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o miracle braith the spitfirevegaipples gie me the pip
spikkin the spitfire o thevegit ay cams roarin back
the the spitfire o thevegye think it s gaen
the herbs an spices anvegfur a richt fine curry
mince till crumbly spices placevegincluding uncooked cucumber mince in
4 for about an hourvegcasserole chop green pepper celery
set aside repeat with eachvegseparately layer season in casserole
cloves teasp lime lemon juicevegbake 375 5 1hr brown
sliced mozzarella layer with lasagnevegcook 30 mins at 375
paprika ¼ teasp salt combinevegand chill combine remainder pour
chill combine remainder pour overvegtoss serves 6 old fashioned
oz butter any old saladvegeg radish cuc pepper 1
round for egg salad andvegsoup you could dance on
melt then add eggs thenvegbread cheese brunch ½ oz
12 ozs cooked beef 8vegmelt butter fry onions till
drain cover with stock addvegsimmer till tender 1 hr
seasoning 1 cook fowl withveguntil tender 2 joint place
onion is soft add othervegexcept tomatoes simmer 10 mins
for 30 mins add meatvegrice boil 2 cups salted
and women selling fruit andvegand flowers we bought some
night addison fridays fruit andvegknown as aipple willie he
d arrange the fruit andvegsection according to colour like
sprouting like the best organicvegthat s the burning question
grilled steak baked potatoes soupvegetc and last night i
however was excellent soup venisonvegs strawberry creamcake and the
cream sieve liquidize left overvegadd to stock heat together
the following day i wantedvegfrom the allotment we then

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