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the dog c holds avalidfirearms licence or shotgun certificate
which the person holds avalidfirearms or shotgun certificate and
used that person holds avalidfirearms or shotgun certificate or
or shotgun certificate or avalidvisitor s firearm or shot
gloria anzaldua are serious andvalidthinkers but are working outside
gloria anzaldua ir serious andvalidtinkers but dey work ootside
within 10 seconds providing avalidpredicate to make a grammatical
say 10 seconds providing avalidpredicate to make a grammatical
grammatical i e having avalidsubject and predicate combined this
is now open the followingvalidnominations for the position of
is now open the followingvalidnominations have been received ms
black traditions irna admitted perfictlyvalidkinds o theorisin dt dinna
traditions are not admitted perfectlyvalidkinds of theorising that do
how many people held avalidand current certificate to perform
many people currently have avalidand current certificate to perform
mike s points are perfectlyvaliddo members see any difficulties
that some of the perfectlyvalidissues that have been raised
services or presentation of avalidinvoice and what progress is
be although irene mcgugan makesvalidpoints about the reports and
and irene oldfather have madevalidpoints if there is concern
risk john mcallion made somevalidpoints of course the wrong
on pension schemes those werevalidpoints on matters that are
the authorisation is ex facievalidthose conditions apply currently to
point was neither sensible norvalidif anything characterises sarah boyack
projects christine grahame made avalidpoint about national insurance increases
has picked up on avalidpoint and we would certainly
that goes directly to thevalidpoint dr ewing made we
that as a fair andvalidpoint i support the motion
douglas hamilton that is avalidpoint my understanding is that
simpson convener you made avalidpoint this is simply a
determine whether they are technicallyvalidwe do not comment on
be juist as real anvalidas experience o the world
be just as real andvalidas experience of the world
with mrs laurence it constitutedvalidindependent confirmation of having achieved
of language games which providevalidand entertaining contexts in which
these activities would provide avalidcontext for using the knowledge
groups and the parliament asvalids1w 4793 fergus ewing to
public standard english are equallyvalidand useful for different purposes
registration such concerns are undoubtedlyvalidand our proposals to address
which would ensure that onvalidbusiness journeys the cost of
ensure that it is scientificallyvalidfor a tiered regime to
proposed requirement to be avalidand logical opportunity for the
cliché but it is quitevalidhowever louse levels are not
understand that that is absolutelyvalidhowever we must remember what
democratic legitimacy that is asvalidas if different from that
of gaelic as a languagevalidfor public business in scotland
our language and culture asvalidsurely our new scottish democracy
that the parliament cannot makevalidlaw in this area summary
not sure that s avalidadjective but with no redeeming
committee or for any othervalidreason relating only to the
be published unless they arevalidthe executive s response slightly
survey 3 designate allotments asvalidland use 1 as part
areas in respect of whichvalidderogations have been granted from
to a theatre production isvalidthere might be some discussion
18 march if it wasvalidfor the house of lords
check how long it isvalidfor we can look at
of the csg principles isvalidand appropriate we should try
notes that a lack ofvalidauthority could mean that tolls

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