See this word as a collocate cloud

with the broadcast media andusingelectronic road signs s1w 31870
electronic data were coming inusingnew software and were loaded
degrees bill shall be takenusingthe electronic voting system s1m
scotland bill shall be conductedusingthe electronic voting system the
be taken shall be conductedusingthe electronic voting system the
degrees bill shall be takenusingthe electronic voting system the
in schools taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
in schools taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
in schools taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
audits and taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
in schools taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
in schools taking the initiativeusingpfi contracts to renew council
building programmes so far commissionedusingthe private finance initiative s1w
which is a joint initiativeusingvideoconferencing information technology and other
1b where a person isusinga dog in connection with
under section 1 1 byusinga dog to search for
under section 1 1 byusinga dog under control below
under section 1 1 byusinga dog under control in
under section 1 1 byusinga dog under control to
contravene section 1 1 byusinga dog under control to
contravene section 1 1 byusinga dog under control to
under section 1 1 byusinga dog under control to
under section 1 1 byusinga dog under control to
from below ground or byusinga dog under control to
cleared of old broom bushesusingan iron breem dog in
impact on their practice ofusingmore than one dog to
slowly in first gear andusingall my skill to control
some aspects of fox controlusingdogs are quite legitimate when
want flexible hours instead ofusingexpensive agency nurses insist that
around the prohibition simply byusingits name instead of its
so you see instead ofusingmoney for moving we are
past 13 years instead ofusingthe windfall to improve the
past 13 years instead ofusingthe windfall to improve the
the main road instead ofusingtheir usual way by the
do you ever find yourselfusingany dialect words yourself i
a description of their settingusingas many of their words
kind of code switch betweenusingenglish words and then using
i came home i wasusinger words you know indonesian
used in other words whetherusinghigh plain or low style
the odd words he susingm1019: oh well m1021: it
difference between speaking scots andusingscots words in english many
been many instances of membersusingscots words in their debates
that urquhart out does rabelaisusingsix descriptive words where rabelais
should not prevent the executiveusingstronger words of support it
burds if he s ayeusingsweery words wider world news
of douglas was not premeditatedusingthe words the king stert
and the way he wasusingthe words there s oh
recently would you still beusingthese words m1002: aye m999:
ron tuck i cannot rememberusingthose exact words i certainly
using english words and thenusingwelsh words but he uses
speaking in an unacceptable mannerusingwords and constructions inadmissible in
of standardisation and he wasusingwords from kinna all over
find i m sort ofusingwords giving you degrees of
but then i think notusingwords like ben and dreep
oral tradition that finds ususingwords that were used years
used the word directed becauseusinga relationship in a directed
focus on paragraphing and onusinga word bank or dictionary
parliament appear to think thatusinga word or two from
you would you find yourselfusingan urdu word kind of
seconds to make a wordusingas many of the letters
is not explicitly stated andusingcultural contextual and word formation
word i shouldn t beusingin an english essay cause
word son tankie keeps onusingit and using it as
maybe he hears his childrenusingthat word f1054: that s
know they were discouraged faeusingthat word when they were
a sheriff in stirling forusingthe word ay to address
face when she heard herusingthe word ken that she
else or perhaps other peopleusingthe word mum f1009: mmhm
i wondered have we beenusingthis word in shetland usually
is more a word forusingwhen you re on a
or routine the possibility ofusingword processing technology as part
it reflects our commitment tousingall the resources of the
qualified staff and share resourcesusingbroadband links developed across scotland
the unit has been createdusingour increased resources over the
a matter of balancing andusingresources with the increased use
identified issues in the communityusingthe resources available the management
ensure that they are bestusingthe resources that they have
parliamentary corporate body can addressusingthe substantial financial resources at
to the edition you reusingand check how often the
people use if you reusingit to them quite often
although one must beware ofusingit too often as it
quite often hear me likeusinglots of okay s m741:
of personal involvement often byusingpassive verbs so as to
that variable with the boysusingr more often romaine makes
they are sophisticated bad peopleusingsophisticated criminal methods often surveillance
strict and often resorted tousingthe strap also known locally
learning children are often alsousingwriting externally to provide written
hobbling taking the stairs carefullyusingthe handrail these old blokes
scottish primary and secondary schoolsusingsuch comprehensive and scholarly textbooks
many schools would currently beusingthe material produced by leslie
publishes petitions on its websiteusinga system called epetitioner you
the minch has he consideredusingthe global positioning system to
parliament we are elected proportionallyusingthe same constituency list system
housing saying those folk areusingthe system but when i
out from under the houseusinga dirty bit hosepipe i
government scotland act 1982 andusingthe licensing procedures under that
for the number of childrenusingalcohol is up to 64
stages in p1 young childrenusingbreakthrough to literacy can create
i have slight difficulty withusingchildren who happen to be
centre and if children areusingit on that day to
laws to protect school childrenusingpublic transport during school activities
developed amongst pre adolescent childrenusingsome of the methods pioneered
confirm that f1006: children areusingthat maybe f1054: what was
ago children were punished forusingtheir mither tongue bairns spoke
in dalkeith by midlothian councilusinga public private partnership when
aberdeen city council to avoidusingpublic funds to hire the
of local and national literatureusingscottish arts council support for
phonology writers convey meaning byusingaspects of the language s
target language should be exploitedusinge mail technology as should
may have lost competence inusinghis home language as a
and ways of ways ofusing[?]i mean[/?] foreign foreign language in
a high priority on learnersusinglanguage and a low priority
them in specific purposes forusinglanguage e g giving facts
an institutionally sanctioned way ofusinglanguage these courses teach students
i am discussing abstract ideasusingthe english language basically lakoff
that he or she wasusingthe everyday language of his
provide a valid context forusingthe knowledge about language terminology
in gaelic and therefore asusingthe language 33 72 it
native language at home whilstusingthe majority language when dealing
to everyone in acquiring andusingthe welsh language the welsh
returned to the universitskaya whereusinganother lektor s pass [censored: forename]
project to another place byusingit in a certain strategic
from one genre to anotherusinglargely the same content for
into another local authority areausingtheir pass without making a
much to be gained fromusingthem mr macintosh another issue
few weeks another advantage ofusingthis method of recycling is
work this was another craftusingwood and could be used
rendered in kind in edinburghusinga unit directly related to
family history you re actuallyusingeffectively a kind of gestalt
much younger than myself ehusingit as a kind of
it down and they reusingthe kind of grammar that
be and they are nowusingthe radio to kind of
daily life and upon theirusinga range of registers as
were very scarce ladies rememberusingcocoa powder to colour their
quick off the mark inusingcomputer technology to their advantage
for themselves without the articleusingeither their implicit awareness of
their paragraphed story scrambled recipesusinglonger texts pupils can explore
their parent or teacher forusingscots being told that this
people may still not beusingthe bins to their full
erm ignore because you reusingtheir buzzwords like social inclusion
the person was driving orusingtheir car and whether they
active and fruitful tradition ofusingtheir forms of speech purposefully
their right hand rather thanusingtheir left hand and gettin
and gettin into bother forusingtheir left hand f1025: [cough]
never really been discouraged fraeusingtheir tongue of their generation
faces like halloween moons areusingtheir unripe sex to trick
powdered faces of groupie girlsusingtheir unripe sex to trick
or their friends or petsusingverbs with the same initial
their world pat he susingyi jilly needs you ti
cheese grated make into sauceusing2 oz cheese 1 lb
comrade 12 troop 17 1usingklaeber s edition of the
be considered an english translatorusinga generalised scots speech to
being used because people wereusingenglish for particular purposes f606:
a way of speaking andusingenglish that is subtly different
was being sown by handusinga happer round the shoulders
simply by driving it throughusinga large majority there is
up onto the stack byusinga pitchfork [note: photo: 'cartload of corn sheaves at montgoldrum in the 1950s. lewis adam is standing on top.'] when the
either by hand or byusinga separator the milk came
run along the road byusinga small piece of stick
laundry washing was accomplished byusinga washtub a washing board
should be paid for byusingan income based personal tax
provisions of the bill byusingben wallace s exception i
by buttons at the sidesusingbutton hooks in winter nearly
written by a p5 girlusingcohesive linkers she creates a
the dictionary that urquhart wasusingfor his translation by cotgrave
the president reported that byusingher forte gold card in
adding insult to injury byusingher spare key to get
to be answered or byusingkwl grids what do i
rail bridge for example byusinglonger trains and to consider
translation services required by refugeesusingnhs services are funded s1o
could be fully implemented byusingonly half the money that
his reference to armour byusingrenbyrne or sernbvrne his choice
100 per cent scottishness byusingscots incessantly it is useful
and then of course byusingscots to represent this man
signal these subordinate clauses byusingsubordinating conjunctions like because so
distinguish insiders from outsiders byusingterms unknown to outsiders and
want to protect them byusingthat mechanism robert brown i
expensive claims approach by tenderersusingthat methodology bruce crawford talked
1618 assize but only byusingthe appropriate dry fill to
services will be provided byusingthe card but there appears
sought to avoid confusion byusingthe descriptor scottish or uk
impact would be caused byusingthe kelvin valley route for
in more detail either byusingthe parliament s central textphone
types of public transport byusingthe powers in the transport
of the parliament by telephoneusingthe rnid typetalk service information
we manipulate the situation byusingthe source s geography that
avoids the embarrassment caused byusingthe work of pupils in
is constantly being reinforced byusingthose features or by having
excluded by the stigma ofusingvouchers for food until a
to write in scots withoutusinga host of spelling forms
it and why he susingscots i want to focus
opportunity missed as well asusingscots in his opinion as
exemplifies the scots practice ofusingwhat appears to be the
the definition and methodology usedusinga narrow definition puts the
who have used or areusingcovert intelligence sources i hope
miss mccorkindale used to sayusingmiss mccorkindale s voice apply
a lot of money andusinga lot of public buildings
appoint university and college principalsusinga public appointments process based
issue of permits notes thatusingpublic transport may be staff
on 23 may 2002 onusingpublic transport which ministers routinely
to design them on screenusingcomputer software to come to
paintbrush f1123: which colour youusingfirst f1124: just wash them
allow them to be killedusingother means in practice this
texts which they have beenusingrecently and categorise them into
them out on the cookerusingthe dying heat from the
the examination and processed themusingthe old seb software we
with other people who wereusingthem and i started using
i if al s notusingthem and ii if it
show but they re notusingthem any more [laugh] the
weapons and stranger ways ofusingthem facsimile available frae jr
or two folk were stillusingthem in the late 1950s
weapons and stranger ways ofusingthem includin that terrible weapon
people thinks you are badusingthem the best thing ever
cultural entitlement i apologise forusingthem with you but that
using them and i startedusingthings like paint and just
got to them rather thanusingwhat is perhaps the older
and here we ve beenusingexpress coaches because they are
ve kinna been intimidatit faeusingit because they they maybe
f718: uh huh m017: suddenlyusingit for official documents because
truth opinly knawin yit nochtwithstandingusingit very seindil because nocht
s called subordination subordinate clausesusingsubordinate conjunctions like because unless
is partly because urquhart wasusingthis bloody dictionary [laugh] and
videoconference meetings various people wereusingdifferent tools to get an
m1055: heard people saying inusingit in eng- in gaelic
the fact that most peopleusingthe census would find an
i don t mind peopleusingthe [laugh] glottal stop in
of care for older peopleusingthe new funding which will
there people are not onlyusingthe scheme but are massively
of what people think aboutusingthe term eydp which as
he has moaned about peopleusingthe wrong envelope for the
all scottish housing associations fromusingunemployed young people to do
all scottish housing associations fromusingunemployed young people to do
sites that no one wasusing11 00 unless we are
young and older are nowusinga new found confidence in
are thrifty and ingenious inusingall its products the outer
which various mammals are huntedusingdogs in scotland and the
in which foxes are huntedusingdogs in scotland these are
an quhile thiy are confidentusingit in speech thiy are
ie triple rhymes such asusingit losing it are given
local dialect forms or performancesusinglocal dialect are very valuable
is illegal may be throughusingterriers 19 mink mink are
want this f1103: are youusingthat an aa f1104: yeah
john and i are nowusingthe coaches and we are
there are serious drawbacks inusingthe department of social security
local authorities are nervous aboutusingthe discretion that the benchmark
to do and we areusingthe facts whereas snp members
bruce crawford if we areusingthe yellow document as a
other trials are being conductedusingthis method s1w 20835 robin
suitable some local authorities areusingthose materials i am not
are they what are youusingto do your cutting f1112:
for practice are given sometimesusingvideo tapes of pupil performance
harassment are racists who areusingwhat happened in america as
four minutes and am nowusinga little bit of the
and i am aware thatusinga management plan is not
of course that i amusinga metaphor so don t
they do keep her sometimesusingflimsy excuses i am thinking
argument in this case forusingprimary legislation but i am
chosen i am not againstusingtargets that is not my
for the bill being handledusinga sewel motion rather than
the acronym might seem likeusingshorthand or being lazy but
to the toilet or withusinga bedpan or other receptacle
the occupier s permission isusinga bird of prey or
need rehabilitation training mobility trainingusinga long cane or a
they were scything this meantusinga stick or wand to
sets of features on textsusingcloze or sequencing activities making
have memories of your parentsusingdifferent stuff or you growing
beef in beer as aboveusinggood meat or fillet and
whether the research is conductedusingopencast mining or anything else
or his or her staffusingtelecommunications it and photocopying equipment
the media seem to beusingthe term government or scottish
you can link together sentencesusingthings like and or but
there is a case forusingthis for example thai or
go into the kremlin armouryusingan invitation tania had given
into mainly one clause sentencesusingan oht of the piece
on such current issues asusinginformation texts into print 1996
mix into onion mixture butusingonly ½ the cheese sprinkle
of straw into your tacketiesusingstraw from the sow in
tepid water into the bodyusingthe muscles of the urethra
got into awful trouble forusingyou and he said if
the potential export of timberusingthe southern section of the
perhaps other security forces wereusingcovert means to get information
she had witnessed other farmersusing[note: photo: 'ploughing with a pair of horses.' ] arch middleton remembers when
wilson made a point aboutusingreserves for other purposes duncan
we found that other groupsusingthe same location such as
punctuation mark that you reusingautomatically just uh m1007: mmhm
you re u- well notusingbut you re collaborating with
belief when they re actuallyusingf1151: yeah f1150: god as
etc fry anything you reusingwhich needs to be cooked
in a more demanding wayusinga spiral approach which seems
the style say of dunbarusingmore latinate items such as
doing small things such asusingmore moving pictures and having
travel for free across scotlandusingoff peak buses more action
to earth you ll beusingthe car more than i
hanging down through the holeusinga crochet hook and working
they work through an exerciseusingeither one of the longman
through questionnaires er again throughusinger newspaper- m- media written
and not feel guilty aboutusingeither when appropriate in encouraging
before it they were stillusingit and when they addressed
said they wanted to tryusingit first when they go
assess the environmental aspects ofusingmedicines that is considered when
i seen you you wasusingshapes and that when you
that the nominees were selectedusingan open and democratic process
high doh like the firesideusingblacklead there were special blacklead
the report was put togetherusingseptember 1999 returns which were
fact three wireless stations wereusingthe ship s signal to
belt went out they stoppedusingit in our school in
the world is and ermusingour characters to try and
will work with primary pupilsusingour traditional basketmaking techniques and
free afterwards you once suggestedusingsome of our email correspondence
activities students can carry outusingtexts in our experience at
our corner in the futureusingthe most up to date
only one i ever heardusingthat but there was always
that can only be perfectedusingthe pain that comes with
to us the idea ofusingflying registrars who may have
and what the cost ofusingsuch nurses was s1w 20874
identifying hmos and considering actionusingthe arrangements than they could
restrictions prevent local authorities fromusinga the excellence fund b
from the industry was onusingcharter vessels in a possible
that we can plan aheadusingfeedback from the committee the
as alabama man had doneusinghumane traps borrowed from the
joseph had shied away fromusingit and now she had
they ve had benefit fromusingit i asked angela of
benefit from a similar structureusingperipatetic specialists and outreach facilities
the united states navy fromusingthe cape wrath live bombardment
important groups from outside parliamentusingthe committees as a vehicle
the cat s plight sousingthe ladder confiscated from the
body for a consideration andusingthe money extorted from joyboy
2000 and v 2000 01using1995 96 as the base
of the chosen genre modellingusinga text as an example
the characters as they canusingat least one adjective describing
increasing number of postgraduate studentsusingcomputer applications as a major
utilizando su capa como velausinghis cape as a sail
keeps on using it andusingit as if she had
no not my way sadieusingkey as a microphone sings
my ongoing campaign to stopusingmy blog as a political
as if i wasn tusingmy diploma in management studies
we do not believe inusingnurses as a human shield
peter at this point butusingpeter as an illustration very
[laugh] but paracetamol f835: [laugh]usingthat as a medication would
ssstf published in 1997 19usingthe rpi as quoted in
mmhm m1007: so they startedusingle deagh dùrachd m1055: which
well actually before they startedusingpirate radio f963: like radio
they will do so directlyusingthe numbers available in the
tooth had to come outusinga big strong pair of
thought that you said thatusingdogs to flush out foxes
suit a particular style andusinggrammatical awareness to work out
course carrying out media planningusingnational titles is a matter
out hold it at bayusingterriers and kill it the
paid out to pensioners yetusingthe higher to decide what
c macnamara followed hot footusingall his skill and remaining
is clear he worked tirelesslyusingall his skills of persuasion
but at least i wasusingall the wits i had
so she d be likeusingf1154: [cough] [sniff] f1155: all
spent the last 20 minutesusinghis calculator please reveal all
all remember the party trickusingthe letters ghoti if we
removal of all tobacco subsidiesusingthe money thus saved to
any level the skill ofusinga dictionary is one in
analysis of the impact ofusinga hypothecated budget method rather
learning department is that ofusinga number of measures to
conceived his own novel alphabetusinga series of symbols not
would explore the possibility ofusinga valuer known to miss
and chopped spring onions ifusingadd a teaspoon of mustard
pupils gain sufficient experience ofusingand experimenting with the actual
for every area of scotlandusingboth fixed links and satellite
difficult manoeuvre of reversing inusingfor the purpose the ship
wilma cluness undertook the challengeusinggallons of hot water kilos
of falkirk s footsteps andusingher recipes was a wonderful
piece of paper make patternsusingit couldn t we f1112:
it s a mixture ofusingm608: [laugh] f643: crystal lights
to you i thought ofusingmy saturday night date with
the creation of millennium greensusingnational lottery money to help
want to be she saysusingone of her methods of
and morbidity of treating drugusingprisoners in accordance with published
a long track record ofusingscare tactics in a bid
to the illegal practice ofusingsolders containing lead on copper
i d cured you ofusingthat nickname graham listen you
not take the option ofusingthe casting vote to support
between primary and secondary andusingthe cluster group of primary
window and the empty roomusingthe colour of the hardboard
to the medical implications ofusingthe drug and the penalties
bank accounts at post officesusingthe existing large network of
have a better opportunity ofusingthe experience he brings to
have been based on illustrationsusingthe figure of a 2
to emphasise the importance ofusingthe full judicial process to
assess the environmental impact ofusingthe kelvin valley route whilst
there was no question ofusingthe killing house at the
comment on the appropriateness ofusingthe negative procedure we would
and assist host communities inusingthe skills and experience of
of the exercise is notusingthe software but convincing the
give an absolute assurance thatusingthe terminology of the question
content of a text andusingunderstanding of the text thus
officer etc about prospect ofusingupstairs and dowstairs rooms the
not new we have beenusinga management plan based approach
was varnish the man wasusingnot paint and that the
schemes the bill should proceedusinga reduced percentage the committee
which ones we should beusingand actually gave us a
proposed and progress to dateusingthat report it should be
pan fry chopped chillis ifusingdrain beans and tuna and
others that if some personusingthe bridge could establish that
reference markers discourse markers etcusinga diagram picture photo to
the can rounders football hoosiesusinga dyke to put pretend
draft bill to a methodusinga fixed multiplier s1w 1087
her hand noo i musinga great muckle machine to
think it s slightly differentusinga knife like that in
the case beyond any doubtusinga longitudinal study involving traditional
stood on a ladder andusinga short fork passed the
accommodation on a probationary basisusinga short scottish secure tenancy
phonological variables t and ngusinga simple 2 point scale
1636 version tones this downusinga slightly plainer diction but
the raips ben the byreusinga thraacrook grannie was fairly
chasin a butterflee mother angrilyusingarms a butterflee a butterflee
up a national screening programmeusingechocardiograms and ultra sound scanners
up a national screening programmeusingechocardiograms and ultra sound scanners
star wi a fur coatusingjean s voice weel she
is a clear context forusinglinguistic terminology for a specific
now making a point aboutusingthe nhs underspend at the
danish presidency the commission isusingthe programme to fund a
it was subjected to analysisusingthe t test a parametric
instructions on a large cardusingthis jointly constructed text to
laying down a media campaignusinguk national titles why do
to loretta i ve beenusingbroon paper for 80 years
been concern about large shipsusingthe minch has that been
this game can be playedusingglossaries and indexes to develop
phraseology will be employed inusingnon tobacco products to promote
will be able to getusingthe card alan fraser the
on information reports on dinosaursusingan ohp to highlight text
skills involved in reading predictionusingclues to predict the content
refers to persons authorised forusingcovert human intelligence sources the
you begin to find yourselfusingfrench grammatical patterns german grammatical
to see how he susingit and why he s
then you need to keepusingit throughout the winter the
constant inconvenience to non phoneusingpassengers and calls upon the
textual structure discourse competence successfullyusingstrategies to cope with situations
textual structure discourse competence successfullyusingstrategies to cope with situations
longer trains and to considerusingthe planning framework to group
but to the central beltusingthe same rationale that we
to reach in scotland withoutusingthe scottish press the convener
speech the drc said thatusingthe term convenient to describe
official cooper at linlithgow wasusingthe town s pint to
me how mad jinty wizusingbad wurds lik coerse and
much the nhs spent onusingbank and agency nurses over
day round at ann [censored: surname]usingher tape recorder and i
f965: and awful f963: stoppedusingit about nineteen eighty eighty
linking with science centres andusingleading scottish engineers and scientists
and roof lights for exampleusinglow emissivity glass with 16mm
is on several scripts isusingthe medicines properly and how
came along between the warsusingclean fuels like paraffin i
acronym eydp in my reportusingthe acronym might seem like
m deeing toots i musingmy strainer but i made
newspapers that the planner isusingwe would think how can
wash f1111: no he wasusingit for sorting the bath
didn t hear anybody elseusingit i think it was
so it is daddy wasusingthat f1112: he put it
forgotten f1112: he he wasusingthat for that spiders in
also the unit that wasusingthe new software david elliot
i m doing this oneusingthe pink f1127: you wantin
against bj it s hurusingyou noh bj pat thigithir
happened this style i musingdoesn t seem right at
its views on the debateusingthe committee s 9th report
games hobbies cattie s tailusingan empty sewing reel an
an freya s hoose anusingda cat flap at nicol
left we never really gotusingit i put i wh-
pig s hair she susingpinney gig beware aries march
wrote on wid framed slatesusingskylies an fither ye did

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