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scottish executive from forming aventureof this type in which
i do not care toventureout in the evenings but
off as a failed jointventureas referred to in the
was installed under a jointventurebetween orange vodafone and bt
of the recently announced jointventurecalled charis between the scottish
to form the barmac jointventureexpresses concern that the louisiana
company involved in the jointventurepartnership have taken place on
is involved in the jointventurepartnership in tourism will benefit
sector over the etourism jointventurepartnership will the minister confirm
isdn infrastructure was a jointventurethe programme was jointly funded
withdraw from its proposed jointventurewith dr pat robertson abhors
whether it will detail eachventurewritten off as a failed
connection with a fund raisingventurepossibly in conjunction with the
the cooperative nature of theventurein its early stages people
is mainly a co operativeventurepolicemen and women are assigned
would have been foolhardy toventureoff the main route without
depth of his soul theventureis always fraught with risk
fundraising trying to lift theventureoff the ground it was
and are not thought toventurefar beyond coastal waters the
of drumadoon con commented iventureto suggest that another option
scorpions without his support theventurewould not have proceeded i
are embarking on a newventureand we must allow for
will always be a trickyventureunless of course you re
was taken to terminate theventureand in 1982 the complicated
no doubt be assessing theventurethe crime prevention panel held
fact that those leading theventurethat is the elected members
any other government decision orventurethat seeks to improve the
and the careless will todayventureinto this graveyard of rejected
sale this week to theventurecapital firm hicks muse tate
it every success in thisventuresupported by mr john swinney
the one counsel i shouldventureto give herr heintze were
to puk or some otherventurewill you encourage them to
and invested savings in theventurethis was understandably their railway

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