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a mingy blood sookin getvampiresays i aye a vampire
s up cheerio wullie mcandrewvampireae the glen i thump
thrapple if mcandrew wis avampirehe d keep awa then
vampire says i aye avampirebiff says ye ever see
no i ve never madevampireones will i mak vampire
vampire ones will i makvampireteeth cookies gingerbread cookies m1108:
tae ye ya blood sookinvampireget yince it s daurk
blood sookin says i thonvampires kaput wastit deid ae
coggie noo he wis avampirean aw biff had said
flees by wi bats anvampiregangs whylst in ma bed
nicht roon the park yinvampiresortit nae bother ye missed
human dartboard watch for thevampirecoming to bleed you dry
did he m1108: wi scaryvampireteeth a- are you making
whit it ll be awrichtvampireblood i hink ye ll
even if ye wur avampireyuck ye widnae be that
you sure you never makevampireones before f1107: no i
that s yin tae mevampirericht enough the morra it
s how you make avampiref1107: oh it s how
up i ve got avampireoan the run flushed oot

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