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glottal stop maybe gutties butusuallygutties f1144: gutties f1145: it
f1144: gutties f1145: it susuallygutties lost my gutties f1144:
the soup or borsht iusuallyavoid since [censored: forename] s unpleasant
milk soup day this wasusuallyfollowed by stewed rhubarb often
with soup of various kindsusuallyfollowed by variations on tuna
maybe to start f640: soupusuallymmhm f639: maybe a different
not very good lunch wasusuallysalad soup and bread the
provided a mid day mealusuallysoup and a bun or
4 accommodation more expensive thanusuallyprovided 1 the scottish ministers
4 accommodation more expensive thanusuallyprovided 5 local authority arrangements
in the house with musicusuallyprovided by an accordion guests
9 open university courses areusuallyprovided by means of partnership
selection from the following wasusuallyprovided steak pie boiled ham
some colleagues but it isusuallya consensual body more often
ones often as stylistic alternativesusuallyeach variant is relevant in
or pine often homemade andusuallyfairly plain as people had
to tradition of covered headusuallyhead squares men often took
would often say to meusuallypeter have ye a lad
commuter communities transient in natureusuallyworking outwith the area often
then i think that susuallya good place tae start
wasn t a follow upusuallyf963: it didn t start
erm but it doesn tusuallystart again but [inaudible] but
truck widnae start this morninusuallythe truck wid start on
shouting and swearing back iusuallyam really good though cause
offered by such heis areusuallydesigned by the provider though
mutton though this was notusuallyfancied in the north east
am really good though causeusuallyi ll just be like
[laugh] m811: no there susuallylike the leeds ones though
see whae cuid be firstusuallythough thays juist got pished
be brought to the houseusuallyand then i d get
own but the house wasusuallyfull of young people from
you didn t you wereusuallyin the house all day
and buy something else itusuallymeans only a house for
two three weeks actually notusuallya week m830: aye mm
after the ice breaking iusuallydrown een twa three a
learning environment this mismatch isusuallyexplained in three main ways
post and i advertise iusuallyget about three or four
o the quines that wasusuallyin the tap three in
through primary three it susuallyjust reading and writing as
bottomed three legged pots andusuallythere were several in different
reading list which always hasusuallytwo or three items on
different slant helplessness and irresponsibilityusuallythe essence of comedy create
lots of different people ehusuallythey come in winter maybe
games with the girls butusuallythey played different sexes as
from different viewpoints and thenusuallyto conclude in favour of
yeah m1163: there s onlyusuallya point or something two
reading and writing which isusuallyabout two and a half
china was placed you wouldusuallyfind a picture of two
satisfying two extra lads wereusuallygot to help with the
better for us it isusuallynarrative verse in two or
period as well it susuallyprimary one by primary two
be a fine spell toousuallysandwiched in between two periods
appoints two representatives these areusuallysenior officials from their respective
and eh they had racesusuallytwo days of eh sailing
being more complex than theyusuallyare and certainly not soothing
a longer period than isusuallyavailable on this occasion there
it s all so strangeusuallyin subtle rather than big
they use logical connectives butusuallymore formal ones than persuasion
f806: so is there mo-usuallymore than one screening usually
usually more than one screeningusuallyof films f807: erm n-
at thi othir scots isusuallyregardit as mair scottish than
rather than equipment error isusuallyresponsible business motion the presiding
all was well american gardensusuallyrun to little more than
from each other cause iusuallygo to the ten o
cause alder s one thatusuallygrows weel on shetland f1074:
big steak pie cause youusuallyhad people well somebody you
cause we re it susuallyinternal assessment that we do
i just ye know causeusuallywe leave the money behind
m964: what is f963: theyusuallyally themselves with the with
they had one night awayusuallyat a relative s a
left beside bins they willusuallybe ripped open and the
lads and kitchie deems theyusuallybitterly attack the broken promises
counters one of which isusuallyclosed they all serve a
their main theoretical thrust isusuallydescribed as functionalism they were
was scottish but they reusuallyenglish do you like scots
was scottish but they reusuallyenglish lumphanan if i use
bit o their anatomy theyusuallyexpect to gi e up
and so they usually theyusuallyf965: mmhm they wouldn t
of shakespeare s comedies areusuallyfrom high class backgrounds they
word they f718: mmhm m017: usuallygo to a dictionary f718:
of creatures or objects theyusuallyhave a structure of opening
what they use for insulatingusuallyit s fibreglass slabs about
that they don t knowusuallyit s to express something
they are caught foxes areusuallykilled by the hounds the
how they re it susuallynext door to us in
f810: cool f809: they reusuallynot too full so it
i remember them they wereusuallyon the school premises f965:
by the fact that theyusuallyput forward only one point
s eh och it susuallyquite good they don t
and to become experienced theyusuallyremain in those courts for
an that s what weusuallysay an they re up
like my gr- we justusuallysee my grandparents and they
a supply every day thereusuallysome they sold so many
such and such a thingusuallysomething growing wild as they
tae a cannie wee tuneusuallytae suit fitiver project they
round it to heat waterusuallythey had to be black
dane scots music i speirusuallythey hinna because there s
t answer in twenty secondsusuallythey ll just fuckin throw
with it and so theyusuallythey usually f965: mmhm they
it on the they dusuallytry to arrange that there
do you know how theyusuallywhat they do is they
them in for their teausuallywhen they brought them in
er used to come upusuallyjust with my mum er
caill beans were also usedusuallymixed with pease and grains
rag rugs a hessian sackusuallypreviously used for sugar flour
drawn coach and the doctorusuallyused a pony and trap
nowadays the type of forkusuallyused about the place is
with a lid empty butusuallyused as a store for
care or disposal of dogsusuallyused in pursuit of wild
modern language so it susuallyforty percent english forty percent
when writing in english oneusuallyhas a feeling of apprehension
suitable for every purpose byusuallyshifting into an english register
certain ways of speaking englishusuallytheir own as not having
do feel f641: christmas isusuallya time for family more
the indictments become more formulaicusuallycombining the elements of old
quite a mix there susuallyone day that s more
is a wee bit disappointingusuallythere s a lot more
old days when you wouldusuallyget something extra with a
f809: aw but it susuallyfor good causes outside there
er i tink it susuallygood for for de locals
because good conversations are notusuallypredetermined the order in which
one year msc which isusuallya research degree was that
a year because people areusuallyaround on a particular evening
spaekin aboot f961: well youusuallyken dis time o year
new year [laugh] m815: itusuallystarts wi me at the
long johns as february isusuallythe coldest time of year
times aye f1043: that wasusuallytwice a year f1041: ye
year and early august isusuallywarm i tell friends to
and toast the new yearusuallyyour dram was served in
well probably scones or f1077: usuallya scone and a cake
no rhyme or metrical requirementusuallya seasonal or nature reference
no rhyme or metrical requirementusuallya seasonal or nature reference
like that f1026: it susuallya tart f1023: or tarty
would come in from workusuallyabout back of four or
so i mean it susuallyabout the third or fourth
or crimes against humanity willusuallybe taken within scotland and
mam p 36 apprehension isusuallyconnected with her mother or
heading and or diagram materialsusuallyin list form method the
or university colleges are notusuallyin place for courses offered
you know some norse kingusuallyking so and so or
child from working class circumstancesusuallyknew that he or she
snaavy or weet ere susuallyless chance o seein onybody
s no here it susuallymother or mum f1054: what
and coble and fixed enginesusuallystake or bag nets a
approve or annul the ssiusuallythe end date is 40
ehm curious sound that affectsusuallythe letter t or double
cord or ribbon or leatherusuallytipped with metal for lacing
rabbit hare and ham wereusuallyeaten and sometimes chicken as
harmed many groups that wereusuallyfunded locally however the same
dolls some were rag dollsusuallyhome made others were china
a favourlte puddings puddings wereusuallymilk based and included rice
occasions f965: yeah ours wereusuallyoutside of f963: somebody would
and onions eggs eggs wereusuallyplentiful as most people in
for cycling working boots wereusuallyrepaired at home on the
of the farmhouses there wereusuallyscrapers tae get rid o
s powers of observation wereusuallyso acute she could spot
glove mice and rats wereusuallyto be found in the
he was tempted when mouthsusuallytwisted into sour jeers were
floors were of wood youusuallywent to bed about 9
on the place miss woodusuallystarts with the worst readers
incidents reported in the columnusuallytook place abroad especially in
aye aye very straightforward m1002: usuallyfaither was just faither so
rid of my small changeusuallyi just hand over notes
in full midtown of pitglassieusuallyjust called minton sandy wilson
a bidie in as m1002: usuallynot married but just eh
s- sleep m1004: i justusuallysay go to sleep aye
referring to just a personusuallysomeone who was dark dark
not just a telephone callusuallythat would be a meeting
rant at the supervisor andusuallythe supervisors just go yeah
as the scots equivalent wasusuallygiven as caal the following
with corn referring to oatsusuallyrefers in scots to oatmeal
the fact that this isusuallystraight from the heart scots
of north east scots isusuallythought of as f as
into authentic and inauthentic tendenciesusuallyalong linguistic lines so that
know them so [laugh] f978: usuallycatchin up with somebody an
long card game but itusuallyends up so f1023: [cough]
to think so she susuallyfirst with the news and
and a freezer so iusuallynip intae asda and get
so f806: really is thereusuallynumerous ones on f807: mm
nuts that s what weusuallysay yes f1054: nuts so
morag to play there butusuallythe horrible thing cries so
parliamentary staff the recess isusuallywhen staff take leave so
walk by people don tusuallyask on my return from
people s but it isusuallybetter to clean up other
states that it does notusuallyemploy people who are over
that people in her roleusuallyend up being sworn at
price because the treatment isusuallyfor younger people who have
in people s lives areusuallyprecipitated by crisis she observed
week and yes er hamishusuallybr- brings things not hot
de last ane i tinkusuallybressay o dem aa er
thick sole crêpe sole shoesusuallyer we didn t have
hills whistling cheerfully as heusuallydid when on the move
f1151: continually worked part timeusuallyeven when i ve been
when you f1148: ehm weusuallygo to like austria erm
in the chamber and weusuallyhave an adjournment only when
know a clink is u-u-usuallyon leaded roofs eh when
this may sound naive butusuallywhen one eats a fish
after you left the sqausuallywhen results are prepared for
ye know she it susuallywhen sh- m1014: [inaudible] m1015:
m1014: [inaudible] m1015: it susuallywhen you re not there
member that and eh m635: usuallypotatoes he he he drove
for that m1015: eh weusuallysay somebody s fu but
of world cup games hereusuallycanada only shows the final
case load the fiscal isusuallythe only lawyer on the
for football i m notusuallybig into football but i
to his bill amendments areusuallyconsidered at stage 2 but
with her roses comin inusuallyf631: but yeah the guys
salmon fishery districts but areusuallyfrom about the end of
watch me arms akimbo iusuallyget my pyjamas wet but
the committee that does notusuallyhappen but we will have
it georgie aye but youusuallykept it sae lang it
first syllable now scarves areusuallyof wool but in earlier
m811: occasionally but it susuallyquite a mix there s
is most familiarly sung areusuallystriking but plaintive the story
same own brand stuff isusuallythe best make but with
them the day before butusuallywe got them for sure
girls all wore a pinnyusuallywhite but also sometimes coloured
a university course there areusuallyclasses offered to new students
non literary materials which areusuallydifficult to access by other
a pseudo proposition these areusuallyexpressed in the form seen
to a vote debates areusuallyheld in the debating chamber
adrenalin sport whose numbers areusuallyin their twenties and thirties
out that fox hounds areusuallyput down between the ages
pokes are made of newspaperusuallythe glasgow bulletin and andy
adjust the executive s positionusuallyundertakings given to parliament are
anarchic consequences of which areusuallyvisited upon my bus i
vegetables today persuasive texts areusuallywritten in simple present tense
and conclusion discussion texts areusuallywritten in simple present tense
belt of scotland turnover isusuallyabout 5 per cent there
have a time it susuallyabout i think seven five
their features their structure thereforeusuallyconsists of a statement about
is on its way thisusuallyhappens about the beginning of
a crack about her asusuallyhappens she always gives a
because ehm f746: mmhm f978: usuallyit you know it was
i do because it susuallyshetlanders travelling there [laugh] f746:
day christine grahame it isusuallyin the morning sometimes it
by foot to the martusuallyon the previous day farmers
round the fire there wasusuallya nursing chair with short
instantly with a humane killerusuallya small pistol fired at
right the sort of haircutusuallyassociated with topiary gardening kew
with the same argument weusuallygot our way the european
the private site plot ownersusuallyhave contact with public sector
scarcely able to contain anxietiesusuallyheld at bay with nicotine
with me urgently i musuallyin on sunday mornings remember
to hegemonic external forces whichusuallymeans rural communities with sufficient
show a pattern there susuallysnow in mid december with
i think we a- weusuallydo one like a demonstration
that s a nice oneusually[inaudible] f1145: well cludgie s
one class to another youusuallymove from say miss a
one and then it wasusuallyper era i remember a
well a happy drunk susuallyi d say a harmless
is taken thereafter there isusuallya right of appeal to
the longman miniconcordancer is notusuallyadequate since it cannot handle
development of this skill isusuallyapproached as part of intensive
country the teaching syllabus isusuallybased on a series of
is anticipated that disputes wouldusuallybe resolved between the local
is that a fact folkusuallydae weel in america if
proof of intent intent isusuallyestablished by considering the facts
helpful and their criticism isusuallyfair i think the ending
significance the literary student isusuallyfairly quick to see the
somebody that s steaming isusuallyhappy that s not a
verbs e g is hasusuallyin simple present tense and
proposed eu action and isusuallyinvoked to curb the accumulation
s nae scribbles like itusuallyis m1090: is it not
to the natural father itusuallyis the father although it
using this word in shetlandusuallyit is possible to find
observing that linguistic stigma isusuallylinked to social stigma the
and completion certificate there isusuallyno time practically to make
by a huntsman who isusuallyon foot although may be
the uist and barra susuallyon is it the thirtieth
in which written information isusuallyrepresented reading for information helping
language again advance notice isusuallyrequired by the relevant committee
to mature teeth and isusuallysoftened by dipping in olive
subject [laugh] [laugh] an us-usuallythe answer is i cannae
of the border it isusuallythe other way round iain
o work here and thereusuallyi worked for a pittance
languages appear there it susuallyin dramatic headlines of how
a bit of red youusuallylike red don t you
you don t forget iusuallysuggest meal times should coincide
institutions without degree awarding powersusuallyprepare their students for degrees
principles of the bill andusuallyasks for evidence from interested
from a distance her motherusuallybought small things from him
complexion revealed the beers heusuallydrank from mid morning until
upriver during the spawning seasonusuallyfrom november to january 23
lowest social groups do notusuallyalter the pronunciation of that
perception the pupils will notusuallybe able to choose the
the seck beaumont dae iusuallybide by my word andy
by a pack of houndsusuallycomprising 15 to 20 couples
point by bus drivers andusuallydeclared open season on us
had barked raising the chorususuallyled by the cockeral at
dog to flush potential preyusuallyrabbits for capture by falcons
heels and her bare feetusually[laugh] f631: yeah i know
m1004: rollin in it susuallywhat we you know he
cakes cost hundreds of poundsusuallyyou know if you buy
t i mean it susuallyin the van anyway very
the shop assistant doesn tusuallystick a loaded hypo in
circuit training as well whichusuallymade you feel sick if
left to ferment and thenusuallyboiled like porridge this was
feel o me like heusuallydis i wis fean he
him throw away longley sheusuallyhates longley i like longley
be noticed this morning iusuallylug it round like bags
load puddock a flat woodenusuallytriangular shaped platform shaped like
the roadies an that likeusuallyyou go to a gig
table another thing you wouldusuallyget on the table was
school [inaudible] f1005: it susuallyf1006: i ve heard that
sleazy s and thethirteenth noteusuallyf631: mmhm f689: i went
for real and it susuallyfatal high bullet deadliness quotient
the translation the gaelic susuallyon the left hand page
the news and she susuallyright you d think she
that flesh corroding tone sheusuallysaves for me what s
first thing in the morningusuallyin the rain which f965:
tenants information for tenants wasusuallyincorporated as a minor paragraph
cheerful optimistic and talkative christineusuallyknown as teenie daughter of
speaking the way that urquhartusuallywrites then as we ve
and taken my hand sheusuallyheld my elbow i weep
we ve got mair gingerusuallymak them a wee bit
for independent outlets tobacco companiesusuallysquare off that bit of
f606: mm m691: the womenusuallywomen would throw them a
oot intae a wide spaceusuallyaye m1013: mmhm mmhm f1054:
the students and the schoolsusuallygot the results on the
aye in the back rowusuallyat the richt han end
m818: aye m819: and heusuallygoes to the eleven thirty
local authority providing it wouldusuallyexpect to pay in order
up scotty silence cammy yurusuallyit the steerin wheel in
a somewhat vague reference itusuallyrefers to an unleavened dough
to admit that it wasusuallythrough an irish connection that
it a renny harlin filmusuallyworst fuckin action director excuse
and fidgeted in his chairusuallyhe would have been warmly
have a humanities background iusuallybegin the talk part of
minnie yon wis queer teeusuallydandy wid hsae a joke
where anything can happen andusuallydoes helena displays a close
forleit a deserted forordnar advusuallyfortuin n fortune founder v
be a a burns prizeusuallygiven f718: uh huh m017:
amongst trades that you canusuallyhave a tool that you
for the old fashioned watchesusuallyin a shiny metal for
up in a bawlin matchusuallyjake sendin em awa wi
bap bap in modern usageusuallyrefers to a softish floury
performance community involvement the competitionsusuallyresulted in a prize giving
wi somyin hud a competitionusuallytae see whae cuid be
picked beef f1154: [laugh] weusuallyhave turkey and beef on
[laugh] [laugh] f806: no weusuallystay inside f807: [laugh] f806:
s1 s3 some further poemsusuallyaround january tam o shanter
be someb- body singin ehmusuallysome kinda comedian type man
modal verbs an main verbsusuallythi addition o do tae
bride and groom whisky wasusuallyavailable for the men and
in 1922 the corn wasusuallyweighed in half quarter bags
slots in the desks thatusuallyheld the slates incidentally cloots
traivellin mull wid come alangusuallyin e simmer aboot june
and statements of behaviour alsousuallyin present tense compare the
distant modals express distant timeusuallyin the past hypothesis rather
minister and scottish ministers committeesusuallymeet in smaller rooms in
gate aware that debt collectorsusuallytravelled in pairs he opened
over the years you canusuallyredd up its kin and
had for the last danceusuallyasked to see you home
average for the sspca weusuallyhave around 100 reports to
own group of men squadusuallyfriends an colleagues an and
both statutory and voluntary restrictionsusuallyprohibit the use of shrimps
and opened the doors fightsusuallyspill off the bus and
near to tears and heusuallywis the auld feel the
the lexical exponents have changedusuallythe oe word has been
through the city working classusuallyethnic truck drivers labourers shopkeepers
that the child habitually usesusuallythat of the home becomes
yowes to the knowes mostusuallythe version burns claimed to
sna back tae the fermhooseusuallywithoot pitten on her mochles

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