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with english orthography and giveusefulguidance to the pronunciation of
with english orthography and giveusefulguidance to the pronunciation of
with english orthography and giveusefulguidance to the pronunciation of
the scots spellings used giveusefulguidance to the pronunciation the
of comfort are therefore extremelyusefulbut the problem is that
this week it was extremelyusefulfor getting the message across
mòr ostaig has been extremelyusefulin bringing the image of
a list would be extremelyusefulin helping us to assess
the pilot study proved extremelyusefulin that it highlighted several
run it would be extremelyusefulto all members if the
it would be a mostusefuladdition to existing english language
firms those deputes were ausefuladdition to our numbers they
designated would that be ausefuladdition to the bill gavin
as m1055: mmhm m1008: ausefuladdition to the f1009: mm
however it would remain ausefuladdition to the options available
level a good deal ofusefuldata can be gathered but
peace of mind was theusefuldata that were collected to
secondly the data would beusefulfor informing a range of
purpose is to provide datausefulfor the description of market
in information that has beenusefulwhen considering the income data
interviewed secondly it might beusefulalthough it might be an
but some guidelines would beusefuldemand might also go up
for members which might beusefulfor future meetings however that
des mcnulty it might beusefulfor richard grant to give
if any good might beusefulfor the corpus need to
of occasions it might beusefulfor the fsa to fill
committee agrees it might beusefulif i spent a couple
issues secondly it might beusefulif mabel hildebrand were to
des mcnulty it might beusefulif richard grant reported on
staff however that might beusefulin bringing the two groups
that the materials might beusefulin whole or in part
languages might also provide ausefulmodel for developing secondary kal
judicial oath it might beusefulto ask jim wallace why
have but it might beusefulto ask why we are
legislation it might therefore beusefulto build into this sort
lessons develop it might beusefulto compare the similarities and
in january it might beusefulto have a covering memorandum
issue but it might beusefulto have someone along to
suggest that it might beusefulto hear from the minister
christine grahame it might beusefulto leave this line of
external factors it might beusefulto refer to some examples
the inquiry it might beusefulto start with the sections
this point it might beusefulto summarise those as follows
agency scotland it might beusefulto take members briefly through
issues it might also beusefulto write to the executive
for information dfee 1998 ausefulbrief introduction to the australian
patrick 1876 however the mostusefulbut slippery sources of information
scout actually it seems ausefuldevice for communicating information on
that comparative information would beusefulfor finding out trends in
petition would at least beusefulfor information the convener it
we can envisage putting togetherusefulgeographic information system type tools
and information that could beusefulin the centre s exhibition
and information that could beusefulin the centre s exhibition
the development of human beingsusefulinformation about language projects can
will succeed in providing enoughusefulinformation about the areas outlined
channel provides a wealth ofusefulinformation for young scots explaining
will find a range ofusefulinformation including factfiles and quizzes
were also links to otherusefulsites for finding more information
it is important that thatusefulsource of information should not
with it it would beusefulto obtain that information on
census potentially is an extraordinarilyusefultool for gathering information that
meeting we have had ausefuldiscussion the speed at which
to have an informal butusefuldiscussion with mr bill campbell
have meant that some conceptsusefulin everyday discussion did not
apparent it could provide ausefulstarting point for discussion between
the msp filter would beusefula number of individuals have
specific achievable goals another reallyusefulachievable outcome would be an
would make the entry moreusefuland informative and would reflect
rented sector would be ausefuland positive component of such
members would find such visitsusefulchristine grahame i am losing
a question would allow forusefulcross referencing there was clear
system that would be ausefulexercise which could be done
linguistic issues would be ausefulfirst step the absence of
consultation period would have beenusefulfor all concerned mr mcmahon
felt that it would beusefulfor another department to carry
felt that it would beusefulfor committee members to consider
which they feel would beusefulfor our archive or future
which they feel would beusefulfor our archive or future
the other which would beusefulfor the committee the convener
social landlord it would beusefulfor the committee to consider
i agree it would beusefulfor the committee to put
feel that it would beusefulfor the transport and the
section 1 it would beusefulfor this committee to have
would find an income questionusefulfor two main reasons first
subject so it would beusefulfor us to continue the
iain murdoch it would beusefulhowever it is important to
provide that would be veryusefuli note that the proposals
tangible quantifiable and above allusefuli would like the target
think that it would beusefulif a future scottish parliament
evidence and it would beusefulif ash scotland produced it
life material that would beusefulif i ever want to
s amendment it would beusefulif in replying to the
uniformity it would have beenusefulif the bill had introduced
stirling council it would beusefulif the clerk could flag
moratorium however it would beusefulif the committee could strongly
that it would have beenusefulif there had been a
schedule so it would beusefulif we could speed things
bruce crawford it would beusefulif you could come back
rural development it would beusefulif you could outline what
of ethnic group would beusefulin connection with equality proofing
of the legislation would beusefulit would not in itself
what would be the mostusefulmeaningful coherent and enjoyable learning
the convener that would beusefulmembers indicated agreement helen eadie
we have concluded that nousefulpurpose would be served by
with young people would beusefulthe convener thank you very
that would be quite ausefulthing you know wear that
agree that it would beusefulto circulate the material to
susan deacon it would beusefulto clarify the status of
consideration and it would beusefulto consider how the process
long term it would beusefulto consider whether we could
hmo flat it would beusefulto explore that issue further
me and it would beusefulto find out how they
nora radcliffe it would beusefulto find out the sponsoring
take evidence it would beusefulto have a 45 minute
to say it would beusefulto have a standard form
thirds majority it would beusefulto have discussions on issues
stage but it would beusefulto have much more research
on which it would beusefulto have the views of
of which it would beusefulto hear from do members
the convener it would beusefulto hear from the scottish
that way it would beusefulto hear members suggestions about
believe that it would beusefulto hear oral evidence from
submission but it would beusefulto hear oral evidence too
this stage it would beusefulto highlight those areas for
but we would find itusefulto keep up liaison with
today but it would beusefulto know about trends is
that however it would beusefulto know exactly what you
months pass it would beusefulto know how long petitions
s event it would beusefulto repeat the open day
councillors views it would beusefulto send a copy of
matter but it would beusefulto the committee if i
grahame it would be quiteusefulto write to the minister
local communities i found thatusefuland i believe that our
was undoubtedly found to beusefuland its perceived value to
m1036: found it very veryusefulexperience particularly being exposed to
their evidence which we foundusefuli am aware that today
members have found this ausefulsession i also thank the
visit to barlinnie found itusefulto go round with the
have felt it was reallyusefulbut we were just f1049:
felt that that was ausefulperiod of time and i
years a series of veryusefulanthologies in which burns is
and yugoslavian the last veryusefulas she had learnt russian
context and gaelic was veryusefulbecause i remember well coming
are just [laugh] not veryusefulf746: uh huh right f745:
translation by cotgrave was veryusefulfor him because when the
the case is certainly veryusefulhelen pauline mcneill glasgow kelvin
on that which was veryusefuli presume that you sent
your evidence to be veryusefulindeed we have run a
as a as a veryusefullanguage if you happen to
and added value is veryusefulmembers of the education culture
seminars and tutorials another veryusefulrole for computers is that
switching may be a veryusefulsocial skill the converse of
the principles for a veryusefuluniversal language but also contains
as it is a veryusefulway of assessing transport and
any language are a veryusefulway of creating an enjoyable
we feel this is veryusefulwe ve got radio nan
about language it may beusefulhere to provide some suggestions
is to provide the mostusefultool possible for all those
presiding officers may find itusefulto engage in a more
witnesses whose evidence has beenusefuli suggest that we have
behaviourist tract it ll beusefulhowever as a starting point
however those fines are ausefuloption for prosecutors mrs mcintosh
into the workplace and feelusefuland not excluded i hope
of language which should beusefuland today i went for
link may also be ausefulfreight route and could make
should be directed towards ausefulpurpose rather than consisting of
could be used as ausefulteaching resource unfortunately what now
of options it will beusefulto consider where the seminar
knows and it could beusefulto get beyond people s
right therefore it may beusefulto revise and adapt learning
assessment which will be ausefultool in identifying whether a
forum this could be ausefuluk irish medium to examine
is without a doubt ausefulword it can be used
of this agenda item wasusefulconvener it is important to
pursued the convener that isusefulis the situation similar to
the convener that is ausefulsuggestion as agreed the next
saying that geography is notusefulthe convener can we leave
of these games seems mostusefulfor your present class why
authorities briefing paper was mostusefulin identifying key issues as
but will instead give ausefuloverview of its contents several
two saxophonists sparred noisily ausefulchristmas present that flask on
present can we draw anyusefulinternational comparisons with norway or
of helping them to identifyusefullanguage and useful strategies both
because scots was the moreusefullanguage with the greater status
the gaelic language is ausefulphrase that members must all
to identify useful language andusefulstrategies both of which will
the committee could play ausefulrole in keeping under review
meritorious literature hardly seems ausefuljustification for its reintroduction today
at this point it isusefulto consider definitions used by
important dialect and as ausefullingua franca between speakers of
ballads london 1975 is alsousefulas hamish henderson says the
as previously mentioned wellies areusefulthey have their use also
in tune 4 4 ausefulending to an english essay
english are equally valid andusefulfor different purposes and not
sportscotland lottery fund it isusefulthat both documents are being
because if you ve beenusefulall yer life ye ye
of a committee amendment isusefulif it has the committee
off this is a particularlyusefulmove if one loses one
you provided and for theusefuldiagrams which will help those
teaching strategy which have beenusefulin teaching kal and these
concern which arises from ausefulmeeting that i had last
were made or which revealusefulquantitative detail there are a
at the institute which isusefulsaturday brought gurly winds which
spice for carrying out thisusefulsurvey which will help to
have been a number ofusefuldevelopments in the last few
words it should have ausefuleffect in reducing the number
it was intended to ausefuldiversion and switch of focus
before writing independently it isusefulfor learners to participate in
hector currie s work isusefulin that it has identified
the corner more attractive andusefulit is the intention that
extract from it is actuallyusefulthis is especially true now
that hugh dignon has somethingusefulto add hugh dignon it
a particular place makes itusefulto encourage pupils in groups
using scots incessantly it isusefulto have talked about this
of it s maybe beenusefulto have that as one
out more it is oftenusefulto know about the parliament
as we progress it isusefulto note that this year
scrabster this summer it wasusefulto see the condition of
over recent years it isusefulto try and identify the
makes her book a moreusefulsource 15 a collection of
m734: kind of far moreusefulstuff er f718: uh huh
are not used they areusefulbecause they inform teachers and
scottish executive 24 34 ausefulinput to the development of
said there have been someusefulspecific and technical comments from
address us that was ausefulway for the public to
languages b comparing texts oneusefulway of enabling pupils to
accountancy has not been tremendouslyusefulf1151: this is true i
once her locks had beenusefulthe small metal safe up
writing process product a reallyusefulproceedings of a selmous conference
occasion and ask a reallyusefulquestion i was in the
tackling catullus scots is particularlyusefulwhen the context is direct
the advent of print oneusefulclassroom spin off of this
well postcomm has produced ausefuldocument on this topic serving
this deficiency by providing ausefulmodel for prose writing in
got to this stage ausefulopportunity was missed let us
whose common sense is ausefulfoil for janie in the
kind of conversion activity isusefulfor developing pupils command of
mcconnell to hugh henry isusefulfor our inquiry and we
people who lead happy andusefullives that is what the
a fiscal fine is ausefulpart of a prosecutor s
prints of balearic orchids andusefulplants and herbs there is
europe civil society is ausefulplatform to air the views
the parliament is available someusefulsections include what s happening
sure that there is somethingusefulthat we can do after
resources that are suggested asusefulwhether that list is official
s criminal trials provides ausefulguide to the terms of
always want to speak thatusefulphrase keeps coming to mind
possible to produce worthwhile andusefulresults len higson can probably
of these skills are equallyusefulin the native and the
the burns federation has ausefulpopular songbook with words and
urban deprived areas gives furtherusefulbackground including the fact that
erm and that was quiteusefulin fact the the problem
kin yeese no dae somethinusefulwi aw that energy carolanne
and had brought along ausefuldisplay of all types of
garlic or chillis are especiallyusefuldried herbs seasoning pinch of
vernacular culture the interviews wereusefulin highlighting the complexity of

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