuseof the language in public
church and the very lastuseof the language in the
item on the agenda theuseof the scots language irene
developing language awareness a furtheruseof this document will be
relationship with parents the dailyuseof varieties of language will
s a good idea tousescots in in these language
without feeling the need tousesomeone else s language in
language by enabling him tousespoken standard english in public
an aspect of language inusesuch as relationships between spoken
and avoid personal feelings theyusetechnical language and moderating terms
a rage he doesn tusethat language he talks in
its staff to learn andusethe gaelic language language requirement
such activities allow pupils tousethe kinds of language concepts
use gaelic she had tousethe language and er she
john farquhar munro did notusethe language instead he used
that clearly rather than tousethe language of partnership and
stephen imrie i have tousethe language that i have
they should be asked tousethe same kinds of language
farms an that don tusethe same language as the
necessary for msps wishing tousethe scots language section 3
from ethnic minority communities mayusetheir home language urdu cantonese
as that they seek tousetheir language in a way
we should encourage people tousetheir own language furthermore it
scots language to measure itsuseto celebrate and not denigrate
towards the kind of languageusetypical of non fictional genres
study into upper deeside languageusewas intended to be an
i should say that teachersusewhat language should they speak
being taken towards the recognitionuseand teaching of gaelic scots
and erm i tended tousegaelic all the time to
at least consider how theyusegaelic during the national parks
i welcome the opportunity tousegaelic i will say something
to guarantee the right tousegaelic in courts and tribunals
the decision on how tousegaelic in national parks is
of the csg when mspsusegaelic in parliamentary debates the
parliament has again agreed tousegaelic in the chamber and
have gaelic speaking staff andusegaelic in their daily business
bodies and the right tousegaelic names and descriptions and
my mother simply had tousegaelic she had to use
and gaelic cultural organisations canuseit to their best advantage
happens in gaelic when theyuselike m741: right m605: phrases
yes m1007: brilliant he couldusem1008: yes m1007: gaelic english
framework in place for theuseof gaelic and how the
cultural arguments for facilitating theuseof gaelic and scots we
schemes to bring about theuseof gaelic as a working
the charter provides for theuseof gaelic in specific circumstances
also been expressed about theuseof gaelic in the work
law with regard to theuseof gaelic including a right
to use and encourage theuseof gaelic lodged 29 august
the parliament to facilitate theuseof gaelic scots and british
in place which promote theuseof gaelic these are as
of areas to develop theuseof gaelic this included 300
its strategy to encourage theuseof gaelic whether an extension
1996 is to promote theuseof scots and gaelic in
things to say on theuseof scots and gaelic it
that did not prohibit theuseof scots or gaelic it
are not incompatible with theuseof the gaelic xiv 1791
e scots arriving in shetlandusea phrase like a helverie
into doric north east scotsuseamongst primary children 1997 whereas
be used to increase theuseand appreciation of scots the
isie likit weel eneuch taeusebraid scots inbye the hoose
are not excluded by itsusein relation to scots the
pressure had mitigated against scotsusein the playground where children
you like scots if iuseit in class my friends
speech or choose not touseit lowland scots has predominated
in scots publish in scotsuseit on on radio and
in classical scots and thenuseit regularly well this is
in the area would youuseit scots in the playground
of north east scots inuseit would be necessary to
children into the full timeuseof a synthetic scots in
1983 at this time theuseof local dialects of scots
rural gordon the status anduseof north east scots amongst
beginning of another period theuseof regional scots to mark
study into the knowledge anduseof scots amongst primary pupils
investigate code switching and situationaluseof scots amongst upper deeside
department conducting research into theuseof scots and a subsequent
was a new non parochialuseof scots and it led
macdiarmid is famed for hisuseof scots as an experimental
warns inexperienced writers off theuseof scots at all for
short discussion on the situationaluseof scots based on the
in in schools is theuseof scots but if you
our policy to promote theuseof scots census data might
resolute action to promote theuseof scots committed to fostering
would you also welcome theuseof scots f948: well it
would you also welcome theuseof scots f950: mmhm m865,:
company in 1988 traditionally theuseof scots has been an
survey being conducted into theuseof scots i don t
expected of us indeed theuseof scots in court seems
this class his very occasionaluseof scots in direct speech
extension of the traditional comicuseof scots in mock historical
you welcome you know theuseof scots in newspapers road
growing trend of encouraging theuseof scots in our schools
being one of these theuseof scots in rendering classical
the steady decline of theuseof scots in the 17th
the steady decline in theuseof scots in the seventeenth
cohen s and urquhart suseof scots in this passage
and a foretaste of theuseof scots in times to
resource in scottish courts theuseof scots is evidently not
f785: so do you thinkuseof scots is necessarily political
situations where you would likeuseof scots m952: but you
you would also welcome theuseof scots m952: well this
since the late 1930s theuseof scots on the stage
extending and upgrading the dramaticuseof scots outside its conventional
major determinant in encouraging theuseof scots proved to be
modern times become ritualised theuseof scots serves to restore
as being appropriate for theuseof scots stereotyping exerts an
would you also welcome theuseof scots this this kind
would you also welcome theuseof scots u1028: [inaudible] f951:
dutch and that is theuseof the diminutives now scots
is scots we have consistentuseof the is verb inflexion
origin made the decision tousescots a natural one in
vast majority of people whousescots as their normal everyday
it s spoken i justusescots at home because i
speak english tarland i justusescots at home because i
dreich day where would youusescots at my granny and
in scots ehm you couldusescots more on television or
determines whether they choose tousescots or lose it the
intention a clear intention tousescots should be reflected if
any msps who wanted tousescots the welsh assembly model
m865: mmhm well you couldusescots well basically that s
or french when would youusescots when speaking to a
we do not want tousescots when we title it
asserted that they would onlyusescots within the home and
standard cannot scottish writers whousespecific varieties of scots to
was scots and would neverusethat ehm and just the
scots rather than in latinusethe concept of acting on
said that they would notusetheir scots before english friends
scots but we do notusethem to best effect because
is sufficiently educated not touseuncompromising scots he she has
they would keep scots forusewithin the home in the
okay okay a monkey useusea monkey f1091: mmhm m1092:
publish and implement plans touseand encourage the use of
it wis nae use naeuseat aa they had an
s no one i duseaye f1054: so [?]none of you really[/?] use
container bad use to illusebaikie tether pin bailie farm
use ehm brack i dusebreck you know like m741:
make it an offence tousecause or permit the use
make it an offence tousecause or permit the use
make it an offence tousecause or permit the use
we also use child weusechild a lot in our
they do m1019: we alsousechild we use child a
m605: right i wouldn tuseehm brack i d use
f718: mmhm you didn tusef1077: you didn t use
could use the you couldusegangway as well m1008: mmhm
the classroom strategies that theyusein common or might use
lounge f1143: i would neveruseit f1144: never use lounge
[sniff] f1093: what do youuseit for use it to
to use and you mightuseit m1055: mmhm yes m1008:
you use it why youuseit the historical developments you
do you use it foruseit to smell things yes
continuum you know where youuseit why you use it
i still use it yeahuseit wi the children so
think m1004: well i stilluseit yeah use it wi
never use it f1144: neveruselounge no let s go
girls bit it wis naeusenae use at aa they
use ploatin aye i dusenithered m1020: pregnant in the
use cause or permit theuseof a dog or dogs
use cause or permit theuseof a dog or dogs
use cause or permit theuseof a dog or dogs
and the use or nonuseof characteristic north east phonemes
probed phonological variation and theuseor non use of characteristic
ones that m1022: i duseploatin aye i d use
use aye f1054: so [?]none of you really[/?]usethat m1004: no f1054: okay
use yeah m1007: i justusethe one burn m1055: burn
bitty bi- use the pinusethe pin f1113: what was
f1114: bitty bitty bitty bi-usethe pin use the pin
use the same soap seeusethe same bubbles to do
quilt [inaudible] f1111: no causeusethe same soap see use
an shipping terminals you couldusethe you could use gangway
use f1077: you didn tusethem m1078: never wore two
ball backet wooden container baduseto ill use baikie tether
m1092: okay okay a monkeyuseuse a monkey f1091: mmhm
f1043: troosers f1054: naebody woulduseanything else apart fae that
ane one that i woulduseas well f1054: mmhm f1025:
[inaudible] m1016: [laugh] i wouldusebaltic f1054: yeah m1014: would
f1054: ba- how would youusebatter and stotter f1005: i
yeah yeah f1054: you canuseeither or both dependin on
o anything else i wouldusef1054: ye wouldnae say wean
gaga but i would justusegranny granny f1054: granny f1144:
f1054: lots there would youusei mean are some o
no well i always justuseill f1054: [inaudible] nice an
f1041: [inaudible] f1054: do youuseit anywhaur else or just
buckettin aye buckettin i stilluseit bucket bucket f1054: [inaudible]
it but eh you wouldnaeuseit commonly no no f1054:
f1054: aye if if youuseit just say it ower
f1041: nae think so theyuseit now f1054: but it
like er i mean youuseit t- f1054: but that
ken f1054: how would youuseken give me an example
s the two i wouldusestream or burn yeah f1054:
one yes f1054: folk actuallyusethat do you think m1004:
f1054: why did your parentsusethat f1027: i ve no
but i ve u- iusethat f1054: mmhm m1017: there
f1005: eh roastin they wouldusethat f1054: okay good ehm
simple yes f1054: but youusethat for a general expression
ah f1054: would you stillusethat madge f1011: well it
m1022: how do you nousethat one f1018: claes f1054:
[inaudible] f1054: how would youusethat one how would you
know ye locally ye wouldnaeusethat stair rods f1054: of
think of anything that weusethat would cover that f1054:
[inaudible] f1054: what does tracyuseto describe her pregnancy f1026:
or something i would probablyuseyeah f1054: it s amazing
just a a name weuseyeah f1054: yeah what aboot
tied tightly together you wouldusea cast iron three legged
he would learn how tousea computer so erm because
a different implement we wouldusea different style of doing
er yes m1007: i wouldusea favourite knackered [laugh] m1008:
her carolanne duncan would neverusea knife sadie oh ho
existing port facilities now inusea new port would not
would just f1150: you wouldusea stick or something f1151:
or a vennel i wouldusea vennel cause there s
a time some folk wouldusea yoke across their shoulders
something i would i woulduseagain in in jest really
dialect eh and they wouldusean umbrella term and call
your friends would na- naturallyuseand then anything else you
baby is one we woulduseas well because i think
s about all we woulduseas well m1008: yeah clothes
the ones that we woulduseas well m1055: sean- seanair
granny is what i woulduseas well or as i
meaning that we would normallyuseat all [inhale] but the
speaking in english they wouldusebramair m1008: bramair m1007: aye
one that that i wouldusebut i ve heard of
is probably what i wouldusebut m1007: yeah f1009: also
m1002: i would tend taeusecalfie just but that s
be provided only if pupilsusecards which would make their
cards which would make theirusecompulsory alan fraser there were
i think that gaels wouldusedamp m1008: yes m1055: for
folk would young folk wouldusedoverin ye do mair o
south to laurencekirk you woulduseeither station depending on where
it would be prepared touseemergency powers to close the
f1053: so when would youusef1001: i m tired as
think we would we dusef1001: it was aye a
russell stated that he wouldusefirst minister s question time
one as well you wouldusefit i think f1026: now
administration somewhere initially we woulduseflying registrars rather than our
m1008: mmhm f1009: i wouldusefor unattractive m1007: i just
m804: what number would youusefor your nose m805: um
off the thread for reusehe would be accused of
f1009: i would tend tousehusband er again whether or
criteria would the local authorityusei am anxious about the
as the fisher people wouldusei mean to go back
not something we would necessarilyusein the house unless we
an bilin i would justuseit as eh mase- masel
charm against him she woulduseit but she d none
don t think i woulduseit f1023: till i moved
i wou- i would stilluseit i think f1027: would
heard that one i wouldnaeuseit i-i- probably i would
oh yes yes i woulduseit in english i d
in a play would youuseit in the playground if
huh f1053: when would youuseit m1000: aye oh chavin
an when when would youuseit m1000: mm now eh
in english ever would peopleuseit m1008: bramair m1055: yeah
fit wye did we naeuseit neil how would i
afore for fear he woulduseit tae escape aye said
[laugh] f1053: when would youuseit who would you refer
an interest in sustainable landuseit would seem sensible for
aye so when would youuseit you would m999: aye
s another one i wouldusejust don t try to
no an m1002: i woulduselared for a ye know
be one that i woulduse[laugh] m1008: [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
tae say that they woulduselaurencekirk station ye see f606:
would not be able touselocal pharmacy services because they
common one that i wouldusem1008: yes m1007: baby is
in india or pakistan wouldusem608: uh huh m1174: so
i think most people wouldusem999: aye f1001: aye i
would be fit ye dusem999: aye just a burn
people living locally who wouldusema tha in english f1009:
fact ye what we wouldusemair often is probably just
s nae ane i wouldusemuch like f1001: i think
pal i would tend tousemyself but also mate chum
not something i would necessarilyusemyself m1008: yes m1055: yes
bairns but i would neverusenineteen twenty twenty one they
of an authorisation for theuseof a human source would
scotland bill would prohibit theuseof dogs to control mink
would be reflected in theuseof four characteristic north east
repeat our calls for greateruseof framework legislation which would
could argue that the bestuseof funds would be to
surveillance and the conduct anduseof human intelligence sources would
authorise directed surveillance or theuseof human sources it would
could whit would be theuseof it i would be
would have thought that theuseof new technology would bring
would not represent an effectiveuseof resources because of the
introduced would also ban theuseof terriers below ground this
linguists would now accept thisuseof the term accent but
would not be an appropriateuseof this committee s time
would allow a more efficientuseof time but it would
early times the languages inuseon upper deeside would have
it would be beneficial touseor develop ways for them
things that folk would normallyuseor [inaudible] remember it s
envisaged that initially we woulduseour own registration staff and
video i would like touseour time by having brian
how and when they mightuseparticular techniques would in the
the local authorities that mightusepartnerships uk than it would
f1053: when when would youusepeely wally m999: aye m1000:
did play we we justuseplay m999: aye you would
right i i i woulduseplimsolls as a kid f1145:
the the normal glaswegians wouldusepossibly i wasn t hearing
aye f1053: when would yeuseskelp m1000: i would do
huh f1053: when would youuseskint m999: skint m1002: skint
on your own i wouldusesmirrin or ehm what was
labelling it was decided tousesticky paper labels which would
phrase that i would everusetae describe my father but
no no f1001: i wouldusethat but m1002: it s
different folk an i wouldusethat for mair somebody that
interestin but how would youusethat george m1004: eh common
m1008: yes the- they wouldusethat here certainly and [inhale]
[laugh] b- but would youusethat in english as well
ehm f1053: when would youusethat just eh for yourself
mean bob how would yeusethat m1042: well you you
missus that s i wouldusethat more often as the
m999: no f1001: i wouldusethat quite often for somebody
would be what i wouldusethat s the adjective m999:
t think we would everusethat term at all in
like that i would oftenusethat term m1000: aye m999:
george macbride i would notusethe adjective reckless but undue
part of europe we shouldusethe euro too it would
of hoping nobody would everusethe f718: [laugh] [laugh] f1077:
cautious about what we wouldusethe figures for they would
clare would you like tousethe glitter pens and she
circumstances it would seek tousethe income tax varying power
or the police would stillusethe kind of people whom
purchased on its behalf wouldusethe land in a way
would also be possible tousethe public petitions committee as
yes yes m1007: i wouldusethe same but burn more
a moment would the snpusethe tax varying power it
that is how we normallyusethe term arrest i would
would jist m824: ah m822: usethe the the road bridge
you know i would probablyusethem as well m816: [laugh]
yes eh i i wouldusethem in english yeah [inaudible]
most people would choose tousethem it is not part
alastair [censored: surname] m1007: i wouldusethese as well and good
600 glasses that we canusethey would like the wine
these are things you wouldusethough f1009: yes oh yes
that would be of nouseto binny house because it
used to be ehm theyuseto s- eh they would
that s what we wouldusetoo and you would say
er or my father wouldusewas winners [inhale] because he
to what would be theusewherever i found myself would
that one how would youusewhodyacomepoof f1024: [tut] ehm sort
i i would tend tousewife whether or not they
ring an eastern connotation itsusewould dignify and soothe financial
is the one i woulduseyeah m1055: mm m1007: bench
of scottish standard english mayusedistinctive vocabulary such as outwith
not adopted that principle theyuseenglish and welsh and have
muckle luvand why does drummonduseenglish on this occasion jack
and ale gallons continue inusefor centuries indeed the english
t speak much english weusefrench which puts me at
another one that they oftenusein in english spoken in
english speaking people and itsusein this play at least
ability to understand english anduseit accurately support pupils personal
to it in english iuseit if i ve tae
usually english lumphanan if iuseit in class my friends
also feel that people whouselanguages other than english and
and the prose style makesuseof complicated sentences in english
languages and english teachers oftenuseof course these are broad
ve been reading lately youruseof english is pretentious precocious
within the school and theuseof english should both be
due attention to the appropriateuseof english the development of
interest and enjoyment in theuseof english through learning more
hill country and the widespreaduseof english throughout the land
the way in which theuseof languages other than english
of a paper on theuseof languages other than english
of scottish english or theuseof non indigenous languages such
we need to encourage theuseof spoken standard english in
[laugh] anyway you don tuses- often in english it
and i did want tousesome standard english because i
professors of rhetoric began tousesuch near contemporary english writers
i i do tend tousethat in english but eh
english usage aboot that weusethat we talk aboot the
contrasted with english may iusethe car althouch gie little
typical first year student willusethe essentials of old english
verb avoir in expressions thatuseto be in english e
lack of official and publicuseand a loss of its
mind no building currently inuseby the public should be
public ownership and recognises itsusein delivering high quality public
languages and that the bestuseis being made of public
we ensure that the bestuseis being made of public
an official record questions theuseof 100 000 of public
variety of platforms including theuseof interactive digital television public
will focus on achieving betteruseof public expenditure by reviewing
by 10 and condemns thisuseof public money which should
plans to re evaluate theuseof public private partnership as
likely to constitute an effectiveuseof public resources and when
public confidence in the effectiveuseof public resources for six
majesty s government including theuseof public service obligations and
majesty s government including theuseof public service obligations and
is making in promoting theuseof public transport s1o 5795
public access is limited theuseof terriers or any dogs
as electronic accord cards foruseon public transport or for
practicable for the member touseother forms of public transport
explore whether the ombudsmen coulduseother public organisations for example
more public contexts or foruseoutside the speaker s own
authorities who are seeking tousepublic private partnerships for school
said that they could notusepublic transport because of illness
public authorities and those whouseregional or minority languages examples
that no building in publicuseshould be granted relaxation of
to reduce public sector energyusesupported by a new 20million
scottish public bodies wish tousethe services of partnerships uk
the companies are allowed tousethem in a public setting
bodies should be free tousetraditional public procurement and that
bodies should be free tousetraditional public procurement and that
materials for internal and externalusewhich the public body will
yes f1117: that s nousef1118: but i have to-
that but yes i douseit a lot feelin poorly
m1007: yes f1009: tend touseit er just when when
instead o yes and iuseit fin i m playin
mmhm f1009: yes m1007: theyuseit in a sarcastic way
oh m1007: but they certainlyuseit in lewis m1008: yes
the lewis talk lewis peopleuseit [inaudible] m1007: yes f1009:
f1009: yes m1008: ah sometimesuseit yes seanair mmhm m1055:
[laugh] yes yeah and hisuseof m762: and and f963:
the review so you mustusepaul parr yes but if
with fiona it s nousepretending yes i won t
m1004: it is yes weusethat a lot without thinking
no m1014: na ye wouldnaeusethat aye yes but that
there f1111: yes dinna dinnausethat either darling that s
f606: yes yeah m830: iusethat every year and i
yes yeah m1055: did youusethat f1009: i no but
across the kist yeah weusethat f606: yes yeah m830:
forward to that i couldusea break but ch2 should
feelings of unreality i couldusea kid sister like phoebe
the night carolanne i couldusea night out sadie ye
it f1111: we could actuallyusea pen and on a
smug ye will could yeusea pun note he draws
could say that teachers shoulduseand encourage the local dialect
phrase books that he coulduseand it has been shown
could be logged for futureuseand the process for any
was one tap you coulduseas drinking water and all
to pick one example coulduseas much energy as pooin
time just in case ausecould be found for the
given that many european motoristsusedual fuel cars that could
then you could you couldusegangway as well f1009: [laugh]
mrs swanson if i coulduseher phone it didna seem
quite a number ye couldusein fact fact ye could
currency which they could thenusein the special foreign currency
f965: and the kids coulduseit as a goal f963:
and i found i coulduseit better than a- [laugh]
m1007: no but you coulduseit in the likes of
mindless exhilaration how i coulduseit now in reality instead
the bill the authorities coulduseit to justify not registering
f1121: mmhm well we couldusemarshmallows f1122: i m just
we could ask about theuseof bailiffs to enforce many
run councils that i coulduseso here we have it
on graduates who they couldusestraightaway cadence design systems imports
claimed younger primary children couldusesubstitution to focus on the
relief registrars which we couldusesuch ideas are just being
access the organisation could thenusethat image to sell itself
paying them money they couldusethe grey area in reverse
the tramping sometimes you couldusethe meal in the girnel
you indicated that they couldusetheir existing licensing systems which
is that ministers could notusetheir power of direction in
mrs brown she we couldusethis as an exemplar in
written submission which we couldusewhen we discuss the matter
that we u- we coulduseyou know an it was
the writer knowing how tousea dictionary all of these
blank range these men willusea terrier to hold the
will move these around touseas seats tables and benches
in a referendum that fulluseis being made of these
in a referendum that fulluseis being made of these
why can t these foreignersusenice sensible names for their
even though in practice theuseof customary allowances disguises these
animal numbers these include theuseof dogs to flush a
countryside these particularly involve theuseof dogs to flush mammals
these proposals believes that theuseof independent government inspectors working
question is indicated by theuseof italics hair cream these
these strangely craigie made littleuseof these measurement term definitions
advised in advance of anyuseof these powers this advice
s volumes merely record theuseof these terms by quoting
is of interest in itsuseof these terms of art
and being trained in itsusethe first of these assumptions
tackle these problems we willusethe scottish drugs enforcement agency
to identify these features andusethem appropriately jim crinson in
digest these ideas and tousethem to produce more meaningful
and maintain these standards andusethem to wield power although
and maintain these standards andusethem to wield power although
been shown that he didusethese phrase books [inhale] erm
the groups of speakers whousethose dialects these other dialects
designate allotments as valid landuse1 as part of its
the frequency of its everydayuseamong people in dumfries and
parents and teachers into itsuseamongs 900 ten year olds
doric an investigation into itsuseamongst primary children of the
abiding interest lies in itsuseas by freud to explain
the road to understanding itsusebut this only poses more
air is given by itsuseby the folk poet isobel
as possible to prevent itsuseby the rebels bere bere
ower t fitiver euphemism yeusechantie dirler or fitiver its
its target of doubling cycleusefrom 1996 to 2002 and
until the mid 1930s itsusehad become largely confined to
a means for ensuring itsusein a variety of settings
a view to extending itsusein areas where it has
few years experience of itsusein clinical practice some patients
and disdain so frequently itsusein conversation when one listens
s that it wishes tousein its proceedings in relation
ever more stereotyped through itsusein performing media functions of
condone their continued recommendation andusein some council areas its
course take account of itsusein the production of ale
impact whether or not itsuseis most effective for teenagers
ye no see its foremaistuseis tae provide us wi
not have the resources touseits additional magnetic resonance scanner
the 32 local authorities thatuseits facilities i am sure
her majesty s government touseits influence in the un
marketing closely and if requireduseits influence to encourage atbs
what plans it has touseits planning powers to introduce
what plans it has touseits planning powers to protect
scottish executive whether it willuseits powers under the exceptions
s clever to gladys heyusekitchen roll instead its more
eight inches high suggests itsusemay have been to alleviate
the local community regarding futureuseof dungavel house and its
such as beautiful in theuseof er in its prestige
its policy is on theuseof fixed and mobile magnetic
conditioner so its worth makinguseof it rather than throwing
the parliament and even makeuseof its accommodation i am
the area promote the sustainableuseof its natural resources promote
policy and rules on theuseof its power to move
and work its will theuseof medical and alchemical terms
its policy is on theuseof vaccination against foot and
in its mouth the occasionaluseof verbless sentences e g
is licensed sepa considers itsuseon a site by site
its absence departmental training canusesqa exemplars in a planned
executive has no intention tousethat power in its written
it the cell or tousethe accurate name its occupants
the accurate name its occupantsusethe slammer but perhaps the
it and experimenting with itsusethere will be occasions when
under this paragraph and itsuseto date 4 in order
under this paragraph and itsuseto date 6 daily commuting
what performance measures it willuseto determine whether its objective
is figurative suggesting its everydayusewas much earlier it s
or because so many youngstersusea personal computer in their
are useful they have theirusealso for negotiating low brambles
so as to practise theiruseand become more aware of
other agencies carefully regulating theiruseand offering safeguards to the
topic of cricket and theirusebuilds up an authentic sense
totally different article their wholeusehas disappeared f1053: right what
for many years after theirusehas ended it is inevitable
a very new phenomenon theirusehowever appears to have increased
media and to permit theirusein judicial and administrative settings
the one they did notusein their normal speech such
such materials are recommended forusein their schools and that
throughout scotland so that theiruseis transferable between authorities alan
their increasing popularity and increasinguseit was envisaged as i
far in schools but theirusenot been expanded beyond that
in their heads we canusenot one with the possible
but for many speakers theiruseof a particular regional accent
term if they suffer theuseof cannabis by their 19
the homeless and suffers theuseof cannabis on their premises
their features such as theuseof commands and of temporal
to permit or suffer theuseof controlled drugs within their
order to account for theiruseof grants send feedback to
same approach applies to theuseof medicaments as their build
should be sparing in theiruseof metaphor to cloak political
in their assessment of theiruseof r 54 of men
of men under reported theiruseof standard forms in the
subsequent confusion in their ownuseof tenses the class can
asked to account for theiruseof the funds allocated for
of women over reporting theiruseof the standard form rose
compensate them fully for theuseof their cars which are
professionals and make the bestuseof their expertise i am
no just a very gooduseof their time at school
with thee their lust makeuseof thy salt hours season
connections here with their ownuseof video or print exemplars
that children do not typicallyusepassives in their writing until
and how we can betterusepharmacists and their skills to
it was their inspiration touseson morroig as a concert
have a bad agenda willusethat for their own purposes
to their figures the scvousethe phrase social economy to
administrative structures for enforcing theirusethe sizes of certain measurement
rub an the loons widusethe sleeve o their jaiket
other main political parties tousetheir best endeavours to secure
vital if we are tousetheir complementary strengths on the
bill necessary if councils willusetheir existing licensing systems to
and diverse civic society tousetheir experience in partnership with
with a source one canusetheir geography for example if
allow ice cream vans tousetheir hazard warning lights when
couple who let robert normanusetheir house before the wedding
flexible to allow councils tousetheir licensing staff s expertise
continuing to be able tousetheir local post office for
take up the pen andusetheir love to rage against
people should be encouraged tousetheir mither tongue however i
feel confident and proud tousetheir mither tongue i agree
pupils should be allowed tousetheir mother tongue throughout the
john or david or williamusetheir names after that but
proper name yeah m1014: justusetheir names after that mmhm
allow them to continue tousetheir own committees and procedures
not feel that they canusetheir own streets at night
be made and ministers mustusetheir powers actively to refine
apply the precautionary principle andusetheir powers to halt the
apply the precautionary principle andusetheir powers to halt the
than simply letting the polisusetheir powers to stop offences
they were actually encouraged tousetheir right hand whereas nowadays
back into work and tousetheir skills that can often
the women of scotland tousetheir vote on 1 may
slices are lightly coloured canusefennel liquid fronds to make
to become they do makeuseof adjectives but not to
of those who make mostuseof census data we have
staff and does not makeuseof consultancy services john henderson
to make the best possibleuseof criminal record checks the
that we make the bestuseof every pound in every
going to have to makeuseof ict not just to
will need to make fulleruseof information about ethnic and
card to make the bestuseof information when rolling out
aye [inaudible] m642: to makeuseof it f641: for it
under way so please makeuseof it now if you
social exclusion and make betteruseof natural resources in particular
and that sentencers make betteruseof probation based alternatives to
new building until we makeuseof such facilities the convener
audit scotland we should makeuseof the appropriate specialist organisations
and within scotland make fulluseof the british tourist authority
dancing and his songs makeuseof the old dance tunes
inevitably such people will makeuseof the provision created by
working together to make bestuseof the resources that are
will allow us to makeuseof the structural funds that
we were last to makeuseof the toilets which were
how many people make recreationaluseof the walkways around mugdock
should they wish to makeuseof those services requirement to
be able to make fulluseof videoconferencing facilities for committee
baby baby baby baby f1113: usethat another one you make
card and everyone has tousethat conjunction to make the
has been under surveillance canusethat tribunal to make a
to make oral submissions andusethe internet at the moment
on borders railway backers tousethis study and make that
evidence before we consider whatusewe can make of oral
and those capable of reusebuild on scotland s environmental
the considerations of those whousecovert human intelligence sources the
to attract those who rarelyusehealth services address the reluctance
suits those who expect touseit i have grave doubts
we will not have touseit the convener for those
our spending plans reflect ouruseof both those new measures
vital role in safeguarding theuseof those important techniques it
has the opportunity of makinguseof those services section 37
those explicit excerpts but theuseof unsuitable resources generally close
expectations of those who currentlyuserented property will the bill
services with those of alcoholuses1m 3277 mr keith harding
will be everybody choosing tousethe cards we and those
for those who have tousethe service supported by cathy
to lift those materials andusethem as they are they
computer and i need tousethose but i m trying
problem of farmers who cannotusethose disease control techniques there
to an increased ability tousethose features in writing now
to teachers on how tousethose items we will also
it is essential that weusethose resources effectively and in
one was deciding how tousethose sites if one was
private sector skills we willusethose skills to ensure that
travel disrupted with fog iusethose statistics as an extra
problem of farmers who cannotusethose techniques because of the
them and leads them tousethose terms and concepts meaningfully
a those deriving from theuseto which a chargeable dwelling
those who are attempting touseviolence to deny the democratic
particular those organisations wishing touseyour guide will need to
particular those organisations wishing touseyour guide will need to
available for internal and externaluse3 details of translation services
a dicht she has tousea big bunch of tissues
a group of individuals tousea dog under close control
o my ain i dinnausea lot of clothing coupons
many identifications of fingerprints foruseas court productions have been
only to the provision anduseas residential accommodation of a
end of glasgow is touseassertively the powers of parliament
right of local authorities tousecongestion charging as an option
the normal size for retailuseemerging as the half of
notes that millions of peopleusefood supplements and herbal remedies
histrionic sweep of his armsuseher as a hat stand
and equipment go out ofusein house and steading and
considered to be eligible forusein motions the ambiguity of
has made excessive or unreasonableusein the opinion of the
of the greater plantain anduseit as a dressing some
building now converted to domesticuseit consists of two main
the millions of britons whouseit every weekend at risk
high quality research on theuselearning and teaching of and
source and when is theuseof a covert human intelligence
be superintendent can authorise theuseof a covert human source
to hunting with or theuseof a dog are to
constitutes a significant change ofuseof a hospital s1w 1971
furniture is provided for theuseof a member for the
supplies are provided for theuseof a member for the
intelligence source actually just theuseof a regular contact who
journey written justification for theuseof a taxi shall be
is a loophole regarding theuseof a tobacco company s
referred to as an improperuseof allowances and where such
member has made an improperuseof allowances or where the
the allowances code the properuseof allowances payable under this
member has made an improperuseof allowances the spcb may
speaking and writing example theuseof an internal writing task
will take to monitor theuseof anti social behaviour orders
a significant difference in theuseof autobiographical material in this
two lovers and in theuseof baroque prose and high
mary s offer of theuseof ca na maria for
robin harper s1m 387 medicaluseof cannabinoids lodged on 15
s1m 387 brian adam medicaluseof cannabinoids that the parliament
system in relation to theuseof cannabis in scotland supported
dorothy grace elder s1m 2376useof cannabis lodged on 29
infected areas and whether theuseof cattle floats with open
have now standardised on theuseof certain concordance and database
respond to correspondence on theuseof coagucheck strips sent on
the scottish executive whether theuseof cocaine by young people
rescue tasks peacekeeping and theuseof combat forces in crisis
the scottish executive whether theuseof compulsory redundancy in the
activities that may be ofuseof course teachers do not
surveillance and the conduct anduseof covert human intelligence sources
of any regulation of theuseof covert intrusive surveillance or
indirect evidence for the overlappinguseof different pint sizes shetland
trained audiologists to implement theuseof digital hearing aid technology
it has ruled out theuseof dungavel house as a
cape and deny them theuseof electricity hot cold running
under subsection 2 authorising theuseof electronic communications or electronic
to authorise or facilitate theuseof electronic communications or electronic
author manqué despite the conscioususeof emotive verbs such as
another european directive on theuseof energy in buildings the
not have achieved typography theuseof exclamation marks at the
be able to consider theuseof existing processes of maintaining
insert or regulations under sectionuseof firearms etc by police
74 after section 61 insertuseof firearms etc by police
safety issues surrounding the irresponsibleuseof fireworks recognises that this
to explore the upper deesideuseof four north east phonemes
study into the upper deesideuseof four north east phonemes
state administration involvement making greateruseof framework legislation consulting sub
technologies to promote the greateruseof fuel from wood revitalising
the kinds of structuring anduseof grammar vocabulary and layout
as provincial urqhuart s specificuseof his native aberdonian to
crawford and talked about theuseof inaccurate information but it
provision in relation to theuseof income arising from the
often surveillance techniques and theuseof informants or undercover police
creates a barrier to theuseof innovative approaches to design
housing scotland act 2001 homelessnessuseof interim accommodation for unintentionally
serious enough to justify theuseof intrusive surveillance on the
principle of ensuring that theuseof investigatory techniques is compatible
knowledge of that and myuseof it in the text
to evaluate how widespread theuseof lead solder within domestic
sees as burns s conscioususeof masks in the protection
was arguing for the worstuseof money let us have
satire is quite subtle theuseof names such as joyboy
management and reforestation making greateruseof native scottish species support
area to promote the sustainableuseof natural resources to promote
wales where appropriate into theuseof newer safer more effective
livingstone thank you for theuseof of your picnic table
executive in edinburgh approved theuseof one off capital receipts
said that they favoured theuseof operating companies in some
the confusion caused by selectiveuseof partial and incomplete descriptions
by regular involvement in theuseof patterns in all kinds
pharmaceutical care by making betteruseof pharmacists expertise s1o 4700
but here we have theuseof phonetic spellings in direct
feels like play makes greateruseof poetic personae than is
in sentence cohesion and theuseof possible alternative connections this
works through quite often makesuseof powerpoint m741: yeah m605:
for providing oversight of theuseof powers under the bill
a classic investigation into theuseof r as spoken by
environment her findings on theuseof r were that the
made to support the increaseduseof recycled aggregates s1o 6433
funds will come from prudentuseof scottish executive provision for
to the female speaker auseof silence as in music
love and longing burns suseof similies o my luve
also provides training in theuseof specialized programs for text
executive has issued about theuseof such funds s1w 31836
they transfer on support theuseof summer schools and camps
authorities that can authorise theuseof surveillance or human sources
minors under scottish law pe568useof taxis by disabled people
against the explicit and systematicuseof terminology from linguistics they
and whether any change ofuseof the buildings and land
so cheerful maugre destiny theuseof the horse s name
regulate advertising given the increaseduseof the internet how will
abused as a result ofuseof the internet s1o 3278
leases and restrictions on theuseof the land placed on
understand the history the controlleduseof the list was introduced
and this probably explained theuseof the long rope souples
the scottish executive for theuseof the road the expenditure
this is similar to theuseof the term in relation
serious difficulty arises with theuseof the term significant risk
this committee should legitimise thatuseof the term that reference
and postal stationery showing theuseof the various stamps censor
has taken to promote theuseof the videoconferencing facilities in
might have been expected thisuseof this conjunction also seems
of fire fighters in theuseof this equipment s1w 34881
terms but by the skilfuluseof this kind of noun
diapason of intensest pain theuseof this musical imagery tends
whether any guidelines on theuseof videoconferencing facilities have been
and officials to meetings anduseof videoconferencing facilities r s1w
by members to meetings anduseof videoconferencing facilities r s1w
that the conduct involves theuseof violence results in substantial
and enjoyed free and liberaluseof water firewood and grazing
for recycling of fridges reuseof white goods and recycling
and try to sort ofuseone erm consider one against
maybe she ll let meuseone of her scented hankies
with incidents arising from theuseor misuse of fireworks over
most effect in encouraging theuseor not of a specific
of the options is tousethe education centre and if
chancellor of the exchequer tousethe ending of the millennium
areas of scotland we willusethe expected fall in school
young children cannot begin tousethe genres of functional writing
of information gathering why notusethe most comprehensive survey the
available to help businesses expandusethe network of commercial attaches
paper for other pupils tousethe point of this activity
patterns you re tempted tousethe structures of the source
parts of the document weusethe term to talk about
of travel support easy tousethrough ticketing systems including time
card continue to be ofuseto them once they have
possible writing frames suitable forusewith the task of writing

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