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no i think [censored: forename] wasusintippex at one point f643:
m608: [inaudible] f643: were yeusintippex m608: no i think
doin is they re actuallyusinthat to disguise ehm absolute
need to be usin itusinit m824: wi a certain
the public need to beusinit usin it m824: wi
in accidents and aabody stoppedusincowboy coaches aye sleep man
got intill e wye ousinem as catapults haadin em
intill e wye o ayusint masel fin i got
words which which she wasusina com- a c- yeah
m842: ye just kinda startusinf831: mmhm m842: kinda slang
kinda too old tae beusinthat word but it s
words that you hear folkusinaroond aboot here f1040: no
never heard o that nousinforks an knives f1040: i
wisnae get- she wisnae gettinusinit see now she s
quantities an keep em forusinlater ey re nae jist
be up tae seventy folkusina couple o lavatories at
them but folk notice meusinthings an i don t
do you hear young folkusintoday aye m1012: in a
d use or hear folkusinyou just tell me it
wheel wi its slantin flangesusinan iron crank syne ye
fifty poun the month beusinmy sawdust yet you charged
m s- i m nousinthat he used it two
the version that i musintoday abide an s- eh
mmhm f960: erm wir nousinde whole thing f961: no
d institutionally sanctioned wy ousinlanguage we wir been lairnt
like that you d beusinf1001: fair mad m999: aye
thocht til as ye reusinm999: an it s v-
of the words he wasusinand the way he was
something whispered there eh f1054: usinswear words cause in talkin
o radio we re allusinthe same words what aboot
dinnae hear the young generationusinthem to bowf or to
they re goin back taeusinlinoleum in hospitals do uh
goin but ah got itusinstane as flint an wee
i could either think onusinor heard bein used or
heard my mother an faitherusinthat mostly but it it
so the children ll beusinit yeah [cough] f1054: wha-
s pissin down i keepusinthat word [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
strips that they d beenusinfor trainin f606: mmhm f1039:
death e hares d beenusint for a communal lavvie
sentence where ye d beusinthe the f rather than
kind they re kind ofusinit as insurance ye know
the social work department wereusinthe situation tae try tae
[inaudible] if ye just startedusinmary an walter an you
sense to be to beusinmaterials that you ve got
and eh he had beenusinan open razor against a
no problem at all withusinthe language of the broons
we landit in smaa boatiesusinan arrangement o pontoons tae
fur me tae turn themusinhur blade whase bane haunle
can imagine like a teacherusinthis tae if i was
we did that would beusinthe ipa m741: yeah m605:
taks up residence in tusina cat hole at s
m818: [laugh] are you allusinit to the to the
m642: and this boy wasusinit and i says that
prayed silently minnie tuik scunnerusinthe dry lavvies oot in
we aa screive a poemusinscots wirds he photocopied pages

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