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exposed erm to music ofvariousdifferent kinds my father had
and out of shops ofvariouskinds in a pleasant jeweller
bringing together burns associations ofvariouskinds it did not see
dinner they had soups ofvariouskinds made from beef bree
s made up of [exhale]variouskinds of aspects of [exhale]
that sufficient examples of thevariouskinds of clustering existed to
with the possibilities inherent invariouskinds of grammatical structures and
disreputable dialect compared with thevariouskinds of scots english representing
supper started with soup ofvariouskinds usually followed by variations
is that the dialects ofvariousareas of scotland are under
people in the lowlands comprisingvariousdialects and also here in
the northern ehm islands comprisingvariousdialects like for example glaswegian
the northern islands ehm comprisingvariousdialects like for example shetlandic
northern isles eh and comprisingvariousdialects like shetlandic ehm glaswegian
the scots language and itsvariousdialects where scots is the
united kingdom rural dialects fromvariousregions these are still to
language underpinning and uniting thevariousscottish dialects has been widely
both standard english and thevarioussocio regional dialects another important
the kindly welfare state thevariousgruesome stages of the vaccination
move into lifelong learning atvariousstages and build on the
law bills must go throughvariousstages before they can be
subjected the bill during itsvariousstages has countered some of
peter showed fibro yarn invariousstages he gifted a rug
difficult to put all thevariousstages in place to achieve
frustration at delays in thevariousstages of building contracts because
common defence policy there arevariousstages we now have a
priority that is given tovariousaspects of a force s
by sets of facts onvariousaspects of dinosaurs such as
collection it was divided intovariousaspects of scottish life and
committee will be updated onvariousaspects of the budget process
separately to be considered indeedvariousaspects of the functioning of
main terminology used to describevariousaspects of the new devolved
general statement classification facts aboutvariousaspects of the subject and
number of significant changes tovariousaspects of the uk constitution
an urgent enquiry into thevariousaspects of this issue which
question keeps being asked invariousforms and i will keep
its modern meaning appears invariousforms from the fifteenth century
throughout the dost record withvariousforms including leif leaf as
of people who are invariousforms of need we have
the verb to be hasvariousforms three for the present
writer song however in itsvariousforms was one of the
theme of scotch in itsvariousgrammatical forms scotch as the
and it s clearly scotsvariousof the lexical forms are
part of the standard dialectvariousother forms of spoken english
lack of discrimination among thevarioustraditional forms while ballads and
about james exemplification of thevariousverse forms first it is
words borrowed into scots fromvariouseuropean sources are quoted by
sources and the report discussesvariousoptions such as the funds
miniature sheets souvenir sheets fromvarioussources and aerogrammes [censored: forename] finished
receives about 140 000 fromvarioussources and almost 28 000
further consideration to note thevarioussources of information which were
time to time and fromvarioussources such as the 1991
consider the ways in whichvariousmammals are hunted using dogs
all of us throughout thevariousparties are in various ways
last couple of decades invariousways 27 the question of
and could be pronounced invariousways cohen can be considered
the north east in theirvariousways each of the above
well i mean there svariousways in in in giving
this literary achievement and thevariousways in which little brings
as we see fit thevariousways in which parliamentary questions
from the private sector invariousways or even in some
possible that clustering in thevariousways outlined above is a
which can be used invariousways such as water snow
has on the economy invariousways the report tobacco and
and so that we findvariousways to make a difference
the various parties are invariousways trying to achieve if
welcome the changes that thevariousparties have made in their
reflect the balance of thevariouspolitical parties and independent msps
reflect the balance of thevariouspolitical parties and independent msps
parliament affecting registration and invariousworking parties and groups from
being regularly added who forvariousreasons cannot survive in the
he got he oh forvariousreasons eh marriage split divorce
scotland this section describes thevariousreasons for hunting these mammals
couplets [click] [inhale] so forvariousreasons vernacular prose takes a
comment on it but forvariousreasons we were unable to
lamont people have looked forvariousreasons why it all happened
consultation mr mcgrigor there arevariousreasons why they should be
ascertain to what extent thevariousage groups acquired the phonological
tea then we wandered roundvariousbars where jazz folk groups
guns and marching soldiers nowvariouscitizens in union groups are
the years become home tovariousethnic groups imminent changes to
the convener we have includedvariousgroups that represent angling interests
get there and saying thatvariousgroups will examine the issue
meaningful consultation exercise with thevariouspolitical groups in the parliament
meaningful consultation exercise with thevariouspolitical groups in the parliament
that the committee had withvariousrural groups across scotland i
about the difference between whatvarioussocial groups spend on leisure
phenomenon is written aboot byvariouswriters and groups o writers
level of financial support forvariousbudget lines in various eu
for various budget lines invariouseu states as you probably
uh huh f961: various justvariousfock f960: uh huh yeah
oh yes uh huh f961: variousjust various fock f960: uh
the submissions received have highlightedvariousproblems and have proposed various
various problems and have proposedvarioussolutions to the problem of
have been unaware of thevariouschanges of direction off loch
the new deals and thevariouschanges to the tax and
consideration of a report onvariouspossible changes to standing orders
rise of the merchant classesvarioussocial changes take place [inhale]
and all all of thevariousassociations and organisations er f718:
are taking evidence from thevariouscampaigning organisations that are promoting
and funding the activities ofvariousgaelic organisations the bòrd has
at funding of voluntary organisationsvariousmembers have spoken about that
discussion was held by thevariousorganisations about scotland s input
due to considerable efforts byvariousorganisations and individuals to plan
officials and representatives of thevariousorganisations involved in tackling social
helpful to read what thevariousorganisations think about stock taking
asked our clerks to approachvariousorganisations trade unions and employer
convener prepare a letter tovariousorganisations who have or could
barbaric here in glasgow thevariouswomen s organisations would have
will organise stewards at thevariousarrival points and they will
lights sh- shone on yourvariouschakra points it s jan
examinations mr macintosh there werevariouscritical points before then for
ssi 2000 202 the convenervariouspoints arise in relation to
on the transport scotland billvariouspoints have been raised on
s memorial contradicts itsel atvariouspoints he maintains at ane
it happens to everyone atvariouspoints in their life he
failure to identify that thevariouspoints that have been drawn
that meeting i commented onvariousfactors of the budget including
but they d brought acrossvariousgoodies including all the ingredients
reaffirms its commitment to thevariouslonger term goals including major
million that money will supportvariousmeasures including business support and
young people it looks atvariousmethods of consultation including focus
including tartan souvenirs leatherwork andvariousodds and ends the children
brought in they would havevariousroles assigned to them including
tenures including local authority hostelsvarioussheltered housing schemes run by
the consultation document invites thevariouspartners that are responsible for
we could we went throughvariousprocesses during the consultation to
validate the status of thevariouslanguages of scotland 44 120
to more material in thevariouslanguages of scotland to complement
in the in in thevariouslanguages personal language history erm
panurge attempts to communicate invariouslanguages ranging from the familiar
relevant discussion there have beenvariousoccasions when languages other than
was translated many times intovariousromance languages hay s remained
ye hear people countin invarioustimes in different languages ehm
conquered and re conquered atvarioustimes in our history this
campus will be offered atvarioustimes on sunday 25th august
1989 arbuthnott family tree atvarioustimes throughout the annals of
1989 arbuthnott family tree atvarioustimes throughout the annals of
often be tripped up onvariousissues although the quantity of
in 1997 to look atvariousissues in education for investigation
tidying up paper dealing withvariousissues most of which arise
environment health education etc thevariousissues on the agenda of
paragraphs 10 to 21 addressvariousissues relating to recess questions
representatives from visitscotland to discussvariousissues relating to scottish tourism
to take urgent action onvariouspension payment issues arising from
indication of youth opinion onvariouspolicy issues other parliaments have
certain important issues link thesevariousreports taking into account the
mapping the relationships between thevariousbodies with an interest in
of the relationship between thevariousbodies with an interest in
mapping the relationships between thevariousbodies with an interest in
between the sexes from hervariousinvestigations she concluded that it
exchange between andrew wilson andvariouslabour members was instructive because
on the relationships between thevariouslevels of courses in some
unfamiliar terms identifying relations betweenvariousparts of a sentence identifying
between the uk and thevariousselfgoverning dominions of the commonwealth
choices he made between thevarioustexts inevitably some of these
provides valuable comparisons between thevariousweight series particularly in the
spoken standard english with itsvariousaccents indicative of the different
to the accents from thevariousdifferent m608: aye f643: regions
bang that would suit thevariousneeds of different parts of
people didna know you knowvariouspeople had heard different words
at the daily videoconference meetingsvariouspeople were using different tools
or hair and were ofvarioussizes for different purposes whether
to cover work relating tovariousenforcement notices the other amendments
african witchdoctors to soothe hervariousother aches and pains despite
terriers two shovels nets andvariousother equipment one would have
a gemini space capsule andvariousother exhibits in the huge
lacking as well as thevariousother jobs that were having
m1055: mmhm m1008: nana andvariousother m1055: mmhm m1008: versions
round table and you gotvariousother organizations established by these
as roads and bridges andvariousother projects that would not
had to license ministers andvariousother religious celebrants iain smith
is being considered along withvariousother smoking prevention activities the
tried heelery halery hiellery andvariousother things no luck it
of the assizes to thevariousother types of pound which
peppers green beans turnips andvariousother vegetables he s a
1980 and followed up byvariousother works on the same
other bunches of ministers ofvariouspersuasions and this is a
for five hours we usedvariouscourt cases from england admittedly
for peas was used invariousfarinaceous products as is clear
2 this is used forvariouslegal purposes such as the
planks are used to indicatevarioussettings the gutting shed muriel
on one particular aspect thevariousterms being used to describe
it s was used forvariousthings degenerating finally into being
time i used t readvarioustings especially d novels o
mainly used to shoe thevarioustown cancellations postal stationery both
being played in the backgroundvariousbossa novas my way right
not so this led tovariouscalumnies being spread around if
the traffic management of thevariousdesigns that are being submitted
and of being pulled invariousdirections simultaneously or when she
being their main language thesevarioussocio economic circumstances add further
cut through horizontally so thatvariouspermutations can be created these
plov rice and meat withvariousspices these were the main
of the upper school hadvarioussuggestions to put forward these
o the gutter faber introducesvarioussocial an psychological maitters intae
the 392 062 payment tovarioussocial inclusion partnerships refer to
kin links were composed ofvarioussocial network strands three of
that is broken down intovariouscategories mr davidson we must
to drill down into thevariouscategories of expenditure in health
into a war work guildvariousclasses of work were given
college into the impact ofvariousnet mesh sizes on the
then they move outwards intovariousothers but because dave is
fell into prolonged chats withvariouspeople emma who has recklessly
at an early age givesvariousroutes for entry into further
steep brae there were alsovariousbarrels and half barrels round
of settlement also laid downvariousconditions which the sovereign must
must also go to thevariousdepartments in both district and
the committee is also attendingvariousevents across the eu to
a statement sentence d conjunctionsvariousgames also focus upon the
convention of scottish local authoritiesvariousprofessional bodies were also involved
is visiting there are alsovariousunusual collocations in the passage
could also write down theirvariousviews and comments on flip
trustworthy patronage apart from hervariousand largely unsuccessful attempts to
from guidelines and curriculums fromvariouscouncils which have admitted that
from a building under thevariousenforcement circumstances that may arise
and i m itching fromvariousinsect bites canadian summer s
again by 8am we playedvariouslanguage games from keep talking
we can see from thevariousold english writings that have
having collected views from thevariousparticipants in the process we
10 letters this week fromvariouspeople so i ve been
no further word from thevariousplaces i ve written to
heard that from parents invariousplaces rhoda grant can you
occasion it is clear fromvariousreports that income inequality at
quantities of asbestos from thevariousships broken up immediately visible
arise from the impact ofvarioustrade wars with the us
gain from having to usevariousverbs appropriately and at the
of the children from thevariousviews given by the school
several women street sellers ofvariouswares from ribbon and lace
i said it can havevariousconsequences ehm like produce more
your spray your asp andvariousthings ehm f1025: it just
the charges we have takenvariousappeals to the independent panel
s art there have beenvariousattempts over the centuries to
people have distinct feelings aboutvariouscodes they find some accents
have continued to pursue duringvariousdebates in the chamber the
the second of december andvariousdocuments have to be passed
which time i have heldvariouselected positions in trade unions
a letter confirming that thevariouselements of lighthouse safety have
who have multiple clients invariousfields and people who are
some have been around invariousguises for over a hundred
a snap politburo meeting andvariousheads have rolled among them
fanatically busy at the momentvariouslocal covens have expressed an
and have jaunts out tovariousm608: mmhm f643: places just
have promoted their cause invariousmembers business debates members have
an early stage how thevariousoffices operate we can have
pursued it diligently by thevariousparliamentary routes which have culminated
have high u values thevariousparts of a dwelling currently
enforce salmon legislation they havevariouspowers of entry search seizure
and service allotments development pressuresvariouspress articles have highlighted development
approaches have been discussed invariousrecently published materials for teachers
action 2000 and that thevarioussatisfying authorities have complied with
have been considered by thevariousservices and that the plans
complications in the language questionvariousspeakers have referred to those
it has been anglicised byvariouswriters we have already seen
at around 12 noon therevariousenglish speaking workers and students
ordinary school they all attendedvariousboys there and who were
the devolved administrations under thevariousconcordats that were agreed with
the years 1875 and 1902variousdistributions were made out of
were able to run thevariousfirst procedures of the examinations
panelling of the walls werevariousitems there was a two
your leg and there werevariouspermutations you could do with
as a result there werevariousproblems in england and wales
large piece of paper thevariousselections were then compared and
course of this particular surveyvarioussociolinguistic routes of enquiry were
out the writing on thevarioustins that were lined up
called meander marks there werevarioustypes on show three and
a day free of chargevariousbuildings across scotland such as
load and variations depend onvariousfactors such as the nature
the european union due tovariousgeopolitical factors such as the
and outwith the parliament invarioussenses such as government and
holiday homes the following arevariousschool day snippets and memories
school the content of thevarioustasks given to each subject
his school of doing ervariousyou know sport and games
a general knowledge text andvariousballads which ira is working
well as their awareness ofvariouscohesive items which serve to
a good view of thevariouscostumes some of which had
perform a talk on thevariousenvelope options and which ones
their ability to access thevariousgenres in which written information
family fortunes the teacher selectsvariousmaterials or objects which can
any thesaurus which reveals thevarioussemantic categories in which each
deity it depends on thevarioustribes which ones are which
language as a result ofvariousfactors therefore if the child
debate i am sure thatvariouspeople will submit their views
a text setting out thevariousviews of the young people
apply for exemptions under thevariousarrangements i worry that in
community conference that highlighted thevariousinitiatives under taken by the
for something he looks undervariouspieces of furniture without success
an unseen stretch of mudvariousarticles are dotted about the
an allotment and there arevariousbuildings that are permitted on
this one city there arevariouscities f606: mm m954: there
we received packs about thevariouscommission documents that we are
so called witches market wherevariousherbal remedies are on offer
mcpharlain cairred on there arevarioushiv services you can access
yeah m954: so there arevariousi ve i ve actually
now as a result ofvariousinterruptions we are five minutes
committee s recommendations there arevariousoptions mr duncan mcneil greenock
local authorities and others thevariousowners of fishing rights are
and you go to thevariousplaces that are mentioned in
attempted suicide although there arevariousretrospective passages the whole narrative
rights and duties there arevariousrights and duties applicable to
are proposals relating to thevarioustests that are applied by
queue that eventually wound throughvariousdepartments of the shop on
and then it went throughvariousprocesses and my mum reckoned
the subject goes through thevariousramifications and invites the committee
in m608: yeah m078: withvariousbits of of of in
much more generally with thevariouselements of the national waste
speech m741: mmhm m605: withvariousinfluences right m741: yeah m605:
northern england for items withvariousingredients over the centuries and
he s applying home forvariousjobs so far with no
lined strokes and some withvariousletters in the bottom loops
next week when i discussvariousmatters with lord gordon the
in this large office withvariousprinters on each floor when
been dealt with in thevariousregions the figures illustrate a
cheese again roast beef coldvarioussalads along with champagne aplenty
food pizza home cooked withvarioussalads was very good the
torches enter a steward andvariousservants moving with dishes over
year wishes going out tovarioustime zones 1989 beginning with
piracy and trade linked withvarioustribal agricultural settlements throughout the
and mortality rates associated withvarioustypes of illness however if
a95 with regard to thevariousworks to be carried out
role and accountability of thevariousagencies involved b the amount
2002 03 the committee agreedvariousareas of questioning on the
not to feel beholden tovariousbodies because of the way
possible meanings suggested by thevariouscombinations of adjectives before the
format or distinctive layout ofvariouscommunications thus a letter may
his experience of speaking atvariousconferences the minister will surely
role and structure of thevariouscouncil formations 45 how should
china and gold tableware ofvariousdegrees of fantasy and ugliness
worked for the editors thevariouseditors of the children s
what was required to progressvariouselements of our work where
europe and the reaction ofvariouseuropean countries to that and
for special effects phonology subsumesvariousfigures of speech or tricks
on the prison estate reviewvariousfigures on the level of
whether the agreement of thevariousfunding partners involved in the
lot of money out ofvariousfunds that the [censored: companyname] and
children to the writing ofvariousgenres begin it was a
follows in relation to thevariousinternational obligations many of the
f643: because of all thevariousjobs i ve had i
world and in and invariouskind of natural processes m078:
the traditional practice of takingvariouslevels of heaping allowances or
network wardhaugh has described thevariouslevels of involvement as follows
very good to me listingvariousmeans of travel and prices
that we had to considervariousof its provisions as the
little churches put up invariousparts of the country to
the time to consider itsvariousparts subsection 1 of the
see what he thought ofvariouspassages [inhale] he scribbles things
the war diaries of thevariouspioneer corps companies stationed in
of lenin and associates invariousposes discovered that photographic supplies
analysis of figures published byvariouspro and anti hunt lobby
justifying the adoption of thevariousprotective and promotional measures provided
justifying the adoption of thevariousprotective and promotional measures provided
looking at potential impacts ofvariousscenarios for cuts in whitefish
their command of clause structurevarioussimilar activities allow pupils to
provided c local hotels ofvarioussizes and prices further details
number of wooden barrels ofvarioussizes wooden fish boxes and
showing the use of thevariousstamps censor marks labels bisects
static handstamps stamps of thevariousstates and stamps overprinted and
ancient and chartered universities thevariousstatutes charters and acts of
in progress to implement thevariousstrands of the scottish advisory
impetus to the development ofvariousstructures for youth participation at
is hay s listing ofvarioustypes of law goddis law
wp118 and her repeated andvarioususe of the title itself
don t remember for forvariouswhat sort of thing what
to be made in thevariouscapacities that a single person
made news releases about theirvariousfunctional areas angus mackay for
made and my submission listsvariousgeneral concerns that i or
notes that following advances invarioustherapies to counter its effects
this paper will focus onvariousactivities students can carry out
we all chatted about outvariousexperiences overseas at last we
safe channels out to thevariousinfrastructure providers and emergency services
i checked out all thevariousplaces we could and venues
assistants who carried out thevarioustasks required to prepare the
activity interesting and meaningful secondvariousapproaches to grammar development the
the private sector in thevariousconferences and infrastructure forums that
in order to look atvariousdestinations and numbers on buses
the areas covered by thevariouseducation authorities and that it
schools would input data invariousformats and teachers at all
chew b subject and predicatevariousgames will enable pupils to
will examine and analyse thevariousideas for reform in depth
the necessary criteria in thevariousinitiatives the scottish executive and
the scottish executive and thevariousinsurance companies i understand that
moved back to south lanarkshirevariousjobs eh to perth and
and the spellings employed byvariouskailyard writers in the second
land use plans and guidevariousmanagement and community objectives to
letters to you carole andvariousmiddle east educational institutions and
scottish executive documents across thevariousministerial portfolios and rightly so
them on tour in thevariousmuseums and their behaviour was
pentecostal church the brethren andvariousothers getting on for 2
and starts unpacking she putsvariousparcels straight on to the
van goghs sisleys degases andvariouspicassos we lunched in a
the journey and partly byvariouspre christmas traumas before the
relation to rehabilitation access tovariousprogrammes and so on his
engaged at the moment invariousprojects er and edito- editing
would need to examine thevariousprojects in detail and to
be met we can explorevariousroutes and mechanisms for that
we need to consider thevariousscenarios and ensure that our
restored this huge edifice containsvariousshrines and paintings mainly by
studio and switch off ourvariousspotlights etc we both relax
up and demand for thevarioustranslations can then be monitored
know washin nappies for hervariousyou know grandchildren and whatever
f689: look at all thevariousadverts that they keep in
business partly i m consideringvariousalternatives to cairo in case
what was happening in thevariousareas i pressed the knob
in by 27th january secretaryvariousauction catalogues fairs london 2000
in by 27th january secretaryvariousauction catalogues portsmouth stamp shop
or decrease the levels invariouscategories in order to address
on audio tape or invariouscomputer formats please contact the
sector who contributed to ourvariousconsultations in the past three
on the greement atween thevariousdegrees o folk in our
alex neil referred to readingvariousdocuments while in his pram
the difference in toxicity invariousisomers in the asp grouping
so successfully that he hasvariousladies fainting in the audience
sawyer or huckleberry finn invariousnovels the necessary focus on
lighting the fires in thevariousoffices [inhale] there was three
there in scotland in thevariouspolice forces assistant chief constable
role in eu matters thevariousquestions posed in the laeken
practically nonexistent at length invariousshops we bought bright floral
cried twice each by thevariouscharacters who speak all contributes
progress the council anticipates completingvariousinitiatives by december or next
already been implied by thevarioussuggestions for activities related to
by another native word thusvariouswords for nose became attached
i ve been feedin himvariousobscure orkney poets [laugh] f606:
the scottish parliament to takevarioussteps to protect local communities
had a pleasant time doingvariousfluency exercises at one o
wis mair nettin weer atvariousither pints tae try tae
the energy to catch thevariousbuses required to get to
i tried to get thevariouscheck ins to rush me
more loose adherents to thevariousfaiths i am delighted to
present material belonging to thevariousfrench philatelic exhibitions the late
the heidmaister five bairns ovariousheichts skirl aroon cries held
post pictish north east speechvariousinfluences 1 4 the co
health week 2002 welcomes thevariousinitiatives taking place during this
up to date on thevariousinitiatives that the funding council
validate the status o thevariousleids o scotland 35 120
that change will address thevariouslogistical difficulties that the current
to the treaty on thevariouspolicies 10 how should a
certain persons section 23 imposesvariousrestrictions on the parliament s
designed to ensure that thevarioustalents required to maintain the
plus bulletin 3 to readvariousauction catalogues portsmouth stamp shop
45 48 0000 subject revariousto christian copies to jim
you know f641: mm f643: variouscartoons m608: mmhm f643: for
soup lentil soup skink soupvariouscasserole dishes for meat fish
jarl eetime so hit svariousex jarls an juist fock
cheese or caal chucken orvariouskins o fish it s
a five minute comfort breakvariousmembers will do unspeakable things
browt tagidder poetry fae davariousstraands o scottish culture an
mmhm f66: er no justvariousstudents that i meet though
an aberdeenshire farm aberdeen 1987varioussubsequent editions now mercat press
i tried f631: mmhm f689: variousvegetarian versions they re just
view beyond his own parishvariousvoices what no no aye

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