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decency she s nae alanevangogh gaed doon the drain
van gogh s star followingvangogh s star a flock
on clouds of trays followingvangogh s star an arthurian
the next train due followingvangogh s star following van
mini car there was avana van version of a
used his mother s minivanbut the four of us
f718: mm into a minivanm1078: mmhm f718: how mini
f718: how mini was thevanmm right f1077: well i
there was a van avanversion of a mini car
that uh huh a minivanwas smaller than that f718:
at 9 sharp the minivanwith guides arrived to take
jug oh it s avana van f1101: [laugh] f1102:
come out and a butchervanand a fish van but
van is white f1109: thatvanaway past is white that
butcher van and a fishvanbut of course they were
belangrijke discussie over de kwestievande talen van europa hebben
van man you know thevandriver f963: mm mmhm [tut]
de kwestie van de talenvaneuropa hebben dutch is one
it s a van avanf1101: [laugh] f1102: isn t
now oh here s anothervanfitt colour s this van
s- mamma f1109: is thevangoing away m1110: van going
the van going away m1110: vangoing to [inaudible] goes [inaudible]
called m1110: mm ah thisvanis white f1109: that van
m762: you know er thevanman you know the van
van fitt colour s thisvanooh m1110: it s brown
s van was the firstvanto visit in six weeks
snow for weeks bannerman svanwas the first van to
t interested a baker svancame once a week when
loaf aff a baker svanshe got half a slice
cooper son baker cooper svanstarted around 1933 bert lemon
and mr willie steven chemistvanthey later married scott baker
out you know a bakervanwould come out and a
butcher s shop and avan1970 1990 eddie anna karpinski
with a stallion co opvanmonday and thursday butcher and
comes roond wi his sweetievanand we aa get ice
they had an ice creamvanas well she d go
oot in the ice creamvanas well you know to
outside a distant ice creamvanchimes when carolanne speaks it
when passing an ice creamvanis 5 10 miles per
you hear that ice creamvanjust now f1114: yeah yes
new film on ice creamvansafety b allow ice cream
in from the ice creamvantheir booty of vanilla piled
mixture off the ice creamvanwhat hated most about it
judge to decide whether thevandriver was a threat or
it could technically cover thevandriver who was driving women
just a driver dan thevanin civvy street corporal hennessy
mmhm f1102: it s avanf1101: right okay f1102: another
to get the n forvanf1102: i- f1101: but i
f1101: no that s avanf1102: jug f1101: that s
f1102: no f1101: fitt ainvanf1102: no i- can i
ve got the n forvanf1102: you ve got a
to [inaudible] goes [inaudible] f1109: vanm1110: goes and away to
has he got a whitevanm1110: no f1109: no m1110:
that s a plumber svanm1110: that s a plums
m1110: [censored: forename] that s whitevanover here f1109: oh there
m1110: watching me driving thevanuntil we pass they roads
m1078: well it was avanjust two windows at the
but ma- mm a smallvanright m1078: well it was
it come round in avanthe fish m1078: no no
look fer the pittenweem fishvani can mind the fish
to buy fish from thevanwhich has stopped outside her
it was a horse drawnvanand the shop was where
he drove the co opvanbefore taking over the shop
colour as postman pat svanisn t it the car
also came round in avanat new year he collected
gilberts of dinnet draper thisvancame round twice a year
the back door of thevanf643: and you drove round
mr bannerman had a largevanthat went round the countryside
mm m078: once from thevanwhich came round and saying
the mannie in the whitevanhe s got on his
to be charged regularly avancame from bervie to collect
jist wi that a smavancame in aboot an fin
in the back o hisvanfitt else has he got
on the back o hisvanoh look fitt else is
bread ready when his peripateticvandrew into our driveway once
fa else is in thevanoh that s a bad
you meant it was avanbut ma- mm a small
ladders at f1116: in thevanf1115: mm that s the
they re aa in thevanthey goin hame again mm
the monkey s in thevanthey tootin the horn mm
the glesga sewers jimmie svanleft the peel glen an
grandson of the family thevanstopped when the bannermans left
us lifts in the escortedvanwhich left with the blare
didnae i jumped in thevanand i says right well
you had the the dickyvanf940: well in the glasgow
well there s a littlevansitting there but she says
coopie f1115: oh look thevanlook at that f1116: a
the back of the fuckingvanbut at farm cross he
painful dirty back of thevanjob between a half drunk
the back door of thevanm608: uh huh m642: the
new to us manets monetsvangoghs sisleys degases and various
no goin oot in thevantill you learn a new
oh there s the fitevanaye somebody s busy daein
awa and i had thisvanf643: [exhale] m608: uh huh
eh you know eh thevanwas there m608: aye m636:
can also have a dickyvanm939: aye aye aye mmhm
now a bakers and grocersvanoperated from there also i
you know like a removalvanbefore i was like nuh
horse was [inaudible] behind thevan[laugh] f643: ain t that
the horse drawn grocer svana long kind of cart
gote intae jimmie deans svanan ee drove aff through
between the parked grocer svanand the bank of snow
it s usually in thevananyway very seldom in the
her groceries from bannerman svani remember being at a
with two squashed chips thevans inside stank of booze
up till e aalyoch evanwis in by jock s
when you were in avaneh it was ah rationing
where trade was brisk thevandrivers did not carry a
behind that a muckle greyvanwhere the mill men slept
and he was driving avanm635: aye m636: member that
em for groceries fin evancam bit ey fluffert aboot
em for groceries fin evancam roon ere maybe wisna
have to go in thevanf1054: mmhm m1021: you just
sitting in the in thevancause he had taken me
culture colourfast ah had avanit wis yelly ah jist
your butter to the travellingvanbecause the producer could be
door fowk could see thevanwis foo o pies as
up home travel in guardsvancrowded home at 8 from
will take evidence from chrisvander kuyl chief executive officer
the learner in those contextsvanek provided a model of
d to drive a removalvanin the summer f812: callum
a sort of big transitvankinda thing more than anythin
doon the stairs into thevanyoung boys these days can
the tractor and on thevanand they go ready steady
up the inside of thevanon the floor there lay
as they clambered out thevanon chain of craters road
m642: i i d thisvannever telt her aboot it
ve lost n in thevanunder that ains again move
hobblin hame wi eerins anvanwi ledders jinks aroon the
he arrives in the fiatvanwith elena fresh in jeans
make for the rusty transitvanacross the street thinking it
the macnab challenge tae mrvanbaalen o the dutch consortium
and laurencekirk and the deliveryvancontinued until the late 1980s
the learners the identification byvanek 1975 of the threshold
let him do the kileauvantours for an extra buck
on account the shopkeeper orvanwould have given them credit
xxviii 1953 5 j cvanmeurs beowulf and literary criticism

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